Saturday, January 29, 2011

XAVIER MUSKETEERS +4.5 over Richmond Spy-ders--------Xavier has been a poor ATS team so far this year. However, they did crush Rhode Island, a team Richmond actually lost to(Richmond also lost to Bucknell). Richmond looks to be a decent team but Xavier does have the revenge from last year, I like that Xavier has a "Mark" and with revolution proceeding apace in Egypt, dont you really want a Musketeer instead of a Spider?(Win 85-62.......Tu Holloway 33 points and its a season high for him; a CRUSHING victory)

MARQUETTE GOLDEN EAGLES -2.5 over Syracuse---------Syracuse coming off two games in which they lost AS FAVORITES(one huge, crushing loss coming last game against Seton Hall)......and this was subsequent to the big mafia-bust on Jan 2oth. Clearly, the team is wounded. Is it too late to cash-in against this weak ATS team? Well, Marquette seems to be positioned well at home, coming off two losses to good teams with the +offense(and, of course, the +ATS) with a Darius and a JC.(Win 76-70.......Darius had 17 points, Jae Crowder 25pts)

OLE MISS REBELS -1.5 over Tennessee--------Although Ole Miss hasnt yet gotten a good home win over an SEC opponent, they have the revenge here and the +offense and +4 days of rest( 'Rebels', the UNrest in Egypt to boost them).(Lose74-57.........what a lousy effort in Oxford.........look to bet against these clowns)

CONN -4 over Louisville------Louisville has the +offense but Conn has the home revenge from last season. Pitino.........looks like he was payin' his sin-taxes for a few years.........then he apparently quit. Now he got his concubine he's not payin' anymore but..........I think I see some damage and mediocrity in his team's future..........(Lose 79-78.......#3 Peyton Siva 19pts for Louisville)

MOREHEAD STATE EAGLES -4 over Austin Peay Governors-------Morehead has the in-season home revenge here.(Win 69-56.........#35 Kenneth Faried 17 pts)

BYU -2 over New Mexico--------Byu has the +offense and the revenge and they seem to be getting better........NM is at home.(Lose 86-77........Cougars lose for me)

DREXEL DRAGONS +2.5 over Hofstra Pride-------Drexel seems inconsistent but they did beat Louisville and they are 6-4 ATS on the road this year overall. WITH the in-season revenge I'm taking Drexel here the day after the Kings beat the Lakers(Win 65-60.........#3 Chris Fouch 18 pts)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

JETS over Steelers parlayed with PACKERS over Bears (+320)---------A "Green" parlay but not perfect as Michigan State, Bowling Green and Ohio, along with the Tulane Green Wave, all lost. However, Oregon beat OSU as a 4.5 underdog and Notre Dame won and covered. AND J. Greene had 14 pts in CS Northridge's 15 pt win over Cal Poly, Rashad Green had 18 pts in THE BEST victory yesterday as the SF Dons shook off Mafia-bust day to win yet another game as an underdog(GB has Driver) while on 1/20, Erick Green had 24pts in VT's 17pt upset victory at Maryland. True; the Cincy Bearcats and Cal Golden Bears both won.........but the Packers did much better than the Bears against the Patriots. Its also true that this bet is asking a lot in that its asking both teams to win a THIRD STRAIGHT road playoff maybe I'm betting on a little bit of magic.(Lose by 5........Aaron Rodgers...........scores a TD on the naked bootleg.........)

NEW YORK JETS +4 over Pittsburgh--------Pitt did dominate Depaul yesterday but I think the Steelers AND Ravens were a little soft this year; they both got to play the Bengals and Browns twice. And although the Ravens offense was totally stopped last game, they did have a big play called back and Roethlisberger got lucky with that long pass near the end. From what I saw, the Jets did NOT get lucky in their win over the Patriots; their defense just did really well and they were only +1 on the TO ratio. The Steelers had to play the Ravens 3 times this year but the Jets had to play the Patriots 3 times; Im more impressed by the Jets' success. And remember: the Steelers would have lost to the BILLS if Johnson hadnt dropped that easy pass. The Jets scored 38 on the Bills twice.(Lose 24-19..........Jets have 1st and goal at the TWO!!! Rex Ryan, a well-renowned FOOT-FETISHIST, fails to call the naked bootleg........and the Jets FAIL to score a TD, Steelers MAKE the goal-line stand.........and this bet loses. Despite a 24-0 1st half loss, the Jets could have tied this game. You're going against THE BEST rushing defense, you ARE a foot-fetishist and you're at the 2-yard line. Call the damn play! This is just a coaching failure; plain and simple)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

VIRGINIA COMMIE RAMS +6 over Old Dominion----------Rams have the revenge and the +offense. Monarchs only 2-4 ATS at home(Win; a 9 point outright victory. #20 Bradford Burgess 15pts)

JAMES MADISON DUKES -1 over George Mason Patriots---------JMU has the revenge and home-off-road-loss. I'll try 'em here against the Patriots(Lose 75-73..........#20 Cam Long 30pts)

Friday, January 21, 2011

SACRAMENTO KINGS +6.5 over Golden State Warriors-------Kings on the road with the revenge on a 7-3 ATS run......lets see if they play for us........(Lose 119-112.......Tyreke Evans a career high 35 pts but........9 point lead blown with just a few minutes left in reg......OT and then a missed cover BY A HALF-POINT! Great.)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

NEW YORK JETS +9 over Ne Patriots(Win 28-21)
NEW YORK JETS +325 over Ne Patriots--------BIG win for the 6 in SHE-town.....Mark Sanchez wears 6(sure Marcus Trufant got hurt). 17 for Seattle........Williams? He did NOT look good........but somehow he got 2 TD's. I'm a little worried about Edwards. "How can you deny Math?" See that? "denymath" Namath. He knows.......he knows this is the Jets year(at least let it not be the Patriots')(Win 28-21.........Jets defense holds the lead)

SANCHEZ OVER 215.5 passing yds(-130)--------gotta play the 6. Cutler DOMINATED.(Lose; 194 passing yds)

1ST TD BRANDON TATE +1500---------BCLI steam...........(Lose........he looked open for it. Brady just couldnt get it to him)
SEATTLE SEAHAWKS +10(-105) over Chicago Bears(Lose 35-24......Miracle that this almost covered)
SEATTLE SEAHAWKS +400 over Chicago Bears---------I am aware that there will be some chi-steam in She-cago today. But we're gonna fight it. Not for a big bet but........I just think we should put our forces, here, in opposition. In honor of Jared Lee Loughner's love, whose name was Kelsey HAWKes. Loughner was not a Jew-hater in theory, but was a Jew-resistor in practice. And when, after all, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to resist the Jews, (after they've stolen too much of your money and really dont seem to give a damn about the consequences of their actions), you are gonna WANT resistors like Jared Lee Loughner in your camp who CARE..........even if, apparently in his case, they dont really know what the fuck they're doing. The Bears have the home revenge but I REMEMBER the way they disgraced my +9 teaser bet on them when they dissolved into hapless losers AT HOME against the Patriots. For THAT, you could make as much of an argument that the Bears dont deserve to be in the playoffs as you could with the Seahawks. But Seattle's probable inspiration, having snuck into the playoffs and now be currently ADVANCING in gotta like that energy; I'm sure they're excited. So no matter what Christina Aguilera has to say, Staten Island is lame, I was in Carroll Gardens(from where I emailed that Jew Ann Gordon who stole my money and SHE called the police---hahahaha----and cried to them that she was scared. So the police called ME. Like IM the guy the Jews need to be afraid of??? They need to fear THEIR OWN GREEDY BEHAVIOR) and I'm playing the 8.(Lose 35-24..........#6 Jay Cutler has 2 RUSHING TD'S plus 2 PASSING TD'S. That is a big win for the 6, no doubt.)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

BALTIMORE RAVENS +3.5(-125) over Pittsburgh Steelers---------Although we are aware........of the pro-Steeler steam out there----I DESPISE Beno Udrih's 29 pts in that fradulent Sacramento win at the Knicks last night. I say, Fuck it: the game was thrown. And if this game needs to be thrown, Pittsburgh has Ramon Foster right there at right guard to do it. Ravens have only two losses by more than 3 points this year(both were by 5) and each time Ravens-Steelers was played this season it was a 3 point game. Pittsburgh off the bye while the Ravens where showing their defense was in good condition in Kansas City last week. Pitt at home but...........home teams havent been winning much in the playoffs this season.(Lose 31-24.........What more can you do to give a team the game on a silver fucking platter in the 1st half? Huh? I dont know what the fuck happened in the beginning of the 2nd half but the Ravens HAD to have thrown this game away somehow. AT LEAST the Ravens' late TD---that was called back on a completely bullshit penalty----should have ensured that this bet covered. Instead it was a field goal. And after that HOW THE FUCK DO CALL HOLDING ON A DEFENSIVE LINEMAN???? Steelers should been stopped.........kick the FG and they win 27-24. Instead, HOLDING WAS CALLED ON A DEFENSIVE LINEMAN. Head official: JEFF TRIPLETTE. FUCK! Jeff Triplette. Fuck that bitch.)

GREEN BAY PACKERS +1 over Atlanta Falcons--------Packers outgained 'em at Atlanta and lost, so Green Bay has the revenge. Teams seem pretty equal(both have played 6 regular season games against playoff teams) but I like Green Bay's offense more. If Akers missed 2 make-able FG's to get GB past the Eagles, it could mean somebody wants to see GB in the Super Bowl.(Win 48-21.........Aaron Rodgers 366 yds 86%)

Friday, January 14, 2011

KNICKS -8.5 over Sacramento------home-off-road-loss and +ATS for the Knicks who have been an extraordinarily good ATS team this year. The RF did good for Wisc-GB yesterday. Sacramento has the revenge but they are coming off 3 straight road games, are only 5-10 ATS on the road and.........dont look too good this year.(Lose 93-83.........lemme tell you something: this is GARBAGE. Fuckin bullshit GARBAGE with capital G. Knicks shoot 31.5%!!! Thats lower than what they shot on 3's!!! Ray Felton goes 2 for 15 FG's 0 for 4 3pt-ers and 50% FT's. Garbage; this game was so fucking fixed I PISS ON THIS SHIT. When the fuck do the Knicks score 83 points???? Oh, only ONCE this season have they ever scored that low. Just one time they scored 80. The RF threw this game ALL-NIGHT, from start to finish. Ok, you gonna throw it like that? Then you gonna throw this next, BITCH!)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

WASHINGTON STATE -1 over Cal-----------WSU has the +ATS record, the +offense and the revenge from last season. On a neutral court they'd might be favored by 8.(Lose 88-81.....Alan Crabbe scores 30 pts in this game never having scored even 18 in a game before?? Hmmmm. Price HS, LA, CA.........)

Monday, January 10, 2011

OREGON -105 over Auburn------Lets see........Oregon beat Stanford by about 20 points and.......Mississippi State did NOT pay Newton's professional sports-agent father and still dominated in their Bowl game. Kentucky, who only lost to Auburn by only 3, had a Newton at QB when they lost their Bowl game to Pittsburgh 27-10. Green Bay wins yesterday with James Starks coming out of nowhere to get 120+ yards....(Lose 22-19.........and LaMichael James...only 44 rushing yards for Oregon while Michael Dyer has 142 rushing yards. Hmmmm. We saw Fairley's dirty hits and personal fouls and there 85% chance Auburn will be stripped of this national title. Cam Newton WANTED to go to Mississippi State. So how can Auburn athletic director Bobby Lowder get him to come to Auburn? You cant BUY players from their fathers for $180,000 in an amateur athletic league. YOU CANT DO THAT! Terrible outcomes for the NCAA; Ohio State wins with their players taking money from the tatoo parlor and then this atrocity.......)

Sunday, January 09, 2011

PHILADELPHIA EAGLES -2 over Packers------Can Green Bay lose on the road? Well, lets see.....(Lions, Redskins?). Sure. While this might not be the best weekend for the angel Gabriel........this is about Michael, right? And its about playing what is, in fact, a home revenge for the Eagles who have Michael Vick in his "OUT-OF-PRISON" season. Lets see...........coming out of prison with the home revenge.................."You got no choice so dont flip that coin, this aint the you punks cant join. It aint pop........its called underground-RAP.........from Oakland, California and the shit sounds PHAT"(Lose 21-16.........Hmmm, Eagles win the turnover ratio and outgain the Packers by 40 yards.........but lose. 2 missed FG's and "Williams" gets the game winning INT. Fixed game, no doubt)

NEVADA WOLF PACK -7.5 over Boston College---------yes, Im playing the Eagles and......going against the Eagles here. But consider that North Carolina State won their bowl game with abundantly auspicious luck. Nevada has a HUGE offensive advantage here as BC just doesnt score many points. And yes, with Ted Williams voicing his first Bowl Game........its true that BC has more players named "Williams". However, Nevada has beaten BOISE STATE(they're pretty good) and they have Colin KaeperNICK..........and who kicked the winning FG for the Jets yesterday? NICK Folk.(Lose 20-13...........not a good day for the 7..........and they just had to kick that late FG. Yeah, right. I guess I could have taken the Ravens)

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

RAZORBACKS +3(-115) over Ohio State---------I like the fact that Arkansas' coach is named Bobby Petrino..........and BP, my favorite stock, was up today. Its generally acknowledged that Auburn is a top team.........and Arkansas played them even AT AUBURN for more than 3 quarters. Give them credit for that.(Lose 31-26......he coulda just run that blocked punt in for the GWTD; decided to fall down. Way too many dropped passes by Arkansas; saliently, the late one to Lance Ray, Havana, FL)

Monday, January 03, 2011

STANFORD -3.5(-105) over Virginia Tech-----Miami's pathetic failure at the New England Patriots is significant as their QB was Tyler Thigpen. VT's QB is Tyrod Taylor and he's listed as Probable with an illness. (VT's QB is also listed as Probable). True, Sam Bradford........didnt win at Seattle and it looks like PBS will be running a new doc on Robert E. Lee during the game. Notwithstanding those possible risks, I think Stanford is the better team and also I think the Pac-10 is the better conference(Huskies won as an underdog; Miami Hurricanes lost as small favorites). Of course, the Heisman trophy for amateur players should have gone to Andrew Luck.(Win 40-12..........Stanford +250 yds)

Sunday, January 02, 2011

HOUSTON -3 over Jacksonville-----------home revenge(Win 34-17......Arian Foster 180 yds)

PACKERS -9.5 over Bears----------home revenge(Lose 10-3)

BRONCOS +3 over San Diego--------home revenge(Lose 33-28.........Absolutely pathetic; this game means nothing and the pansy-ass Broncos cant convert a home revenge)

Saturday, January 01, 2011

MICHIGAN +3 over Mississippi State Bulldogs(Lose 52-14)
MICHIGAN +145 over Mississippi State Bulldogs----------Robinson in his home state.......could flip off the bad-luck thats been molesting Michigan. NC State's QB Wilson was a #16 and they the 16 is currently a winner. Big Ten is looking better with Illinois and Iowa winning and with Notre Dame's victory yesterday(ND a team Mich beat in warm weather......), Michigan looks stronger on a relative basis. Does Miss State's victory over Florida(10-7) or their loss to LSU(7-29) impress you? How can anybody be impressed when the SEC is disgracing itself.........Tennessee lose, Clemson lose, Georgia BULLDOGS lose, South Carolina lose...(Lose 52-14..........Clemson is ACC!!! I fucked that up, shit. But I should have also said: Michigan?!!! IN A NEW YEAR'S DAY BOWL GAME????? Are you fucking kidding me? And I WAS thinking that(just got overwhelmed with 'Robinson in Florida'. Maybe Michigan deserved to be in the "DOMINOS: This-pizza-SUCKS-so much-we-changed-it-after-admitting-that-it-sucks Bowl". Terrible bet)

MICHIGAN STATE SPARTANS +7.5 over Bama----------SEC shouldnt be laying points to the Big Ten.(Lose 49-7..........'least I had some points. Big Ten 0-5 in Bowls today. Minnesota and Purdue must be just as upset as Indiana)