Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ANGELS(Santana) -150 over Oakland(Eveland)----------Santana's looking good and not walking people. A's offense depends on walks. Angels average vs lhp's has come down to .293 but that's still good. I'll challenge Eveland here to have a good game (Win 6-1...Eveland gets rocked)

SEATTLE(Washburn) +166 over Cleveland(Lee) (Lose on Lee)
SEATTLE +1.5 (-125) over Cleveland-------------Lee has been a pitching machine, thus the high price. Is the Indians offense good enough to justify a -180? I dont think so. Seattle hits .321 off lhp's and is outslugging the Indians by 3o points. I'll take the price (Lose 8-3)

FLORIDA(Olsen) +104 over Dodgers(Billingsley)----------Olsen is coming strong this year and this number is not giving him respect. Marlins are also out slugging the Dodgers by 57 points. Gotta have Olsen at this price (Lose 13-1)

PHILLIES(Moyer) -113 over San Diego(Young)---------Padres offense is just no match here. They're hitting .181 vs lhp's. Young may be better than Moyer, but the Phillies offense is A LOT better than San Diego (Lose 4-2)

YANKEES(Pettitte) -135 over Detroit(Bonderman)------------Bonderman not doing well vs lhb's and he's walking people(Lose 6-2)

Friday, April 25, 2008

KANSAS CITY(Greinke) -105 over Toronto(Burnett)---------This number is just not giving Greinke the respect he should have earned. Blue Jay offense just cannot break out; I'll go against them now with a good pitcher any day. Burnett has been both hittable and wild; when i saw him pitch against Oakland his fastball was not moving, just sitting there (Win 8-4)

Detroit(Robertson) vs Angels(Santana) OVER 10.5 (-115)--------The Angels dont walk but they have hit .348 vs lhp's. Robertson has failed to allow fewer than 4 runs in a start and the Tigers offense is really breaking out now. (Lose 4-3)

CUBS(Dempster) -124 over Washington(Perez)--------Price is too good to ignore. Cubs hit .299 vs lhp's and Dempster has been very hard to hit(Lose 5-3)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

OAKLAND(Smith) -120 over Minnesota(Liriano) (Win 11-2)
OAKLAND -1.5 (+170) over Minnesota---------Liriano, clearly not the same this year, is walking people and Oakland takes walks. Smith has allowed only 14 hits in 18 innings; He's got something. Liriano has not made it past the 5th inning yet (Win 11-2)

Cleve(Lee) vs Kansas City(Bannister) UNDER 8.5(-110)---------Underperforming Cleveland offense....Royals slugging only .365.....Bannister reliable and Lee the most unhittable pitcher in baseball so far this year. I'll try an under with this.(Win 2-0)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

WHITESOX(Vazquez) -137 over Yankees(Mussina) (Lose 6-4)
CUBS(Hill) -105 over Colorado(Morales) (Win 7-6)
ARIZONA(Haren) +102 over Lad(Lowe)(Lose 8-3)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

BALTIMORE(Trachsel) +170 over Yankees(Pettitte) (Lose 7-1)
BALTIMORE +1.5 (-105) over Yankees---------Orioles hit .318 vs lhp's so far. Yanks offense is good, but they havent really performed up to their potential this year and havent earned the type of price (-180) that's being put on them now that Jeter is back. Yankees have some good left-handed batters and Trachsel, for some reason, has done WELL vs lhb's. In fact, lhb's are hitting only .077 against him this year and the Yanks are a left hand hitting team.(Lose 7-1)

Friday, April 18, 2008

KANSAS CITY(Bannister) -108 over Oakland(Gaudin)-------With the A's offense in collapse, you have to take Bannister at this price. He's been too good(Lose 13-2)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

METS(Figueroa) -1.5 (+125) over Washington(Lannan) (Lose 3-2.....What a fucking joke. Mets score 3 runs over 14 innings. I cant believe that shit. Against Lannan?!! just terrible. Sick.)
METS -158 over Washington----------Mets hitting .325 vs lhp's with Lannan being questionable. Figueroa had a no-hitter for a while in his first start; he good be quite good. Washington offense is doing nothing (Win 3-2)

SEATTLE(Silva) +105 over Oakland(DiNardo)------While Seattle has been raising their average vs lhp's to .306, the A's have been averaging 1.5 runs per game over their last 4. Silva DOES NOT walk people which is a plus for Seattle because Oakland is a walking team (Win 8-1)

BOSTON(Beckett) -122 over Yankees(Mussina)------I have no respect for Mussina and i doubt whether he should even be in the major leagues at this point (Win 7-5)

TIGERS(Verlander) +115 over Cleveland(Carmona)------Tigers' offense has exploded for 30 runs over their last 3 while Indians offense is still sleeping. Despite not winning, Verlander has been just as hard to hit as he always is. Carmona was sickeningly wild his last start. I'll take the price.(Lose 11-1....Wow, Verlander sucks)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ANGELS(Weaver) -150(BCLI line -190) over Kansas City(Meche) (Lose 3-2)
ANGELS -1.5 (+140) over Kansas City---------Even though the Royals are winning, the Angels offense is slugging more than 100 points above KC. Meche has not done well so far while Weaver has been dominating.(Lose 3-2.....The Angels offense is a joke. Napoli is oaffish and uncoordinated. Guerrero swings at 70% of pitches thrown to him. Weaver didnt do bad, only 2 earned runs but just a sick and disgusting effort by the offense)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Reds(Harang) vs Cubs(Dempster) UNDER 11 (-115)-----Neither of these offenses are hot and both pitchers have dominated so far this season. The wind is: S 15 MPH. I dont think that's enough to justify an 11 o/u (Lose 9-5......Harang threw 1 pathetic, do-nothing slider to Lee....and the Reds bullpen sucked it out)

Colorado(Jimenez) vs San Diego(Wolf) UNDER 8 (-115)-------Rockies are hitting .217 vs lhp's. Wolf is doing ok. Both offenses are weak. I almost took SD, but their offense is too weak. UNDER is the better play(Win 6-0.....Jimenez is unreliable)

Monday, April 14, 2008

ANGELS(Santana) -110 over Texas(Jennings)-------So far, the Angels are slugging .478 and hitting .301. That's about the best of any team. I think of the Angels as a low-ball hitting team and Jennings is a who has not done well.(Win 7-4)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

OAKLAND(DiNardo) +1.5 (-110) over Cleveland(Carmona) (Win 7-3)
OAKLAND +185 over Cleveland------------Oakland has proved, in the last 4 days, that they can hit a fastball. Their offense has really come alive. Cleveland's offense hasnt proved much of anything yet; they're hitting only .202 vs lhp's and .228 overall. I'll take the price despite the obvious starting pitching advantage that Cleveland has.(Win 7-3)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stl(Wainwright) vs SF(Correia) UNDER 7.5 (-120)----------Giants might score 1 or 2.(Win 5-1)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

CWS(Danks) -128 (BCLI line -147) over Twins(Baker)-------Whitesox came out ready to hit, and hitting, while Minnesota's offense has sucked. Danks coming off a good start (Lose 12-5....Danks is shit, a utterly worthless human being. You cannot possibly understand how bad you have to be to let the Twins get 7 runs off you. SICK. that bitch is sick.)

TORONTO(McGowan) -160 over Oakland(Smith) (Lose 6-3)
TORONTO -1.5 (+130) over Oakland----------The A's can hit a non-moving fastball; we learned that yesterday. But i still like the Blue Jays offense(especially today against an lhp). Hopefully, McGowan's fastball will move (Lose 6-3.....Accardo fucks up my entire day. Fuck that bitch)

BOSTON(Lester) -116 (BCLI line -160) over Detroit(Bonderman)------A very good number considering the Tigers are one of the worst offenses in baseball right now. VERY good number. (Lose 7-2.....ok, the linemakers were right on this one)

PADRES(Germano) -125 (BCLI line -150) over Giants(Sanchez)-------Padres have the better offense and better starting pitcher. I'll pay this number (Lose 1-0......The Giants beat me twice in the last two days by scoring a total of 4 runs?!!! They suck. I'll continue betting against these pathetic nobodies)

ATLANTA(James) -114 (BCLI line -147) over Colorado(Redman)--------Regardless of what is wrong with James' arm, the Rockies offense is weak(Lose 12-6......Chuck James is done. That guy is a fucking joke. He's hurt, but if you're hurt, dont try to go out there and pitch. REHAB IT. Fucking bitch)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

KANSAS CITY(Bannister) +125 over Nyy(Hughes)------Yankees offense has not performed up to potential and KC has a huge pitching advantage with Bannister here. (Win 5-2)

TORONTO(Burnett) -1.5 (+125) over Oakland(Gaudin)-------A's offense is, and could continue to be, quite bad this season. Toronto's offense, now with Eckstein and Overbay, has a chance to be very good. Burnett can shut anybody down. (Lose 9-8)

SAN DIEGO(Wolf) +113 over San Fran(Lincecum)-----Giants offense could be the worst offense of all time. Despite whatever Lincecum is capable of, Wolf is not bad and the price is right to go against this terrible Giants offense.(Lose 3-2)

Saturday, April 05, 2008

DETROIT(Willis) -1.5 (+125) over Cws(Floyd)--------Must-win for Tigers. If they cant hit Gavin Floyd, with two steroid players(Ordonez and Rodriguez), for their new pitcher(Willis), they need to quit. Floyd is hittable. Granderson is out, but his replacement is hitting .500 (Lose 5-3.....Whitesox got THREE HITS TOTAL!! and won this game. That is sick)

PIRATES(Maholm) +115 over Florida(Hendrickson)-------take the Pirates at this price against another bad lhp(Lose 7-3)

Friday, April 04, 2008

PIRATES(Morris) +110 over Florida(Olsen)-------try the Pirates offense against an lhp. Marlins offense has done nothing yet. Olsen is questionable.....(Lose 5-4)

BCLI Basketball finished at 127 - 133 (-19.3units)