Monday, December 28, 2009

BEARS +8 over Vikings(Win 36-30)
BEARS (+315) over Vikings---------Minnesota is in, they dont need the game. Bears havent covered since the Ice Age, they're due. No, I know, there is not "parity" in the NFL anymore(and that sucks), but Bears need to respect their fans and win this game. (Win 36-30)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

MIAMI DOLPHINS -1 over Houston--------Miami has home-off-road-loss and is on a 7-3 ATS run. I think Houston is weak; they've beaten Tenn, Oak, Cin, SF, Buff, and Stl.............that's somewhat unimpressive.(27-20.........what a joke, and this is the SECOND time Miami has failed for me at home; they'll be consequences for this.........CONSEQUENCES, BITCH!)

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS +14 over Saints----------Saints are looking weak having gone 2-6 ATS of late. Tampa has the revenge.........I'll take these points(Win 20-17)

ILLINOIS-CHICAGO FLAMES +22 over Wisconsin--------Ill-Chi is off a loss, Wisconsin has the +offense. Both teams have lost to Wisconsin-GreenBay, see if the Flames can keep it closer than 22(Lose 79-43)

LOYOLA-MARYMOUNT LIONS -4.5 over Sacramento State--------Loy-Mary has the +offense and has beaten USC(Lose 82-78)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

OHIO (-125 over Illinois State-------Ohio has the +ATS and +1 day of rest. Ill st is OFFL(Win 75-57)

EAST CAROLINA PIRATES +14.5 over Clemson--------Clemson has the better offense but EC is at home with 8 more days of rest than Clemson has. The "Pirates", well, did you see how Seton Hall set a team scoring record in their game against VMI? That record had stood for, like, 47 years. Seton Hall "Pirates". Clemson is the "Tigers" still think Tiger Woods is all that? Well, a lot of people DONT anymore.(Lose 80-63)

SOUTH CAROLINA -4 over Richmond-------Richmond has the better ATS record and is off a loss. SC has home-off-road-loss, +6 days of rest and the +offense. The conventional wisdom is that Ben Bernanke is the "Man of the Year". Maybe........I dont know anything about him more than that he's from South Carolina. We'll find out more about him, and about Time magazine, in this game.(Win 76-58...........guess they're ok)

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS +5.5 over Spurs--------San Antonio is OFFL and is only 2-6 ATS on the road. GS is 6-3 ATS at home, they have the better ATS record overall, +1 day of rest, the +offense, they are coming off 3 road losses, they have home-off-road-loss and are coming off a terrible 2-8 SU run. Ok, you're at home now, GS, time to play.......lets light this up......"Who wants to play.........Right now! FUCKING USA..........Right now......!"(Lose 103-91.........Fuck GS)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

SACRAMENTO +7 over Portland--------Kings have the better offense and the +ATS record(hard to argue with a 16-6 ATS record). Portland has home-off-road-loss...........they did great vs Cleveland recently in the 1st half, but they have injury concerns.(Push 95-88)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

ATLANTA +10 over Saints(Win 26-23)
ATLANTA (+400) over Saints--------This is home revenge for the Falcons as they lost 35-27 to the Saints earlier. Saints are CLEARLY getting tired at this point as they just barely beat Washington 33-30 last week even as they took a +3 on the TO ratio from them(a huge gift and they almost didnt win). Atlanta is coming off a terrible 34-7 loss to the Eagles where they gave a -3 TO to Philadelphia. New Orleans is only 2-4 ATS in their last 6 games, a lot of their players are on the injury list and this is a perfect opportunity for Atlanta to bounce back and win the game outright.(Lose 26-23..........2nd week in a row Saints have won by 3....)

DENVER +7(-120) over Colts(Lose 28-16.........this is absolutely sick; Broncos get not 1 but a +2 on the turnover ratio and they cant even cover the number)
DENVER (+250) over Colts---------This is a Strength of schedule play; by my count, Denver has played SEVEN games against good teams this season. Im not sure the Colts have played more than TWO games against good teams. Also, Colts are exclusively a passing team and Devner's pass defense is good(maybe one of the best). Ill take this juice(Lose 28-16)

MIAMI +1.5 over Jacksonville--------I dont think Jax is very good; they got a +2 TO in beating Houston(another team that doesnt impress me) last game. Miami has gone 6-3 SU since they began to start Henne.(Win 14-10..........a stronger win than it appears as Miami gave 3 TO's on the ratio)

BUFFALO (-145) over Kansas City--------Bills have + 3 days of rest.........they've gotta get this win against a team that is clearly worse than they are(Win 16-10)

SAN DIEGO (+165) over Dallas---------Chargers have been strong lately whereas, Dallas, tho they have home-off-road-loss here, has beaten ATL and PHI.........and done nothing else very impressive. I'll take a +165 against them.(Win 20-17)

XAVIER -3.5 over Cincinnati------Xavier has +2 days of rest, the +offense and home-off-road-loss(Win 83-79..........Holloway 26pts)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

SACRAMENTO -7 over Minnesota--------Sac has the +offense, +2 days and home-off-road-loss. and Donte Green. Minn is OFFL and is coming off an astonishing 7 straight covers; that's not likely to last. Sac is coming off 4 non-covers so they are due to cash here.(Win 120-100.....Jason Thompson 23pts)

UTAH (-130) over Lakers---------Utah has the +ATS record, +1 day of rest and the home revenge. Lakers have the +offense(Win 102-94)

EASTERN MICHIGAN -6 over James Madison-------EMU has the +ATS, home-off-road-loss, the +offense and Antonio Green. Jmu is OFFL(Win 75-64)

Friday, December 11, 2009

CHARLOTTE BOBCATS +7.5 over San Antonio---------Charlotte has the +ATS record and +1 day of rest. SA has the better offense.(Lose 104-85.......Damn; didnt realize Charlotte was 1-8 SU on the road. We'll remember that next time we consider risking our hard-earned money on these road-quitters)

PHOENIX SUNS -3 over Orlando---------Phoenix has the revenge, the +offense, +2 days of rest and home-off-road-loss. Orlando is OFFL(Push 106-103.........Phoenix is an inferior team to be not covering in this spot. We'll look to go against them later)

IOWA STATE CYCLONES -11.5 over Iowa--------Cyclones have the +ATS, +3 days of rest, home-off-road-loss and the +offense. Iowa is OFFL(Lose 81-71......Fuck! Too many damn points)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

DENVER NUGGETS -7(-120) over Detroit-------Denver is OFFL, has +1 day of rest and the better offense.(Lose 101-99........Charlie Villanueva.........Jonas J, hmmm, a Swede)

Saturday, December 05, 2009

PITT PANTHERS +2 over Cincinnati--------Pitt has the home revenge and home-off-road-loss. They were -2 TO in losing to West Virginia.(Win 45-44)

FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL GOLDEN PANTHERS -2 over Florida Atlantic-----FINT is at home, off the bye, has the revenge AND home-off-road-loss.(Lose 28-21)

ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE (+185) over Florida-------Alabama has the revenge and, considering the statistical equality of these teams(especially on defense), I'll take the +185. I just read about Meyer in Sports Illustrated.......that means Florida could be jinxed........RECENTLY jinxed.(Win 32-13........I wonder if Tiger Woods will make the cover of SI)