Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NC STATE WOLFPACK -1 over Louisville----------With Michael Vick and Michael Bush both winning on Saturday, I have reasonable confidence in Glennon at QB who is #8 as is Deron Williams of the winning Nets and Monta Ellis of the winning Golden State Warriors yesterday. An NC State win over Clemson was impressive while Louisville losses to Marshall and Fla Int were not impressive. 'Louis' looking vulnerable with a 'Luis' getting taken out in the helicopter crash.(Win 31-24)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

ORLANDO MAGIC +8 over Oklahoma City Thunder------Steam play.....(Push 97-89)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

DETROIT LIONS -120 over Chargers----------The Chargers, having been gassed-up by a GOY play on them from a major handicapper, beat the Ravens last game.....on the 18th of December. On the 19th, there was not one, but TWO POWER OUTAGES in the 49ers game in San Francisco. It would not surprise me if the Chargers come up dreggy in their subsequent games. Certainly, I'm looking for the home-field motivation to improve the Lions here as, ever since the man-handling of the Harbaugh-Handshake, Detroit has looked 'shaky' at home. They had to make a big comeback to beat the Panthers, major handicappers were betting against them in the Green Bay game(causing some unfair penalties and generalized 'bad-luck') and the Vikings game went down to the last play. Lions have allowed 27 or more points in their last 6 games...........we need to see that tighten-up. I'm betting on a trend-reversal here: Lions, re-emerging into early-season form; Chargers, beginning to short-out.(Win 38-10......Stafford 80%)

JETS -3(+110) over Giants-------Home-off-road-loss for Jets. Jason Richardson out of Saginaw, MI getting 15pts in an Orlando Magic victory on Dec 21st......Jets have Plaxico.(Lose 29-14.....Manning 33.3%, a horrible passing day for him.......and Jets get 11 more 1st Downs than the Giants.........How do the Jets lose? Forget it: Jets, go home. You're too incompetent and.....you just somehow suck too much to win)

BRONCOS -3 over Bills-------Western Michigan Broncos.......another huge win yesterday as an underdog. Stevie Johnson could score early in this game. And if he does, he will Tebow in the endzone and............the Bills will get blown out after that. The 3 turnovers in the 2nd quarter by the Broncos last game were highly suspicious and definitely ruined that game. Consider it an aberration. TEBOW HAS NOT LOST CONSECUTIVE GAMES IN THE NFL.(Lose 40-14....Tebow, with 4 INT's, has now been eaten in the arena by Lions AND Buffaloes)

Friday, December 23, 2011

MANHATTAN JASPERS +8 over George Mason Patriots(Lose 81-61)
MANHATTAN JASPERS +325 over George Mason Patriots-----Huge +ATS advantage for Manhattan.(Lose 81-61...........Fuck the Patriots I'm sick of this shit)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

TCU HORNED FROGS -9 over Louisiana Tech Bulldogs-------Ohhhhhh, Fuck. Cam Newton has lost BCLI so much money! If LT uses Colby Cameron at QB, he will be destroyed. Lennon Creer is 'DOUBTFUL' for LT and...........I don't think they have much. TCU does have a Jones though. And I missed the Chiefs on Sunday even though, after Jerry Jones' Cowboys won and then Perry Jones III had 28 pts for Baylor against BYU and Carl Jones had 15pts for St Joe's beatdown of Villanova and Lazeric Jones had 12pts in UCLA's blow-out of UC Davis, I was looking for a Jones to bet.........Thomas Jones and Chiefs beat the Packers! The Patriots and the Dolphins had 'minor Joneses' and they both won. Patriots also had Aaron Hernandez and yes, TCU has an AH. While we learned from the Patriots' crucifixion of Tebow and the Broncos that God Is Not Great, He truly will also be dead if TCU doesn't cover this line.............by a lot.(Lose 31-24......He gone)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

FLA INTERNATIONAL -4.5 over Marshall-------With Byron Wesley's 13 pts in USC's beatdown of TCU last night, and #13 Nikola Cvetinovic getting 14pts for Akron in a huge, blow-out win yesterday, Wesley Carroll could look good here.(Lose 20-10...........#12 Rakeem Cato 2 TD's...FUCK)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

DENVER BRONCOS +8 over New England Patriots(Lose 41-23)
DENVER BRONCOS +310 over New England Patriots------The Denver Pioneers did win by 17 points yesterday(beating the "Broncos") and, while it may seem that the Broncos don't score as high as the Patriots, Denver did score 35 and 38 points against the Vikings and Raiders(I don't think Denver's like the Chiefs). In fact, before Tebow started to play, were the Broncos really that bad? Lost by 26 to the Packers(who beat everybody) on a -2 TO ratio, Lost by 3 at Tenn, Lost by 5 to San Diego, Beat the Bengals and Lost to Oakland by 3. That's 1-4 but........only 1 blow-out. Dion Waiters had a season-hi 22pts for Syracuse but Deion Branch is OUT for the Patriots. While the Patriots have lost to the Bills and Giants, I'll bring attention to their representational value: They are Red, White and Blue........"America's colors".......and almost by the day, America seems to become a more freakish and pathetic embarrassment. Jodie Foster's dad is a convicted real-estate-Ponzi-schemer........'The little player that could', Rudy, is a securities fraudster...........in the last 30 days, 3 American mothers have shot their own kids before killing themselves........6 days ago, a disabled and unarmed army veteran is shot to death by a Las Vegas cop named Jesus with an AR-15.........and this is followed the next day by 2 kids in Las Vegas shooting themselves with guns they happened to find. And those are just a few things. Obviously, throwing at 48%, Tebow is not as good a passer as Brady and, with Brady doing his college at Michigan, and with Tebow having been beaten by Michigan in a bowl game at the end of the 2007 season and ALSO by another Michigan team, the Detroit Lions, this year, Brady could have some small quantity of the "Tebow's bane" kryptonite. But Denver has only a 1-game lead in its division and, although the Patriots haven't technically clinched anything yet, at 10-3, they don't really need this game and its equally fair to say that Tom Brady is not a QB on a "mission from God."(Lose 41-23............Lance Ball a fumble, Tebow a fumble, Quan Cosby a fumble........why does God do this to me? This game was going fine and then completely fumbled away in the 2nd quarter)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

DRAKE BULLDOGS +7 over Iowa Hawkeyes(Lose 82-68)
DRAKE BULLDOGS +255 over Iowa Hawkeyes-------BCLI Steam play.......(Lose 82-68....Matt Gatens 20pts for Iowa and Matt McGloin gets punched out by........Drake?)

ELON PHOENIX -3.5 over Dartmouth Big Green(Lose 62-54.........Gabas Maldunas 17 pts)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

CAROLINA PANTHERS +3(-125) over Atlanta Falcons-------I can't see how the SHOCKING revelations can help Matt Ryan here----that Ryan Braun's MVP(*) season will forever bear the record book's grim asterisk......and that Ryan will be missing his team's next 50 games. Carolina is a better ATS team this year and has the home revenge. Carolina also has a 'Jordan' on both offense and defense which should help as JORDAN Johnson worked wonders at QB for the Montana Grizzilies in their win on December 9th and Jordan Hulls had 11pts in Indiana's HUGE victory yesterday over #1 Kentucky while Jordan Theodore had 14 pts in Seton Hall's cover and win against Wake Forest.(Lose 31-23.......Carolina has a 23-7 lead at half-time.......In the first 6 minutes of the 2nd half during which Carolina is on offense, coach Ron Rivera chooses to throw 7 passes(and 2 of them are intercepted)....Game Over. You're AHEAD by 3 scores......your job is to run the clock out.....YEAH! Run the ball 3 times into the middle of the line. If you don't make 10 fucking yards, punt it and see how your defense does. If Atlanta closes the lead on a possession, you're still up by 2 scores. So try 1 pass on 3rd down if you don't make it. This is BASIC fucking football strategy. Bottom Line: Fire Rivera or this whole area down there will be taught a lesson)

NEW YORK GIANTS +4.5 over Dallas Cowboys-----Giants have the revenge from last year and Dallas has home-off-road-loss. Dallas has just played Az, Miami, Wash, Buff and Seattle while the Giants have played, pretty much, the best teams in the NFL over their last 5 games giving them a 4-game losing streak. Giants are 1 game behind Dallas in the same division so they need this game more. I think you can go with the 10 here......Marc Brown #10 had 15pts for the Ill-Chi Flames in a win yesterday and Reggie Chamberlain #10 had 23pts for the UMKC Kangaroos in their win yesterday and...........oh, yeah, the 10 just won the Heisman trophy(Win 37-34......Jason Pierre-Paul with the game-winning block!)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

MANHATTAN JASPERS +4 over Hofstra Pride-------Manhattan kicks ass this year..........and they have the revenge from last year. Hofstra...........not doing much it seems.(Win 68-59......Rhamel Brown and George Beamon 14 pts each)

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

MARQUETTE GOLDEN EAGLES -7.5 over Washington Huskies-----Well, you wanna talk Golden Eagles.......you gotta look at that So. Miss upset over Houston.(Lose 79-77......Unfortunately, Chris Otule wasn't able to play more than 2 minutes for us in this game before getting injured. Darius had 23 pts though.)

Sunday, December 04, 2011

CINCINNATI BENGALS +7 over Pittsburgh Steelers(Lose 35-7)
CINCINNATI BENGALS +250 over Pittsburgh Steelers---------In-season revenge for the Bengals....and, seeing what happened to the 7 yesterday in Houston on Keenum, this is a chance for us to attack the 7 and hurt it.(Lose 35-7.......Cincinnati's a fraud; they were never any good)

BUFFALO BILLS -1 over Tennessee Titans--------Home-off-3-Road-losses for Buffalo and I, honestly, LOVE self-expression so, if it weren't for Stevie Johnson's celebration last game against the Jets(which didn't work that day but.....), I might have given up on this Bills team. A good chance to break and punish the double-T(Lose 23-17.......BOTH turnovers recovered by Colin McCarthy.......Bills lose another TO ratio----did this shit start when the season went post-equinoctial? Because the Bills started out WINNING TO ratios)

NC STATE WOLF PACK +8.5 over Stanford-----Stanford has not failed to cover this season and has crushed some teams. However, with the Nevada Wolf Pack and the Arkansas St Red Wolves both dominating their football games yesterday, we can test Stanford with DeSHAWN Painter as KeShawn Martin did have a career day receiving for Michigan State yesterday and his punt return would have won them the game and the championship had #9 Isaiah Lewis not done the stupid roughing-the-kicker penalty. The name is still doing good: Look at Sean Kilpatrick getting 22pts for Cincinnati over Georgia on December 2nd.(Win 76-72)

ARIZONA +4.5 over Dallas(Win 19-13)
ARIZONA +175 over Dallas------Look: the 9 really fucked up last night in the MSU game and here, we get a chance to punish it and make it suffer. Arizona has played 5 road game out of its last 7 games..........maybe they have Kolb back at QB but that probably doesn't matter much. The Cowboys, at 4-6 ATS, are probably a bit softer than everyone thinks they should be this year and I can see them losing a road game to anyone. So. Miss coach yesterday??? Larry Fedora? Well, if it was, the Cardinals have Larry Fitzgerald. What we know for sure is that Landry JONES fucked up yesterday and lost BCLI some money............and that name OWNS the Dallas Cowboys. Lets bring the pain and make this hurt.(Win 19-13........LaRod Stephens-Howling, game-winning TD)

Saturday, December 03, 2011

OKLAHOMA SOONERS +3.5 over Oklahoma State Cowboys(Lose 44-10)
OKLAHOMA SOONERS +145 over Oklahoma State Cowboys------Big win for the 12 last night on Chandler Harnish---OK has the 12 on Jones. BCLI Steam Play...........(Lose 44-10.....-4 TO OK loses the ratio)

MICHIGAN STATE SPARTANS +10(-120) over Wisconsin Badgers------After MarSHAWN Lynch had 2 TD and a career day for the Seahawks on Thursday the same day DuSHAWN Brooks had 24 pts for the Youngstown St Penguins at Detroit in a victory, I've been looking to play that name and MSU has one. Of course, when the Arkansas State Red Wolves beat St Bonaventure as 11.5 pt underdogs----that same day----Malcoln KIRKland had 14 pts. I'll go against the revenge here.(Win 42-39)

IOWA STATE CYCLONES +10.5 over Kansas State-----In honor of the Aeolian Scyla-and-Charybdis wind attack in Pasadena and Santa Ana, I will play this.(Win 30-23........-2 TO and Cyclones still cover)

Friday, December 02, 2011

OHIO BOBCATS +3 over No. Illinois(Push 23-20)
OHIO BOBCATS +140 over No. Illinois-------LaDontae Henton 18pts for Providence yesterday in a win..........Rashad GREEN 18 pts for San Fran in their win at Montana........I'll go with Ty and the Dontaes.(Lose 20-23........Ohio, go home. A 20-point halftime lead blown???? Go home. Your season is over and you didn't really have it......you didn't really want to win. This was for the CHAMPIONSHIP!)