Saturday, June 30, 2007

Washington(Bergmann) vs Pitt(Gorzelanny) UNDER 8(-110)--------Perfect under: these teams are the weakest offenses in baseball and both pitchers are AMONG THE BEST STARTERS, statistically, this year. My o/u number for this would be 6.5 (Lose 7-2.......This is an example of how fucked up it is to bet on baseball. In the 2nd inning, there were 2 outs and Sanchez popped up behind home plate. The Washington catcher, Schneider, came over to the dugout rail, opened his glove and the ball hit right in the center of his glove.......and popped out. He did not get charged with an error. If he had just used 2 hand to catch it, the inning would have been over. Instead, FOUR FUCKING RUNS SCORED with 2 outs. I cant believe this shit. the score of this game should have been 3-2.)

SEATTLE(Batista) +130 (BCLI line Sea -101) over Toronto(Halladay)-----------I am a bit biased here as I HATE Toronto's offense for getting beaten by Baker. Statistically, Toronto is slugging about 5 points higher than Seattle. But I swear to God, I have had so many fucking bad experiences betting on Toronto to score. Today i seek revenge. Halladay has had 4 good starts and is due to get rocked. He throws a lot of strikes and Seattle is a swing away team. This is probably the first time in my life that I've bet ON Batista. He's coming off 3 decent starts during which he went 0-2. His team owes him a win and the price is good (Win 8-3)

BCLI line (Official line)

Hou--Jennings -130 (-107) (The Man--Francis)
Pitt---Gorzelanny -105 (-146) (The Man)
Cin--Lohse -118 (+100) (BCLI)
SF--Lowry -150 (-123) (BCLI)
Nyy---Igawa -129 (-149) (BCLI--Gaudin)
Laa--Colon -115 (-131) (BCLI--Burres)
Cleve---Sabathia -170 (-250) (The Man)
KC--Perez -123 (-111) (The Man--Danks)

Friday, June 29, 2007

TEXAS(Wright) +200 (BCLI line +155) over Bos(Wakefield) (Lose 2-1)
Tex vs Bos OVER 11 (-110)----------------Rangers have gone 2, 9, 8, 9, 7, 11 runs per game over their last 6 and Wakefield has been (what I consider) rocked in 4 of his last 7 games. Wake has had a good season but may be fading now. Red Sox have not been good offensively of late. They may break out here against Wright, who has been both hittable and wild in his 3 starts so far. Rangers have been hitting; i think there's a good chance they hit Wakefield (Lose 2-1.....Absolutely fucking sick; I KNEW Sosa couldnt hit a fastball, I knew that back when he and Mcgwire were in the same all-star lineup and I bet against the NL for that reason(that Sosa and McGwire were fundamentally bad hitters and would get blown away by good pitching) and won. But if you can't hit a good fastball, you have to make up for it by taking bad pitches, taking walks and HITTING A FUCKING 59 MPH KNUCKLEBALL. Sammy Sosa is truly pathetic hitter. He sucks. And Michael Young, that guy cant hit a good fastball either. If he's the best they have......I'll remember this shit. Texas' offense is truly inferior. the Red Sox were held to only 2 runs and Texas can't even get 3 to win the game. That's a fucking disgrace. Im not betting on Texas ever again)

CLEVE(Westbrook) -1.5 (-110) over Tampa(Jackson)-------Tampa's bullpen is sick, their offense was pathetic vs the Whitesox, they're not hitting well and Jackson is probably the worst pitcher in many years with a 95 mph fastball. I have an intuition that the Indians are an average offense vs good pitching but a great offense vs below average pitching. Jackson should get rocked here and then Cleveland should score at least 4 runs off Tampa's bullpen (Lose everybody else hits .310 off Jackson, but the "mighty" Indians can only hit .250 off him and score 1 run against him. That is sick. The Indians offense is a bunch of oafs. Uncoordinated, no-talent fence-swingers. I will be betting against them soon with any other team besides Tampa. Hafner was swinging at pitches over his fucking head....I thought he could hit a fastball. I was wrong. Indians===overrated.)

Mets(Maine) vs Philly(Hamels) UNDER 8.5 (+100)-----------Both pitchers are good and I like Maine. Lets look at the Mets offense: they got 2 runs off Reyes, 1 off Wellemeyer, 1 off Maroth, 5 off Kennedy, ZERO off Blanton, 2 off DiNardo, 2 off Baker, ZERO off Santana and 4 off Silva. Those are some pretty low numbers off some weak pitchers. Normally, you might take the Mets vs a lhp, but right now this offense sucks. (Win 5-2)

BCLI line (official line)

KC--Bannister -125 (+101) (BCLI)
Det--Verlander -142 (-115) (The Man--Santana)
SD--Young -130 (-118) (BCLI)
Hou--Sampson -145 (-131) (BCLI)
Cin--Arroyo -140 (-125) (The Man--Thompson)
Atl--James -130 (-117) (BCLI)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

BCLI is currently protesting the despicable and phenomenally improbable loss to Josh Towers yesterday and will not make any bets today.

BCLI line (official line)

Mets--Hernandez -152 (-176) (PPD)
Tor---Burnett -140 (-115) (The Man--Silva)
Nyy--Wang -134 (-178) (The Man)
Tampa--Kazmir -154 (-129) (The Man--Vazquez)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

*MINN(Bonser) -138 (BCLI line 167) over Tor(Towers) (Lose 5-4)
Minn -1.5 (+145) over Tor-------------Bonser much better vs rhb's and Toronto has most of their best hitters as rhb's. Towers is very hittable and he'll be throwing strikes, as always, to the Twins, a swing away team that doesnt walk. I dont care if Mauer or whoever is out for Minn, Toronto's offense is pathetic and they proved that yesterday (Lose 5-4......When Josh Towers beats you on the road behind Toronto's sick offense, you KNOW things are FUCKED UP. Twins out-hit them 11 to 8 and TORONTO MAKES 4 ERRORS and the Twins still cant win. That's just ridiculous. seriously, I shouldnt even be considering betting on these sick, pathetic teams. They are A JOKE....A FUCKING JOKE)

Wash(Bowie) vs Atl(Smoltz) UNDER 8 (-110)------------Neither team is hitting and batters are hitting .220 off Bowie(Lose 13-0......first time Bowie gets rocked....what luck!)

BALT(Bedard) +120 (BCLI line Balt -110) over Nyy(Clemens) (Win 4-0)
Balt vs Nyy UNDER 8.5 (-105)-----------------I didnt like what i saw of the Orioles offense yesterday. They've got holes and they should have scored more. However, the Yanks are averaging only 3 runs per game over their last 6 games and Bedard is always solid (.230 ba against). I can see Clemens doing ok for 5 innings, when Yanks bullpen comes in, Orioles have the advantage (Win 4-0)

BCLI line (official line)

Mil--Suppan -190 (-158) (BCLI)
Fla--Mitre -157 (-170) (BCLI--Van Benschoten)
Atl--Smoltz -160 (-220) (The Man)
Det---Rogers -227 (-200) (PPD)
Bos--Matsuzaka -144 (-179) (BCLI--Feierabend)
Cleve--Carmona -155 (-168) (BCLI--DiNardo)
Tampa--Sonnanstine -135 (+105) (The Man--Buehrle)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

*BALTIMORE(Guthrie) +140 (BCLI line -105) over Nyy(Pettitte)----------Check the number on Guthrie; the guy just does not get hit and in his last 8 GAMES has pitched either 7 or 8 innings. Batters hit .270 off Pettitte and only .200 off Guthrie. If the Orioles offense doesnt win this, it will be a cruel and pathetic disgrace. Yanks have been the ABSOLUTE WORST team to bet on this year. (Win 3-2)

TORONTO(Marcum) -102 (BCLI line -120) over Minn(Baker)-----------Blue Jays have gone 8, 5, 11, 9, 4, 12 runs per game over their last 6 games. Twins are hitting well also, but this pitching matchup is a joke. Baker still allwoing batters to hit .320 off him while rhb's hit only .142 off Marcum. (Lose 2-1......This is the last time, I will NEVER FORGET that Toronto is a SHIT offense. Everybody else is hitting .320 off Baker, but when he goes against Toronto, he pitches a 4 hitter and gets a career high 9 K's. TORONTO'S O F F E N S E S U C K S !)

GIANTS(Zito) -115 (BCLI line -144) over Sd(Wells)------------Zito clearly better than Wells. Sf is a bit weaker vs lhp's while Sd is a bit stronger vs lhp's. I hate both teams but I like the price(Lose 3-2.....same thing with the Giants: they are simply NOT A BETTABLE OFFENSE. Even though, in this game, they out-hit San Diego 11-8, benefited from 3 Padre errors, they left an unspeakable 23 PEOPLE ON BASE. By comparison, SD left 5 people on base)

BCLI line (official line)

Mil---Vargas -172 (-140) (BCLI)
Cubs--Lilly -129 (-139) (The Man)
Atl---Carlyle -186 (-150) (BCLI)
Phi--Kendrick -113 (-145) (The Man)
TB--Shields -166 (-135) (The Man--Garland)
Sea--Hernandez -157 (-138) (BCLI)
Laa--Santana -151 (-170) (BCLI--Meche)

Monday, June 25, 2007

*Wash(Bergmann) vs Atl(Hudson) UNDER 8.5(-115) (Win 4-1)
WASHINGTON +1.5 (-130) over Atl (Lose 4-1)
WASHINGTON +170 (BCLI line +150) over Atl---------------Braves have scored 1 run TOTAL in their last 5 games. They have a major problem. Washington is not hitting either, they've gone 3, 3, 4, 4, 1 in their last 5. Bergmann coming back from injury....i dont know if he's still injured but when he was pitching, batters were hitting .160 off him. That makes him, like, the hardest pitcher to hit in baseball this year. (Lose 4-1.....Washington out hits them 9 to 7 and leaves 16 on base. Bergmann out after 4inn....bullpen loses it)

TAMPA(Howell) -130 (BCLI line -180) over Cws(Danks)--------Whitesux have 2 runs in their last 3 games......someday the whitesox will break out and hit...maybe....but not only are they continually offensively weak, they do even worse vs lhp's. Howell doesnt throw hard, but he's certainly done well enough to bet on (Lose 5-4.....Woulda won on 1st 5inn line.....Fossum comes in in the 6th, blows the save and loses it. I can accept this as my line was probably wrong because I dont consider bullpens....and Tampa's is one of the worst, but....)

SAN DIEGO(Germano) +100 (BCLI line SD -129) over Sf(Lincecum)-----------Lincecum's last 4 starts have been terrible. He gives up runs and he walks people. Giants coming off two decent offensive efforts but they still suck. Believe me, their offense is pathetic. Germano is awesome. He walks only 1 every 7 innings and he's hard to hit (Lose 4-3......I will NOT accept this one as SD has the NUMBER 1 BULLPEN IN BASEBALL and they lost this! Padres out hit them (8 to 7) AND out walk them...what a sick fucking joke)

BOSTON(Tavarez) -125 (BCLI line -177) over Sea(Weaver)--------Tavarez deserves more respect than this line is giving him. He's doing the job(.250 BA against), he's consistent and he's shut down some powerful offenses including the Yankees and Tigers. Opposing batters have hit .360 off Weaver this year. THREE SIXTY! Yeah, he's coming off a complete game shutout of the Pirates, pushing his ERA down to 8.56. He's gotta do more than that to prove he is still a major league pitcher, in my opinion. Red Sox have scored low their last 3 games, but those were against SD and they have good pitchers (Lose 9-4)

METS(Sosa) -1.5 (+125) over Stl(Maroth)-----------I said i would never bet Mets again. so this game........I think there's a good chance for this to hit. Mets have scored well in two of their last 3 games.....they are still hitting .308 vs lhp's and Maroth is very easy to hit. Sosa has had two terrible starts but before that, he was great. 2 ways to win: Sosa can do great or Mets can rock Maroth. Good chance(Lose 2-1.....WHAT!? Maroth pitches a fucking 2-hitter? That's it. The Mets offense is not fit to play major league baseball)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

TORONTO(McGowan) -120 (BCLI line -154) over Col(Fogg) (Win 5-0)
Tor -1.5 (+170) over Col--------------Blue Jays scoring a lot of runs lately. Mcgowan going for redemption here. Fogg beat the Yankees.......I still cant believe he's any good (Win 5-0)

MILWAUKEE(Gallardo) -172 (BCLI line -175) over Kc(Perez)-----------Brewers averaging 8 runs per game over their last 3. Gallardo looked ok in his first start. Perez is too hittable (Lose 4-3....yet another game lost by relievers....Gallardo did great: 7 inn 5hits 1 run 8 k's....and as soon as Yost takes him out the lead is blown, then the game is lost)

CUBS(Marshall) +107 (BCLI line Cubs -132) over Cws(Contreras)----------Another lhp that the White sox wont hit. Cubs can get 3 off Contreras.......and that might be enough to win (Win 3-0)

BCLI line (official line)

Det--Miller -137 (-119) (BCLI)
Mets--Maine -170 (-144) (BCLI)
Lad--Kuo -125 (-145) (BCLI--Jackson)
Laa--Colon -139 (-165) (The Man)
AZ--Davis -107 (-128) (The Man)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

BALTIMORE(Burres) +125 (BCLI line Balt -109) over Az(Hernandez)--------Orioles on a 3 game resurgence on which they've scored 20 runs. Hernandez is coming off 2 pathetic efforts and batters hit .287 off him. They only hit .240 off Burres who shut AZ down for 7innings last start. Az's offense only hits .234 off lhp's.....and Burres is one. Overall, Orioles hit more than 10 points better than Az. I dont think Arizona should be favored in this game (Lose 7-4....Orioles out-hit them 11-8 but still lose. What's new?)

CUBS(Hill) -102 (BCLI line -124) over Cws(Vazquez)-------------Cubs offense is horrible and I hate them BUT the whitesox are worse. Whitesux have actually raised their average vs lhp's to a still pathetic .221. Hill going for redemption and he is very good. I have to play this at this low price even though I hate the Cubs. (Win 2-1)

CINCINATTI(Lohse) +150 (BCLI line +143) over Sea(Washburn)--------I think you can take a chance on Lohse here. 3 of Washburn's last 4 starts he has gotten destroyed.....didnt even make the 5th inning. Mariners have scored more than 3 runs only once in their last 5 games and the Reds scored 16 yesterday. It's impossible to predict when Lohse will do good or get rocked. Batters hit .298 against him overall, but I think in this situation, at this fair price, he's playable. (Lose 9-1.....yeah, Lohse is terrible, Reds suck)

DETROIT(Verlander) -155 (BCLI line -160) over Atl(Davies)-------------Braves have gone 3 STRAIGHT GAMES WITHOUT SCORING A RUN! Wow. And now they have to match Davies with Verlander.......and go against the highest slugging percentage in baseball. yeah, I can take this (Win 2-1)

BCLI line (official line)

Phi--Eaton -110 (+100) (The Man--Wainwright)
Mil--Bush -120 (-150) (BCLI)
Tampa--Kazmir -142 (-124) (BCLI)
Mets--Hernandez -159 (-135) (BCLI)
Laa---Escobar -154 (-200) (The Man)

Friday, June 22, 2007

*GIANTS(Cain) +110 (BCLI line Giants -143) over Nyy(Igawa)--------Opposing batters hitting .216 off Cain YET CAIN IS 2-7! In Cain's last 15 innings pitched, he's allowed 8 hits, 2 earned runs and HE IS 0-2 during that time! There is no other situation in baseball history where an offense has "owed" a pitcher a win any more than this. He is certainly the best "2 win pitcher" in baseball this year. The Yankees offense is a joke right now. Opposing batters hitting .280 off Igawa......I feel strongly that SF will get up for the Yankees at home, destroy Igawa early and win this game by a large margin. They owe Cain AT LEAST that much. (Lose 7-3......the Giants offense is weak and pathetic. They do not care, they do not try and they will NEVER get respect from me again)

COLORADO(Hirsh) +107 (BCLI line Col -125) over Tor(Towers)--------Ok, lets look at what the Rockies offense has done recently: rocked Clemens, rocked Pettitte, beat Mussina, beat Shields and rocked Beckett. I cannot possibly fathom how they can lose to Towers after that. Towers is only arguably a major league pitcher. He doesnt walk people but always allows many hits. Opposing batters hit only .250 off Hirsh who is going for redemption after being rocked by Tampa. Blue Jays offense always in danger of doing really really bad. Frank Thomas is a joke this year. (Lose 9-8......this is the 4th fucking time in 5 days that my teams have blown mulitple run leads and lost. FUCK THIS SHIT. Hirsh blows a 3 run lead in the 5th and that left handed side-arm idiot blows a 2 run lead in the 10th. This is a fucking CURSE on me. No reasonable apportioning of luck would allow this shit to happen. Colorado crushed Towers and should have definitely won. When THE FUCKING HELL does Toronto ever score 9 fucking runs in a game?? FUCKING NEVER)

DETROIT(Rogers) +135 (BCLI line Det -113) over Atl(Smoltz)--------Braves have ZERO runs in their last two games; Tigers coming off a ripping of Phillies and a brutal, mercy-rule-invoking destruction of the Nationals. Smoltz is good, but he throws a lot of strikes and the Tigers are a swing-away team. I would not be surprised if they rock him and I would be surprised if the Braves offense did anything good. (Win 5-0)

BCLI line (official line)

Fla--Olsen -128 (-108) (BCLI)
Cleve--Carmona -145 (-180) (BCLI--Bowie)
Lad--Lowe -116 (-140) (The Man)
Az--Webb -134 (-185) (BCLI--Cabrera)
Laa--Saunders -215 (-185) (BCLI)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

COLORADO(Lopez) +175 (BCLI line +120) over Nyy(Clemens) (Win 4-3)
Col +1.5(+110) over Nyy--------------Bwaaaaaaa. This line is a joke. Anyone who has seen the Yankees try to hit in Colorado the last 2 days is laughing at this line. Lopez has never allowed more than 3 earned runs in any of his starts. His ERA is 2.90 and he has no losses (Win 4-3)

PITT(Van Benschoten) +179 (BCLI line +160) over Sea(Hernandez)-------Strikeout pitchers are always overvalued......Felix Hernandez has allowed 60 hits in his last 38 innings. That's extraordinary....and extraordinarily bad. They think he's still some kind of young phenom.....dude, he's getting rocked! Van Benshoten allowed only 3 hits in 5innings in his first start. Mariners offense has undergone a resurgence......but maybe its fading now. They've gone 7, 3, 3, 4, 1, 4 while Pitt has gone 0,5, 8, 1, 4 runs per game over their last 5(Lose 3-0)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

DETROIT(Bonderman) -178 (BCLI line -200) over Wash(Bacsik) (Win 8-4)
Det -1.5 (-120) over Wash---------another hittable lhp for Detroit to destroy (Win 8-4)

CUBS(Marquis) -125 (BCLI line -128) over Tex(Loe)-------Pitching mismatch of epic proportions. Loe is a clown (Lose 7-3.......Seven out of Loe last 10 starts he has been rocked....yet the Cubs cant hit him. Conclusion: CUBS FUCKING SUCK)

METS(Perez) -200 (BCLI line -191) over Minn(Baker) (Lose 6-2)
Mets -1.5 (-105) over Minn------------Perez deserves to have a better record than 7-5 from the way he has pitched. I realize that Delgado is killing this offense, but getting shutdown by Santana doesnt mean all is lost......yet. Baker has gotten rocked every time out it looks like. Sizable pitching mismatch. If Mets dont crush Baker......well, I'll have to downgrade their rating. (Lose have got to be fucking SICK to not hit Baker. Mets offense is pathetic. Absolutely fucking lame, feeble, nasty, brutish and short)

HOUSTON(Rodriguez) +165 (BCLI line +138) over Laa(Santana)--------Astros have gone 9, 9, 10, 9, 5, 5 runs per game of late and Santana is certainly not harder to hit than those they've destroyed on their recent rampage and he is NOT better than Wandy Rodriguez. +165 is too much (Lose 8-4......Phil Garner is a DUMBASS MORON. Wandy has doing fine into the 7th when Eric Bruntlett fielded a routine groundball and threw it a bit to the left as Lance Berkman couldnt find it in himself TO MOVE HIS FAT ASS far enough over to make the fucking catch. This should have been the 2nd out. Instead it was runner on first 1 out. Wandy walks a guy. SO FUCKING WHAT?!! He's doing great and he's the pitcher I FUCKING BET ON. Dave Borkowski, a pathetic, walking, talking, walking, walking, walking piece of FUCKING HUMAN GARBAGE, walks one to load the bases.......THEN WALKS IN 2 FUCKING RUNS. How do you walk 3 straight batters(2 with the bases loaded) and stay in the GODDAMN MAJOR FUCKING LEAGUES?!! Seriously, HOW DO YOU FUCKING DO THAT?
And to finish his night, Borkowski, the shithead faggot scumbag, allows a sac fly for another run and then a HR for THREE MORE FUCKING RUNS! Where the fuck is Brad Lidge? NO, SERIOUSLY, PHIL GARNER, YOU COCK-SUCKING PUTREFACTED REDNECK SHIT-EATER, WHERE THE FUCK IS BRAD LIDGE? You Asshole, you fucking degenerate moron)

COLORADO(Francis) +138 (BCLI line +112) over Nyy(Pettitte)---------What happened yesterday----the Fogg 4-hitting the Yankees-----was one of the most shocking things I've seen in sports. If Fogg can 4-hit them, then Francis, who is better than Fogg and certainly much better recently, can no-hit them. Yankees offense is ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC.(Win 6-1)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

TAMPA(Howell) +120 (BCLI line Tampa -165) over Az(Davis)------Davis is allowing batters to hit .285 and he is walking more than 1 every 2 innings. Batters are hitting only .210 off Howell. Tampa's offense has been going up while AZ's has been going down. Tampa now hits 20 points higher than AZ overall and an incredible 45 points higher vs lhp's. Tampa is outslugging AZ by 39 points. This line is wrong (Lose 10-8......quite simply the most pathetic, DISGRACEFUL, ABHORRENT and despicable loss in the history of baseball. a 6-run lead is blown two of the most pathologically repulsive pieces of shit to have ever played the game: Jay Witasick and Al Reyes. 3 fucking walks in 2/3 of an inning for Witasick......4 earned runs in 1 1/3inn for Reyes. Tampa's offensive did the job, Howell did the job and these faggots exploded it all in colossal failure. They should not be permitted to enter a MLB clubhouse EVER AGAIN. Failure of this scale and scope is absolutely unforgiveable.)

YANKEES(Mussina) -167 (BCLI line -182) over Col(Fogg)(Lose 3-1)

Yankees -1.5(-115) over Col--------------Yankees tore up some pretty good pitching against the Mets and Fogg, who gets hit by everyone, isnt gonna stop them. I will fade Col's recent hotness.....who did they really hit, though? Schilling(that's not hard this year), Tampa's bullpen(not impressive), Sonnanstine and Beckett. Ok, hitting Beckett is impressive but fundamentally, Rockies are a weak offense. And Mussina can shut down weak teams.(Lose 3-1......Yank offense is a fucking joke. And they will pay BCLI back next game as they get shutout completely by Francis. 4 hits off Fogg from the highest paid offense in history. This is a travesty.....a sick, embarrassing and ugly disgrace)

Cubs(Marshall) vs Tex(Tejeda) UNDER 10.5(-110)-----------Marshall has never allowed more than 2 earned runs in a game this year and should neutralize any recently resurgent Ranger offensive power. Tejeda's last 5 starts have been ugly, horrendous and totally pathetic. I dont think any pitcher can do anything but get better after such failures. Cubs have not been scoring recently and now Lee, their best hitter, is out.(Win 5-4....actually Lee is back)

DETROIT(Durbin) -141 (BCLI line -157) over Wash(Simontacchi)(Win 15-1)

Detroit -1.5(+100) over Wash------------Simontacchi is hittable. That's all you need to know about these bets because the Tigers crush hittable pitchers. Rhb's hit .340 off Simontacchi this year.(Win 15-1)

Monday, June 18, 2007

HOUSTON(Samspson) +200 (BCLI line +132) over Laa(Lackey) (Lose've got to fucking be kidding me! a FIVE FUCKING RUN lead in the 7th and they go on to fucking lose the game. Qualls comes in for just 1 inning, gives up 3 earned runs. Loretta has absoutley PATHETIC range at shortstop. And what with those lucky-ass check swing hits by Napoli? This game was a SICK, DESPICABLE tragedy. Even Brad FUCKING Lidge wouldnt lose a 5 run lead. In fact, where the hell was he in this game?)
Houston +1.5 (+100) over Laa---------Astros have gone 10, 9, 5, 5 in their last 4 and Sampson always keeps it close. This price is way too big.(Win 10-9)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

METS(Hernandez) +165 (BCLI line +116) over Nyy(Wang)-------- Hernandez 36hits in 52innings......going for redemption...... +165? that's insane (Lose 7-2....Mets are Fags)

KC(Bannister) -112 (BCLI line -129) over Fla(Olsen)-------You have to accept that Royals are hitting better than they ever have or ever will again and Bannister is going deep into games and not allowing runs. (Win 5-4)

WASHINGTON(Bowie) +145 (BCLI line +125) over Tor(Towers)--------- only 9hits in last 21 innings Bowie has pitched. Check 1st 5innings line tomorrow. Towers sucks. (Win 4-2)

DET(Verlander) -140 (BCLI line -165) over Phi(Eaton) (Win 7-4)
Det vs Phi UNDER 9(+105)-----------Phillies can hit low stuff, but I doubt they can hit a higher exploding-type fastball that Verlander has(Lose 7-4)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

OAKLAND(DiNardo) -174 (BCLI line -180) over Stl(Wellemeyer)---------DiNardo has never failed me and this pitching matchup is a joke. A's have ramped up on offense scoring 14, 6, 7 their last 3 games. Stl only .238 vs lhp's. (Lose 15-6.....what the fuck is this shit?)

DETROIT(Miller) -109 (BCLI line -117) over Phi(Moyer)--------Lhb's are hitting .000 off Miller....Tigers hitting .316 vs lhp's.....Phillies hitting .244 vs lhp's.....Tigers have highest slugging percentage in baseball, I believe...(Lose 6-3......Tigers get shut down by that little faggot....what the fuck is going on?)

Friday, June 15, 2007

TAMPA(Shields) -105 (BCLI line -141) over Col(Lopez) (Lose 12-2)
Tampa -1.5 (+150) over Col---------Shields has been so reliable and good this year that I think you can fade Rockies recent hotness(7, 12, 1, 6, 3). Col is still one of the weaker offenses in baseball and Tampa, before getting shut down by Peavy and Germano, 2 very good pitchers, was hitting very well(Pena still over .300 incredibly, Iwamura back). Lopez is decent but doesnt pitch as late into games as Shields. (Lose 12-2)

Sf(Zito) vs Bos(Tavarez) UNDER 9.5 (-105)----------------Neither of these teams, in their last 5 games has scored more than 4 runs in a single game. Red Sox are at .294 vs lhp's yet they got shut down recently by Randy Johnson and Jeff Francis. Zito DOES walk people and Boston does take walks, But Zito is going for redemption in this game and has recently shut down the Mets and Phillies. Opposing batters are hitting about .245 off Zito and .260 off Tavarez (Lose 10-2......Taschner, what a piece of fucking human garbage, comes in for 1 inning walks 3 and gives up 3 runs. Goddam him and his hometown of Milwaukee....what a filthy locus of scum. And thanks Zito for the 4 walks, you idiot)

WASHINGTON(Bacsik) +220 (BCLI line +165) over Tor(Halladay) (Lose 7-2)
Wash +1.5(+115) over Tor---------------Blue Jays are hitting .280 off lhp's and guess what? I dont fucking care because their offense sucks, this price is way too much and batters are hitting .284 YES .284 off Halladay for the year and only .280 off Bacsik. I tried Tor vs Lowry and the Blue Jays went out like bitches. Nat's have gone 3, 9, 7, 3, 3, 8 runs per game and know now that they can hit. Halladay is erratic as hell. I take this number with confidence (Lose 7-2)

DETROIT(Bonderman) -118(BCLI line -138) over Phi(Lieber)-----------Bonderman going for redemption.....batters hitting .245 off him and .265 off Lieber. Tigers are a swing away team and Lieber is a strike throwing pitcher. Phillies have scored well their last 2 games while Detroit offense might be slowing down just a bit over their last 3. I still like the pitching matchup, price and Tigers offense. (Win 12-8)

METS(Perez) +160(BCLI line +134) over Nyy(Clemens)--------Yankees offense is hot, Mets offense is not. However, this price is too big. Perez has shut down the Yankees once already and +160 is too big for him. Im taking. (Win 2-0)

FLA(Mitre) +104(BCLI line Fla -131) over Kc(Meche)---------So the Royals put up 17 a couple of times. COULD THEY FUCKING HIT WAINWRIGHT, a .317 against pitcher, when i bet on them? NO! Mitre is about 28 points harder to hit than Meche.....who has been erratic recently and Florida is still slugging .434 against KC's .385 (Lose 6-2.....Florida is such a pathetic piece of shit)

PITT(Maholm) +115 over Cws(Garland) (Win 4-2)
Pitt vs Cws UNDER 8.5(-105)--------------Whitesux have raise they average against lhp's to a still pathetic .214. Both offenses are sick but Pitt has gone 0, 8, 7, 6 over their last 4 so they should either win or the game will go under.(Win 4-2)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

MINN(Santana) -184 (BCLI line -161) over Atl(Hudson)-----Yeah, i need a fucking win today. Check Braves recent scoring.....they've got some problems. And judging by Hudson's recent numbers.....he looks to have a problem.(Win 3-2....finally a bit of fucking luck)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Toronto(Mcgowan) vs Sf(Lincecum) UNDER 8 (-115)-------Blue Jays fucking suck, they had their chance to hit a lhp yesterday and they failed miserably. Lincecum is coming off 2 bad starts but he's still been very good this year. Mcgowan has been coming on strong. Giants have been looking like a 3 runs per game. I think there's a chance one of these shitty offenses gets shutout. (Lose 7-4....Lincecum is such a piece of shit)

Oakland(Blanton) vs Hou(Sampson) UNDER 8 (-115)---------Blanton is coming off 2 great starts and he doesnt walk people. Two weak offenses showing few signs of life recently. Sampson should be good for 6 (Lose 7-3.....sure as well wasnt the starting pitchers fault this game went over)

KC(Perez) +101 (BCLI line KC -127) over Stl(Wainwright)----------Royals are averaging 8 per game over their last 4 (8, 17, 0, 8). Stl has gone 1, 9,3, 6, 1......not quite as good as the Royals. Overall, these offenses are equal but Stl is hitting only .238 vs lhp. Opposing batters are hitting about .315 off Wainwright and .300 off Perez. (Lose 7-3.......ONE hit off Wainwright! Royals suck)

TAMPA(Jackson) +180 (BCLI line +128) over Sd(Peavy) (Lose 9-0)
Tampa +1.5 (+115) over Sd-------------- 11, 9, 7, 8.......Tampa has been RIPPING so Im going with this. Obviously, Jackson is about 100 points easier to hit than Peavy. But this line is too big considering Tampa's offensive strength right now. (Lose 9-0.....probably the stupidest bet I've made.....why the fuck is Edwin Jackson not in the minor leagues yet?)

Mets(Sosa) vs Lad(Penny) UNDER 7.5 (-110)------Mets offense is fucking sick right now. Fucking 5 hits and 1 run off Kuo? They're suppose to HIT lhp's, not be embarrassed by them.
Sosa is a force to be reckoned with and deserves to be bet on; Penny has been solid all year (Lose 9-1......First time that Sosa gets rocked....why does this shit happen to me..? goddam bitch)

BCLI line (official line)

Pitt--Snell -145 (-155) (The Man)
Nyy---Mussina -157 (-240) (The Man)
Laa--Lackey -116 (-170) (The Man)
Atl--James -113 (+110) (The Man)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

TORONTO(Burnett) -115 (BCLI line -115) over Sf(Lowry) (Lose 3-2.....Blue Jays offense is completely fucking unreliable.....they should hit lhp's)
KC(Bannister) -103 (BCLI line -120) over Stl(Thompson) (Win 8-1)
METS(Maine) -116 (BCLI line -160) over Lad(Kuo)(Lose 4-1....that's fucking it, Im done with the Mets; 2 straight losses to lhp's......fuck em)

Monday, June 11, 2007

METS(Hernandez) -116 (BCLI line -140) over Lad(Wolf)--------Wolf has had a good year, but his last two starts have been bad.....he is not invincible. El Duque HAS been looking invincible with rhb's hitting only .100 off him. Mets had a streak of offensive weakness where they scored 3 or less for 5 straight games. They're too good for that to last and so they scored 7 in their last 2 games. Hopefully, this will carry over to today where they get to face a lhp. Mets have hit lhp's well all year and are currently at .315 against them. Dodgers have gone 5, 0, 4, 5, 2, their last six. There is no WAY La scores 6 in this game. No WAY.(Lose 5-3.....Mets outhit Dodgers 9-8 but lose. That's wrong)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

WASHINGTON(Bacsik) +165 (BCLI line +140) over Minn(Bonser) (Lose 6-3....didnt realize Bacsik throws in the low 80's)
Wash vs Minn UNDER 9 (-105)-----------Washington is averaging 5 runs per game over their last 5 games while Twins are getting 3.4 runs per game over their last 6. With the Twins getting shut down by Levale Speigner yesterday(Speigner's first start of his career where he didnt get totally and UTTERLY annihilated), it appears they have a problem. Bacsik has pitched 3 very good starts this year before failing last start. Today he goes for redemption and I think he has a good chance as Twins are hitting only .246 vs lhp's. Bonser is also going for redemption. Bonser gives up a lot of hits but also K's a lot of batters. I tried to find out how likely it was that Wash would K vs Bonser. I found that the Reds, Pitt, Texas, Tampa and KC all strikeout more than the Nationals. Washington IS bad but I think they can hang in this one. (Push)

OAK(DiNardo) +120 (BCLI line +100) over Sf(Cain) (Win 2-0)
Oak vs Sf UNDER 8(-115)--------- Giants have scored ZERO runs in 2 of their last 5 and are not scoring. Oak has had 2 consecutive days of decent scoring and DiNardo is allowing a .200 average against after dominating the Red Sox. Cain is hard to hit but walks 1 every 2innings. Does Oakland take walks?? The answer is yes, they walk 1 every 8.5 atbats which is about the same as Cleveland, slightly better than the Yankees, worse than Boston, and better than every other team. Giants hitting only .242 vs lhp's. (Win 2-0.....DiNardo continues to dominate)

SD(Young) -121 (BCLI line -135) over Sea(Hernandez)---------Both teams have been scoring 5's and 6's per game recently and yes, Seattle's offense has been rolling. But Hernandez has allowed an incredible 27 hits in his last 15 innings while Young has allowed only 10 hits in his last 21innings. That's a pretty significant difference and I dont think the line reflects that. (Lose 4-3......bottom of 7th, 2 outs, 2 strikes, SD up 3-1, Young HITS A FUCKING BATTER. a lhb to boot. Unfucking believable. Then a two run hit. This never should have happened. Oh, and then the winning run gets on base with an error as Hoffman loses it. Sick.)

LAD(Schmidt) -108 (BCLI line -146) over Tor(Halladay)--------Both offenses are pretty poor and have been performing that way but in 3 of Halladay's last 4 starts he has been rocked mercilessly......hit harder than any manager allows a pitcher to get hit. Overall this year, hitters are hitting .284 off Halladay. There's a problem with him. Schmidt came back last start and threw a 1 hitter for 6inn. I ll take the Dodgers (Lose 11-5......Schmidt is throwing 87 mph tops....I wish I had known that)

BCLI line (official line)

Fla--Vanden Hurk -120 (-131) (BCLI--Sonnanstine)
Mets--Glavine -110 (+102) (The Man--Miller)
Nyy--Clippard -183 (-220) (The Man)
Cleve---Sabathia -121 (-150) (BCLI--Harang)
Balt--Bedard -147 (-160) (BCLI--Hirsh)
Cws---Buehrle -130 (-141) (The Man)
Phi---Moyer -110 (-135) (BCLI--De La Rosa)
AZ---Johnson -122 (+105) (BCLI)
Tex---Padilla -125 (-101) (The Man--Bush)

Friday, June 08, 2007

UPDATE: After the games below, BCLI plays are 110-102 (+7.58units) for the season. If you had played the BCLI line games at the bottom on the side indicated by the BCLI line, you'd have gone 158-220 (-24.12units)

*HOUSTON(Sampson) +108 (BCLI line Hou -106) over Cws(Danks)-------Houston is hitting .250; Whitesux are hitting .233. Houston has scored 1 run for every 8 at bats; Cws have scored 1 run for every 8.5 at bats. Houston is slugging .392; Cws is slugging .363. So yeah, Houston has a better offense statistically......but consider that the Whitesox play with a DH in the American League and Houston's pitchers are counted in its offensive stats because.....Houston is in the NL. So even though the Astros offense is pretty bad.......the whitesox offense is ATROCIOUS. PATHETIC. 3, 1, 3, 6, 3, 3 runs per game for Cws over their last 6. 6, 7, 4, 6, 8 for Astros over their last 5 games. Add to that the fact that Houston hits .282 vs lhp's (Danks is a lhp) and that Sampson has been doing quite well(only been rocked once by the Phillies over his last 10 games). You know that I think Houston sux, but they are scoring better lately and whitesox offense is one of the two worst in baseball (Win 5-2)

DETROIT(Durbin) -115 (BCLI line -112) over Mets(Sosa)--------Mets have averaged 2 runs per game over their last 4 games: there's gotta be something wrong with them. Tigers are averaging almost 9 runs per game over their last 5, and they are a better offense than the Mets overall this year. Sosa has been holding hitters to a low .190 average while Durbin has allowed hitters to hit .260 off him. Sosa HAS been good(he has been rocked once by Atl), but the way Detroit is hitting and the way the Mets aren't........I can take this because I like Durbin.(Lose 3-0......Sosa gets HUGE respect for this, I will not bet against him again)

CUBS(Marshall) -122 (BCLI line -124) over Atl(Cormier)--------Cubs rocked Cormier a week ago and Marshall has had no problems yet this year. Braves not scoring.....they're averaging less than 3 runs per game over their last 5. Cubs have averaged 6 runs per game over their last 5, counting the 10 they scored when they faced Cormier. (Win 9-1)

SF(Lincecum) -127 (BCLI line -125) over Oak(Gaudin) (Lose 5-3)
Sf vs Oak UNDER 7.5 (-110)-------------Two good pitchers; two offenses that I consider bad. A's not scoring recently. Lincecum should have not trouble with the A's offense. Lhb's hit .285 off Gaudin and with all their switch hitters, SF can probably have 5 lhb's in their lineup. What happened in Lincecum's last start was disgusting and his team owes him a win. (Lose 5-3....extra innings kills the Under)

BCLI line (official line)

Nyy---Pettitte -162 (-185) (The Man)
Cleve----Lee -154 (-128) (The Man--Bailey)
Phi----Garcia -117 (-155) (BCLI--Elarton)
Laa----Colon -113 (-130) (The Man)
Mil---Capuano -114 (-140) (BCLI--Tejeda)
Lad---Penny -147 (-210) (The Man)

Thursday, June 07, 2007

BCLI lines (official lines)

Hou--Oswalt -133 (-150) (BCLI--Fogg)
Mets--Maine -125 (-109) (The Man--Hamels)
Stl--Wainwright -135 (-148) (BCLI---Lohse)
SF---Lowry -107 (+110) (BCLI)
SD---Peavy -177 (-220) (The Man)
Cleve--Carmona -190 (-260) (The Man)
Tor--Burnett -180 (-220) (BCLI--Jackson)
Oak--Blanton -115 (+132) (The Man--Schilling)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

KANSAS CITY(Bannister) +190 (BCLI line +164) over Cleve(Byrd) (Win 4-3)
KC +1.5(-105) over Cleve------------Byrd's meatballs will seem, to the Royals always suffering in a desert of low offensive production, like an oasis..........and they will bust out and soften their parched tongues with liquid runs. Indians have scored only 3 runs over their last 2 games and Bannister.......he's put together some good starts. (Win 4-3......that's what I'm talkin about)

DETROIT(Verlander) -145 (BCLI line -145) over Tex(Millwood) (Win 10-0)
Det -1.5 (+105) over Tex-----------------Millwood is a good pitcher for Tigers to rock because he doesnt walk people and Tigers dont take walks.......actually, everybody rocks Millwood........they're hitting over .300 off him. Verlander going for redemption here and he is, of course, a much better pitcher (Win 10-0.....yippe-kai-yeh mutherfucker)

SEATTLE(Washburn) -140 (BCLI line -132) over Balt(Cabrera)----------The Orioles are LOSERS! They owe me money and I expect to collect the debt here. 5, 7, 11, 8, 9 thats the Mariners runs per game going back: Very good scoring for any team. Washburn going for redemption.......I thought Cabrera had cut down on his walks but.........he's actually still pretty wild. Fuck the Orioles, they are LOSERS. (Lose 9-5......Washburn, you have a problem)

BCLI line (official line)

Atl--Davies -146 (-121) (The Man--Olsen)
Mil----Suppan -139 (-118) (The Man---Zambrano)
Wash---Bowie -129 (-106) (BCLI)
AZ---Webb -150 (-165) (The Man)
Laa---Lackey -157 (-175) (BCLI---Slowey)
Nyy---Wang -126 (-137) (The Man)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

REDS(Harang) -113 (BCLI line -138) over Stl(Wellemeyer)---------I think the Reds need to make this game happen. After a string of unacceptably low scoring, they scored 9 yesterday and still lost to the Rockies. Hamilton and Freel ARE OUT for the Reds, so its not a perfect bet. But even with Stl ramping up on offense lately, the Reds are outslugging the Cardinals by 59 points........Cardinals are walking only once every 12.8 atbats(vs 1 every 10.5 for the Reds), and Harang is a serious pitcher who often pitches 8inn or more per game. Wellemeyer is a bullpen pitcher who is holding opposing batters to a high .300 average. Reds should--and need---- to win this one. (Lose 4-3.....FIFTEEN LEFT ON BASE for the Reds, their manager needs to get in an argument.....Hamilton actually did play.....Reds are dead wood right now)

CUBS(Lilly) +105 (BCLI line Cubs -111) over Mil(Vargas)---------Gotta go with Cubs again.....Brewers have gone 2,3,2 runs per game over last 3. Two of Vargas' last 3 starts have been bad. Brewers average vs lhp is down to .266 and Lilly is hard to hit. Cubs have rocked Vargas once and Lilly has shut down Brewers once. (Lose 7-5.....Lilly gets rocked....surprising)

FLORIDA(Mitre) -120 (BCLI line -131) over Atl(Carlyle)-------Carlyle hasnt done anything good and Mitre has held batters to a .240 avergae while only walking 1 every 5 innings: that is statistically great. Atl's offense is only slightly better than the Marlins' and if the Marlins can beat Hudson, as they did yesterday, they should crush Carlyle. (Lose 3-1.......ok, wait, let me get this straight: Fla can BEAT Hudson, BEAT Smoltz, but they can only get one fucking hit off Carlyle????!!!.......I knew some random bullshit like this was gonna happen to me.....Mitre dominates again for 5inn)

SD(Young) -145 (BCLI line -155) over Lad(Schmidt)----------Padres have gone 7, 11, 3, 4, 9 runs per game over their last 5 and altho i thought their offense was weak, they are actually outslugging the Dodgers by 16 points. Schmidt coming back from injury before which he was terrible.......I would consider him a question mark now while Young is regularly dominating. Dodgers did rock Young earlier so he's going for revenge. (Win 1-0)

OAK(DiNardo) +145 (BCLI line +124) over Bos(Matsuzaka) (Win 2-0)
Oak +1.5(-120) over Boston--------------Matsuzaka coming off 2 bad starts......Redsox DO hit lhp's well, so this is not a perfect bet, but DiNardo deserves some respect. He's only had one start but has held opposing batters to a .210 average and I think he's worth a try here. A's coming off close emotional win last night. (Win 2-0.....DiNardo gets HUGE respect now)

BCLI line (official line)

Col----Hirsh -120 (-131) (BCLI--Rodriguez)
AZ--Johnson -120 (-135) (The Man)
Tor---Hallady -164 (-245) (The Man)
Cleve--Sabathia -208 (-280) (The Man)
Laa---Escobar -184 (-210) (The Man)

Monday, June 04, 2007

*CUBS(Marquis) +112 (BCLI line Cubs -127) over Mil(Bush)----------Bush is probably not as bad as Cormier, but he is definitely hittable. He gets by ok sometimes by not walking very many which will not hamper the Cubs since they dont take many walks anyway. The Cubs' 10-run win yesterday was a feel-good win as everybody in their lineup contributed something offensively(except their catcher and pitcher). This should carry over to today as they've already hit rock bottom with the Piniella episode(I think Ozzie Guillen was attempting the same thing yesterday with his team). On top of that, you have the Brewers who, except for their one 8 run game where they rocked Olsen, have not been scoring well lately. And on top of that you have Marquis having a VERY good season. This bet is much more appealing than any other possible bet today, so I'll just stop here.(Win 7-2)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

*TOR(Marcum) -127 (BCLI line -148) over Cws(Danks) (Win 4-3)
Tor vs Cws UNDER 9.5(-110) (Win 4-3)
TOR -1.5 (+165) over Cws---------------Although Toronto's offense is inconsistent, they are still outslugging the WhiteSucks by 60 points. And Toronto is hitting .285 vs lhp's. Rhb's hitting .291 off Danks and toronto has......Thomas, Rios, Wells. And then there's Marcum, holding rhb's to a .137 average. He's been superb. Cws have gone 3,3, 0, 6, 2 runs per game over the last 5......this team just doesnt hit. Bluejays SHOULD rock Danks, but Im taking the under just in case they come up lame. I dont trust them...they didnt do so well against Buehrle when they should have; and with Marcum and the whitesox offense in the same game, the under always has a good chance (Lose 4-3)

CUBS(Marshall) -135 (BCLI line -128) over Atl(Cormier)----------Marshall has been good in his 2 starts this year and Cormier has never, to my knowledge, been good. In less than 200 career innings, he's walked over 100 batters AND gotten hit. Cubs on a losing streak but the clubhouse fight and Piniella's blowup yesterday, perhaps, have lit the flame. If they can't win this one.......I'll be shocked. (Win 10-1)

DETROIT(Bonderman) +103 (BCLI line Det -133) over Cleve(Sowers) (Win 9-2)
Det vs Cleve OVER 10.5(+100)-----------Tigers get to face another lhp here who is hittable and Tigers hit lhp's. Bonderman (.218) very good vs lhb's and quite good this year against everybody. They say day games go OVER more often because its easier to see the ball in the daylight. Well, in the last three games in this series, at least 14 runs were scored in each game AND THOSE WERE ALL NIGHT GAMES. Both teams, obviously, are hitting well. (Win 9-2)

SF(Lincecum) +110 (BCLI line SF -112) over Phi(Garcia)-----------I went against Lincecum with the Mets last time and was very lucky to get the win. If Lincecum can hold the Mets to 3 hits in 7inn, I guess he could be for real. Garcia is allowing batters to hit .290 off him and Lincecum is killing. 22 cent discount because he's a rookie. I'll take that. If Giants cant hit Garcia, they have no excuse (Lose the fuck does this turn from a 7-3 Giants lead after the 6th to an outright Giants LOSS??! Sick)

BOSTON(Beckett) -133 (BCLI line -143) over Nyy(Pettitte)----------- -133 for Beckett may be as cheap as he'll come this year. And, hey, Redsox are hitting .294 off lhp's. Pettitte somehow has achieved a 2.51 ERA while allowing hitters to bat, like, .270 off him.......(he's been getting lucky) (Lose 6-5.......Pettitte gets a justly deserved rocking, but Boston still should have won: a guy slid into home and was clearly safe but the catcher's foot was blocking the plate and he was called out....WHY THE FUCK IS NOT YET ILLEGAL IN BASEBALL FOR THE CATCHER TO BLOCK THE GODDAMN PLATE??!!!)

METS(Perez) -159 (BCLI line -200) over AZ(Davis) (Lose 4-1)
Mets -1.5(+140) over Az-----------AZ has improved on offense, slugging only 14 points below the Mets now, but they still are only hitting .244 vs lhp's. Mets are hitting .325 off lhp's. Enormous difference between Perez and Davis.......I'll pay the price (Lose 4-1)

BALT(Guthrie) +125 (BCLI line -105) over Laa(Santana)-------I have no idea why a pitcher, Santana would be so good at home and so bad on the road....its gotta be a freak of stats. But the fact is that Santana gets rocked a lot of the road this year whereas Guthrie always does well. Orioles offense needs to step up and get this done (Lose far the most despicable loss on this day; Guthrie pitches 8inn allows only 3 hits ZERO walks and 1 earned run.....and the Orioles waste this gem and lose it. Repulsive)

BCLI line (official line)

Lad--Penny -107 (-123) (The Man)
SD--Wells -110 (-123) (The Man)
Stl--Looper -114 (+118) (BCLI)
Cin--Belisle -110 (+125) (The Man--Lopez)
Tampa---Howell -128 (-145) (The Man)
Minn--Santana -112 (-140) (BCLI--Gaudin)
Tex--Tejeda -109 (+120) (The Man--Feierabend)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

GIANTS(Lowry) +154 (BCLI line +110) over Phi(Hamels) (Lose 5-2)
Giants vs Philly UNDER 9 (+100)---------Lowry going for redemption here and I can almost guarantee that he will get it. Phillies hit only .235 vs lhp's......SF scored 13 yesterday.....they could easily go back to their low scoring habits......they only hit .243 vs lhp's, but I think +154 is giving Hamels too much credit compared to Lowry who has a better ERA and will certainly annihilate Howard(either by him not being in the lineup or him coming up there with his .135 average against lhp's this year). Phillies are averaging 3 runs per game over their last 4 games......their offense is in decline. (Win 5-2)

DETROIT(Durbin) +135 (BCLI line -105) over Cleve(Lee)-----------Tigers bullpen is, of course, not the same without Zumaya. However, they are hitting .300 against lhp's and out-slugging the Indians by 20 points. Durbin is harder to hit than Lee, tho Lee does occasionally pitch a complete game masterpiece. He wont do it against the Tigers. The 1st 5inn lines arent up yet, but I'd consider putting some on the Tigers for the 1st 5. Indians bullpen didnt look so hot either tho. (Win 9-5)

BALT(Trachsel) +130 (BCLI line -120) over Laa(Saunders)--------I'll go against the Angels one more time here as Balt is hitting a good .279 vs lhp's and Trachsel is doing too good. Angels got lucky to win last night......they're not scoring very well. (Lose 7-4)

BCLI line (official line)

Cubs--Hill -148 (-138) (The Man--James)
Hou--Sampson -120 (-140) (The Man)
Mil--Capuano -154 (-165) (BCLI--Kim)
Col--Francis -137 (-175) (The Man)
Oak--Blanton -113 (-140) (The Man)
Sea--Batista -131 (-145) (The Man)

Friday, June 01, 2007

BALT(Cabrera) +185 (BCLI line +116) over Laa(Lackey) (Lose 3-2.......lucky as fuck win as Orioles leave Cabrera in 1 out too long)
Balt +1.5 (-125) over Laa--------------Lackey is solid but Orioles have been scoring better than the Angels lately and Cabrera is decent.....he's had some very good games. Line is too big here(Win 3-2)

SEATLLE(Washburn) -1.5 (+130) over Tex(Millwood)---------Millwood hasnt pitched in a while and when he did, he wasnt good. Mariners offense has definitely ramped it up lately....not always consistently.....but I think with Washburn being excellent this year, there's a decent chance Seattle can win this game big.(Lose 9-8.........Lofton stole this)