Sunday, March 27, 2011

VIRGINIA COMMIE RAMS +11 over Kansas(Win 71-61)
VIRGINIA COMMIE RAMS (+625) over Kansas--------Kansas may be considered an outstanding Big-12 team but.........besides them, show me a Big-12 team that has won more than 1 game in this tournament. Besides Kansas, the Big-12 has beaten Utah St and Oakland. Yes, Kansas can sometimes blow teams out; but they've had wins of 1, 2, 7, 5, 3, 4, 4, 1, 7 during the season(in addition to their 16pt loss to K-State and 11pt loss to Texas). Richmond, who was blown out by Kansas, was pretty good(tho I dont know how much respect they should get from beating only Morehead St and Vandy)......but Illinois and Boston U? Dont think VCU is undersized just because Rodriguez is 5'10; they've got two guys at 6'9 and Haley's a 7-footer. VCU may not have a "Lamb" like Conn and Kentucky, but what does "Ram" rhyme with?(Win 71-61)

Friday, March 25, 2011

VIRGINIA COMMIE RAMS +4 over Florida State
VIRGINIA COMMIE RAMS (+160) over Florida State---------FSU has split vs Clemson in 2 games this season and has an L vs Maryland and Auburn and a W against Duke. They've lost twice to VT and NC. Give them some respect for crushing Notre Dame last game but I think VCU's a hotter team right now; a team on a MISSION after huge beatdowns as an underdog vs USC, Georgetown and Purdue.(Win 72-71)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

BYU COUGARS +2.5 over Florida Gators---------34pts last game for I'll play 'em for the kiss on Kimmel.(Lose 83-74...........Jimmer only 20% from Area Code-3........EVERY underdog in basketball, including NBA, covers today except this one which would have, if it had ended in regulation or if Florida would have made the final lay-up attempt in regulation)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NEW JERSEY NETS -2.5(-105) over Cleveland Cavs---------Cleveland has the home revenge here but that sure didnt work for Atlanta last night as the Bulls blew them out. Nettes had a nice win streak going 2 weeks ago, beating Boston, the Clippers, GS and Toronto(twice). Cleveland, however, rarely wins any games. Al Montoya had 36 saves last night for the Islanders and the Nets have an AM.(Win 23 rebounds for #43 Kris Humphries
(The stroke that agitates an ant-hill may crush the insect-myriads in the dust; yet truth must extort confession that man has industriously labored for his own destruction. The institution of great cities, which include a nation within the limits of a wall, almost realizes the wish of Caligula, that the Roman people had but one neck.).............thats my favorite chapter!!!)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

MICHIGAN WOLVERINES +12.5 over Duke Bleu Devils(Win 73-71)
MICHIGAN WOLVERINES +750 over Duke Blew Devils---------Coming off what has to be the biggest point-spread cover of this tourney, Michigan respect from this line. But they did take Kansas to OT at home and only lost by 3 to Syracuse on the road; clearly there's some value in Michigan not so easily seen as you consider how well red-teams have done against them. But Duke is not red. Blue and yellow teams didnt win yesterday as they did before Michigan's last game. But lets be clear about who owns Time Warner Cable Arena---or anything else, for that matter, bearing the Time Warner name----I do; the same individual who you saw laboring for 8 years on Granger delivering newspapers STARTING in 1990, the same year one JK Rowling received the "Harry Potter" idea riding, as she says, on a train from ManCHESTER(Warner brothers made $5 billion off that project and they havent paid me anything from it. Until they do, we own all their stuff). In my own arena, of course, I should win money.........ergo, Michigan wins.(Lose 73-71)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

UCLA BRUINS +6 over Florida------UCLA lost to Kansas but only by 1 point; Florida went 1-2 vs Kentucky............hmmmm, I'm not sure the SEC is so good.(Lose 73-65)

Friday, March 18, 2011

*MICHIGAN WOLVERINES +1.5 over Tennessee Volunteers-------Not only did West Virginia, in blue and yellow, beat BCLI yesterday in a game they werent supposed to win, but the biggest upset of the day came in blue and yellow Morehead St. On top of that, UCLA, in other hues of blue and yellow, advanced past Michigan State. Thats a very, very strong augury for today and for Michigan. Tennessee's orange lost for BCLI on Clemson and..........Michigan was a 20-8 ATS team this year, they're very underrated and their ATS advantage against underperforming Tenn is HUGE. I suspect Michigan's motivation will be stronger also as there was some uncertainty about whether they were getting into this tournament.(Win 75-45.........First NCAA tourney game won without the winning team making a free throw)

GEORGE MASON PATRIOTS +1.5 over Villanova-------Huge ATS advantage for George Mason AND this is a BCLI steam play...............(Win winning 3ptr Luke Hancock)

LIU BROOKLYN BLACKBIRDS +17.5 over North Carolina---------NC usually wins but they do have losses to Illinois and Georgia Tech. Note Brooklyn players Erving Walker's 18 pts for Florida yesterday and Darryl Bryant's 19pts for WV(Win 102-87)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

CLEMSON TIGERS +2.5 over West Virginia------I think, from my perspective, this is the best bet of the day; Grant had a nice game recently and another game it was Stitt so I think this is a balanced team that should do well in the tournament and probably beat Georgia to make the Final Four.(Lose 84-76.............another huge lead blown by this team........Darryl Bryant 19pts BROOKLYN........)

ST JOHN'S RED STORM -1.5 over Gonzaga--------DJ Kennedy IS out-for-the-season so I was gonna pass this considering.........that STJ is only 1-3 ATS going back. However, even with Gonzaga having the +off and the +ATS, I saw some good females on tv wearing red and.........we might be able to----I was thinking-------get into Sacre. This game is in Denver which is, of course, a long way from STJ's Madison-Square-Power-Center so..........somewhat of a leap of faith(Lose 86-71........Marquise Carter career-hi 24pts..........Bulldogs win, does that means Georgia will win?)

RICHMOND SPIDERS +3 over Vanderbilt parlayed with LOUISVILLE CARDINALS -9.5 over Morehead St parlayed with CLEMSON +2.5 (+597)--------Richmond has been really good at covering and I like the names on Louisville today after the "Shocking" Witch St beatdown of Nebraska with David Kyles 13pts and Ben Smith's 9pts(Lose with Clemson and Louisville......Morehead St's coach is Donnie Tyndall.........he "dreamed" the win with Demonte Harper)

PRINCETON TIGERS +13 over Kentucky parlayed with UCLA BRUINS +1 over Michigan State parlayed with CINCINNATI -1 over Missouri--------Princeton has a "Pat" on St Patrick's day and Davis coming out of the Hun school...........and MSU is simply a very bad ATS team this year.......Cincinnati: CASHMERE WRIGHT! yeah.(Win........#3 Malcolm Lee 16pts for UCLA)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

MICHIGAN +10.5 over Ohio State(Win 68-61)
MICHIGAN +500 over Ohio State-----------Michigan has double revenge against Ohio State here.(Lose 68-61)

CLEMSON TIGERS +5.5 over North Carolina(Win 92-87)
CLEMSON TIGERS +200 over North Carolina--------Clemson has the revenge, having lost 64-62 on NC previously.(Lose 92-87..........Freshman? Harrison Barnes 40pts??? whats that about?)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

MICHIGAN +2700 to win Big-Ten Tournament----------If Michigan plays Purdue, Michigan has the revenge. If Michigan plays Wisconsin or Ohio State, Michigan has DOUBLE revenge.(Lose 68-61.........all they had to do was win then they'd have had Penn State; what a disaster)