Sunday, November 30, 2008

CAROLINA PANTHERS +3 over GBP---------Green Bay has home-off-road loss but a lot of injuries. This is good spec vs weakness, as GB's rush defense is weak while Panthers specialize in running. Last game these teams faced each other GB won so Carolina has the revenge. Note that Carolina is coming off a loss...........a loss on TURF. I used to think that grass/turf didnt matter; a silly useless stat. But if you are, say, an "earthy-spirit" and you wanna jump into the do you get in if there's no grass? The Panthers are probably my favorite team, nominally, with DeAngelo Williams, Chris Gamble and DelHomme. "Smaile DeAngelo?" (Win 35-31)

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS -4.5 over Cleveland---------Cleveland has ZERO home day-game wins, has just lost Quinn, and I expect more divine punishment of this team and state for the terrible Ohio State victory AND COVER of the 20.5 point line against my home state....and a team I bet alot of money on: Michigan. I want Cleveland, Ohio crippled even further under the increasing redemption of the Colts. (Lose 10-6)

BUFFALO BILLS -6.5 over San Fran----------Bills, I believe, can play well at home in the daytime. And I like their names; Edwards, Lee..........Lynch Mar(b)? So I'll lay a few points for a home team here(Lose 10-3............Buffalo outgains them by 155 yards at home on an even TO ratio; I have NO IDEA how the Bills lose to the 49ers with those stats. NO IDEA)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

GEORGIA -7.5 over Georgia Tech----------Georgia is coming off the bye and a 1-6 ATS run; they're not that bad. GT has the revenge.(Lose 45-42.......a totally unnatural 3rd quarter........Feist was on GT)

OREGON +3 over Oregon State---------Oregon has the revenge AND is coming off a bye. nuff said.(Win 65-38)

VIRGINIA CAVALIERS +7.5 over Virginia Tech-----------Virginia has the revenge and is coming off 3 non-covers. That's some pent up rage there. VT is 2-3 ATS since the equinox. You know, Cho. The "minimal-discovery" media didnt play all your stuff. That kind of pisses me off.(Win 17-14)

Friday, November 28, 2008

UCLA +9.5 over Sun Devils--------Pure Angelic Revenge. Turn Clockwise at Night(Lose 34-9......I've almost had it at this point. Bruins outgain em by 180 yards but give 3 TO's on the ratio. Someone thinks this is funny.)
WEST VIRGINIA MOUNTAINEERS -3.5 over Pittsburgh--------altho Pitt has home-off-road-loss, WV lost, phenomenally, to Pitt last year. So West Virginia has the revenge(and if you think that is not a "vengeful" state, look at what happened to Michigan this year in football. Pitt is an acceptable 3-2 ATS at home but their Qb's have a high pic/TD ratio(Lose 19-15)

LSU TIGERS -4.5 over Razorbacks------Another revenge situation as Ark beat LSU last year. Arkansas has home-off-road-loss but LSU has been impressive on the road, having beaten South Carolina(a good team) and Auburn. Arkansas, as a state right now.......well, I think they might be a bit vulnerable due to past "conspiracies"(Lose 31-30. Rumble it up byches. Im sick of this shyte. KRA ekauQ. I hate Arkansas)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

*TEXAS A & M +35.5 over Texas---------This number is screaming "free money"; altho Texas has the revenge, this is Thanksgiving-----not a highly "revenge" charged day. Texas looks to be about 3-2 ATS at home, but have they ever give THIRTY FIVE and a half points? Thats ridiculous for an interstate rivalry.(Lose 49-9. DISGUSTING. That's the word for this Texas team; they've gotta have a view to a cheat somehow. And I dont like cheaters. THIRTY FIVE fucking points and they cover. Unreal)

PHILADELPHIA EAGLES -3 over Arizona Cardinals---------Philly has home-off-road loss and looks prime to play up to their potential. Earthy.....Eagles should be in sync with the earth today.(Win 48-20)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NEW YORK +13 over Detroit-------Both teams are coming off a loss but the Nicks have a pretty strong offense so far so the points look good even tho Detroit has +2 days of rest. It appears the Pistons have thrown their last 3 games.....I dont think they'll throw this one but in a hard fought game by both sides, 13 should cover(Lose 110-96.........apparently, Marbury didnt play in this game. Great. Thanks a lot. I love losing by 1 fucking point)

76ERS -5 over Orlando--------Philly has home-off-road-loss and is 5-2 ATS at home so far. Look at the names on Orlando........who are those guys?(Lose 96-94......Philadelphia is not in touch with the stars; you need to have bad weather for them to do well at home I think. They had clear weather in this game....and look what the fuck happened.)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Take " (705) HOUSTON ROCKETS " When healthy, Houston is as deep and good as anyone, especially with their defense. They are healthy and on a 4-1 SU/ATS run. 7-6 All Star center Yao Ming outplayed Dwight Howard in nearly every phase Saturday night, scoring 22 points and taking down 13 rebounds while carrying a tired Houston Rockets team to a 100-95 victory over Howard and the Orlando Magic. The Rockets got 17 points each from Tracy McGrady and Rafer Alston, and 11 apiece from Ron Artest and Carl Landry. "We did what we wanted to do offensively," Houston coach Rick Adelman said. Miami doesn't have the inside game to match up. Play the Rockets.-----Good luck to me and Roz(seemingly, and that's an understatement, Texas teams have recently started to outperm......see Dallas Cowboys win; and the Texans win AT Cleveland. Impressive confidence builder) (Win 107-98)

SAINTS pk over Green Bay--------Packers are coming off a HUGE win with an even TO ratio; they should be a little tired here. Saints have only missed once at home.(Win 51-29)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

COLTS +3 over San Diego---------Colts took their lumps earlier in the season, and Manning, it was clear, was VERY pissed. They seem to be coming back around...........and they do have the revenge, as Chargers beat them in January. Altho Chargers have home-off-road loss and have acquitted themselves almost perfectly at home this season, you can see them getting weaker(THEY'RE SHOOK) as they almost lost to the hitherto lowly Chiefs 2 games ago(as 14.5 point favorites........ ti od tndid nesretep). Mikey Syracyou's......"You know what to do?.....lets kick this shyte......"(Win 23-20)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

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SUNS +5 over Lakers--------------Phoenix has the revenge +1 day of rest and home-off-road-loss(Lose 105-92)

Monday, November 17, 2008

CLEVELAND BROWNS +5.5 over Buffalo---------Altho Buffalo has revenge and home-off-road-loss motivation, Browns have +3 days of rest and some added momentum with Brady Quinn having come in last game(he threw 65%). Browns HAVE done well at night (vs the Giants) and should have sufficient motivation after losing their last 2(tho Bills have done that as well having lost their last 3). This game could be close, but if the Browns can win in Florida(Jacksonville)---in the current 'climate'----I think they can win anywhere.(Win 29-27)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

ARIZONA CARDINALS -3(+100) over Seattle-------Arizona is 3-2 ATS on the road and they've played competitively in all those games except maybe against the Jets---but they did get 35 points in that game. Seattle only has 1 home win(vs STL); they have home-off-road-loss but with that factor working for them this year......they've lost twice and didnt cover in those either. Arizona's offense is vastly superior.......nominally, WARner to BREASton sounds good (Win 26-20)

DALLAS COWBOYS -2 over Washington-------Both teams have done poorly from the period starting October 12th and the Cowboys recent road record has been atrocious. However, I'll call the flip here with Romo coming back in. Dallas sufferred a -5 on the TO ratio against Stl and the Giants and, altho Washington is coming off a really bad home loss, this REVENGE for Dallas as Wash beat them earlier and everyone likes BARBER over CLINTON......I mean, everyone with their head NOT stuck in their ass.(Win 14-10)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

SOUTH CAROLINA GAMECOCKS +21 over Florida-----------South Carolina has the revenge motivation in SPADES here. Florida's incendiary over-performance in recent games will come back to haunt them here(they might even lose). South Carolina was -2 on the TO ratio as they beat Kentucky....I'd say they deserve the luck here while Florida deserves nothing but a healthy smaking of BLACK BETSEY. (Lose there any real doubt about where "The Gate" is too far open?..........I can't believe this shyte)

STANFORD CARDINAL +24 over Southern Cal-----------Quite a few points for a home team; Stanford has home-off-road loss and altho Souther Cal has the revenge, as Stanford beat them last year, Stanford has not missed at home this year. I'm pretty sure they have the skills to at least cover this number. (Win 45-23)

NC STATE WOLFPACK +3.5 over Wake Forest-------Looks like Wake is coming off 2 home wins and considering they were +3 on the TO ratio in beating Virginia, their luck should turn here with NC State having the revenge(NC State was even on the TO ratio in beating Duke and looks to be gaining some momentum). In fact, Wake was +3 on the TO when they beat Duke 33-30. No way, Wake wins the Turnover ratio here.(Win 21-17)

Friday, November 14, 2008

DETROIT PISTONS +9.5 over Lakers----------Lakers have been ok at home so far....but I'm calling a flip here(after the fires) as the Pistons have not missed on the road so far(tho they are coming off 1 day's rest). Kobe, of course, "ratted Shaq out" and is a rapist. (Win 106-95)

PHILLY +1 over Indiana(Win 94-92)
Philly vs Indiana OVER 197---------76er's seem to be learning how to win on the road after beating Toronto. Coming off a road win, Pacers may be a little "shook" here. A lot of interesting player names in this game, so im gonna go with the OVER also(Lose 94-92)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

PHILADELPHIA -3 over Giants----------Home revenge for Eagles as Giants beat them last year and based on the Browns game, Giants dont play very well at night.(Lose 36-31)
BEARS +3(-115) over Titans-----------Weak schedule for Titans so far. They have not faced good teams on the road and there have only been 3 of them. Bears have faced some quality teams and done well vs them (Lose 21-14..........Titans are PRETERNATURALLY potent.....and I think I'm done fading them)

HOUSTON (-135) over Baltimore--------The Texans have always been able to score; throughout most of the season. The Ravens, since October 11th, have gone on a scoring spree well about their heads and capabilities. (hguabrah).....has been jerkin' that fucking left arm too much......That stops today as the Ravens get fucking embarrassed here. Texans have home-off-road-loss (Lose 41-13.........Ravens will pay for this.......well, i guess the Giants got 'em....hope they keep getting screwed)

LIONS +6 over Jacksonville---------Lions have been getting close to winning while Jacksonville, never a very good team in my opinion, seem to be slowing down having just lost to Cincinatti(what's up with that?). Detroit should cover this(Lose 38-14.......Yep, Jax just got slapped for this, the Titans)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

NORTH CAROLINA -4 over Georgia Tech------NC is off the bye and has home revenge. They've beaten some good teams and have shown they can come back well(How did they beat Miami?) (Win 28-7)

VANDERBILT +24 over Florida---------home revenge for Vandy....they were -2 on the TO ratio vs Duke and outgained they're coming off a home-loss(not as good as coming off a road-loss but still....). Their defense is good enough to cover this with a fair TO ratio in this game. Gators coming off two ridiculously huge wins.....they wont do that again.(Lose 42-14.......Florida is really pissing me off. I WANT THEM CRUSHED!)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

VIKINGS -5.5 over Houston--------This line's moving.....but you gotta like Minn in a home-off-road-loss, home off Bye situation. Houston has no road wins so far. (Win 28-21)

DENVER -4 over Miami---------Again, home-off-road-loss and Denver is off their bye week. Miami's capable but......maybe a little inconsistent (Lose 26-17.....fuck the broncos; this team is simply cant lose in this situation and be considered a serious team)

CLEVELAND -2.5 over Baltimore----------Home revenge for Browns as Balt beat them earlier this season. Cleveland seems to be improving; well, yeah, they are improving(Lose 37-27.......nice collapse. I cant believe this shyte)

KANSAS CITY +9.5 over Tampa Bay----------Home-off-road-loss for Chiefs. Tampa's ok but they dont always score a lot of points. 9.5 seems a lot here. (Win 30-27)

BUFFALO -5 over Jets---------Home-off-road-loss for Bills. Jets have played mostly at home so far this year while Bills have been on the road most of the time(Lose 26-17)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

UTAH STATE +6.5 over Hawaii---------Home revenge for Utah State. Do the Saints like the Mormons on All Saints Day? Hope so.(Win 30-14)