Saturday, June 30, 2012

PADRES(Volquez) +112 over Rockies(Friedrich)(Win 8-4.......I was gonna say,  If this little girl offense didn't hit today,  in this situation,  they ought to apply for admission to the International League or something.   They did hit;  but, curiously,  not against Friedrich who only allowed 1 run.  2 HR from #5, 5'8 150-pound Alexi Amarista,  adding to his power surge 2 days after his game-winning, pinch-hit, Grand Slam........2 HR also from Yasmani Grandal, Havana, Cuba......Quentin didn't eve get a hit in this game)

ARIZONA(Miley) -112 over Brewers(Fiers)(Lose 10-2......Just goes to show you the power of names---When does Miley get rocked like this?----I knew Michael Morse, Michael Cuddyer and Mike Leake had all gone hitting the day before.   And Fiers........looked 'Ok' but I think Arizona has way more offensive potential than Milwaukee.   Should have laid off this game.)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Masterson) +135 over New York Yankees(Hughes)(Lose 6-4)
CLEVELAND INDIANS(Masterson) +130 over New York Yankees(Hughes) 1ST 5INN-----Indians have a 'Carlos' at catcher and that name was hot yesterday.  Indians have scored only 5 runs over their last 4 games AFTER they gave Masterson good run support in the game before that.   And if you consider Mat Latos' CG w/ 13 K's yesterday while he himself went 2-3,  and the fact that Masterson sounds quite a bit like Mathewson.......we're on this game.(Lose 4-0........Eat a fucking cock, losing shitbags.   You can't hit fucking Phil Hughes?!  This entire offense needs to go to the minor fucking leagues.   The Indians are a failed franchise from a dysfucktional city in an ignorant State)

TAMPA BAY RAYS(Archer) +100 over Kansas City Royals(Chen)(Lose 8-2.....Knew this offense was weak vs lhps but.........this offense is just weak. PERIOD!  They have 2 sub-.200 hitters starting in the lineup(including their DH?!!) then .216-Sean Rodriguez and .229-Jennings.  So of course they're looking to pick up Brooks Conrad after his .075 Brewers season.  (Hey,  he hit a home run!---fucking ruined the UNDER.)  Do like the Cubs and fire the hitting coach immediately.  If that doesn't work,  fire the manager.)
Tampa vs Royals UNDER 9(-115)------Archer did well his first game.  Rays have gone 0, 7, 3, 6 runs per game going back.(Lose 8-2.......Is there some reason why Brandon Gomes has to come into this game and allow 4 hits and give 2 walks while pitching 1/3 of one inning?   I mean,  a reason besides making me lose more money?)

ROCKIES(Friedrich) +127 over Nationals(Gonzalez)-----Jesus Guzman,  Jesus Flores and Jason Castro all had gone days hitting yesterday.   To me,  that points to Friedrich here although there are statistical ways in which this bet looks bad.   Friedrich has been rocked EVERY TIME he has pitched at home in Colorado where he'll be in this game.   Hmmmm,  do the Rockies have a 'Carlos'?  However,  the Rockies do have the better offense and its worth noting that the Nationals' good record is un-reflective of their weak offense.(Lose 12-5........Burn, baby, Burn.   Can there be more goo in the tubs of these obese Colorado Rockies fans?  Excessive corpulence---did you watch the game?---all over the stadium.  My God!  Colorado Christians have obviously failed and they all need to spend quite a bit more time in hell.   (How can they even have the strength to walk out of the house with that much flubber? )  Gio Gonzalez,  the pitcher?,  gets an RBI?  Abandon all hope, Colorado.  Your team sucks---when is Coors Field going to burn down?)

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Estrada) +140 over Reds(Arroyo)-----Hmmmm,  Marco Scutaro got beaned yesterday.   Will the name rise today?   I am the truth,  the Estrada and the life?(Lose 4-3....Estrada had 12 K's;  that's not bad but......without Prince Fielder, and with a naturally-hormoned Braun,  this is not really a Major League offense.....3 lousy hits off Arroyo?!  That's weak.  Looks like they have as many rice-eating Japs as the Mariners in that lineup.   I'll have to bet against these losers.   But where the fuck is all my money now?)

MIAMI MARLINS(Zambrano) +113 over Cardinals(Lohse)------Marlins have the revenge against Lohse who dominated them.   Marlins offense does not look good compared to the Cardinals but the Marlins have scored at least 5 runs a game in 6 of their last 7.   Carlos DID do well yesterday with Beltran going 2-3 with 3 BBs and Carlos Ruiz going 3-5 and Carlos Quentin going 2-5 while getting the GWRBI.(Lose 5-2..........5 UNEARNED RUNS in the 1st inning?  ALL the Cardinals runs were unearned.   Pathetically careless error by Zambrano rushing the throw to 2nd on a DP-ball that would have ended the 1st inning.   That's what happens WHEN NOBODY CARES and your stadium is virtually empty:  You throw it into center field.........if your fans don't care, then you don't care.   Why is there an MLB team in Miami?  There's too many teams in baseball----retire this franchise immediately or move it to Puerto Rico.   I should have bet on the Cubs today;  Wells walks 4 in 3inn, getting rocked for 6 hits.......but the Cubs stay in the game and win it BECAUSE SOMEBODY CARES.   That's not the case with the Marlins;  get rid of this team.)

Monday, June 25, 2012

OAKLAND(Milone) -105 over Seattle(Ramirez)(Win 1-0)
OAKLAND(Milone) -1.5(+145) over Seattle(Ramirez)------Though they'll be a lot of low batting averages in this game,  the A's have presumably gained some offensive confidence in their trip to Colorado.   Mariners are at home but,  if you believe in 'betting home teams',  you only need to review the atrocity that happened last night at "Cit" Field as R.A. Dickey was exposed as a knuckle-fraud and..........I lost a hell of a lot of money-----"life-savings"-type money.   In fact,  you don't have to go back too far---April 18th----to see a start where R.A. Dickey gave up as many ER's as he did last night.   But he was on quite a run for 2 months;  that run is now over.  And,  I don't see a name like ERAsmo RAmirez doing anything extraordinarily successful so soon after Dickey proved himself such a fraud to my bankroll.   In addition,  I see the Mariners' trident symbol as being weak right now since I'd been expecting a potent earthquake in the Los Angeles area to express our malevolent disappointment in the NHL Finals' outcome.   Such an event hasn't occurred----the trident is weak.(Lose 1-0...Wrong!  Ramirez pitches most likely the best game he's thrown since Little League w/ 10K's....Seth Smith HR......A's only get 3 hits to Seattle's 7 but pull out the win.)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

METS(Dickey) +117 over Yankees(Sabathia)-----The epic, 4-hour A's-Giants game yesterday seems to tell a good story relevant to this game:  With the earthy-themed Brandon MOSS accumulating an amazing 3 errors in one inning(a fielding E,  a kicking-the-ball E and a catching-the-ball E)---an implied "opposition" to the R.A.(helios) Dickey----and altho the A's lost,  Josh RedDICK went 3-4 with an HR......Coco Crisp,  a "CC",  was thrown out of the game for arguing.  (Lose 6-5......Mets out-hit 'em 12-5 and commit 1 less error.   Oh,  Miguel Batista comes in after Dickey does by far his worst work in 2 months.........and Miguel Batista take the Loss......(''They hit balls out of the ballpark like there's nothing to it,'' said Mets manager Terry Collins, who acknowledged he should have brought in left-hander Tim Byrdak to face Cano.).......Collins!  also implicated in this sick loss that cost me SO much money)

Friday, June 22, 2012

PHILLIES(Lee) -135 over Rays(Shields)-----Phillies did not hit for BCLI last time........and "James" did just win an "NBA Championship".....However,  the Phillies offense is one of the top offenses in the NL by runs scored(altho they don't walk) and Tampa is weak vs lhps.(PPD)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

BOSTON RED SOX(Matsuzaka) -141 over Miami Marlins(Zambrano)----With Beltran having a perfect day at the plate yesterday,  I suppose its conceivable that Zambrano could do........a little better than he has lately.  But Boston's offense seems much better than their record.   Yesterday's 15-5 beat-down doesn't seem that anomalous if you consider that the Red Sox are 2nd in their league in runs scored.  With this bet,  you can get a home team,   a much better offense,  and Dice-K.(Win 6-5......Will Middlebrooks 3-4, 4 RBI, HR)

Tampa(Moore) vs Washington(Gonzalez) UNDER 7 (+105)-------Tampa is weaker---and has been weakening----against lhps.   But you don't even need that to bet on Gonzalez who has been awesomely hard to hit this year.  Moore K's a lot of batters and may be at the top of his game at this point in the season coming off a 1-hitter.(Push 5-2......Espinosa 2-4, 2 RBI,  raising his average to .232)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TWINS(Diamond) -110 over Pirates(Correia)------Pirates have scored 18 runs in their last 2 games but........I'm just not afraid of their offense.   Pedro Alvarez just had 2 good days,  raising his average to .207?   The Twins can walk----they've taken more walks than the Rangers.(Lose 7-2.........Correia shuts down the Twins?)

Monday, June 18, 2012

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Wolf) -104 over Toronto Blue Jays(Alvarez)----Ok,  Brian MacNamee loses to Roger Clemens in court........will that affect Ryan Braun?  Maybe,  but with the Swedish Wolves chowing down on human flesh-----thats kinda become the new trend,  you know,  eating human flesh with.....that 'bath salts' guy and that guy at Morgan State eating........well, I don't know------I'll see if Wolf can have a good game here.(Win 7-6......Aramis Ramirez 3-3 HR)

CUBS(Garza) +119 over White Sox(Stewart)-------Cubs' record on the road can't possibly get any worse but........Cubs are not far from home in this one and.......Garza should probably have more wins than he has.(Win 12-3........Starlin Castro and Luis Valbuena both 3-5,, season high for Cubs in H, R and HR)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

FREDRIK JACOBSON +1400 to win US Open------With Freddy Garcia picking up the late innings W for the Yanks,  I think Jacobson is prime here:  2 strokes off.......let's do it!(Lose with a 5-over 75.....what a tease)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Reds(Bailey) vs Mets(Niese) OVER 7.5(-105)-----(Lose 4-1)

WHITE SOX(Humber) +121 over Dodgers(Billingsley)-----(Win 5-4)

ARIZONA(Saunders) +122 over Laa(Santana)------(Lose 2-0........When does Santana THIS YEAR ever come close to throwing a no-hitter?  Huh?  When does that ever fucking happen.)  
MICHAEL H THOMPSON +6600 to win US Open-----You've got to be kidding;  He's 2 strokes off the lead before the 3rd round...........and he shot a 66 in the 1st round when nobody else shot better than a 69.........This guy can win..........and he's 66-1 right now?(Lose +2(1 off)......Webb Simpson gets up and down from a green-side hole........this thing should have gone to a playoff.  Shot 67 on Sunday)

JOHN PETERSON +10,000 to win US Open-----Here's another guy who's only 2 strokes off the lead.  So what if I lost 100 on the Devils----either one of these guys win,  I'm getting back at least 650 dollars.   Had an inkling Woods(who is tied for the lead but,  get this,  is -125 to win) might take a major this year but.......Shit,  let him win the British O;  I need to take this money.(Lose +3(2 off).....Wow,  this guy's kicking himself;  all he had to do was take a par-5 on 16 on Sunday,  instead of doubling it,  and he's in the playoff.   His ace on Saturday kept him in it, I guess)

Friday, June 15, 2012

CHICAGO CUBS(Dempster) -101 over Boston Red Sox(Matsuzaka)-----Cubs have scored at least 3 runs in all of their last 6,  they're still a bad offense but.......this is really about Dempster.   He's from Gibsons, BC(Kirk Gibson's Diamondbacks scored a huge victory yesterday) which is not too far north of Vancouver.   Dempster has gotten big run support(anomalous considering he plays for the hapless Cubs) in his last 3 starts which came shortly after the news broke about Luka Magnotta who..........mailed some body parts to..........Vancouver.   Dempster's last 15 IP have been scoreless and.....with Ryan Ludwick going 3-5 yesterday as Ryan Raburn went 2-3 for the Tigers,  I think he's a must-play today despite the Cubs' losing ways.(Win 3-0....Wow,  Dempster dominates the Red Sox)

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Worley) +116 over Toronto Blue Jays(Hutchison)-----Phillies have Thome now and..........they've been scoring.(Lose 3-0........and now they've stopped scoring;  Hutchison injured............yet another Blue Jays starter goes down)

LOS ANGELES ANGELS(Haren) -1.5 (+135) over Arizona(Cahill)-------Dan Hudson won yesterday for Arizona........ummm,  we'll try Haren here as the Angels have 2 guys who are just ripping the ball this year,  and then they have Pujols.(Lose 5-0........Of course I'm gonna lose on an Angels' game but...........Henry Hill just died a few days ago----Ray Liotta was him in 'Goodfellas'.  CaHILL a 3-hitter and Aaron HILL 3 RBI with HR)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

ST LOUIS CARDINALS(Westbrook) -122 over Chicago White Sox(Floyd)(Win 5-3)
ST LOUIS CARDINALS(Westbrook) -1.5 (+165) over Chicago White Sox(Floyd)-----The Cardinals may be the one team in baseball that hasn't drastically and pathetically underperformed when I bet on it this year.  With Jake Arrieta winning 7-1 for the Orioles yesterday,  Jake Westbrook should definitely win today.   Curiously,  the Cardinals have only scored 7 runs in their last 5 games;  today they will score............a lot.(Win 5-3............David Freese 3 RBI, HR)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

CUBS(Garza) -105 over Tigers(Porcello)--------True,  the Tigers did get robbed last night(just because Peralta's two throws were off-mark;  not because they pulled the fielder off the bag. )  However,  the Tigers have been a major disappointment and have lost for BCLI----I'm looking for opps to go against them.  Cubs have gone 2-0 after going 1-8 so...........maybe they are due to make up for their season-long .344 winning percentage.   Garza is much harder to hit than Porcello.(Lose 8-4....Oh this is fucking great----motherfucker----On a day when Matt Harrison pitches a 7inning shutout and wins......on a day when Matt Cain PITCHES A PERFECT GAME...........Matt Garza can't win for me.   Oh,  there was Joe Mather cold-booting a perfect double-play ball to spark a 4-run 6th.  And another missed call when Miguel Cabrera should have been called out at third.  But how does Brennan Boesch have his 1st 4-hit game of the season against me?)

MARINERS(Noesi) -143 over Padres(Marquis)-----Padres have Quentin now but..........Marquis?  He's still in the league?(Lose 1-0.........Jesus Montero's 3-4 goes to waste as Marquis..........pitches a 6inning shutout for the first time in...........many, many years.  These games were fixed against me today;  I KNOW that.)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DIAMONDBACKS(Kennedy) over Rangers(Lewis) parlayed with ORIOLES(Chen) over Pirates(Lincoln) +320------With Rob Scuderi's ice-absorbed blood blatantly winning the Kings their first Stanley Cup,  an event result costing me most of my life's sa----well,  over 30% of my working capital,  I'm gonna get most of it back here by hoping for Ryan Roberts and Robert Andino to catalyze.....because its either that,  or you're gonna see the most devastating 8.9+ 'Ter-Mot' epicentering right under the most convenient Warner Brothers-associated property IN..................Los Angeles, California.(Lose 9-1.......Roberts didn't play for Arizona but let me be clear:  GET THE FUCK OUT OF LA.  You can come back and help FEMA clean up after its over.   Get out now, though.   This is NOT gonna be pretty and innocent citizens should not have to be injured for the Greed and Ignorance of a corporation like Warner Brothers.   It could happen at any time now because I'M SICK OF THIS SHIT.  MOTHER FUCKING DEADBEAT MOTHERFUCKERS)

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

NEW JERSEY DEVILS +160 over La Kings-----No way the Devils can lose this series 4-0;  that would be completely and utterly unacceptable.(Win 3-1)

CHICAGO CUBS(Maholm) +185 over Milwaukee Brewers(Greinke)-----Wow,  look at that:  Cubs won 10-0 yesterday.   Maybe they gonna hit now.   Early in the season both these pitchers were rocked by the opponents they are facing here.   Batters have hit .277 off Greinke.(Lose 8-0)

ROYALS(Paulino) -1.5 (+120) over Twins(Blackburn)-----How is Blackburn still in MLB?  (Lose 4-2........Oh, nice;  Paulino goes 13 pitches and Blackburn has his best game of the year---wonderful)

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

SEATTLE MARINERS(Beavan) +135 over Laa(Richards)-----Angels coming off a 10-3 run....Beavan did fine vs Angels a couple starts ago..........Normally we don't bet on Angels' games because history has proven them to be "loss-leaders" for us but........the Mariners have averaged 9 runs per game over their last 6 games.(Lose 6-1........Goddamit---How do the Mariners score 8 runs below their 6-day moving average?  Huh?  Fucking Shit.   Mark Trumbo 4-4 2HR uhhhh,   this guy hit .254 last he's at .337 this year)

DETROIT TIGERS(Smyly) -160 over Cleveland Indians(Jimenez)(Lose 4-2)
DETROIT TIGERS(Smyly) -1.5 (+120) over Cleveland Indians(Jimenez)-----Tigers have underperformed.   This line seems to be priced for performance....(presumed for performance).   I'll go with it considering Jimenez' persistently high walk totals.........but realizing that after May 9th,  Smyly has degraded in result-performance.(Lose 4-2..........This is just absolutely unforgivable;   Tigers take 1 walk only!  Matt Young, Temple, Tx, 0-4 4Ks.....send him back down.   I'm done betting on the Tigers.   This team has failed;  definitely a go-against team now----I lost a $5 parlay because of this)

ARIZONA(Kennedy) -152 over Colorado(Guthrie)(Win 10-0)
ARIZONA(Kennedy) -1.5(+130) over Colorado(Guthrie)-----After a disappointing season,  Kennedy has just had 1 good start.  I'll go with this possible new trend as Guthrie continues to show his blastability-quotient is high.(Win 10-0...........Gerardo Parra 4-5, HR......Aaron Hill 3-5, HR......Jason Kubel 5 RBI, HR)

Saturday, June 02, 2012

DEVIL RAYS(Hellickson) -150 over Orioles(Matusz)(Lose 2-1)
DEVIL RAYS(Hellickson) -1.5 (+145) over Orioles(Matusz)------Orioles are declining on a 2-9 run;  I bet big on Matusz last time and they couldn't win for me---I'd say its time to punish the Orioles.   Hellickson's pretty good and pretty consistent and,  considering the rare "50-year-event" of the 1st Mets no-hitter being thrown by SAnTANa last night,  nominally he looks right.(Lose 2-1.....This is just poor.  How can you ever respect Tampa's offense again when they allow the Orioles TO WIN ON 5 TOTAL HITS???!!!!  Oh,  the Rays only got 2 hits themselves;  Hellickson did fine......Game Losing Error Drew Sutton but.......if you can score 2 runs,  you're not gonna win many games)

SEATTLE MARINERS(Noesi) +134 over Chicago White Sox(Floyd)------I didn't notice how good Noesi's been doing(opp batting average: .218).   White Sox offense has really broken out but the Mariners could be coming out too with 2 double-digit beat-downs in their last 3 games.   Floyd is coming off 3 straight rockings and you have to figure that his opponent has just as much chance as he does even if doesn't get rocked again.  Hector LUNA,  3 RBI for Phillies last night.(Win 10-8......Way to hang in there, Mariners......Ichiro 2 HR.....Michael Saunders 4-6, HR)

CARDINALS(Lynn) -108 over Mets(Dickey)-----Cards have a good pitcher here and probably are a bit pissed after getting no-hit.   I see them taking out aggression against this knuckleballer.(Lose 5-0......maybe Lynn's not that good)

PIRATES(Bedard) +127 over Brewers(Marcum)-------Pirates 6-1 running,  Brewers 6-3;  I'll take the underdog.(Lose 5-1...........Bedard gets rocked;  Hmmmm,  did I know that Canadian snuff-filmmaker Luka Magnotta's real name was Eric when I made this bet?  I don't think so)

Friday, June 01, 2012

 ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Miley) -112 over San Diego Padres(Richard)-----Batters have hit .255 off Richard while he has walked 1 every 3 innings;  he's not bad.   But Miley has just flat-out done the job this year and.........I think he's safe here.(Lose 7-1.......Miley does great for 7 innings, raising his BATTING AVERAGE to .429........and his team just doesn't help.   I don't care what the stats say,  the Diamondbacks are FAILING on offense.   Ryan Roberts, prime offender,  0-4 3LOB in this game.  I guess he only hit .249 last year----but I thought he was better than this.  He's at .220.... He's taken less than 1 walk per 10 AB this year and thats bad.   Stop swinging at bad pitches or bench him if he can't walk.)

METS(Santana) +102 over Cardinals(Wainwright)-----Jarrod Saltamacchia 2-4 with HR last night and, of course,  Justin Smoak two days before that having probably the best day of his career with 2HR and 6 RBI.  Well,  here's a JS to bet with Santana.   AMAZING to see that the Mets have actually won more games than the Cardinals this year.(Win,  Santana pitches a no-hitter for me and.......I'm pretty sure I have never had a bet on a pitcher who threw a no-hitter before.   Even when I used to bet a lot of Unders.   Mike Baxter, a fence-catch crashing into the WB on the wall(didn't look that painful but he had to come out of the game))