Sunday, September 18, 2016

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS +3.5(-115) over New York Giants-----Saints,  as scoring-machine last week,  did not win.   Giants did win their first game.....and maybe they shouldn't have.   With New York and New Jersey getting bombed yesterday,  I see the Saints as hungrier for a win here,  and probably likelier to get lucky.(Win 16-13...........Saints were +3 TO and still lost this game.  Manning 78%)

DETROIT LIONS -6 over Tennessee Titans------Sports Illustrated projected the Lions to win 5 games this year and the Titans to win 3 games.   Lions won their 1st game in Indianapolis in an even-TO game...........I think they're good.   Isaiah Ford had 2 TDs in a Virginia Tech blowout yesterday so I'm going with StafFord.(Lose 16-15.........Classic Fixed Game:  Lions blow a 15-3 lead in the 3rd quarter.   If all the TDs the Lions scored were allowed to count,  Lions would have won 36-16.  Lions were penalized 17 time for 138 yds.  The record's 22.
(Most Penalties, Game
22 Brooklyn vs. Green Bay, Sept. 17, 1944 
Chi. Bears vs. Philadelphia, Nov. 26, 1944 

San Francisco vs. Buffalo, Oct. 4, 1998  )...)

MIAMI DOLPHINS +5.5 over New England Patriots(Lose 31-24)
MIAMI DOLPHINS +205 over New England Patriots------Dolphins were a good anti-American team last weeks,  with some fists raised,  protesting the flag and the National Anthem...............and they almost won!    Almost won a game in which they were at least a 10-point underdog!  Tannehill might not be very good.   He seems to be inconsistent.   Garroppolo might be better.   But I think Miami's defense might be good.  Obviously,  the Patriots were very lucky to win in Week 1.(Lose 31-24.......New England was +3 TO)

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS +107 over Houston Texans------I saw that Kansas State won 63-7 against Florida Atlantic,  covering by 33 points with Alex Barnes getting 73yds and Alex Delton getting a TD so I'll go with Alex Smith even though Spencer Ware might be hurt(he's expected to play).(Lose 19-12...........Alex Smith 54% and sacked 4 times)

PITTSBURGH STEELERS -3 over Cincinnati Bengals----You saw that #14 get smoked on Notre Dame's QB last night.   You'll see it today on the Bengals I think they'll lose.(Win 24-16........Roethlisberger only 51%)

BALTIMORE RAVENS -4.5(-105) over Cleveland Browns-----Browns do have the home-off-road-loss..........but I should play this,  considering what the Browns did to me.   Who's their QB?  RGIII is out for a long time.(Win 25-20..........Mike Wallace 2TD..........Ravens down 20-0 in 1st quarter)

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS +12 over Carolina Panthers-----Kaepernick's a valuable player,  protesting America,  even if he's not playing.  (Lose was only 37-27 with 4:13 left in the game.  Why couldn't that cover?  Blaine Gabbert a pathetic 47%.   Time for Kaepernick to play)


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