Wednesday, June 30, 2010

PHILLIES(Halladay) -156 over Reds(Harang)(Lose 4-3)
PHILLIES -1.5(+100) over Reds-------------Fuck the Reds. Damn team wont play for me and I suspect they beef their stats by feasting on mediocre pitching; The Reds cant hit good pitching. Reds are 6-10 in games started by Harang while the Phillies are only 9-7 in games started by Halladay........and Halladay, at 17 walks in 122inn with a 2.2-something ERA, with 1 perfect game so far this year, IS a very good pitcher. Phillies could do better than 9-7 when he starts.(Lose 4-3.........more poor support for Halladay; he's not gonna see a WS with this team. Get traded to the Padres)

RANGERS(Beltre) -102 over Angels(Kazmir)--------Kazmir has improved somewhat in June(his ERA is down into the 5's) but is coming off a bad rocking. Texas is 13-10 vs lhp starters with Young hitting .400 vs lhp and Guerrero above .400 vs lhp's.(Win 6-4..........Vlad on fire with 2 HR, 4 for 4 and 5 RBI)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

REDS(Leake) -131 over Phillies(Blanton)(Lose 9-6)
REDS -1.5(+155) over Phillies-------------After watching Jonathon Broxton's meltdown against the Yankees, you wanna look for a soft JB to go against and I think this is it. Reds are on a 6-1 run; Phillies on an 8-4 run but look at Blanton's ERA...........its 6.53. Leake is better than that.(Lose 9-6.........Leake fails. He's actually sucked pretty bad since June 10th.........something must have happened.)

TIGERS(Galarraga) +129 over Twins(Blackburn)--------Tigers coming off two games of good scoring and Galarraga has been fairly hard to hit while giving up few walks. Twins slipping a bit on a 1-6 run and Blackburn seems to have a problem having been rocked brutally in 4 of his last 5 starts. I'll take the dog.(Lose 11-4........Galarraga's overrated)

Monday, June 28, 2010

NATIONALS(Strasburg) +.5 (-145) over Braves(Hudson) 1st 5inn only--------Nationals trying to avoid wasting a third consecutive Strasburg start. If its tied after 5, this wins.(Win 0-0.........yep, they wasted it)

BLUE JAYS(Romero) -160 over Cleveland(Westbrook) 1st 5inn only---------Blue Jays not scoring particularly well but Romero is having a great year statistically. Jays are 9-6 in games Romero has started. Weeks went 4 for 5 yesterday for Milwaukee.(Push 1-1..........This is the 9th start, out of 16 made by Romero, that Toronto has scored 3 runs or less for him. Seems like they could do better)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

GERMANY +110 over England(Win 4-1)
GERMANY +175 over England--------I want these limey asses KICKED!!!(Win 4-1..........guten Sieg)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

USA -145 over Ghana-------US has the momentum having overcome a lot of anti-American officiating. They have the revenge from 2006 and African teams have not done very well in this World Cup.(Push 1-1 in regulation time. How does Edson not play in this game???)

NATIONALS(Hernandez) -124 over Orioles(Bergesen)---------After a truly pathetic month of June in which they went 6-15 against some of the worst teams in baseball, wasting two Strasburg starts, I would be surprised if the Nationals could lose against Bergesen.(Lose 6-5..........disgusting)

Friday, June 25, 2010

METS(Pelfrey) -145 over Twins(Slowey)(Win 5-2)
METS -1.5(+150) over Twins(Win 5-2)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

REDS(Lecure) +165 over Seattle(Hernandez)(Lose 5-1)
REDS +1.5 (-135) over Seattle---------Lecure has walked 15 in his 24inn but other than that looks to be ok. Even if he's not, and even if Hernandez does good, there's a vast chasm between these teams' offenses. The Reds slug .453; thats 2nd best in baseball whereas the Mariners have not scored as many as 5 runs in a game in their last 16 games. And that type of team with such offensive issues is gonna be -180? I'll bet Lecure isnt that bad.(Lose 5-1.........Rolen did not help in this game: 0 for 4, 1GIDP. Reds offense fails to hit good pitching)

Friday, June 18, 2010

NATIONALS(Strasburg) -185 over WhiteSox(Floyd)(Lose 2-1)
NATIONALS -1.5(+110) over WhiteSox-----------Nationals on a 1-5 run having gone an utterly pathetic 4-6 against Houston/Pitt/Cleveland, 3 of the worst teams in baseball, this COULD be the beginning of the end for this team; they're blowing their good fortunes..........but I still believe they will support their saviour here. White Sox red-hot on a 7-1 run although Floyd, having pitched 2 excellent games in his last 2(both CWS losses, tho), is a highly beatable pitcher.(Lose 2-1........... a white short-sleeved shirt and a White Sox cap, Obama sat in a private box.........Obama, accompanied by daughters Sasha and Malia and brother-in-law Konrad Ng...........He was seen sipping a beer, laughing and pointing out to his daughters things happening on the field. He was heard telling his daughters, "Just a few more innings, then we'll go cap the oil-spill.".........Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., was also spotted in the box for the sold-out game........a new low: Wasting a Strasburg start----AND THEN THEY GET SHUTOUT BY PEAVY THE NEXT DAY----...........pathetic)

METS(Takahashi) +170 over Yankees(Vazquez)(Win 4-0)
METS +1.5 (-115) over Yankees(Vazquez)----------Mets red-hot on a 7-1 run(vs mostly Orioles and Cleveland) starting on Gaga-day(and they've only lost 2 games this month). They are showing that they can get serious about their season(while the Nationals are just throwing it away). Vazquez has only allowed 11 hits in his last 21inn; it is a risk that he may have found something. However, Yanks may be entering a cooling period as they've just been cooled by two unlikely "coolers"(Moyer and Kendrick). Yankees only 12-11 vs lhp starters while Mets do much better vs lhp's.(Win 4-0...........Vazquez actually allows fewer hits than Takahashi)

FLORIDA(Robertson) +148 over Tampa Bay Rays(Garza)(Win 7-4)
FLORIDA +1.5(-110) over Tampa Bay Rays---------Tampa slowing down here on a 2-5 run and Garza, having given 17ER in his last 23IP, not so hot either. Although Tampa is a very strong 18-8 vs lhp starters, they do have about 5 hitters who have been very weak vs lhp's(including their HR hitter Pena.......who cant seem to hit above .200 vs anybody this year). Marlins are 5-8 when Robertson starts and are coming off being swept by Texas.(Win 7-4..........YES! Mike Stanton, Panorama, CA.......... GRAND..........SLAM.........Paulino 3-4.........Robertson gets HUGE support as Garza gets blasted out in the 2nd)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

RANGERS(Hunter) -102 over Marlins(Sanchez)---------Rangers slugging .420 on a 6-1 run.....Hunter, 15IP and 3ER and 18 runs of run support from the Rangers, 5th best in baseball in runs scored. Marlins on a 5-7 run.(Win 6-3.........Hunter injured, only goes 2inn.........Josh Hamilton 4 for 5)

ROYALS(Chen) -103 over Houston(Oswalt)---------Royals are rippin' on a 4-1 run during which they've scored an average of 8+ runs per game. Royals slugging .414 vs the Astros' .342. Oswalt is, historically, good......but he's been rocked 2 of his last 3. Only 3 starts for Chen and he has the pitcher revenge against the rocking in his last start..........Manzella and Pence can hit the lhp but on 6/16, after #16 Gelson Fernandes gets the HUGE upset win for Switzerland over Spain.........who's got a 16? The Royals do.(Lose 4-2..........Billy Butler simply does NOT show up going 0 for 4 with 2k's and an incredible 5 LOB. Very disappointing)

NATIONALS(Hernandez) +170 over Tigers(Verlander)--------This is too cheap for Livan; his ERA is 2.28. Nationals on a 1-3 run.......THEY NEED to step up and, yes, they have a 16(Lose 8-3..........Willingham doesnt

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

NORTH KOREA +2.5(-145) over Brazil(Win 2-1)
NORTH KOREA +2800 over Brazil-----------NK's prep for WC is said to have been very intense; these guys are gonna be ready. Note that Joran van der Sloot was playing online poker just before his kill. Somebody said, "Im gonna kill you, you little mongoloid." (and then Joran's girl hit him and then he strangled her). What happened? South Korea beat Greece 2-0. (Greece did look pretty inertial). Then Cameroon, ON THEIR OWN HOME CONTINENT, lost to Japan 1-0. And now the oddsmakers throw up THIS MUCH juice for another mongoloid team when THE MONGOLOID RACE HAS NOT GIVEN UP A SINGLE GOAL IN THIS WORLD CUP??? 6 of 13 of these games have been draws.........only Germany has demonstrated any real ball-control and anything remotely approaching "strategy" appears to be a primitive, random sport subject to all kinds of luck and near-misses............ and, in that state, specific teams shouldnt be heavily favored.(Lose 2-1........Ji Yung Nam, #8, gets the goal)

ORIOLES(Arrieta) +135 over Giants(Martinez)----------Orioles have lost ALMOST 3 games for every game they've won; it hard to believe they can keep up that kind of losing percentage. Arrieta beat the Yankees in his first start so you gotta figure he should have a chance here.(Win 4-1......Miguel Tejada 3 for 4)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Brewers(Wolf) vs Angels(Saunders) OVER 9.5(-105)---------What has happened to the Brewers? They slug .431 but they cant win. Wolf is coming off two rockings; he's been rocked by weak teams(Pittsburgh) and by stronger teams(Phillies) and he's proven to be, this year, a pretty poor pitcher. Angels too hot to bet against so I'll take the over.(Win 12-2..........Ryan Braun 5 RBI's---- telegraphed by Reid Brigniac's 3 for 3 and Russell Branyan's 3 for 4 on the 12th and, of course, Roger Bernadina's 2 for 2 on the 13th)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

NATIONALS(Strasburg) -1.5 (-130) over Indians(Huff)---------What the HELL is going on down there? Indians have won 4 straight?????!!!! There's only 3 teams that have won fewer games than the Indians. I want Huff BUSTED...........crushed---the Nationals should be DESTROYING this team.(Win 9-4..........good)

RED SOX(Wakefield) -127 over Phillies(Hamels)------While Boston has scored more than 5 runs in 8 of their last 12 games, the Phillies are offensively dead-in-the-water. In only 5 of their last 23 games have the Phillies scored 5 runs. (Lose 5-3)

METS(Pelfrey) -146 over Orioles(Millwood)----------Pelfrey's a huge winner this year as the Mets are 11-2 in games he starts. The Orioles are an amazing 6 games worse than the 2nd worst team in baseball.(Win 11-4)

PADRES(Richard) -121 over Seattle(Hernandez)--------You have to figure the Padres are getting the luck this year as, even with a .367 slugging percentage and the 25th highest run-scoring total, they've won as many games as the RedSox. Richard has done well altho the Padres are only 6-6 in games he has started. In Felix's last 9 starts, the Mariners have won only 1 of those games.(Lose 4-2)

DODGERS(Monasterios) -130 over Angels(Weaver)-------Morales, the Angels' best hitter, went out for the season..........and then the Angels went winning, far too much, in my opinion. They are on a 9-3 run; they're due for a loss. With Carlos Guillen winning the game for the Tigers yesterday, I'll go with Carlos Monasterios......who has looked pretty good. (Lose 6-5.......Monasterios rocked)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

USA +500 over England(Lose 1-1)

Friday, June 11, 2010

MARLINS(Sanchez) +156 over Tampa(Shields)(Win 14-9)
MARLINS +150 over Tampa 1st 5innings only---------Shields has been hittable and his control might not help him because the Marlins dont take walks. Tampa is only 2-4 in the last 6 games Shields has started so he's reasonably beatable. Sanchez seems to be improving and is 4-1 in his last 5 decisions. Tampa slugs .417......Marlins slug .400(Win 11-2)

NATIONALS(Atilano) +105 over Cleveland(Westbrook)--------I think Atilano is a better pitcher than Westbrook; his fastball seems 'live' and it moves. Although the Indians have had a couple of good offensive games recently, they are still one of the worst teams and Nats bullpen has been strong lately.(Lose 7-2)

OAKLAND(Gonzalez) +163 over Giants(Lincecum)--------Lincecum is good but he has allowed 17 runs in his last 22innings. Gio is the type of pitcher you always wanna consider betting on and this looks like it could be a close, 1-run game. Giants have the team revenge as Gonzalez 2-hit them recently but price is good.(Lose 6-2)

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

NATIONALS(Strasburg) -215 over Pirates(Karstens)(Win 5-2.........If Obama could kick THIS much ass, the leak would be capped, the beaches would be full and the fishermen would have their jobs back by now.)

Friday, June 04, 2010

ARIZONA(Kennedy) -115 over Colorado(Cook)(Win 7-6.........Ryan Roberts GWRBI)
ARIZONA -1.5(+170) over Colorado(Lose 7-6)
ARIZONA -117 over Colorado 1st 5innings only-----------Although Arizona has a 'winning' problem and is only 3-7 in Kennedy's last 10 starts, they are slugging a good .422(vs .418 for Colorado) and this is a pitching mismatch. Excellent price for Kennedy at home against the rockable Cook(Push 3-3)

PADRES(Latos) +185 over Phillies(Halladay)(Lose 3-2)
PADRES +190 over Phillies 1st 5innings only-------------Regardless of how good Halladay is this year, the Phillies have a serious scoring problem having averaged 1.1 runs per game over their last 9 games. And Latos is VERY GOOD. And the Padres are like 32-21 this year. Gotta take advantage of this price.(Lose 3-2..........Padres out hit them 10 to 6 and cant win)

TAMPA(Davis) +119 over Rangers(Wilson)---------Although no Ray besides Longoria seems to be able to hit lhp's, Wilson is coming off 3 straight rockings and clearly has a problem. Davis is good, Rays have won twice as many games as they lost..........and they're an underdog here. I'll play it.(Lose 9-6..........Davis gets horribly rocked)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

MARLINS(Volstad) +107 over Brewers(Gallardo)-------Gallardo walks 1 every two innings but he is a better pitcher than Volstad. Neither team has a winning record when these pitchers start for them but Brewers are on a 0-3 run while the Marlins are running 3-0. Chris Coghlan is breaking out! I'll take a home team here.(Lose 7-4........Should have known the Marlins arent good enough to win 4 in a row)

NATIONALS(Lannan) -104 over Houston(Rodriguez)--------Lannan coming off 3 good starts walking only 4 in his last 18 innings. Wandy not doing so good this year. Berkman and Lee below .240 vs lhp's and Nationals are slugging .410. These are the types of games the Nats have to win.........against very weak teams. I think they will.(Lose 5-1........Pathetic. PATHETIC offensive effort by Nationals)

ROYALS(Davies) -110 over Angels(Kazmir)(Lose 7-2)
ROYALS(Davies) -110 over Angels(Kazmir) 1st 5innings only----------Royals running 1-3 while Angels running 5-2........Kazmir is a problem; perhaps he could be excused for getting hit by Boston and the Yankees but he's coming off a rocking by the MARINERS! Besides DeJesus and Guillen, the Royals have hit well vs lhp's(and they are slugging .414 overall). Davies is an average pitcher but he's done well at home.(Lose 6-1........Kazmir does good??!!)

YANKEES(Hughes) -1.5 (-155) over Orioles(Bergesen)--------No deal on the line here but while Bergesen is enormously hittable, Hughes has been not only a good pitcher(.204 BA against) he's gotten good run support. In fact, in 4 consecutive games which he started in May, the Yankees scored 41 total runs.(Win 9-1)