Monday, October 29, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS -7 over Arizona Cardinals-----Will this be a pre-Halloween bloodbath of defense as Az RB Howling and QB Skelton match up against Gore?  Maybe,  but on the day after SF tore out the Tigers' hearts in a chainsaw massacre of dominance..........I'll go with Gore.(Win,  Alex Smith 94.7%........Michael Crabtree 2TD)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

WASHINGTON +4.5 over Steelers parlayed with INDIANAPOLIS COLTS +3.5 over Titans (+240)----Andrew Maxwell got the win for Michigan State yesterday so...........go with the AM too as Aaron Murray won for Georgia.(Lose 27-12.......10 dropped passes by 'skins so maybe Griffin wasn't that bad but......can't play this team anymore;  they've lost for me before)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

PENN STATE NITTANY LIONS +1.5 over Ohio State-----OSU was -3TO in their win.....last week,  at home, to Purdue.   I don't know how they got lucky enough to come back that late in the game.  This week,  OSU is on the road and Miller is probably not 100%(due to his injury).  Penn State looking good and better as the season progresses.(Lose tied at halftime....normally the home team comes out stronger in the 2nd half but Penn State...........they do strange things in their locker room.  DAMN!  I had a 3-teamer on these;  I would have had $165 more if they'd have laid off the little boys until after the game.)

MID TENNESSEE STATE -3(-115) over North Texas(Win 38-21........MTST +4 TO,  Logan Kilgore HUGE with 349yds and 3TD)

GEORGIA BULLDOGS +7(-115) over Florida------Florida clearly the better team but.....Georgia at home here.(Win 17-9...........Todd Gurley 117 yds TD)

Monday, October 22, 2012

LIONS +6.5 over Bears-----#9 Brees wins, #9 Romo wins...........go with that stream here.........Bears at home off the Bye.   Bears were +4TO beating the Colts and +4TO beating the Cowboys.   Whether the Bears are a "Super Bowl caliber" team is colored by the certainty that they've had "Super Bowl caliber" good fortune with the turnovers.(Win 13-7......Amazingly,  Bears go +4TO(again) in this game.......but Stafford throws the late TD to Broyles for the cover.)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS -1 over Tampa Bay Buccaneers------TB has 4 covers but just 2 wins.   Saints off the bye and I like the 9 here after Michigan's Drew Dileo came up with that heroic receiving performance yesterday.(Win 35-28........#9 Drew Brees 73%, 4TD)

ST LOUIS RAMS +6 over Packers(Lose 30-20)
ST LOUIS RAMS +205 over Packers----Rams have the home revenge and home-off-road-loss.   You could argue for Packers(in that they score more points---when they're not playing at Seattle)........but, yeah,  I think this is right;  Rams outgained their last opponent by 268 yds but DIDN'T WIN(that's odd).   Rogers coming off probably his best game----he could very easily be less fortunate this week.(Lose 30-20..........Randall Cobb 2 TD......GBP +1 TO...........Rodgers 81%)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

PITT PANTHERS -9.5 over Buffalo Bulls------Did you see that TigerS ?!  Sweeping the Yanks?  (I'll go with a TS at QB).   Dow down 200+;  not BULL-ish.(Win 20-6)

Monday, October 15, 2012

ST. LOUIS CARDINALS(Carpenter) +103 over Giants(Vogelsong)(Lose 7-1...........thought Cards' luck would just keep plowing along..........but Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Tannehill both had won the day before(I knew that,  I just chose to ignore it for the purposes of this bet).......and Jairus Byrd had 2INT for the Bills.   Gotta consider those things.........I should have, at least,  not played this game(god,  why did I put so much money on it?).  But a bet on Vogelsong was clearly warranted.)

CHARGERS +1 over Broncos------Chargers have the home revenge and home-off-road-loss;  one could say that Denver's played better teams but........2 of those,  Houston and the Patriots,  were devalued yesterday.(Lose 35-24...........Equinoctial madness...........SD -3 TO ratio........didn't think a game could be thrown like this in only 1 half.)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

TIGERS(Sanchez) +122 over Yankees(Kuroda)----Montee Ball 3 TDs in Wisconsin's blowout win;  Ball State....a home win.(Win 3-0......some awesome change-ups thrown by Anibal in this game)

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS +4(-115) over New England Patriots(Win 24-23)
SEATTLE SEAHAWKS +160 over New England Patriots-----Iowa HAWKeyes!  a HUGE overtime victory on the road as an 8-point underdog.......The Patriots have covered on the road this year and they tend to score a lot more points(well,  they average 16 more pts on offense).  However,  Seattle is very 'name-rich' today;  Tyler Wilson 5 TD yesterday for Ark........Wilson at QB for Seahawks;  Jahwan Edwards 3 TD in a huge comeback win by Ball State....Seattle does have Braylon Edwards;  Jordan Lynch 129yds RUSHING at QB for No. Illinois in their colossal beatdown of Buffalo.....Seahawks have a Lynch at RB.(Win 24-23.......Sherman with an INT,  and he trash-talks the Brady Bunch!  GWTD Sidney Rice........#17 Braylon Edwards did get a TD)

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS +3.5 over New York Jets-------With St Louis Cardinal Pete Kozma uttering the most profound comment in baseball history("Maybe its just my luck....") just a few days ago----hey,  anything associated with the Cardinals right now you can bet on.   I'm gonna play this and,  although the Jets are at home,  they have a 48% passer at QB..........and the Colts have Andrew Luck.(Lose 35-9........Jets;  Andrew Luck 50%, 2INTs.....supporting my original opinion---that he is just not ready for NFL------while RGIII throws 77% with 138 rushing yards and 2 rushing TDs as Redskins beat Vikings)

DALLAS COWBOYS +3.5 over Ravens parlayed with ARIZONA CARDINALS over Buffalo Bills (+158)--------Wyoming Cowboys covered for us yesterday.........Dallas is off the bye having given an extraordinary -4 TO to the Bears last game.   Home-off-road-loss for Arizona.(Lose 19-16....Cowboys come all the way back to cover and Arizona can't even win at home?  vs the Bills?  Arizona can beat the Patriots on the road........and they can beat the Eagles.......but not Buffalo.)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

DETROIT TIGERS +105 to win Series over New York Yankees------Tigers have a triple-crown winner plus a massive Starting Pitching advantage..........this price is too good.
DUKE BLUE DEVILS +9.5 over Virginia Tech Hokies-----Duke does have the revenge here on the road and with Daniel Descalso's 3-5 w/HR + game tying RBI......the Double-D is LIVE !(Lose 41-20.....What the FUCK is this shit?  You give up a 20-0 lead with 41 unanswered points to V-Tech?  I lost $62.70 on this, bitch.   #4 JC Coleman 2TD 183yds---where the fuck did this guy come from?(You remember this fucking 4 in on Kevin Kolb today, right?).   At least fucking keep the game close.)

UCLA -9.5 over Utah-----UCLA has home-off-road-loss and the revenge.(Lose 21-14........Oh,  another 9 1/2 point line;  another fucking loss for me?  You don't know who you're fucking with do you?  Lemme tell you motherfuckers something:   {Hagrid was there to take them down to the fleet of boats that sailed across the lake;  they were boarding the Hogwarts Express;  talking and laughing as the countryside became greener and tidier;  eating Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans as they sped past Muggle towns;  pulling off their wizard robes and putting on jackets and coats; pulling into PLATFORM NINE AND THREE-QUARTERS at King's Cross station. }----Harry Potter and the Socereror's Balls    
  It wasn't wasn't YOU in the hospital for 9 and 3/4 FUCKING weeks in 19-FUCKING-89 trying to figure some fucking way to jack off YOUR 9.75 inch serpent to save YOUR fucking life with your mom sleeping on the couch 4 feet from your bed---No,  that was MY discomfort.   So when this HARRY POTTER shit makes SOMEONE ELSE 10 billion FUCKING dollars and THEY don't fucking pay me SHIT,  then...........THEN I own fucking everything,  FUCKING EVERYTHING between 9 and fucking 10.   Capisce, motherfucker?   And if Los Angeles is not RIPPED TO FUCKING SHREDS and bounced off into the Pac-O,  compliments of deadbeat motherfucking Warner Brothers,  in a fucking TECTONIC EXPLOSION in the next 5 days,  trust me:  It will be if I EVER, EVER fucking lose on a 9.5 point line again in my fucking intellectual-property-ripped-off life.   Steven Manfro, #33, Castaic, CA, fumbles a punt into an instant Utah TD.   $53 loss for me I can't believe this shit.)

WYOMING +3 over Air Force parlayed with OREGON STATE BEAVERS +7 over Byu(Win 28-27 and 42-24...........Listen, it like Wyoming.   Wyoming wanted to throw the game away--and they did---but they didn't THROW THE SPREAD AWAY.   See?  Fuckin do it that way.)

Friday, October 12, 2012

ORIOLES(Hammel) +182 over Yankees(Sabathia)-----Orioles haven't been scoring enough but they have solid regular season experience hitting Sabathia.(Lose 3-1..........good price,  didn't think they'd wanna waste the ALCS on the Yankees when the Orioles have had such a fine season)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

OAKLAND A'S(Parker) +125 over Tigers(Verlander)----$100 bet on every A's game this year would have won you $3854 and the A's are the Top Money Team in baseball;  no other team would have made you more money.   And BCLI is playing Moneyball today.  (Tigers didn't even have a winning record on the road this year.)(Lose 6-0..........A's weak offense finally hurts them;  they couldn't hit Verlander)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Saunders) +150 over Yankees(Hughes)-----Orioles on the road here and they have been BY FAR the best Money Team on the road;  $100 bet on the Orioles in all of their road games would have won you $2628.   And,  overall,  the Orioles have been the 2nd best Money Team in baseball this year.   I've seen enough S's to go with Saunders.(Win 2-1...........JJ Hardy GWRBI)

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Detwiler) +104 over Cardinals(Lohse)----I can see that they want Kozma deep in the post-season,  but I don't think this is the day the Nationals go out.   Nats are a low-ball hitting team and,  considering that low-stuff is all that Lohse throws,  they'll have plenty of chances to hit.   (This is reflected in the fact that Lohse has been rocked both times he's faced the Nationals)   Planning to deprive Strasburg of even 1 post-season start was not the right move(wow, Jackson really got rocked yesterday) but..........maybe they'll give him one later.(Win 2-1........GWHR Jason Werth.........)

Monday, October 08, 2012

ORIOLES over Yankees(Pettitte) parlayed with NATIONALS(Zimmerman) over Cardinals(Garcia) parlayed with TEXANS -9 over Jets (+720)-----With 'Ryan' doing so well in the Reds game and Ryan Mattheus getting the Win for Washington and Ryan Tannehill winning yesterday,  I'd like to go with Rex Ryan and the Jets......but I don't think he's gonna let Tebow play.(Lose 12-4 and 23-17.....Tebow did get in and the Jets did,  Jordan Zimmerman destroyed on the night George Zimmerman's mom goes on(in 'dark face') Piers Morgan.   Hope they can give Strasburg a start)

Sunday, October 07, 2012

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS +6 over Chicago Bears(Lose 41-3)
JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS +200 over Chicago Bears-----Mike Mularkey at HC for Jax the day after Mike Glennon's heroic 3-straight 4th down conversions to save the game in Raleigh for the Wolfpack.   I understand,  most people would not make this bet seeing the Jaguars' record of patheticness.   But all can agree that the Bears got phenomenally lucky in their last game and,  like that,  they're averaging an almost 2 TO win per game.   Went with the double-B with the Bills last week.  Didn't work.   We'll try the double-B with GaBBert here(he's not really that bad, is he?)(Lose 41-3..........Another tragic 2nd half collapse in Florida this weekend(Bundy's boys are gonna have to put a hurtin' on that state til it starts polling for Romney).  Jacksonville GM "Gene Smith"--closer to Geno Smith than Lovie Smith----but it obviously doesn't work:  Jaguars are the worst football team in America,  Gabbert 51%,  Bears win another TO ratio.)

TENNESSEE TITANS +6(-115) over Vikings(Lose 30-7)
TENNESSEE TITANS +210 over Vikings(Lose 30-7...........Horrible pick.  I thought Tennessee was bad......but then they beat the Lions.  Now,  its obvious that they suck.   But Minnesota is ok;  I shouldn't have gone against them.)

GIANTS(Bumgarner) -144 over Reds(Arroyo)(Lose 9-0.........Get the Giants out of this post-season!  Why are they even here?  I thought it'd be the Dodgers.   Lincecum sucks this are the Giants here?  We got them the WS in 2010.......Sabean didn't pay me shit.   Ingrate motherfuckers---how are they fucking in the playoffs?)

NATIONALS(Gonzalez) -115 over Cardinals(Wainwright)----Gio Bernhard ran for 262 yards yesterday and...........I don't think the Braves fans appreciated the Cardinals recent luck.(Win 3-2.........Tyler Moore GWRBI)

Saturday, October 06, 2012

LOUISIANA STATE TIGERS -2.5(-115) over Florida Gators------LSU has the revenge have to wonder,  with "12 separate car crashes" involving "47 vehicles" near Sarasota, Florida yesterday,  would the name of LSU's coach........take on admonitory meaning a suggestion of........"odometer moderation"?   Well,  LSU on the road but their blowout of Washington was legit on an even TO ratio----Florida's been getting slightly luckier with turnovers.(Lose 14-6....No--Lsu did not have the revenge;  can't believe I mis-read that shit.   Florida had the home revenge and.......this is what happens when you go against the revenge.  LSU was also RANKED higher than Fla.  Should have considered that.   Mike Gillislee 2 TD)

AUBURN TIGERS -7(-115) over Arkansas-----Wow,  this is home revenge for Auburn and they are off the bye.   And 0-5 ATS its clearly not their year.  The state.......produced the most immoral president in history.......put the West Memphis 3 in jail for what?  18 years?  (Can you believe they made 'em cop a plea?  Just to get out.)   A colossal injustice and..........should probably just give that state to Mexico,  you know?    True,  Auburn's QB is from Arkansas.  But Auburn does have a Blake,  echoing the divine Blake Beavan's great win for the Mariners on the last day of the season.......and Blake Bortles' 71% as QB for UCF the day after.(Lose 24-7.....Auburn's offense sucks.  NOW........I know that.   If Leslie Frazier is still coach of the Vikings,  I'm going after them because this QB Kiehl Frazier was pathetic.   The guy should not be playing QB in an offense that's planning to do any passing(and, of course,  he held the ball too much and got sacked).)

VIRGINIA CAVALIERS +1.5 over Duke-----UVA does have Perry Jones(the day after Chipper threw his team's season into right field) and Duke does have the home revenge.   However,  Virginia has been losing TO ratios by a lot and,  if they come equal one of these games,  some "hidden value" could be unlocked for them.   Dan Johnson---didja see that?----3 HR in a game on the last day of the season.........UVA has Darius Jennings.   Duke got a big +3TO gift in their last game beating Wake Forest and........Renfree is Questionable;  Duke should be tested here.(Lose 42-17......Virginia drops another TO ratio and they have some deep, mysterious problem that ain't going away.   At least I knew I was going against the revenge here.)

CLEMSON TIGERS -11 over Georgia Tech------Clemson with the home revenge;  GT coming off 2 suspiciously huge non-cover losses.(Win 47-31)

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

SEATTLE MARINERS(Beavan) +165 over La(Weaver)-----Beavan has the pitcher revenge and........he's #49.   WHAT a beatdown the 49ers put on the Jets on Sunday----it IS Tebow-time, by the way.(Win 12-0.........Wow,  what an amazing victory!  Caspar Wells 5 RBI...........what an amazing way to end the regular season........#12 Trayvon Robinson 2-4..........Jesus Montero 3RBI)