Sunday, September 25, 2016

SF 49ers +10 over Seattle Seahawks(Lose 37-18)
SF 49ers +390 over Seattle Seahawks(Lose 37-18..........So,  what happened here is that Doug Baldwin started this "unity" thing----this pro-America,  let's all respect the flag together for the Seahawks before the first game.   Seattle was pathetic,  barely winning the game against Miami.  Then Seattle lost to the Rams,  scoring 3 points.  And THEN,  2 days before this game,  came this:
(On Sept. 23, Baldwin called for a change in law enforcement "to eliminate militaristic cultures while putting a higher emphasis on de-escalation tactics and crisis management measures.")
    Baldwin starts criticizing law enforcement...........and then wins.)

LA RAMS +3.5 over Tampa Bay Buccaneers(Win 37-32.............Rams get outgained by 152 yds in an even TO game..........and win!  Winston 58 passing attempts.)
NEW YORK GIANTS -3(-120) over Washington Redskins------No wins for Redskins yet but.......Giants were -3TO in their 16-13 win over the Saints.(Lose 29-27..........Giants -2 TO,  losing the TO ratio again!  NYG outgained 'em by 54 yds............still lost.   Unreal.   Where did this miserable failure happen?
(EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) -- All the Washington Redskins needed to avoid a dreaded 0-3 start was a couple of fourth-quarter interceptions by backups...)
    New Jersey...........
(A New Jersey Transit train crashed at Hoboken station Thursday morning, killing a 34-year-old Hoboken woman and injuring another 114 people. )
   ............Ok:  pretty good "disaster-visuals" on that, with the roof caving in and all.)

OAKLAND RAIDERS -1 over Tennessee Titans----Tennessee's win last week was one of the most fixed games in recent memory----Lions were called for 17 penalties(5 penalties short of the record).  And still,  Tennessee only scored 16 points.   Oakland is coming off a loss.(Win 17-10...........Seth Roberts TD.......Michael Crabtree 102 yds...........Raiders +2 TO............Mariota 51%)

DETROIT LIONS +7(-120) over Green Bay Packers(Push 34-27)
DETROIT LIONS +250 over Green Bay Packers------First home game for Packers but........they haven't done anything particularly great so far.  We all know Lions were robbed last week.  But I think they can do a lot better than they have.(Lose 34-27.......Lions fall behind 31-3 in the 1st half........but wind up outgaining the Packers by 94yds..........Stafford 68%...........Lions -1 TO)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

ARIZONA STATE SUN DEVILS -3.5(-115) over Cal Golden Bears------Ok,  the Duke Blue Devils beat ND today as a 21.5-pt underdog.   AZ ST has the home revenge.  Is there ANY way that AZ ST could screw up this lay-up lock?   Well,  their pathetic performance last game vs UTSA was a -3 TO for AZST.  That probably won't happen today.  Cal was +2TO last game when they beat Texas.  Apparently,  neither of these teams has a defense and the o/u is 84.5.   Arizona,  as a state,  desperately wants to win for me after the Diamondbacks ignominiously couldn't score more than 2 runs off Gallardo for me yesterday.   AZST should take a few picks,  and even if not,  Kalen Ballage can always score 8 TDs in a single game.(Win 51-41..........DJ Calhoun punt returnTD to get this cover.   Wow,  AZST is not good.........a million missed tackles..........a million ways this could have lost.  Massive luck secured this.)

STANFORD CARDINAL -3.5(-105) (LIVE) over Ucla Bruins-----Amazing victories for David Cutcliffe at Duke and Dave Clawson at Wake Forest today.   Stanford's coach is David Shaw.(Win 22-13..........This wouldn't have won without the Josh Rosen fumble with 4 seconds left which was returned for TD)

AIR FORCE FALCONS -5.5(-115) over Utah State Aggies------AF off the bye;  Utah State has the home revenge.   A beatdown victory by Wisconsin with Alex Hornibrook at QB.......and AF seems to have Alex Norton at RG and Claude Alexander at ILB(also David Harris at NG)(Win 27-20.........Utah State +90 yds............Air Force +2 TO)

Friday, September 23, 2016

ARIZONA DEMONDBACKS(Miller) +198 over Baltimore Orioles(Gallardo)-------Ok:  Shelby Miller,  by far the worst SP in baseball this year.  But now that the dangerous White cop Betsy Shelby has been taken off the streets of Tulsa,  Miller should receive a reprieve.   Miller has only allowed 26 hits in his last 14 innings pitched:   So he IS doing better.   Gallardo?  Not great.........certainly beatable on any given day.(Lose 3-2..........Miller goes 6 3 0 3 3...........Arizona can't score 3 runs and Arizona's bullpen can't hold it for 3 innings.)

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Hellickson) +129 over New York Mets(Ynoa)-------Exceedingly easy decision with Hellickson coming off the CG SHO.(Lose 10-5......Hellickson gets rocked in the 5th inning, blowing a 3-1 lead)

DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) -1.5(+165) over Kansas City Royals(Duffy)------Tigers are 2-5 in Fulmer's last 7 starts;  and some of the those starts have been bad.   But Royals,  at 77-76,  its just not gonna work out this year;  they just haven't done enough winning.  However,  the Tigers have just gone 4-0 so I feel that they're serious about going to post-season,  even though Duffy has been pretty consistent and good.(Win 8-3...........Victor Martinez 2-2 HR...........Justin Upton 2-4 HR)

CINCINNATI REDS(Desclafani) +105 over Milwaukee Brewers(Davies)------Reds are a horrible team.   But on this team,  Desclafani has gone 8-4;  he's not bad.   Yes,  Reds are on a 1-7 run and Davies has the Pitcher Revenge at home.  But with Grandal ruining my +218 Rockies bet yesterday by hitting 2 home runs and getting 5 RBI,  I think we can expect at least 4 RBI from Brandon Phillips in this game.(Lose 5-4)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

HOUSTON TEXANS -105 over New England Patriots------Both teams are 2-0........Houston's defense looks good.(Lose 27-0...........Is Houston's starting QB gonna come back soon?  It can't be Osweiler:  that guy  SUCKS.   Osweiler s U C K S.  Houston -3 TO..........
(Tuesday, September 27, 2016 01:41AM

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- We're learning more about a Houston attorney suspected in a violent shooting Monday that injured nine people in southwest Houston. He was wearing military clothing emblazoned with a swastika, had two guns and 2600 rounds of ammunition, according to Houston police.)
    (HOUSTON — A man who police say wore Nazi a emblem as he opened fire on Houston motorists Monday, injuring nine, was in a Jewish fraternity in college, his former classmates tell CBS affiliate KHOU.)
    Says a lot about how the Media was hyping up the debate.............which happened........the same day as the shooting.   An Indian-Nazi shooter..........who was in a Jewish fraternity.   So Awesome.   Only in America----the Land of Diversity.)

COLORADO ROCKIES(Chatwood) +218 over La Dodgers(Anderson)------Brett Anderson has pitched 4 innings this year and given up 14 hits.   Chatwood has walked almost 1 every 2 innings.......but he's pitched a lot and he at least has a winning record, which the Rockies do not have.  If the Dodgers' offense were better than the Rockies',  I might understand this line.   But its not.   In fact,  the Rockies' offense is much better.   Maybe the Dodgers have a good bullpen or something.(Lose 7-4...........Rockies winning 4-2 in 7th inning...........then Boone Logan,  one of the absolute worst:  3 walks and then the Grand Slam.  Unreal.   )

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Roark) +162 over Miami Marlins(Fernandez)------Besides Fernandez getting a lot more K's,  there's not a lot of statistical difference between these starters.   They're both good this year.  Don't think Nationals have clinched anything yet.   Roark has been beaten three times by Miami(while beating them once),  giving him the rare Triple Revenge.   And Nationals have the Double Revenge against Fernandez.(Lose 1-0.........and he'll go out a winner..........
(Miami Marlins pitcher José Fernández, who defected from Cuba at 15 and went on to become one of baseball's brightest stars, was killed early Sunday in a boating accident, Florida authorities said.)
.........because Washington cannot fucking hit.)

Monday, September 19, 2016

CHICAGO BEARS -3 over Philadelphia Eagles--------Bears are at home off a road-loss..........with a 'Glenn' on defense.  Get that?  a 'Glenn'.   It appears that I have gone 5-29 from August 30th,  when the United States of America assassinated Abu Muhammad al-Adnani al-Shami in Aleppo,  through September 17th.   5 wins and 29 losses!  Are you fucking kidding me? No.....because I just checked my records.  Oh,  additionally,  the United States of America illegally assassinated Adil Hasan Salman al-Fayad on September 7th.   Do you think that has something to be with this shit?  5 and fucking 29 !!!!!!   And Abu Yahya Alwaizi was murdered by America no later than August 28th.........which is when my winning month of August began to, yes,  5 and 29.
I hate America,  I hate what Obama's done to America and I hate what America's done to me.   So Go motherfucking,  goddamn murdering American terrorist assholes.   ISIS !!!!!!!! (Lose 29-14.........Usually home teams are stronger in the 2nd half.  Not Chicago.  Chicago lost the 2nd half 20-7.  Cutler INT was sick;  he just threw it right TO the guy.   Bears,  at home,  -3 on the Turnover Ratio.  Teams should get luckier at home but Chicago............)

CINCINNATI REDS(Adleman) +240 over Chicago Cubs(Hammel)------Well,  the Cubs,  in a not-needing-to-win situation,  lost at -208 two days ago and then lost at -350 yesterday so..........batters hitting .261 off Adleman,  not that bad.  Not bad at all.(Lose 5-2.........Reds winning 2-0 after 6 innings.  Couldn't hold it.  And Chicago has my permission to..
   BURN IN HELL.....)

Sunday, September 18, 2016

ATLANTA FALCONS +4 over Oakland Raiders(Win 35-28)
ATLANTA FALCONS +170 over Oakland Raiders------Raiders coming off a win;  Atlanta coming off a loss(tho they outgained Tampa in that game by 41 yards).   Falcons are projected to go 7-9 while Oakland is projected to go 9-7.  The Hero who saved the St Cloud mall by shooting Dahir Adan was named "FALCONer".   "Adan",  of course,  fits well with Falcons coach "Dan" Quinn.  The Islamic State took credit for the attack(justified,  of course,  because Obama and the US had illegally and wrongfully assassinated some ISIS leaders recently) pretty quickly(it happened just last night),  so I'm pretty sure Matty ISIS is gonna have a banner day.(Win 35-28........Matty ISIS 396yds,  76% and 3 TDs..........Raiders were +1 TO)

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS +6.5(-115) over Denver Broncos(Lose 34-20..........This actually would have covered if Andrew Luck had not have fumbled with 1:51 left in the game,  allowing a Shane Ray TD)
INDIANAPOLIS COLTS +220------Denver is at home again----they still have Brandon Marshall who, probably,  will be kneeling to protest America.   But the luck Denver had to win their last game was comically obvious.   The Colts can score and it looks like Luck's gonna play.   I'll admit CJ Anderson looked good for Denver,  with that burst.  But I still want Indianapolis today.(Lose 34-20.....Luck,  a pathetic 52%.  Broncos outgained them by 147yds and were +1 TO)

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS -3(-105) over Jacksonville Jaguars------SD blew a big lead last game.  Their defense might suck,  but I think they should have motivation for improvement after that(SD has the home-off-road-loss).   They're better; they should win.(Win 38-14.........Rivers 70%, 4TD.........Travis Benjamin 2 TD...........SD only 24 passing attempts,  +2 TO)
NEW ORLEANS SAINTS +3.5(-115) over New York Giants-----Saints,  as scoring-machine last week,  did not win.   Giants did win their first game.....and maybe they shouldn't have.   With New York and New Jersey getting bombed yesterday,  I see the Saints as hungrier for a win here,  and probably likelier to get lucky.(Win 16-13...........Saints were +3 TO and still lost this game.  Manning 78%)

DETROIT LIONS -6 over Tennessee Titans------Sports Illustrated projected the Lions to win 5 games this year and the Titans to win 3 games.   Lions won their 1st game in Indianapolis in an even-TO game...........I think they're good.   Isaiah Ford had 2 TDs in a Virginia Tech blowout yesterday so I'm going with StafFord.(Lose 16-15.........Classic Fixed Game:  Lions blow a 15-3 lead in the 3rd quarter.   If all the TDs the Lions scored were allowed to count,  Lions would have won 36-16.  Lions were penalized 17 time for 138 yds.  The record's 22.
(Most Penalties, Game
22 Brooklyn vs. Green Bay, Sept. 17, 1944 
Chi. Bears vs. Philadelphia, Nov. 26, 1944 

San Francisco vs. Buffalo, Oct. 4, 1998  )...)

MIAMI DOLPHINS +5.5 over New England Patriots(Lose 31-24)
MIAMI DOLPHINS +205 over New England Patriots------Dolphins were a good anti-American team last weeks,  with some fists raised,  protesting the flag and the National Anthem...............and they almost won!    Almost won a game in which they were at least a 10-point underdog!  Tannehill might not be very good.   He seems to be inconsistent.   Garroppolo might be better.   But I think Miami's defense might be good.  Obviously,  the Patriots were very lucky to win in Week 1.(Lose 31-24.......New England was +3 TO)

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS +107 over Houston Texans------I saw that Kansas State won 63-7 against Florida Atlantic,  covering by 33 points with Alex Barnes getting 73yds and Alex Delton getting a TD so I'll go with Alex Smith even though Spencer Ware might be hurt(he's expected to play).(Lose 19-12...........Alex Smith 54% and sacked 4 times)

PITTSBURGH STEELERS -3 over Cincinnati Bengals----You saw that #14 get smoked on Notre Dame's QB last night.   You'll see it today on the Bengals I think they'll lose.(Win 24-16........Roethlisberger only 51%)

BALTIMORE RAVENS -4.5(-105) over Cleveland Browns-----Browns do have the home-off-road-loss..........but I should play this,  considering what the Browns did to me.   Who's their QB?  RGIII is out for a long time.(Win 25-20..........Mike Wallace 2TD..........Ravens down 20-0 in 1st quarter)

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS +12 over Carolina Panthers-----Kaepernick's a valuable player,  protesting America,  even if he's not playing.  (Lose was only 37-27 with 4:13 left in the game.  Why couldn't that cover?  Blaine Gabbert a pathetic 47%.   Time for Kaepernick to play)

Saturday, September 17, 2016

TULANE GREEN WAVE +5.5 over Navy Midshipmen(Lose 21-14)
TULANE GREEN WAVE +190 over Navy Midshipmen-----No Keenan Reynolds for Navy.   Home Revenge for Tulane,  who scored 66 vs Southern know they're capable.  The Wave against the Midshipmen so I like this game a lot.(Lose 21-14.........FUCKING SICK: Tulane was winning 14-13 with 7:39 left in the game when Andrew DiRocco missed the 45-yard FG.  And then,  at home,  Tulane basically lets Navy's QB Will Worth run 8 times for 57 yards down the field,  offering no resistance,  and Navy scores the TD.  Game Over.   Have another fucking Katrina.)

LOUISVILLE CARDINALS -1.5 over Florida State Seminoles--------This home Revenge for Louisville and...........remember how far behind FSU was vs Mississippi?  How did FSU come back to win?  A +4 on the TO ratio.   Why would that happen again?  It won't.   Not in this game.(Win 63-20........Lamar Jackson 4 TD)

OKLAHOMA SOONERS pk over Ohio State Buckeyes--------Oklahoma did lose to Houston,  giving Houston a +1 on the TO ratio.  But that was on the road.  This is at home,  the Land of American Earthquakes,  which we like.   Mayfield CAN pass,  much better than Barrett.  But Barrett can run.  Just have to stop his rushing yards.    And the state of Ohio a shit condition right now...
(A police officer shot and killed a 13-year-old robbery suspect in Ohio's capital after the boy pulled a BB gun out of his waistband, police said, a shooting that city leaders said would be investigated thoroughly to determine if charges are warranted.

Tyre King, who is black, died at a hospital after an officer, who is white, shot him several times Wednesday evening outside a house in east-central Columbus, police said. Earlier, police said the boy's name was Tyree.
King, an eighth-grader, had a BB gun that "looks practically identical" to the type of handgun that Columbus police carry, Chief Kim Jacobs said Thursday.)
     Killing an 8th grader???  No I don't think so, Ohio;  I don't THINK I want your team to win.(Lose 45-24..........Unbeknownst to me, of course,  on the day before this game,  a White Woman Tulsa police officer EXECUTES A BLACK MAN WITH HIS HANDS UP!!!  (Yes,  O'Reilly,  this hands-up-don't-shoot IS real.   It IS real!  goddamn,  can't believe this shit.)
(Dashcam video of the death of Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man who authorities said was fatally shot by a police officer Friday night in Tulsa, Oklahoma, shows him with his hands in the air moments before the white officer fired her weapon.....

Betty Shelby, the white officer identified by police as the one who shot Crutcher, was not the only officer to draw a weapon on him)
   Hillary just lost the Black Vote and she can't win now.   What racially aware Black Voter would vote for a White Woman presidential candidate after this latest atrocity out of Oklahoma?  Can't happen.   Mayfield a pathetic 17/32,  below 50% and he's clearly NOT an elite QB.   Ohio State +2 TO.  What a joke.  What a tragedy.)

TEXAS LONGHORNS -7 over Cal Golden Bears------This is a Revenge game for Texas.  This is Cal's first home game but.......I've seen them play and I just don't think they're good.  Can't stop anybody.  Texas,  however,  scored quite a bit against Notre Dame.   Just think Texas is much better this year.(Lose 50-43..........Texas -2 TO.   Now we know Texas' defense really sucks.)

MICHIGAN WOLVERINES -19 over Colorado Buffaloes-------Buffalo Bills lost for me----at home.   So I need Revenge against that name.   Michigan beat Hawaii by 60.........I think they were just much bigger.   Hawaii wasn't that bad of a football team,  they were just relatively small.  I don't know how good C Florida was.   He might be ok this year,  but I just don't like Liufau.(Lose 45-28........Even after falling behind pathetically 21-7 in the 1st quarter,  Michigan still had a chance to cover this when Kenny Allen missed a 44-yd FG with 6 minutes left in the game.)

PENN STATE NITTANY LIONS -7.5 over Temple Owls------Temple was not supposed to lose to Army.  But they did( -3 TO).  Penn State has the home revenge and home-off-road-loss.   They suck if they don't cover this.(Lose 34-27............Penn State -2 TO,  yeah they suck)

GEORGIA SOUTHERN EAGLES -26 over ULM Warhawks-----GSouthern didn't exactly blow out South Alabama.   And ULM,  though they won only 2 games last year,  does have the revenge.  I'll go with the Italian Defensive Coordinator.(Lose 23-21................Only missed the cover by 3 TDs and an FG.   Nice efforts,  faggots)

Friday, September 16, 2016

OAKLAND(Graveman) +168 over Texas(Hamels)-------Both pitchers have recently gotten rocked by Seattle(Hamels twice) but...........A's have scored an average of more than 10 runs per game over their last 4.  Hamels has walked 1 every 2.5 innings this year.(Lose 7-6.........We have the 6-5 lead going to the bottom of the 9th.   Ryan Madson comes in to pitch for the A's.   (Apparently,  Madson's got 30 saves this year).  2 Hits,  a walk and a Wild Pitch.........and Madson loses the fucking game.  AND THE A'S  HIT HAMELS!!!  They really did:  6 earned runs in 6 innings(what a waste).   Brett Eibner had a 2-4,  HR.  Fuck this shit.)

DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) +166 over Cleveland Indians(Kluber)-------Kluber's good but.........I'd rate this game as closer to a pick'em.(Lose 11-4...........Justin Upton 2 HR for Tigers and............they still a lot.  What the fuck,  Cleveland?   DID WE NOT FIX THE NBA FINALS SO THAT CLEVELAND COULD WIN?  (answer the fucking question,  you ingrate faggots.)   Yeah,  so,  we lose a shitload on RGIII and the Browns last Sunday.  And now CLEVELAND HAS THE FUCKING AUDACITY TO BEAT ME HERE?????  what     the       fuck?
Would have appreciated your cooperation;  but I guess these south-of-Cleveland stories become a little more interesting..........when I lose......
(ASHLAND, Ohio — Sep 14, 2016, 6:44 PM ET
The woman whose 911 call led to the grisly discoveries whispered to a dispatcher she was afraid of waking her captor.

"I've been abducted," the woman said in the Tuesday call, begging, "Please hurry."

Police said officers following up on the woman's report Tuesday found her and Grate at a home that was supposed to be unoccupied. Investigators also found the remains of two people at the home..)
      Let's Make America GRATE again,  huh,  Cleveland.)

SEATTLE MARINERS(Hernandez) -1.5(+165) over Houston Astros(McHugh)(Lose 6-0.........Now its a fucking problem,  faggots.   NOW,  I'm having a problem with you fucking pieces of shit.  Let's see:   Seattle can win 8 straight games----Twice,  even,  with losers like Miranda and Walker------but they can't win for me here with their BEST fucking pitcher!!!???  Yeah,  this is shit----like to sodomize your ass,  Seattle,  with the Space Needle.  Bullshit fixed game.   And McHugh's a FUCKING LOSER too!!!    How do you lose to a loser?)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

BUFFALO BILLS -108 over New York Jets-----If Sully was gonna help the Jets,  wouldn't they have won in Week 1?  Bills score 7 points in their first game;  that's bad.  But they do have the home-off-road-loss.  So I'll try this.(Lose 37-31.......Buffalo pulls ahead 24-20 with 11:28 to go in the 3rd quarter.  Normally a team with balls could close a game like that,  coast on the momentum and a home game.   I guess not these faggots.   Matt Forte 3 TD......hmm.)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

ARIZONA -9.5 over Patriots-----Reds win 8-0 today as underdogs. Red sox win today as dogs.  Az is---i think-----a redder team than NE in the uniform colors.(Lose 23-21..........Starting QB Tom Brady OUT,  serving his cheating suspension----the one he should have been serving during the Super Bowl 2 years ago.   Ninkovich,  OUT for PEDs.   Gronkowski OUT.   It seems those are significant players.  And the Patriots............on the road in Arizona.  And Arizona's a pretty respectable team right(they're not the Browns,  right?)   And guess who won the turnover ratio by 2 in THIS game?   Arizona.  How do they SUCK this bad?  How do they suck so bad to actually lose the game outright?  They have Tyrann Matthieu,  right?    Unbelievable)
CLEVELAND BROWNS +3.5(-115) over Philadelphia Eagles(Lose 29-10)
CLEVELAND BROWNS +150 over Philadelphia Eagles-----Looks like RGIII's gonna be weaker 10 for his number........and you saw the play of the day yesterday, #10 Cooper Rush Hail Mary to Jesse Kroll pitches to Corey Willis.....Central Michigan wins outright as a 17-pt underdog with 0:00 on the clock.  Good enough?  I do know one other QB with #10 who won: Christian Chapman on San Diego State.  And also,  Ohio........covered its line by about 18 points with Dorian Brown getting 122yds and Blair Brown at Linebacker.  New Mexico State,  an upset victory with Noah Brown at DE.(Lose 29-10..........How the fuck do I write "weaker" when I'm trying for "wearing"????  What the fuck is wrong with me?  Look at that!  "wearing 10",  I'm trying to write.  Wearing 10,  fucker.  Actually,  this was a close game until 6:47 left in the 3rd quarter.   Then the Browns quit.   In the highlights,  it looked like RGIII could throw a good long pass.  But 12 for 26 is not good:  Its below 50%.   RGIII couldn't win on September 11th,  and on September 14th,  RGI couldn't lay off on the murder-suicide.....
(9:37 p.m. EDT September 15, 2016
The deaths of racecar driver Robby Gordon’s father and stepmother are being investigated as a possible murder-suicide, police in Southern California confirmed Thursday night.

The Orange County Coroner’s Office determined that Robert “Bob” Gordon died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and the death of Sharon Gordon was due to strangulation, Orange police Lt. Fred Lopez said in a statement sent to USA TODAY Sports.)
  I guess Cleveland's better at killing people than helping me win the money I need to get back to even after that Cleveland bank,  National City Corp,  stole all my FUCKING MONEY,  maggot.)

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS -10 over Miami Dolphins(Lose 12-10..........Its 10-6 Miami winning in the 4th quarter!!!!!  Seattle's supposed to be a good team.  This is a disgrace.  Seattle sucks.   Start protesting America,  Seattle.   You're supposed to be better than this shit.)

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Taillon) -126 over St Louis Cardinals(Leake)------I'll give this sorry team one last chance to win for me.  Pirates are on an 0-8 run.   But Taillon,  all in all,  has been good,  walking only 1 ever 7 innings.   Jung-Ho Kang had 2 HR yesterday but Pirates still lost.  Well,  Leake has been rocked by Pirates twice this year and done well against them once.  If we look at Gallardo,  getting an unexpected,  underdog 11-2 win against Tampa yesterday,  we see he has 2 'l's in this name.  Just like Taillon.(Win 4-3)

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Hellickson) +122 over Miami Marlins(Cashner)------Cashner fucked us last time and now there are no second chances!  I want this guy rocked.  Hellickson,  definitely good enough to win;  Phillies had a 6 game winning streak when he pitched from July 20 to August 20th.(Lose 6-0)

TEXAS RANGERS(Griffin) -105 over Seattle Mariners(Miranda)----In 5 total starts this year, Miranda doesn't look outstanding.  And,  wow,  Rangers have won more games that anyone else in the American League.  Rangers actually hit .279 vs lhps,  and that's better than anyone else except the Red Sox.   Griffin has thrown 1 HR per 5 innings,  which is really too many HRs.  But other than that,  he looks ok.(Lose 8-3)

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

COLORADO ROCKIES(Anderson) -140 over San Francisco(Samardzija)------Not only did Samardzija go to Notre Dame(Loss to Texas) but him and the Giants lost for me last start.   Anderson has turned out to be pretty consistent over his 15 starts this year.   And the Rockies have been starting Christhian Adames at shortstop.  I think that's a big positive with Adam Rosales going 2-3 w/HR for Padres in a huge underdog-win yesterday while Adam Wainwright----as a pitcher-----went 2-3 hitting and Matt Adams went 2-6 w/HR while Adam Frazier went 2-2 w/HR for the Pirates.(Lose 3-2.........Adames didn't play SS.  Descalso started at SS.   And Descalso's throwing Error created the unearned run that hung this loss on Adam Ottavino.  This sucks.  I can't fucking win a -140 favorite??  Maybe this is why I don't bet on favorites.  Rockies at home in their launching pad;  and they get only 4 fucking hits for me.  Anderson did well..........Rockies sucked.  ROCKIES SUCK.)

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Clemens) +162 over Boston Red Sox(Buchholz)(Lose 5-1)
SAN DIEGO PADRES(Clemens) +1.5(-110) over Boston Red Sox(Buchholz)----I don't know what Paul Clemens is throwing up there,  but its just not doing the job.   The guy is one of the worst starters around.......yet they keep sending him out there.  Why?   This..........counterintuitive,  give-him-a-chance type of bet.  Yes,  Buchholz has his problems too and SD actually won yesterday(but only scored 2 runs)(Lose 5-1...........Yup:  Dumb bet.  Padres suck.   Clemens actually threw 3 shutout innings.........before getting slaughtered as he always does.   Horrible bet.  Why did I do this?)

Monday, September 05, 2016

OLE MISS REBELS -3.5(-105) (LIVE) over Florida State Seminoles------Just saw that Chad Bettis pitched a CG SHO 2-hitter against the Giants today.  And Chad Kelly is at QB for Miss.   At this point,  with Kelly having thrown 1 INT already,  Ole Miss still looks to be dominating.   So I'll play it.(Lose 45-34..............they looked like they wanted to win in the 1st half.  Didn't wanna win in the 2nd half.  Why?  Why didn't Mississippi care about winning in the 2nd half?)

Sunday, September 04, 2016

TEXAS LONGHORNS +2.5(-110) (LIVE) over Notre Dame Fighting Irish-----Texas has the big home revenge from last year's beatdown by ND.   After most of the 1st quarter,  it doesn't look like Notre Dame is good enough to knock them out.   In other words,  it looks to be a close game later on.  If it is,  I'll guess Texas gets the luck(even tho,  it has seemed,  Austin has had some problems as a location)(Win 50-47..........Tyrone Swoopes 3 TD.................Texas -1 TO,  +73 yds)

Saturday, September 03, 2016

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Shields) +118 over Minnesota Twins(Santiago)-----CWS have the Team Revenge against Santiago who,  tho his last start was good,  has struggled recently.   Twins are on a 1-14 run.  But considering the consequences of what the Twins did to me on August 27th when I bet ON them,  they could easily stretch this to 1-20.(Lose 11-3........Oh,  I forgot:  James Shields is the worst fucking pitcher in MLB history.   Fuck.   This game was 11-2 after the 3rd inning so, yeah, this was basically Shields.  And Jacob Turner,  who allowed 6 unearned runs in 1/3 of an inning off a Todd Frazier throwing error.   Twins in fucking trouble.)

DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) +106 over Kansas City Royals(Ventura)(Lose 5-2)
Detroit Tigers(Fulmer) vs Kansas City Royals(Ventura) OVER 7.5(-115)------Ventura has faced the Tigers 4 times and done well every time.  So Tigers definitely have the revenge against him.   Fulmer has faced the Royals twice and done well,   so Royals also have the Revenge.   Additionally,  Fulmer is fucking PISSED because he's lost 3 of his last 4 games.   I just feel that there's gotta be some vicious hitting in this game.(Lose 5-2.......Ventura walks 6 and they can't even put this OVER?????!  Fuck the Tigers they are losers;  they are not going to the playoffs and they just wasted their season.  Brad Ausmus might as well be Brad Anderson:  LOSERS.)

ARIZONA WILDCATS +1 over Byu Cougars-----Some seem to have questions about this Arizona team but I have no doubts about their defense today with Tellas Jones at FS and,  with Paul Chryst getting the upset win for Wisconsin,  Paul Magloire at OLB.   And if you don't think Solomon is all that,  BYU just have TOO MANY WEAK-ASS HAWAIIANS.  In fact,  it looks like BYU is coached by a sorry Hawaiian.  Well,  Arizona is at home and Hawaii is fucking weak.(Lose 18-16.........Solomon throws 2 INTs.  I used to believe in betting home teams.  Not in Arizona.   Didn't Arizona used to know how to score?   SIXTEEN POINTS???  Deserved to lose if their offense sucks that bad.)

SMU MUSTANGS -7 over North Texas Mean Green------SMU has Xavier Jones and Matt Davis,  it looks like, at QB.  South Alabama won today with Dallas Davis at QB and Joey Jones at head coach as a 28-point underdog----pretty significant.    Both these teams lost a lot of games last year and NT does have the Revenge at home.   But I'll go with The Names.(Win 34-21..........Courtland Sutton 162 yds,  3 TDs..........Xavier Jones TD, 119 yds.............SMU +2 TO and +180 yds)

FLORIDA GATORS -34.5 over UMass Minutemen-----Gators have a Davis on defense and.......UMass doesn't really look to be having the personnel.  I've really wanted to bet Gators since that thing at Disney World(due to my increasing hatred towards humanity and corporations that won't pay me).  So I'll try Del Rio at QB here.(Lose 24-7............Pshhhh.  This was 10-7 at halftime.  Against UMASS!!!!  Well, maybe they got some good players or something.   But Florida is usually a quality team----USED TO BE a quality team.)

Friday, September 02, 2016

HAWAII RAINBOW WARRIORS +39.5 over Michigan Wolverines-------Red Wolves are sucking worse than I've EVER seen a team play in Arkansas State;  Wolverines?  No.  The line's down to 39.5,  but that means I still win a 42-3 game.   If Michigan scores 3 TDs per half while Hawaii doesn't score at all,  I'll lose.  Michigan lost its last regular season home game by 29 points,  but I still think its pretty hard to win or lose a game by 40 points.   Ohio State only beat Hawaii 38-0 last year.   Indiana..................took Michigan to OT last year.   Is the Big Ten already overrated with Michigan State failing to cover its line by more than 3 TDs?  I don't know.(Lose 63-3..........After all I did creating the first US president from Hawaii.............and this shit.   Oh,  Hawaii was definitely under-sized.   But that's no excuse for losing by 60 points.  Hawaii played better against the Japs at Pearl Harbor.)
MIAMI MARLINS(Cashner) +270 over Cleveland Indians(Carrasco)------Ah.......Marlins are not a bad team;  they have hit .268 this year.   Certainly,  we know Carrasco is fallible....because we bet on him last game.  Go Fish.(Lose 6-2........I bet on Indians with Carrasco last time and they broke my parlay by losing.  Now,  Carrasco throws a shutout for 7 so FUCK the damn Indians.   Sick of this shit.  Cashner allows 6 hits.....and 6 ERs..........and walks 6.  He also struck out 6.  Tragic that Miami couldn't win for me.)

ARKANSAS STATE RED WOLVES -4 over Toledo Rockets--------Ark St does have the Home Revenge.   And although we can't tell,  in this Week 1,  who the players are gonna be,   I think this is good enough...
 Published on Sep 1, 2016)

    for a BCLI Revenge Game of the Month......BCLI GAME OF THE MONTH !(Lose 31-10...........Are you fucking serious???!!!!
(Pamela Anderson, the former Playmate, has described pornography as a "public hazard" that affects men's "ability to function as husband, and, by extension, as father"......

"We are a guinea-pig generation for an experiment in mass debasement that few of us would have ever consented to, and whose full nefarious impact may not be known for years. How many families will suffer? How many marriages will implode? How many talented men will scrap their most important relationships and careers for a brief onanistic thrill? How many children will propel, warp-speed, into the dark side of adult sexuality by forced exposure to their fathers’ profanations?"

The pair wrote that pornography was for "losers", an outlet for people "too lazy to reap the ample rewards of healthy sexuality".

Anderson, 49, has appeared on more Playboy covers - 15 - than any other model. She has had two sex tapes leaked, the first with ex-husband Tommy Lee in 1995 and the second with Bret Michaels.)

     Arkansas State,  at home with the revenge, debases the entire state, getting +2 TO----yes,  Arkansas State recovered 2 fumbles and still lost by 21 points as a 4-point favorite with head coach Blake Anderson:  Pamela Anderson is a naked Canadian whore,  a junkie and a loser.   FUCK THAT BITCH.
   Why do I hear JK Rowling saying,  "I believe in God,  not magic"  ???
(5.6 Magnitude Earthquake Felt in Arkansas, Oklahoma

UPDATED 12:24 AM CDT Sep 04, 2016 )
     Yessssszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!  Pump up the vol-ume.   We need to get breast-implants into our quakes.    Bigger and Better.   FUCK ARKANSAS.)

CINCINNATI REDS(Desclafani) +125 over St Louis Cardinals(Reyes)------Looks like Desclafani has the Pitcher Revenge here against the Cardinals.(Win 3-2............Eugenio Suarez GWRBI)

Thursday, September 01, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Samardzija) +128 over Chicago Cubs(Montgomery)----I don't really know how the Cubs have been allowed to get away with so much murder this year.   Their DIFF is +222;  they've scored 222 more runs than they've given up(by comparison Boston is +121 and the Nationals are +141).   Every Cubs' starter is having the best year of his career.  Montgomery has only started twice for the Cubs so I'm not considering him in that.  I guess the addition of Ben Zobrist has helped the Cubs.   They ARE walking out of their minds.  But most other Cubs' stats are at a level that I don't consider authentic or "real".   You'd think the Cubs have superior players;  but they don't.  They're just playing way beyond their abilities----for some reason---this year.   The Giants,  however,  are 2 games back.  So they need this game.   And Samardzija has done good in August.   Hopefully we can break the Cubs' godspell now----we all know it can't last forever.(Lose 5-4.........Cubs get so fucking GODDAMN lucky.  Sf should have won;  they're up 4-3 in the bottom of the 7th.   Starts off with Dexter Fowler hitting a ground ball off the pitcher...........but off the pitcher just so much that he can't get to it and throw him out.  I thought Will Smith did a good job in relief for Giants.  He was calm,  poised,  took his time,  K'd Rizzo,  gave up a walk then got Heyward to pop out.  Then Bochy took him out,  I guess,  because Russell was a RHB.   Smith was doing so good,  tho,  you might just has well have left him in to face a .243 hitter in Russell.  Cory Gearrin came in and Russell gets jammed,  hitting a ball on the handle of the bat,  but just far enough to get over the shortstop.  Game is lost right there.    I'm sick of this shit:  CUBS SUCK.  )