Sunday, September 30, 2012

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS +7.5 over Packers-----Packers have the home-off-road-loss;  Saints have the revenge.   I'll go with the 9.(Win 28-27.........Game Winning FG too much to ask of Garrett Hartley 1 day after Garrett Gilbert throws 37% + FIVE INTERCEPTIONS for SMU)

BUFFALO BILLS +4.5(-115) over Patriots------Patriots seem to have some injuries;  Fitzpatrick should dominate today.(Lose 52-28.........a 21-7 lead in the 3rd quarter,  blown,  somebody fucking quit.  Bills -4 TO at home;  somebody fucking quit.)

CAROLINA PANTHERS +7.5(-120) over Atlanta Falcons-----quad-revenge for Carolina, is it?  They have not beaten Atlanta in some time.   Panthers were -5 TO to the Giants last game while Atlanta was +3 TO in beating San Diego.   The luck should adjust,  if not viciously "snap-back".(Win 30-28............Miracle reception by Roddy White[2 TDs] saves the game for Atlanta)

ARIZONA CARDINALS -4.5 over Miami(Lose 24-21........Miami outgains them by 183 yds;  I guess they're not that bad)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

MICHIGAN STATE -2.5 over Ohio State(Lose 17-16..........OSU did have the revenge here both these teams have struggled to cover,  I thought Michigan State might have enough to cover a big home game.  They don't;  in fact,  MSU won the turnover ratio by 3 in this game and still lost.  That means they really suck.  Andrew Maxwell 52%...........maybe Michigan WILL win the Big Ten)

TEXAS A&M -13 over Arkansas-----SI pre-season #12 Arkansas probably will win more than the 1 game that they've already won this year.  But A&M does have the home revenge here.(Win 58-10........Johnny Manziel 76%, 104 rushing yards........TXAM +202 yards, +3TO)

TEXAS -2.5 over Oklahoma State-----OK St was -4 TO while getting blown out by Arizona.......Texas has the road revenge here.(Win 41-36.........David Ash 81%.........Joe Bergeron 2TD)

ILLINOIS pk over Penn State------Home revenge for Illinois.(Lose 35-7)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

CLEVELAND BROWNS +12.5(-115) over Ravens----Browns do have the revenge from last year and are coming off a home failure against the Bills.   They do look bad in comparison.......but with Brandon Belt going 3-4 and Brandon Moss going 3-5 yesterday,  it could be a good day to bet on Wheeden and NFL parity.(Win 23-16...........Phil Dawson 3FG.........Wheedon 48%)

TORONTO(Morrow) +128 over Yankees(Nova)----It looks like only 2 can make it among Yankees, A's, Orioles.   Could there still be time for a "red sox style" late-season collapse by the Yankees?  Well,  the Yankees SP's are clearly not good enough to last thru 1 playoff maybe they'll be "moved out" in the last 6 games.   Toronto does have the Team Revenge against Nova.(Win 6-0.........Brett Lawrie 2-4, HR........JP Arencibia 2-4, HR........Edwin Encarnacion 3-4)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

LA DODGERS(Harang) over San Diego(Richard) parlayed with OAKLAND(Parker) over Rangers(Perez) +350----------Aaron Hill 3-5 yesterday so we look for the AH..........despite Dodgers weak scoring recently.   JP Arencibia 2-3 yesterday one day after his HUGE 3-3, 5RBI day.(Win 8-2 and 9-3......Stephen Drew 4-5 and Derek Norris 3RBI for A's.....Matt Kemp 4-5,  Nick Punto 4R,  Juan Rivera 2-4, HR)

HOUSTON ASTROS(Norris) +166 over Cardinals(Carpenter)----Dioner NavaRRo 2-3, 2RBI yesterday and..........despite the Astros' minor-league hitting,  we gotta give the "N-R" a chance today.(Win 2-0..........Norris throws a 7inn 2-hitter as the Astros get 5 total hits)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Laffey) +171 over Orioles(Saunders)-----Blue Jays have the Team Revenge against Saunders.(Win 4-0........Laffey blanks 'em in 5inn.  JP Arencibia 2-3)

NATIONALS(Detwiler) +136 over Phillies(Hamels)(Lose 6-3.....Kurt Suzuki 3-4)

OAKLAND(Milone) +140 over Rangers(Feldman)--------Both pitchers have the revenge against the offenses they are facing here;  I'll go with Tommy.(Win 3-2.........#14 George Kottaras 2-4, GWHR)

Monday, September 24, 2012

ROCKIES(Chatwood) +148 over Arizona(Cahill)(Win 4-2.......#12 Andrew Brown 2-4, HR)

METS(Mejia) over Pirates(McPherson) parlayed with BALTIMORE(Johnson) over Toronto(Alvarez) +190(Win 6-2 and 4-1.......#29 Ike Davis 5RBI, 2HR, Edina, MN.....Adam Jones 4-4, HR)

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Mcallister) +220 over White Sox(Sale)(Lose 5-4..........Adam Dunn 2HR.....only 4H allowed by Mcallister)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

PITTSBURGH STEELERS -3.5 over Oakland(Lose 34-31..........only 54 rushing yds by Steelers;  Steelers blow 10pt lead late)
CHICAGO BEARS -7 over St Louis Rams-----Bears have home-off-road-loss after giving the Packers a net 2 turnovers.   Bears also have +3 days of rest.(Win 23-6...........Major Wright HUGE pic-6 to get this covered.)

DETROIT over Tennessee parlayed with REDSKINS -3 over Cincinnati (+175)------I see the Lions and Redskins as having enough potential to be good teams who wouldn't be losing to these opponents.  Redskins have home-off-road-loss.........Miami's Stephen Morris had a great win yesterday---Redskins have one at RB.   Redskins did win the TO ratio by 2 in their loss a week ago,  which is troubling.  But I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.   With the Patriots mysteriously losing to Arizona,  the Titans have to be downgraded a bit as the Patriots blew them out.(Lose 44-41 and 38-31..........Having been to the playoffs last year,  the Lions seemed to me having a chance to become "Elite NFL" team.  No.  No way.   Moving to 0-3 ATS is one thing,  but losing to the Titans---No.   Lions suck.   The the TO ratio again........and LOSE again!  Maybe the Bengals are "OK",  but Redskins losing at home here----No.  They're not a serious team.)

TAMPA BAY +8(-105) over Cowboys---------Cowboys lost 27-7 to the Seahawks..........and now they're favored like this?   I'll bet Tampa competes in this one.(Win 16-10........Freeman 35%,  Dallas +130yds)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

NORTHERN ILLINOIS -7 over Kansas-----Home revenge for No. Illinois.....BCLI has strong information that this game is gonna be fixed;  7 points is 7 points,  but it will be impossible for Kansas to win the TO ratio so............we'll go with the revenge.(Push 30-23.......Jordan Lynch 134yds rushing)

DUKE -23 over Memphis(Win 38-14..........Unbelievable;  Duke is -4 TO and they still cover.  Memphis is bad.)

VIRGINIA TECH -17 over Bowling Green-----VT was -3 TO in their loss at they have home-off-road-loss............and we've discovered, of course,  that Bowling Green sucks.(Win 37-0)

BALL STATE +8 over South Florida(Win 31-27)
BALL STATE +285 over South Florida(Win 31-27..........Willie Snead 134yds + GWTD.....Ball State + 2 TO)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

PANTHERS -2.5 over Giants----Peyton Manning 3 INT in the 1st quarter....hmmmm.  (Lose 36-7....Ok,  this was clearly a fixed game(Panthers -5 on the turnover ratio).   The question is why?  You give 5 TOs at home,  somebody's got it in for you.  Hmmmm.  Giants had a WR named 'Ramses'....went over 100yds.  We'll have to think about this.)

NATIONALS(Detwiler) -120 over Dodgers(Capuano)(Win 4-1)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

ANGELS(Wilson) over Rangers(Holland) parlayed with MIAMI(Johnson) over Atlanta(Medlen) +300-----Angels at home,  about 3 games off the WC,  and need to come a little bit to get there.  Braves are 10-0 and have outscored opponents 61-12 in Medlen's starts after he began starting recently.  Ummmm,  that kind of streak...........seems like it can't last forever.  Medlen is a 5'10 RHP.(Lose 6-2 and 3-0........I thought the Angels might want to participate in post-season play.  I mean,  monster season by Trout,  30HR by's all wasted now because this team is done.)

Monday, September 17, 2012

COLORADO ROCKIES(Chacin) +185 over Giants(Bumgarner)(Lose 2-1)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Tillman) -121 over Mariners(Noesi)(Win 10-4......Nate McLouth 3-5, HR,  Adam Jones 4R, 3-4)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Wolf) +131 over Oakland(Straily)(Win 9-5........Matt Wieters 2HR....Endy Chavez 4-4..........Brian Matusz get the W)
CLEVELAND BROWNS +7 over Cincinnati Bengals----Browns were +1 on the TO ratio in their 1-point loss to the Eagles as Brandon Wheeden threw 4 INTs.   Wheeden probably won't do that bad again and.........the Browns defense could be good.   Wheeden has "The Prophet" at WR and,  with the outpouring of global support in the last week for the prophet's could help.(Push 34-27)

WASHINGTON REDSKINS -3.5 over St Louis Rams----Allen Robinson 3 TDs for Penn State!  Redskins have a Robinson and.........Look at that upset win by Pitt yesterday!  Mike Shanahan had 111 yds + TD..........and that name will be at coach for Washington.  Tevin Washington 3 TD for Georgia Tech in their blowout of Virginia.  (Lose 31-28........Redskins win the TO ratio by 2...and lose---maybe they're not that good.   Josh Morgan with the Game Losing spazz-out penalty)

MINNESOTA VIKINGS -3(-105) over Indianapolis Colts-----Colts were -4 TO last game and have home-off-road-loss here.  But Minn has Christian Ponder.   And with Chris Thompson averaging 21.9yds per carry yesterday in Florida State's beatdown of Wake Forest and with Paul Chryst,  having walked through the valley of the shadow of death during Pitt's first 2 games,  coming up with a HUGE win over highly ranked Virginia Tech,  I gotta go with Ponder.   Anyway,  I think the Colts will struggle this year.  By Week 5,  Colts management should be coming under fire for passing on the heisman trophy winner:  RG III.(Lose 23-20.....Ponder 77% 0 INTs,  how do they lose?   Must have been the -54 in Penalty Yards given to the Colts)

PANTHERS over Saints parlayed with BUFFALO BILLS -3 over Kansas City +340------Bills and Panthers have home-off-road-loss.  Panthers have the home revenge against the hurtful, violent,  bounty-hungry Saints.   Saints were -3 TO last game and..........I think that trend could continue:  This is a season of punishment for them.   I had a potential HUGE win taken from me by the Saints last year as they,  having been motivated by monetary bounties all season,  prevented the Lions from reaching the Super Bowl.(Win 35-27 and 35-17.........Bills were +3 TO)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

MARSHALL +6.5 over Ohio(Win 27-24)
MARSHALL +210 over Ohio------Whether one marks recent North African events to whiplash pursuant to American colonial consularies assaulted by the global Id of Obama's anti-colonial dreams--received from whatever source---or to the receptacle of American movie audiences recent viewing of the wide-ranging imagination of Uncle Tom-esh Indian documentary filmmakers,  the region's historical anti-colonial impulses to rebellion have made an impact.   Four American emissaries are dead and,  for the time being,  Cato's point is palpable.  Marshall has the home revenge here and there's a good chance Cato will have his day.   Ohio beat beleaguered Penn State with the aid of a +3 on the TO ratio while Marshall has played,  and scored on,  West Virginia,  a pre-season top 10 team.   KARTHAGO DELENDA EST.(Lose 27-24.......Game Losing fumble:  Antavious Wilson.  This cost me $87 that I should have had.  Look,  I'm no expert on American history.  But if Woodrow Wilson was an anti-German racist,  why the fuck do I see Robin Wright on tv from the "Woodrow Wilson Center"?   Get the damn name off!  Fuck.  One of American's worst,  most offensive presidents,  and he's got his name on a "Policy Center"?   Fuck that shit---that bitch owes me money)

OLE MISS REBELS +10.5 over Texas Longhorns(Lose 66-31)
OLE MISS REBELS +320 over Texas Longhorns(Lose 66-31........You cannot let a team come to your stadium and score 66 points on you if your offense is good enough to score 31.  This is a fucking atrocity.  WTF?  Just hold them to 40 and I collect $111........Miss outgained by 276yds---where the fuck is the defense???)

CAL GOLDEN BEARS +17 over Ohio State------Cal has a player named Chris Harper and, ohhhh,  the Xris was huge yesterday:  Chris Rusin, Chris Capuano, Chris Sale and Kris Medlen all lead their teams to victory as starting pitchers.   And Chris Johnson went 3-3 for Arizona.  Cal also has Marc Anthony who was........."known" in the recently animated North African region(did you see that football game last night?  Marcus Sullivan 2 TD....Gabe Marks a TD....Marquess Wilson 2 TD---big action on that name too)(Win 35-28........Brendan Bigelow 2 TD.........Cal outgained 'em by 100 yds)

BOWLING GREEN FALCONS +3.5 over Toledo-----Falcons have the revenge though Toledo is at home here.(Lose 27-15.......This is the worst,  most costly loss because it blew a 4-game parlay for me.  Bowling Green stole $136 that I should have won.  Didn't this team do well vs Florida for 1 half?   Fuck 'em;  This team is bitch-made.)

MINNESOTA GOLDEN GOPHERS -3 over Western Michigan Broncos-----Minnesota has Marcus Jones.......and a JR.   The JR was strong in Miami yesterday as Jacob Turner shutout the Reds.  Justin Ruggiano and Jose Reyes both had 2 hits.(Win 28-23)

LOUISVILLE -3 over North Carolina------Yeah,  Louisville has the home revenge and Bridgewater has been completing a very high percentage of his passes;  Luis Cruz had 4 RBI last night.(Win 39-34......Bridgewater 82%)

MEMPHIS +4 over Middle Tennessee-----Memphis has the revenge and home-off-road-loss with a Jacob at QB a day after Jacob Turner beat the Reds.(Lose 48-30........Memphis -3 TO,  just an absolute,  utter failure as a CFB team.   Pathetic.)

Navy Extrajudicial Bin Laden-killers at Penn State Sanduskies OVER 48-------Navy is off the bye so they should be in good shape to score(their defense has never stopped anyone, right?).   This is the one game on the schedule the Sanduskies COULD win and with Matt Mcgloin at QB,  they're not gonna be giving up.   With Matt Cain winning yesterday and,  the day before that,  Matt LaPorta going 3-5,HR with Matt Dominguez getting 3RBI and Jeff MAThis going 4-4,  the name is just too hot to ignore.   Good luck to both offenses.(Lose 34-7.........Wow,  horrible luck for the Bin-Laden-killers:  -4 on the turnover ratio and only 7 points...coming OFF THE BYE!?)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

RED SOX(Doubront) +133 over Yankees(Hughes)-----Doubront coming off 5 straight rockings....but at home here.(Lose 2-0..........Doubront does fine but......Jarrod Saltalamacchia 0-4, 3K's....thanks.  Ivan De Jesus 0-2 2K's.....perfect day it looks like-----this Red Sox team has quit.)

SOUTH FLORIDA -7.5 over Rutgers----Home revenge for South Florida.(Lose 23-13......BJ Daniels 45%, 3INT.......western embassies being torched in most muslim coutries and I can't win a revenge game.  This makes no sense.)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

METS(Dickey) -115 over Nationals(Zimmerman)(Lose 5-3....The Mets have the league ERA leader on the mound,  pitcher and team revenge against Zimmerman......and they can't glorify the nearly 3,000 9/11 victims with victory ON 9-11???  That is a fucking disgrace.  Have another tornado and,  if you're a Mets fan,  and you're on the 7-train with a guy who just got out of jail for the 3rd time....)

ARIZONA(Kennedy) +130 over Dodgers(Kershaw)(Win 1-0........GWRBI Miguel Montero,  winning run Paul Goldschmidt)

Monday, September 10, 2012

INDIANS(Masterson) +110 over Twins(Deduno)----Sam Deduno is walking about 2 every 3 innings and,  after Saturday's Penn State game,  with Sam Fickens having missed 4 FGs and 1 XP and wishing he "had never been borne",  as they say,  this could be a good day to go against Deduno.  Masterson is less wild and........Justin Morneau hit 2 HR yesterday.(Lose 7-2.......Indians suck)

ROCKIES(White) +130 over Giants(Vogelsong)-----White has the Pitcher Revenge.  Ryan Fitzpatrick 3 INT yesterday!  Well,  Ryan Vogelsong seems to be in decline at this point in the season and the Rockies' power-hitter is a 'Carlos'.  Wo!   Carlos Quentin 2-3, HR yesterday,  Carlos Santana 3-5, HR.....Carlos Ruiz 2-2.....GianCARLO Stanton an HR yesterday.(Win 6-5...........Moscoso a Win!)

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Peralta) +102 over Atlanta Braves(Minor)----Minor's "alma mater" is Vanderbilt.   They lost yesterday.   Brewers have the team revenge against Minor.(Win 4-1.....Aoki 2 RBI)

Sunday, September 09, 2012

TAMPA BAY +3(-120) over Carolina(Win 16-10)
TAMPA BAY +130 over Carolina----------New Buccaneer coach Greg Schiano agrees with the heroism of Garrett Safron in Sacramento State's huge upset yesterday in Colorado. (Tampa has LeGARRETTe) Tampa's losing streak last year is going to give them some revenge opportunities----(Carolina beat them TWICE last year by a lot).   Tampa definitely has the revenge here.   This game could also be a contest of the political conventions(The Democrats in Charlotte:  desperate angry emotion---with Bill Clinton[did you see that Arkansas game yesterday?  Bwwwaaaaa,  a 30-point favorite goes down].   The Republicans in Tampa:  well,  certainly more sober-minded and temperate-----with Clint Eastwood[ummmm,  UCLA,  a win yesterday].   We'll watch out for DeAngelo Williams........who the Panthers do have.......but remember who beat a North Carolina team favored by 9.5 points yesterday:  Wake Forest DEMON Deacons.(Win 16-10.....Panthers rush for 10 total yards!  Josh Freeman 66%.......Mike Williams TD, Buffalo......Tampa Bay +2 TO)

Saturday, September 08, 2012

CENTRAL MICHIGAN CHIPPEWAS +20 over Michigan State----Why not?  Home revenge for the Chippewas......Cliff Pennington 4-4 yesterday as Ryan Braun picks up the Game Winning HR----CMU has Ryan RadCLIFF at QB.  Dan Uggla 2-4, HR yesterday,  CMU has a Dan at coach....why not?(Lose 41-7.......Ryan Radcliff 44% inexcusable disgrace for CMU at home.  CMU -2 TO.  I'm very disappointed in this team)

AIR FORCE FALCONS +21.5 over Michigan------Michigan has the home-off-road-loss and,  while its possible they could look like a much better team than they looked like last week,  I question their luck.   Last season,  they got lucky in their bowl game and, of course,  were very lucky to beat Notre Dame.  Perhaps this year will be one of "un-luck".  I'll test them until I see them win a turnover ratio.(Win 31-25.....Air Force +1 TO.......good game by the Falcons........I think this game defines Michigan:  They're a "quality Mountain West" team that probably won't display any dominance in the Big Ten)

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Morrow) over Orioles(Gonzalez) parlayed with Miami(Eovaldi) over Milwaukee(Peralta) parlayed with ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Cahill) over Giants(Bumgarner) +700(Lose 8-5........Rickie Weeks 2HR)

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

COLORADO(Pomeranz) +175 over Atlanta(Hanson)(Win 6-0)

NEW YORK METS(Harvey) +135 over St Louis Cardinals(Garcia)----Harvey's only been rocked once out of 7 starts.(Lose 5-1)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Britton) -105 over Toronto(Villanueva)----Orioles having some momentum.(Win 12-0)

CUBS(Rusin) +185 over Nationals(Jackson)-----Nationals do win a lot but......Chris Iannetta,  a 3-4, HR yesterday for Angels and Chris Gimenez GWRBI for Tampa(Lose 11-5........Adam LaRoche 4-4, 2HR)

Sunday, September 02, 2012

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Tillman) +140 over Yankees(Hughes)----Hughes off 3 good starts but Orioles.....3 off Division lead,  2 off the Wild Card....this is a meaningful game.(Win 8-3....#12 Mark Reynolds 2HR........Nick Markakis 3-5.......Randy Wolf W)

ATLANTA BRAVES(Maholm) -109 over Phillies(Hamels)-----Hamels had a CG shutout vs the Braves recently;  Braves have the revenge.(Win 8-7.......GWHR Chipper Jones.......Reed Johnson 3RBI...........5 runs in the 9th giving the Win to the Australian Peter Moylan)

INDIANS(Mcallister) +140 over Rangers(Holland)----Indians may be emerging from a long losing streak....they have the Team Revenge against Holland here at home.(Lose 8-3........McAllister rocked)

Saturday, September 01, 2012

MICHIGAN +13.5 over Alabama-----With David Brandon at Athletic Director for Michigan ummmm.....he's still there, right?  You have to consider Brandon Moss going 4-5 w/HR in the 20 runs of run support for Brandon McCarthy and the A's.  That was also a day when Brandon Morrow won for the Blue Jays;  Adrian Beltre went 4-5 to extend his recent hottest-hitter-in-baseball streak looks like there's a preview at the movies for one called "",  or is it called 'Atlas Shrugged'?(Lose 41-14........Jesus Christ,  what an appalling disgrace!  This might not even have covered with an even Turnover Ratio----Alabama was +2TO.  With that many points,  I thought this would be a good way to play the "Brandon" surge but............when you get into administrators.......Michigan also has someone at President who I've offered $26 million of my Harry Potter money to and.......she's, so far, failed to secure the gift from Jeff Bewkes.   Her name is Mary Sue Coleman.........
(           Reese looks around, twitching.   Sweating.         
                  THE JOKER (O.S.)
          If Coleman Reese isn't dead in
       sixty minutes,  then I blow up a
   You could say, 'Alabama's a strong team'.  But I sense something deeper in the fact that Michigan lost the Ratio.   All that good luck they had last year........could take a different form this season.  Coleman's definitely a liability;  but if he lost $2.999999999 million more than I did,  she'll have to deal with Mayweather....)
OAKLAND A'S(Griffin) -1.5 (+130) over Boston Red Sox(Doubront)------Griffin back from injury.....A's off a 20-run know,  I don't think it was a fluke because they scored 12 the day before;  they could score 24 in this game.(Win 7-1........Pennington!  another day of hitting going 2-2---average over .200 now........Coco Crisp 3-4, HR)
OHIO BOBCATS +6 over Penn State Sanduskies(Win 24-14.....Ohio +3 TO and +150yds)
OHIO BOBCATS +190 over Penn State Sanduskies-----Its laughable, embarrassing and kind of unbelievable for the man-boy-loving crimes of only one man to...........well,  "erase" all of Paterno's wins,  deep-six the statue,  get everybody fired and take bowl appearances off the table for eternity.   All in all its just a pathetic disgrace...........lemme check the numbers quick......Nah---they do play Navy----but I don't see Penn State winning even 1 game this year.   Ohio's qb,  I think,  is gonna be Tettleton,  the double-T.(Win 24-14.........Nice job on this game!  Thanks to the heroic efforts of Tyler Tettleton no little boys got raped today!)