Saturday, September 03, 2016

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Shields) +118 over Minnesota Twins(Santiago)-----CWS have the Team Revenge against Santiago who,  tho his last start was good,  has struggled recently.   Twins are on a 1-14 run.  But considering the consequences of what the Twins did to me on August 27th when I bet ON them,  they could easily stretch this to 1-20.(Lose 11-3........Oh,  I forgot:  James Shields is the worst fucking pitcher in MLB history.   Fuck.   This game was 11-2 after the 3rd inning so, yeah, this was basically Shields.  And Jacob Turner,  who allowed 6 unearned runs in 1/3 of an inning off a Todd Frazier throwing error.   Twins in fucking trouble.)

DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) +106 over Kansas City Royals(Ventura)(Lose 5-2)
Detroit Tigers(Fulmer) vs Kansas City Royals(Ventura) OVER 7.5(-115)------Ventura has faced the Tigers 4 times and done well every time.  So Tigers definitely have the revenge against him.   Fulmer has faced the Royals twice and done well,   so Royals also have the Revenge.   Additionally,  Fulmer is fucking PISSED because he's lost 3 of his last 4 games.   I just feel that there's gotta be some vicious hitting in this game.(Lose 5-2.......Ventura walks 6 and they can't even put this OVER?????!  Fuck the Tigers they are losers;  they are not going to the playoffs and they just wasted their season.  Brad Ausmus might as well be Brad Anderson:  LOSERS.)

ARIZONA WILDCATS +1 over Byu Cougars-----Some seem to have questions about this Arizona team but I have no doubts about their defense today with Tellas Jones at FS and,  with Paul Chryst getting the upset win for Wisconsin,  Paul Magloire at OLB.   And if you don't think Solomon is all that,  BYU just have TOO MANY WEAK-ASS HAWAIIANS.  In fact,  it looks like BYU is coached by a sorry Hawaiian.  Well,  Arizona is at home and Hawaii is fucking weak.(Lose 18-16.........Solomon throws 2 INTs.  I used to believe in betting home teams.  Not in Arizona.   Didn't Arizona used to know how to score?   SIXTEEN POINTS???  Deserved to lose if their offense sucks that bad.)

SMU MUSTANGS -7 over North Texas Mean Green------SMU has Xavier Jones and Matt Davis,  it looks like, at QB.  South Alabama won today with Dallas Davis at QB and Joey Jones at head coach as a 28-point underdog----pretty significant.    Both these teams lost a lot of games last year and NT does have the Revenge at home.   But I'll go with The Names.(Win 34-21..........Courtland Sutton 162 yds,  3 TDs..........Xavier Jones TD, 119 yds.............SMU +2 TO and +180 yds)

FLORIDA GATORS -34.5 over UMass Minutemen-----Gators have a Davis on defense and.......UMass doesn't really look to be having the personnel.  I've really wanted to bet Gators since that thing at Disney World(due to my increasing hatred towards humanity and corporations that won't pay me).  So I'll try Del Rio at QB here.(Lose 24-7............Pshhhh.  This was 10-7 at halftime.  Against UMASS!!!!  Well, maybe they got some good players or something.   But Florida is usually a quality team----USED TO BE a quality team.)


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