Wednesday, June 29, 2011

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Carrasco) -103 over Arizona(Duke)(Win 6-2)
CLEVELAND INDIANS(Carrasco) -1.5(+160) over Arizona(Duke)-------Zach Greinke got rocked yesterday by the Yankees while Carlos Pena hit ANOTHER HR yesterday, 1 day after he TWO in a game in which Carlos Gonzalez hit 2 HR for the opposing team! Carlos Corporan(of the Astros) went 3-4 yesterday and Carlos Beltran had 4 RBI........(Win 6-2.........Cleveland's Cabrera's go a combined 7 for 11 on a day when Miguel Cabrera hits 2 HR......Travis Buck 2-2)

NEW YORK METS(Capuano) +113 over Tigers(Coke)-----------Mets averaging over 10 runs per game over their last 3 games(Win 16-9...........Angel Pagan 4-6 4RBI......Jason Bay 4BB's.....Ronnie Paulino 4-6)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Mets(Pelfrey) vs Rangers(Harrison) UNDER 9.5(-120)------Pelfrey is coming off 3 good starts and Harrison is having a good year. Much of the Mets offense is not too good vs lhps and with Michael Cuddyer going 3-4 yesterday with a 2-4 from Michael Morse, I'll try Pelfrey........and Matt Holiday had a 2-4 with 2RBI yesterday so I'll bet Harrison doesnt get rocked(Win 8-1)

Twins(Baker) vs Brewers(Wolf) UNDER 8(-120)------------Scott Sizemore went 2-3 for the A's yesterday........Baker off two good DH in this game(Win 4-3)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

ST LOUIS(Carpenter) -110 over Philadelphia(Oswalt)------This has not been Carpenter's year. He is 1-7. The Cardinals have wasted two good pitching starts in their last two (Home) games. However, even a broken clock is right twice a day. And Chris Heisey did hit 3 HR's in a game yesterday.....the same day that Chris Getz went 3-4. And today, it looks like Chris Capuano did well for the Mets and will be getting the W. Additionally, the MC was all OVER the place yesterday; Melky Cabrera 2-4, Michael Cuddyer 2-4, Brian McCann 2-4 with HR, Miguel Cabrera 2-3 with HR. Besides McClellan, whose good start the Cardinals squandered 2 games ago, STL has 2 MC's but they're bench-warmers. my knowledge, they do not have an MC.(Win 12-2.......Is the 12 symbolic.....? .....with Ann Coulter supporting 'Chris Christie For President' on the Hannity Show very close to the time-----if not during the time-----that this game was being played......Tony Cruz 2-3 and though I dont know Coulter personally----she's not a friend of mine-----she's a friend of OURS)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MINNESOTA TWINS(Blackburn) +112 over San Francisco Giants(Vogelsong)(Lose 5-1.....Eli Whiteside 3 RBI vs Blackburn)
Twins(Blackburn) vs Giants(Vogelsong) UNDER 7(-125)----------Both offenses are very weak, ranking near the bottom of all of baseball in Runs and Slugging percentage(Twins are best in baseball, though, in avoiding strikeouts on offense). However, the Twins haven't lost a game since Bachmann won the Republican debate. Vogelsong has been very good statistically and hard to hit----and Ryan Sweeney did go 4-5 yesterday. But Blackburn is the call here as Nick Walker had 3 RBI's and Nick Hundley went 2-3 yesterday.(Win 5-1)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

CARDINALS(McClellan) +158 over Phillies(Halladay)------BCLI steam................(Lose 10-2.......McClellan does good; Cardinals bullpen TOTALLY fails. Its a cliche, but its true: Walks often lead to big innings. This game was 2-1 in the top of the 8th! BB by Trever Miller(who took the L), HBP(Jason Motte, a wild animal, hits Ryan Howard), HBP(Motte, a SAVAGE, hits another batter). Then what? Miguel Batista("The Poet") walks in two runs with two consecutive walks. Then ANOTHER walk by the Cardinals' HAPLESS, wanton bullpen. A total embarrassment and CRIME against Kyle McClellan)

Monday, June 20, 2011

ASTROS(Happ) +155 over Rangers(Holland) 1ST 5INN ONLY(Lose 7-2)
ASTROS(Happ) +155 over Rangers(Holland)---------------Since May 1st, Happ has been improving while Holland only occasionally has a good game. Rangers offense is better according to most statistics however, The Astros hit .260 which is almost the .263 that the Rangers hit. Lately, the Rangers have scored 5 Runs or more in only 2 of their last 8 games while the Astros have scored 5 or more in 3 of their last 7 games. Two of the Rangers' best hitters(Kinsler and Hamilton) are below .250 vs lhp's this year. And you look at JASON Vargas' splendid CG shutout of the Phillies yesterday............Astros have TWO Jasons who are both at or above .300 this year vs lhp's(with Bourgeois being above .400)(Lose 8-3........Happ's WORST rocking of the year; he's out in 2.2inn. Michaels went 2-4 but the message is clear: The Houston Astros failed for me)

ROCKIES(Nicasio) +101 over Indians(Carmona)(Win 8-7)
ROCKIES(Nicasio) +100 over Indians(Carmona) 1ST 5INN ONLY--------In his brief(24inn) season, Nicasio IS a better pitcher than Carmona; Nicasio has walked only 1 every 5inn. Carmona is clearly getting hit hard having allowed 4ER or more in all 7 of his last starts. After their spectacular start, the Indians are only averaging 2.8 runs per game in their last 10 home games. The Rockies offense looks much healthier, having scored 5 or more runs in 9 of their last 11 games(Win 7-6...........Jason Giambi HR, 3RBI)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

BRITAINESCA SCHIAVONE +8000 to win Wimbledon---------The Williams' sisters are gonna play in this tournament(but who knows how overweight and out-of-shape they might be). But this is not 8-1 or 18-1; this is 80-1 for a player who played in the FINAL MATCH of the last 'major' tennis tournament(i.e. she came in 2nd). The "story" of women's tennis now is that there's no Graf or Hingis; all kinds of upsets can happen. Sharapova's 4-1 could be just as good as Stosur's 22-1 or Zvonareva's 16-1.(Lose....Covet-ova over Share-ahp-ova, hmmmmm)
TEXAS RANGERS(Ogando) -107 over Atlanta Braves(Jurrjens)(Lose 4-2.........#8 Yorvit Torrealba a weird catcher interference and another Error; Ogando only gave up 1 ER)
Rangers(Ogando) vs Braves(Jurrjens) UNDER 7(+105)--------------Jurrjens is good(.242 against) so even tho this is a day game, I'm taking the under too. Ogando is coming off his worst rocking where he didnt even last 2 innings so he'll have the revenge against that brutalization. ALEX Cobb threw a 6inn 3 hitter and got support from his team including Johnny Damon's 2-3 with 3R yesterday while Alex Rios went 2-4 with 4RBI and an HR for the White Sox. Alex Gordon also had an HR yesterday. Thus........Ogando.(Win 4-2)

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Villanueva) +120 over Reds(Arroyo)--------Arroyo is an experienced SP but he is hittable. Offensively, this matchup looks equal so why not try Villanueva with CARLOS Beltran having hit an HR(with 3RBI) yesterday helping the Mets to their victory(MIKE P.....over the Angels) and Carlos Pena also hit an HR for the Cubs in addition to Carlos Carrasco winning with a 4-hitter in 6 for the Indians.(Lose 2-1.........Villanueva does fine with no walks; I thought the Blue Jays could hit!? They cant get 2 fucking runs in 8inn vs Arroyo??? Thats pathetic; a very weak effort getting only 5 hits off him)

GIANTS(Cain) -114 over A's(Cahill)---------Matt Harrison only allowed 3 hits yesterday for Texas; Matt Holiday was 2-3 with an HR and Matt Treanor was 2-4 with an HR. So Im gonna try the Giants for a very small bet; I dont know if I trust them to win for me this year(Of course, we got them a WS title last year and Sabean didnt even give me a sliver of a "share"). But Cahill, whose ERA was 1.79 on May 25th, has really been hit hard since then.(Lose 2-1......7inn 3 hitter by Cain........Giants offense sucks. NO WAY they win the World Series last year without our help. Their offense is a SICK, FUCKING JOKE..........and it was a joke LAST YEAR. Cody Ross? Who tha fuck is Cody Ross? Brian Sabean could have paid me HALF A SHARE(which is $150,00). But no........they'd rather get their fans put in a coma(Bryan Stow) and their catcher put Out For The Season. Dumbazzes)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Carrasco) -150 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Maholm)(Win 5-1)
CLEVELAND INDIANS(Carrasco) -1.5 (+145) over Pittsburgh Pirates(Maholm)------Indians are only 5-11 in June but they are at home here. Maholm has only allowed 4 H in his last 13inn but Carrasco has done almost as well over his last two games. For the Astros, Carlos Lee was 3-5 yesterday while the Indians' Carlos Santana was 3-4 with an HR. And Charlie Blackmon was 4-4 for the Rockies. Thus, we'll try Carrasco here.(Win 5-1........Grady Sizemore 2-3 with 2R)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

GIANTS(Vogelsong) +130 over Arizona(Kennedy)---------Kennedy's good and AZ hits 10pts higher than the Giants offense. But look at Ryan Braun's 3-5 and HR yesterday with RYAN Hanigan's 2-3 with Ryan Spilborghs 2 RBI on a pinch-hit....Brian Dinkleman 2-3 for Minnesota? Ryan Howard had an HR yesterday but look who got the W for the Phillies in Game 1: Ryan Madson. Its too strong not to play(Lose 3-2...should have gone with the UNDER also if I was gonna play this.......Justin Upton 3-5 with HR)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

METS(Gee) +127 over Braves(Hudson)-----Hudson has the pitcher revenge against the Mets cuz they hit him but 2 of his last 4 starts have been bad. Opposing batters hit .215 off Gee while the Mets offense, which will be without Wright, has hit 16pts higher(.258) than the Braves'. Mets also have a very hot hitter in Reyes.(Win 4-0............Gee went 4inn. Angel Pagan 2-4 with HR)

TWINS(Pavano) +120 over White Sox(Floyd)------(Win 4-1........Pavano got the CG. Michael Cuddyer and Brian Dinkleman were both 2-3)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MINNESOTA TWINS(Pavano) +118 over White Sox(Floyd)------Twins record still sucks but they are 9-3 in June while the CWS are 7-4 in June. Note Mazzaro's surprisingly good game for the Royals two days ago IN LA. We'll go with an Italian here in Pavano who is coming off two good games and Bachman just filed her papers so perhaps MN is blasting off.(PPD)

CHICAGO CUBS(Wells) +129 over Brewers(Gallardo)-------Cubs hit .265 to Brewers' .253(tho Brewers score more runs). Wells has allowed 12 ER in 12inn yet is harder(.250) to hit than Gallardo(.271) whose last start was bad. Cubs have only scored 5 runs in one game in June while the Brewers have 6 5-run-or-more games in June. Cubs should be dogs here but you look at Vernon Wells' 2 HR yesterday.........AND Randy Wolf's 7inn shutout of the Cubs yesterday before the Cubs won it late.........I'll try it.(Win 5-4............Starlin Castro GWRBI 3-5...........Marco Estrada with the BS late for Milwaukee; Gallardo dominates with 10 k's)

TEXAS RANGERS(Ogando) +131 over Yankees(Sabathia)--------Napoli is out but the Rangers do have another Michael who hits lhp's(.370)----Miguel Montero 4 RBI yesterday with Mike Stanton's 2-4------Ogando wont be a dog too often this season and he will be wearing the # of the NBA Finals' MVP.(Lose 12-4..........Ogando rocked for the 1st time this year; very suspicious)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Marcum) -150 over Cardinals(Westbrook)(Win 4-3......Prince Fielder 2-3 with HR)
MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Marcum) -1.5 (+135) over Cardinals(Westbrook)------Mark Reynolds 2 HR yesterday.......Marco Scutaro 4-6 yesterday......yeah, I'll take a look here. Marcum is actually much harder to hit than Westbrook this year.(Lose 4-3)

LA DODGERS(De La Rosa) +175 over Colorado(Jimenez)-----Jimenez has had 2 consecutive good starts but his record has not been good this year; Who knows if he'll get wild(he's walking almost 1 every 2 innings). And the Dodgers did score 11 runs yesterday.(Win 10-8.........massive offensive support for De La Rosa; Loney, Uribe, Barajas and Carroll had 3 hits each and Kemp had an HR. BCLI appreciates Ty Wigginton's 5-run Error)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Matusz) -130 over Tampa(Davis)(Lose 9-6)
BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Matusz) -125 over Tampa(Davis) 1ST 5INNINGS ONLY------For an excuse to go against Davis this year???? Brian Bixler 2-2 for the Nats yesterday along with Brian McCann's GWHR and 3 RBI with Ryan Hanigan's 2-3(Lose 5-3.........Matusz rocked)

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Zimmerman) -105 over San Diego(Stauffer)(Win 2-0.....Lance Nix 3-4)
WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Zimmerman) -107 over San Diego(Stauffer) 1ST 5INNINGS ONLY------Tim Lincecum set some personal record yesterday for allowing runs, I think. Then there was Tim Collins taking the L for the Royals. Opposing batters hit .274 off Stauffer and, altho neither of these teams hits, I think Zimmerman is much harder to hit than that and has had a very good season.(Push 0-0)

DETROIT TIGERS(Porcello) -110 over Seattle(Hernandez)------If the Tigers can hit Pineda, they have a good chance of hitting Hernandez. Rickie Weeks 2-3 with an HR yesterday so let's go Rick!(Lose 7-3...........Miguel Olivo 2 HR)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

REDS(Leake) +150 over Giants(Lincecum)--------Michael Young, 3-5, 3 RBI; Mike Stanton 2-4, HR; Michael Bourne 4-5, Michael Morse an HR, Miguel Tejada 2-3...........all yesterday, ummmm, Lincecum has allowed 9 ER in his last 11inn and offensively, well, Giants are 29th in baseball in runs scored and 26th in walks(Win 10-2..........Mike Leake 2-4, Ryan Hanigan 2-3.........Lincecum destroyed)

SEATTLE MARINERS(Pineda) +105 over Tigers(Scherzer)-----Opposing batters hit .197 off Pineda but .287 off Scherzer while Scherzer has allowed 19 ER in his last 14inn(Lose 8-1.....Austin Jackson 3-5.....Pineda allows 5 ER taking his worst, and ONLY, rocking of the year)

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Villanueva) +102 over Royals(Duffy)(Win 9-8)
TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Villanueva) -110 over Royals(Duffy) 1ST 5INN ONLY-------Duffy's an lhp and the Blue Jays have 5 guys besides Jose Bautista(who hits .350 off lhp this season) who are over .300 vs lhp's. Overall, TBJ's hit .263 and Royals hit .259 but the Blue Jays have scored more than 6 runs in 7 of their last 11 games............while the Royals have not scored 6 runs in any of their last 7 games. With opposing batters hitting only .188 off Villanueva, its hard to say that the Blue Jays dont also have a pitching advantage here and I'm not sure the Royals should be favored though they are at home.(Win 5-4...........Corey Patterson 4-5, Adam Lind 4 RBI)

FLORIDA MARLINS(Nolasco) -118 over Atlanta Braves(Lowe)(Lose 3-2)
FLORIDA MARLINS(Nolasco) -1.5 (+185) over Atlanta Braves(Lowe)-----------The Marlins have corrected from their incredible 30-20 record on May 28th and they've lost their last 6 games. However, look at how the Tigers supported Rick Porcello with 20 hits yesterday(it may be the day for Nolasco to get big support). Nolasco's ERA was 3.04 before his last two starts which were bad. Marlins also have one of the most surprisingly good hitters this year: Greg Dobbs(Lose 3-2....Dobbs 1-5 with 3K's..........Freddy Freeman GWRBI)

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Correia) +102 over Arizona(Hudson)-------I think ya gotta go here with Correia, who has been very good, at home.........and Tim Hudson(of the Braves) was just destroyed a couple days ago by the Mets(Win 8-5)

Monday, June 06, 2011

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Matusz) -108 over Oakland A's(Gonzalez)------Altho Gio can always do good(usually not for more than 6inn)(and he does walk almost 1 every 2 innings), I think its worth it to take a look at Matusz today with Brian Duensing pitching an 8inn shutout gem yesterday in Kansas City. RYAN(which is close to Brian) Vogelsong throws an 8inn 4 hitter for the win yesterday in San Francisco.........Ryan Theriot, a key RBI saving the game for the Cardinals yesterday...........RYAN Howard, 3 RBI yesterday to get the win in Pittsburgh. And as 'Mat' is almost Matt, look at Matt Kemp's 2-3 with an HR yesterday, the day after he hit 2 HR in a game and got 6 RBI. The A's record against Lhp's is much better than the Orioles' but the Orioles lineup doesnt really look too bad against lhps: Hardy and Scott are really the only two guys who dont hit 'em; Andino clearly hits 'em, Matt Wieters .298 vs lhp's, Guerrero .279(Win 4-2)

Friday, June 03, 2011

SEATTLE MARINERS(Vargas) -128 over Tampa(Sonnanstine)---------Normally, you'd think the Rays would be better than the Mariners, but right now they have the same record. Vargas is coming off 2 bad starts, which followed 3 good ones, and with the Nationals breaking out with huge support for Jason Marquis on the 31st of May, and with Jason Varitek going 3-4 on that day as well, and with that day being followed by an Astros win fueled by a Jason Michaels HR, it might be a good day to try Vargas at home here. Tampa's offense(like many offenses in baseball this year) is hitting low(.244) with their only offensive monster being Matt Joyce who hits lower(.276) vs lhp's.(Win 7-0..........first career SHO for Vargas........1 HR each from Smoak, Olivo and Kennedy)

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Wolf) +115 over Florida Marlins(Nolasco)--------The day after Aubrey Huff hits 3 HR's in a game, I'm giving Wolf a try here. He is coming off 3 very good starts. Offenses are close with Brewers being a bit better..........Braun is, apparently, 'doubtful' for this game.(Win 6-5........HUGE pinch-hit 2-run HR by Braun, #8)