Friday, May 31, 2013

CINCINNATI REDS(Cueto) -103 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Rodriguez)-----Jason Castro was 2-3 yesterday.(Win 6-0........Wow,  a 1-hitter over 8 for Cueto)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Garcia) -128 over Washington Nationals(Haren)----If 1-HR-for-every-44-career-at-bats Dioner Navarro can hit 3HR in one game..........CARACAS!(Win 2-0..........8inn 3-hitter by Garcia)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

PADRES(Stults) -1.5(+145) over Mariners(Saunders)(Lose 3-2)
Padres(Stults) vs Mariners(Saunders) OVER 7.5(-110)------Ah,  Saunders vs Stults:  the 'SS' game.  I expect some hitting here.  Saunders has had 4 good starts but in all the rest he's given up a lot of runs.  Stults is ok.........but with Morse listed as DOUBTFUL for this game,  I think Stults has a chance of being better in this game.(Lose 3-2........Each of these fucking pathetic teams had gone over 7.5 runs in 6 of their last 10 games.   And, yes,  Eric Stults had once before pitched 8innings in a game this year,  BUT ONLY ONCE.   10 hits by Padres to 4'd think they might win by more than 1 run.  You'd think that, wouldn't you?  Oh,  there were no walks by either starter in this game.  Nice to have that happen when you have the OVER.)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Figaro) -125 over Minnesota(Diamond)(Lose 6-5)
MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Figaro) -1.5(+170) over Minnesota(Diamond)----When was the last time the Brewers ruined my life?  Ah,  5/25 when these bitches couldn't hit Locke,  even tho he's a lhp.  Give 'em another chance(but this will be the LAST chance for this fucking team) because.........Alfredo,  with Alfonso Soriano and Albert Pujols both going 3-4 yesterday.  Brewers should hit here;  they're at home vs lhp.   Twins are committed to losing on a 2-11 run should stay that way.(Lose 6-5.....This is a perfect example of why conventional handicapping techniques don't work.  The Brewers should,  and have, hit lhps.  Braun was hitting .391 vs lhps up until a few days ago.   Here,  the Brewers get a lhp and they DO hit him.  In fact,  the Brewers had 13 Hits in this game while the Twins had 8.  Yet STILL.......the Brewers can't even win the fucking game.   So here I am,  down to my last dollars,  about to put a bullet in my brain(before chanting DEATH TO AMERICA, of course),  and I can't win this game to save my life because Aaron Hicks goes 2-6,  hits an HR,  makes a fence-catch robbing me of an HR and scores the winning run.  Hmmmm(and Hicks was hitting what?  Oh, he's at .161 now).   Ok,  yes;  we do need him.  Because after more than 5 years of the Jews not paying me back the money that they KNOW they fucking owe me and that they KNOW that they have,  parasitically siphoning off 10's of THOUSANDS of dollars of it from Federal and State Welfare,  Disability and Section 8 but NOT paying it to me,  its too late now:  All Jews must be eliminated.  As for Milwaukee,  we're gonna need Jeffrey Dahmer to DIP THAT CITY IN CHOCOLATE FUCKING ACID.   Fucking ACID, bitch!)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Gausman) -112 over Washington Nationals(Karns)------
("....imagine a nigga gettin BURNT like dat...........")   GOTTA play Baltimore after the city just produced that video,  which is the best video I've ever seen.  God, that's awesome.(Lose 9-3.....Blow them up again.  AGAIN!   (What?  I lost by 6 runs?  I need SIX more explosions in Baltimore---er, no,  blow up DC, too.  You know why?  When's the last time the Nationals scored fucking 9 runs in a game?  Do you know?  April 15th.   THAT WAS FUCKING 40 GAMES AGO.  So this was definitely another conspiracy against me.)

ST LOUIS(Lyons) +100 over Royals(Santana)----Santana's from San Cristobal, huh?  Well,  obviously something happened to the Royals round about May 17th,  producing a losing streak so.......Lyons has 1 good start(vs San Diego) and the Cardinals are hitting .267.(Win 4-1......Lyons throws a 7-inn 2-hitter)

Monday, May 27, 2013

ATLANTA BRAVES(Hudson) -115 over Toronto Blue Jays(Buehrle)----Heyward .163,  BJ Upton .148,  Uggla .190.......there are some negatives to this Atlanta offense.   Hudson is walking 1 every (almost) 4innings,  so that's pretty good.   Is Buehrle improving?   Well,  his ERA is down to 5.90(not real convincing).(Lose 9-3......You faggots can't hit Mark Buehrle??  How the hell did you get to be 30-19??  This was so fucking fixed.....Whatever,  have it your way,  But WE will now DETONATE in fucking Atlanta, GA.  Ka-----fucking----BOOM! Motherfucker.   Goddam fucking kike.)

PIRATES(Liriano) +180 over Tigers(Verlander)----3 sucky starts by Verlander over his last 3 and...........since we were betting on him during the WORST of those starts,  we still need to hurt him.  Tigers hitting .284 to Pirates .243 so.........that's why this line is so big(technically it shouldn't be as the Pirates have won 3 more games than the Tigers).  But Verlander failed CRITICALLY for us so........that's why we have to take him out here.(Lose 6-5............awwww F UCK YOU kike-loving phaggots.  Goddamn it.  Motherfucker.  Son of a bitch-maggot.   Liriano's WORST start.......pitching for us.   Goddamn this shit.)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

ANGELS(Williams) -120 over Royals(Davis)------Angels are on a winning streak.  But it has only taken them to 22-27,  well below .500.   And we'll go with it with Jerome Williams as Sergio ROMO got the W last night for the Giants(in addition to yadiER MOlina going 3-4 yesterday).(Win 5-2)

ARIZONA(Corbin) -1.5(+115) over Padres(Marquis)----While batters hit .280 off Corbin last year,  he seems to have pulled off the CORBomite Maneuver this year as THE DIAMONDBACKS HAVE NOT LOST ANY GAMES that he has started.   Now,  let me be honest with you.  This site has gone 6-25 on picks.  THAT CAN NEVER, EVER HAPPEN AGAIN.  In fact,  considering that I consider that that means that ANY AND EVERY entity---normal, material, supernatural, spiritual or Medeian----associated with this site TO HAVE FAILED ME and to have FAILED, period,  if the Diamondbacks aren't in there,  in this game,  having their BEST,  most offensively EXPLOSIVE hitting effort that anyone has ever seen,   I will have all of your children killed.  I mean,  I will PERSONALLY have you WATCH as your children are killed in front of you.  And THEN I will call Armageddon.   Because whatever you PERSONALLY think you know about my depth.......I'm probably much deeper than that.   I WILL NOT BE PERSECUTED LIKE THIS AFTER ALL OF YOU MOTHERFUCKERS HAVE ORGANIZED THE THEFT OF ALL OF MY MONEY,  capiscite?(Lose 6-5...........Not good enough:   Armageddon Code sequence 1,  Code 1, 1-A   Nuclear Holocaust Launch Code 2-7-9er.......copy.   Jew Elimination Programme Initiate.   Code sequence 1-2-3-6-zero.  America Destruct Code sequence-Hurricane.   Code 1B,  2B,  3.  Locust Code X:  Initiate.     The Destroyer has names:  Kyle Blanks and Brad Ziegler.)

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Kluber) +120 over Boston Red Sox(Doubront)----Kluber's hittable but hasn't walked people.  Doubront's not better and with Felix Hernandez getting rocked last night,  Felix Doubront should...........get rocked today.(Lose 6-5...........#54 Chris Perez,  Bradenton, piece of FUCKING MAGGOT DOG-SHIT!  You pathetic slice of human garbage.  You phaggot losing piece of shit.  3 the 9th inning.....with a 3-run lead that YOU BLEW.  Fuck you.   You'll never play in Major League Baseball again and,  yes,  I've BEEN to Bradenton----and we are gonna DECIMATE that city because of your piss-ass failure.  Joe Smith allowed the winning hit to Ellsbury but that was the only batter he faced.)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

BREWERS(Fiers) -1.5 (+170) over Pirates(Locke)----It's no secret that I want to punish the Pirates after what they've done to me.  But in fact the Brewers have hit lhps(you're gonna hit for me, right Nori?) this year.(Lose 5-2........Why can't people hit Locke?  2HR Carlos Gomez---Santiago, DR----2HR Pedro Alvarez.   Horrible offensive effort by Brewers.)

CUBS(Wood) +151 over Reds(Bailey)--------Of course I despise the Cubs....their failure to win for me........the arrogance and conceitedness of their management........but let's give Wood a chance.(Lose 5-2...........Wood's WORST fucking start of the year and I can't tell you how badly I want to punish, destroy and violate this kike-owned team.)

Friday, May 24, 2013

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Kendrick) +155 over Washington Nationals(Zimmerman)-- Zimmerman has been good so......I'm not saying the line is wrong----walking 1 every 7inn and being that unhittable;  he's gotta be significantly favored.   But if you consider that Kendrick has been good also,  and you consider the umm, "pressure" on the name:  Washington State bridge collapse.   And with the Phillies having guys like Ben Revere......with a certain someone having,  just yesterday,  spoken truth to the power of extrajudicial mass-murder.........and even the Nationals' Kid Dynamite,  Bryce Harper,  is not a .300 hitter this year.   The Nationals in fact have had some hitting problems(Espinosa .163?  Come on,  he's a 'starter'?).(Lose 5-2)

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Burnett) -105 over Milwaukee Brewers(Estrada)----Estrada has only done well this year when I've bet against him and Burnett has been extremely reliable but with poor run support.   On an 11-2 run,  the Pirates,  one might think,  would be due for a loss.  But I'll give them a chance here with this pitching match-up.(Lose 2-1..........Same goddamn thing,  Burnett pitches a 3-hitter and gets 1 run)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Cahill) +115 over Colorado Rockies(De La Rosa)----De La Rosa's been pretty good but Cahill's been better than he was last year.  With Travis Snider's Grand Slam yesterday----Travis Snider from KIRKland, WA----that made the difference for the Pirates,  I think we can go with Arizona with Kirk Gibson at manager.(Lose 4-1.......something about De La Rosa though I'm.............disgusted with Arizona's offensive feebleness in this game)

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Jimenez) +130 over Detroit Tigers(Verlander)----Cleveland at home here and Nah,  Tigers don't deserve this number.  Verlander's been a joke his last 2 starts and the Indians know how to win this year.  With Jimmy Paredes' 3-3 w/HR yesterday,  Jimenez is just as good--or better---as Verlander today.(Lose 11-7......I'm very disappointed that,  in a game decided by bullpens,  the home team failed to get luckier.)

CHICAGO CUBS(Samardzija) +120 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Liriano)----Pirates have won a lot more than the Cubs this year.  Samardzija's been solid though and,  as a Notre Dame player,  and with that suicide in Notre Dame cathedral a couple days ago,  he should have the horses for this one.(Lose 1-0........100-years of failure,  this team is a sick joke)

ANGELS(Wilson) over Mariners(Maurer) parlayed with TORONTO(Buehrle) over Tampa Bay(Hellickson) +185----Angels have the home revenge against Maurer.......we'll see if they can keep it going here.  Buehrle has been horrible this year but,  with Mike TROut's cycle yesterday,  taking the TOR out of that,  he could be playing for the right team today.(Win 4-3 and 7-1.....#19 Jose Bautista 4-4, 2HR, GWRBI)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Zito) +110 over Colorado Rockies(Nicasio)-----Can the Giants get blasted again?  I'd say the odds are against it.  SF has allowed almost 10 runs per game over their last 5 games.  (They're getting destroyed).  Zito was rocked his last start......but he's done all right most of the time this year.(Lose 5-0.....Zito rocked again......Nicasio has his best start of the year in this game:  Fuck the Giants.)

MINNESOTA TWINS(Hernandez) +107 over Boston Red Sox(Lackey)----At 5'10,  Hernandez must have some stuff to be in the Majors.  He has the Pitcher Revenge here at home as Boston hit him previously.  He does tend to get run support this year and...........the Twins need to give some support because they are on an 0-4 run.(Lose 5-1...........Lackey pitches a 6inn 1-hitter with no walks.  Twins....a disgrace.)

Friday, May 17, 2013

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Shields) -115 over A's(Parker)-----Shields has, of course,  been a more effective pitcher than Parker but if you add in the atrocity committed against BCLI last night by Fernando Rodney............I also need personal revenge against the A's for losing for me on multiple occasions;  HIEL!  HEIL!  HIEL HITLER!  HEIL HITLER!(Lose 2-1.........Why does Parker suddenly do this good against me?  GWHR Adam Rosales)

WHITE SOX(Sale) +107 over Angels(Wilson)-----CWS are only hitting .237(worse than the Angels) but the Angels don't know how to win.   Demonstrated 2 days ago when Enright got rocked and the Angels robbed BCLI of what should have been a $47 profit for the day----instead it was a $25 loss(so, essentially,  the Angels robbed us of $72).  Demonstrated yesterday when Michael Kohn walked-in the winning run---which was his 3rd walk.   Bottom Line:  the Angels are crap.   Sale is coming off a CG 1-hitter against the Angels and...........he'll be going for the Perfect Game tonight.(Win 3-0...........12 K's for Sale)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

DETROIT TIGERS(Verlander) -101 over Texas Rangers(Darvish)-----GWRBI on Tuesday for Everth Cabrera.....and then he goes 4-5 yesterday for the Padres.  Edwin Encarnacion's Blue Jays DOMINATE the Giants with 2 blowouts over the past 2 days after they blew out the Red Sox on May 12th......# SEVENTEEN Shin-Soo Choo 4-5,  2HR yesterday.  With the 'Michaelian' Mariners BLOWING OUT the Yankees yesterday,  that looks pretty good for the Tigers' best hitter(Hopefully the Rangers will keep Kirkman and Robbie Ross on the bench as usual).(Lose 10-4.....Verlander's worst start of All Time.   Verlander hits Kinsler and then follows that with 2 walked-in runs.   This is the single worst pitching performance I've ever lost money on and it can lead only to Global Thermonuclear War if Warner Brothers and the Jews do not pay their debts to me within 10 days(WB for my creation of "Harry Potter" and the Jews for the money I lent them).   The city of Detroit must be razed, destroyed and Obama must be impeached.)

TAMPA BAY(Cobb) over Boston(Doubront) parlayed with PITTSBURGH(Liriano) over Milwaukee(Burgos) +190---Cobb is coming off his record-setting 13K's in less than 5inn and he's been better statistically than Doubront.  Tampa does hit better, .286,  vs lhps.  Pirates do have the Team Revenge vs Burgos who,  as a Rican,  after the liberation of Ariel Castro's dungeon,  might be beginning to 'break bad'.   Liriano got good support in his 1st start and,  tho the Pirates screwed us last bet and only got 4 hits in their win yesterday,  we'll give them another chance.(Lose 4-3........This catastrophic atrocity is attributable to only one man:  Fernando Rodney.  Rodney was somehow allowed to walk the bases loaded,  let Will Middlebrooks drive in all of those runs and then STILL have a chance to WALK HIS 4TH BATTER IN A SINGLE INNING.  This is the single worst pitching performance I have ever lost money on and can lead only to the mass destruction of the US Government if Obama is not impeached immediately.)

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Volquez) +130 over Washington Nationals(Strasburg)----Volquez apparently got well on April 19th so..........although you'd think this line might be a little bigger,  the Nationals are only slightly above .500 and smashed-face Harper might be out.(Lose 6-2........Volquez walks 4 and allows 5 earned runs)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

CINCINNATI REDS(Leake) over Miami Marlins(Sanabia) parlayed with LA ANGELS(Enright) over Kansas City Royals(Davis) parlayed with LA DODGERS(Greinke) over Washington Nationals(Detwiler) +395----Zack The Greek!  Back in for LAD........well,  we know he's a psychopath,  but we'll go with him because,  while the Dodgers are a cellar-dwelling team and haven't won any more than the Cubs this year,  they ARE hitting 30 pts higher than Washington and they are hitting a healthy .299 vs lhps so far.   Nowm the Royals have hit and they did seem to be putting together a serious season before going on their recent 2-7 run.  ummm,  Davis....getting hit;  Enright...only 6innings pitched so far.   At 15-24 the Angels have underperformed and have no .300 hitters this year besides Shuck and Bourjos.  We'll try them at home.   Batters have hit .303 off Leake but he hangs in;  Sanabia has been more hittable and he walks people.....Marlins have hit .222 this year.(Lose 9-5.....I gave 'em a chance,  you know?  Apparently the Royals had something to say.  The Angels did get 12 hits but........wasn't enough.   Hamilton is still a massive,  expensive liability on this team and......surely Granbury, TX salutes Barry Enright's 2-inning performance)

Monday, May 13, 2013

PIRATES(Burnett) -150 over Brewers(Estrada)(Lose 5-1)
PIRATES(Burnett) -1.5(+150) over Brewers(Estrada)----Estrada's control has been ok but he's not doing well yet this year.  Burnett is only 3-3 but he hasn't really had any bad games.(Lose 5-1.....Looney Tunes,  3 Errors by Pirates,  2 by Burnett.  Pirates allowed 6 Stolen Bases and somehow let Estrada have his best start of the year.)

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Bauer) -116 over New York Yankees(Nuno)
CLEVELAND INDIANS(Bauer) -1.5(+175) over New York Yankees(Nuno)-----Indians on a 12-2 run and I feel like riding a hot team.(Lose 7-0........Goddamn this conspiracy against me......errors,  bad calls and not hitting?  They can't hit Nuno?  Fuck this shit.)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

OAKLAND ATHLETICS(Milone) -124 over Seattle Mariners(Saunders)----A's have fallen off after a promising start and...........are currently on a 6-11 run.   It should help the A's that yesterday,  Jose TAbAtA went 4-5 w/HR,  Allen Craig 3-3,  Anthony Rizzo 3-5,  Aramis Ramirez 2-2,  Andre Eithier 4-4,  Adam Lind 3-4 w/HR,  Asdrubal Cabrera 3-5,  Adam Wainwright almost pitching a no-hitter and............while Jean Segura went 4-5 w/HR and the A's are going against the JS here,  Milone is only walking 1 every 7.5innings---which is quite good, doesn't get much better.  A's are also hitting better(at .271) against lhps this season.(Lose 6-1.....WORST start of the year by Milone:  FUCK this goddamn conspiracy.   And I'm done with the Oakland A's;  this is the SECOND game they've lost for me in 1 week.  Fuck these losers.)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Bumgarner) -132 over Atlanta Braves(Maholm)----Huge run support for Francisco Liriano today by the Pirates........I'll go with San Francisco.(Win 10-1..........impressive beat-down,  Gregor Blanco 2-2, 4RBI........Belt 2RBI,  Crawford 2-4)

MIAMI MARLINS(Slowey) +190 over La Dodgers(Ryu)-----Dodgers have hit .256,  Marlins have hit .224.   I guess that's how they justify this line but.......Miami has won almost as often as the Dodgers and Slowey has been successful.(Lose 7-1..........Andre Eithier 4-4)

Friday, May 10, 2013

CHICAGO CUBS(Samardzija) +123 over Washington Nationals(Detwiler)----Cubs' 13 wins put them among the worst teams in baseball and Samardzija only has 1 win despite throwing a lot of innings as a starter and holding batters to a .210 average against him.  Is it time for a 2nd Win for Samardzija?(Lose 7-3...........if its not Darwin Barney swinging at Ball 4 and then popping up,  its some other fatuous brain-fart of incompetence with the Chicago Cubs,  a failed team with a lame and ineffectual management organization.  Ian Desmond 3-4, HR)

REDS(Cingrani) over Brewers(Gallardo) parlayed with MARINERS(Iwakuma) over A's(Straily) parlayed with ANGELS(Enright) over White Sox(Axelrod) +520-----Jason Kipnis hit an HR yesterday and Mariners have Jason Bay.  Angels have sucked but they are hitting 30 points higher than the Sox.(Win 4-3,  6-3 and 7-5........Brandon Phillips 2-4, HR.....Kyle Seager 2-2, 3R......Brendan Harris 3-4, HR.........Hamilton's still in there trying to throw games but,  fortunately,  the Angels won this one.)

MIAMI MARLINS(Fernandez) +129 over La Dodgers(Magill)----There's far more evidence that Fernandez is a good pitcher than there is for Magill.   Dodgers are totally sucking and they couldn't even win for Kershaw last game at -175.   We'll go with the Cuban.(Win 5-4............Derek Dietrich,  3-run homer,  Cleveland, OH)

Thursday, May 09, 2013

ROCKIES(Francis) +115 over Yankees(Sabathia)----Francis has done almost nothing but get rocked.  However,  ok---dungeon-liberation hero Charles Ramsey...........and.......Carlos Santana an HR yesterday,  Carlos Gomez going 4-4 yesterday for the Brewers and Carlos Beltran 3-5 yesterday.  Ok,  Rockies have Gonzalez of their best hitters.  Colorado at home here.....umm,  Yankees failed for BCLI in the 1st game of this series.   We'll go...........for the revenge...........against the Yankees.(Lose 3-1..........absolutely pathetic offense by both these teams in this series........Cano 2-4, HR,  Adam Warren gets the Win)

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

LOS ANGELES DODGERS(Kershaw) -1.5 (+135) over Arizona Diamondbacks(Miley)---Dodgers on an 0-6 run but they are hitting .300 vs lhp's.   Arizona has hit .229 vs lhp's.(Lose 3-2.......Dodgers are a joke.   What a waste of money.)

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Mendoza) +130 over Baltimore Orioles(Tillman)------KC's offense looks good hitting .269.(Lose 5-3..........Orioles had 5 total hits in this game.  How'd they win?)

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS +7.5 over San Antonio Spurs----It's possible that GS could quit after the horrendous blowing of an 18-point lead late in the 3rd quarter.   But at least it shows they can be competitive in this series if they want to be.(Win 100-91.........Klay Thompson 34pts)

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

OAKLAND A'S(Milone) -102 over Cleveland Indians(Mcallister)-----Sorry, Cleveland.   As the world looks,  aghast,  at your newly exposed decade-in-a-dungeon depravity,  I can't see how that would be auspicious for the home team here.   3 abductees........for 10 years.  That's a collective 30 years of dungeon-confinement which surpasses the Syracuse dungeon master and the Jaycee Dugard case(it doesn't beat Fritzl in Austria though).(Lose 1-0.....Securing a female is an age-old problem for men;  if you happen to HAVE a dungeon,  why NOT fill it with females?  Can you believe that?  Nate Freiman's a DNP the day after Nate Robinson beat the Miami Heat:  Stupid coaching by Oakland.)

MIAMI MARLINS(Sanabia) +164 over San Diego Padres(Stults)-----Stults has had better control than Sanabia but both pitcher have been almost equally hittable.   I thought I had a good play with Golden State yesterday but it was the BULLS!  The Bulls go to Miami and win the game as a 12-point underdog with Nate Robinson scoring 27.  Gotta respect that,  gotta play that with Marlins' Rob Brantly.(Lose 5-1)

NEW YORK YANKEES(Kuroda) +111 over Colorado Rockies(De La Rosa)-----Well,  as I said,  Nate Robinson and the Bulls H U G E last night.(Lose 2-0..........Let me get this straight,  the Yankees score zero runs in Coors Field against De La Rosa.   I thought they could still hit a little!  Despicable.  Yankees suck.  Yankees fail.)

Monday, May 06, 2013

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS +9 over San Antonio Spurs(Win 129-127)
GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS +425 over San Antonio Spurs----After David Wright went 2-3 w/HR yesterday as JJ Hardy raised his average to .210 by going 2-4 w/HR,  are you looking for a bet where you can play both those AND the SC on the day Saxby Chambliss holed out for an ace while playing with Obama?  With Golden State,  you can. (Lose 129-127..........3.7 seconds from hitting a +425.  Unbelievable.  GWShot Manu Ginobili.   A Warriors lead as big as 18 points was blown.  Stephen Curry 44pts)

Sunday, May 05, 2013

MIAMI MARLINS(Slowey) +170 over Philadelphia Phillies(Halladay)----Marlins won yesterday but,  at 9-22,  they could use more wins in the quest for respectability.   Marlins are hitting .226(Phillies hitting .240).   There's certainly no problem with how Slowey's been doing.  Halladay.....3 good starts,  3 bad starts.(Win 14-2....."Un-til came along......and said that you would be my man,   NOW I'M....JUMPIN UP AND DOWN.....SPINNIN ALL AROUND because you YOUUUUUU,  bay-be........I'm. as. happy as can be and its.......def-in-ite-ly........because youuuuuu,  babe........JUST BE-CAUSE OF YOUUUU........"   This is how I always wanted to win my +170s.   2HR Justin Ruggiano,  4-5 Marcell Ozuna,  7RBI + Grand Slam by Adeiny Hechavarria raising his average to .190.  2-hitter for 7inn by Slowey.)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Hammel) +105 over La Angels(Williams)----With Jason Kipnis going 3-4 w/ HR yesterday...........and the day before that when Jason Bay had an HR,  Kipnis had 4RBI AND a CGSHO 3-hitter was pitched by Jason Vargas,  I've been looking to play that name.(Win 8-4......Manny Machado HR,  JJ Hardy HR)  

Saturday, May 04, 2013

NEW YORK METS(Niese) over Atlanta Braves(Teheran) parlayed with SEATTLE MARINERS(Iwakuma) over Toronto Blue Jays(Dickey) parlayed with CINCINNATI REDS(Cingrani) over Chicago Cubs(Samardzija) +650------Mets are already 6 games behind the Braves and.....altho Teheran has had some good games,  batters are hitting .333 vs him.  Gotta respect how good Iwakuma is doing and I noticed, lets see.......Miguel Montero 2-3, HR(raising his average to .208),  Mike Trout 2-4 HR,  Mike Leake won......Mike Aviles 3-4.(Win 8-1 and 6-4.  +265 as Mets game was postponed.   Michael Saunders 2HR and........BCLI thanks Carlos Marmol for throwing the game for the Cubs.)

NORMANDY INVASION +800 to win Kentucky Derby-----We'll try the N today.(Lose to Orb)

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Cashner) -118 over Chicago Cubs(Feldman)----Both teams have the same record but Padres are hitting .251 so far against the Cubs' .235.(Lose 6-2.......this bet is obviously way off as Scott Feldman had the best game of his career,  CG w/ 12 K's)