Wednesday, October 30, 2013

BOSTON(Lackey) -124 over Saint Louis(Wacha)----Look,  Wacha has allowed 11 hits in 27 postseason innings!   That's fucking ridiculous;  we need to have an honest talk about how to hit a downward-plane fastball.   Remember,  first,  that it is an illusion.   Its coming from a high-point.....moving down.   However,  thrown as a four-seamer,  or maybe just thrown hard---like 97,  it sails.   Yes,  it sails SO IT DOESN'T FINISH AS LOW AS YOU THOUGHT IT WOULD;  its moving down when you first see it.....then it starts to "rise" a bit when it gets close to you.   Then its pretty much too late:  your eyes have "miscalculated" and you just can't get the bat on it.   I've thought about it(I've faced these type of pitches---they "eat you up") and decided.......stay up.   Get your head higher,   get your shoulders higher,  get your bat higher.   Maybe even get a little closer to the plate.   And just remember:  The hitting zone is going to be far, far below you.   Forget about scrutinizing the ball once it gets close to you----that'll just confuse you.   See it "in a flash" as soon as you can out of his hand and your mind will instantly calculate where it should end up:   Below you.   If this sounds strange,  or like "guess hitting",  LOOK AT THIS:  NOBODY IS HITTING THIS GUY.   Adjustments need to be made NOW.   Not after you strike out in your first at bat.   Give Lackey credit for having his best season this year.   I thought he used to be an overrated pitcher.....and a I used to like to bet against him.  However----I think maybe he lost some weight or something----he's been good this year.   He's gotten better with experience.   Maybe some would prefer to see a dramatic and tension-filled Game 7.   I don't care about that;  I wanna beat Wacha.  So we are putting all our horses into this game.   That doesn't mean its a 10* bet when,  certainly,  Wacha shouldn't be an underdog against anybody based on what he's done recently.   What I'm saying is that Game 6 is the game that matters to me. there are 5 letters in the word 'radio',  I will be betting,  uhh,  $15.(Win 6-1..........."They never said your name but I KNEW just...........who they meant.......Wah-ohh-oh-ohh-oh  I was so surprised and shocked and I wondered too............if by chance you heard it for your-self............I never told a soul just how I'vveeeee been feeling O-VER you........But,  they said it really loud,  they SAID it on the air,  on the reed-io,  ew-OH-oh-oh-ah  on the ra-dio,  ew-OH-oh-oh-ah on the radio...ew-Oh-oh-oh-ah on the radio......")

Sunday, October 27, 2013

BOSTON RED SOX(Buchholz) -113 over Stl Cardinals(Lynn)--------Cincinnati Bengals win 49-9......could be the code for Clay Buchholz.  Nice play to end the game last night..........Ummm,  (I think Middlebrooks threw that game).....Did Craig take a dive?   I thought about it and decided that the Cardinals' pitcher of record at the time of the play----who picked up the win because of it-----was important.   Rosenthal.   You saw what the ball did when Middlebrooks didn't catch it.....Hit Craig in his LEFT arm,  did it not?
(Frank Lawrence "Lefty" Rosenthal (June 12, 1929 – October 13, 2008) was a professional sports bettor, former Las Vegas casino executive, and organized crime associate.)
   Red Sox gotta even up the series.(Win 4-2.......Whew!  Thought Boston might be serious about trying to win this WS and David Ortiz,  3-3,  was.   #5 Jonny Gomes 3-run HR,  2BB,  Santa Rosa JC)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

KANSAS STATE -12 over West Virginia-------Ok, ok..........(everybody wants a game with the Eternal Player,  don't they)........I heard the B-euro wanted to talk with me yesterday(I was sleeping).   West Virginia is not an uninteresting team with Dreamius Smith and Trickett;  and they do have the revenge here.   So you can be Clarice(or Jodie Foster),  and we'll be Lechter at home off the pretty good number of points(why is this line on the move like this?  It was 12 when I bet it,  but it shows 11.5 before that.)(Win 35-12......Daniel Sams 8-8, TD...Jake Waters 76%, 3TD...Tyler Lockett 3TD.......Curry Sexton 112 yds......John Hubert TD......Blake Slaughter fmbl Rec......Good game!   Off the bye,  you're supposed to win the 4th Quarter cuz you're more well rested.   Um,  maybe Dana and Fox should come over more often.   Why?   Because I like WINNING
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    Eww.  Oh.....and it carries over to the extent that former West Virginia QB Geno Smith loses 49-9 to the Bengals!   Of course,  I welcome all hits to my website because........I don't get many(really,  I know sites that get a lot of hits that aren't much better than mine.)  Uh,  Somebody who reads this site---who would that be,  besides Google?-----complained about the Purdue-Wisconsin recap?  Yeah,  right.  And how would one connect the author of this site to his physical street address,   I mean,  without some "deep-blue" PRISM work?   Well,  upon the revelations of Edward Snowden,  I went to the store and they were sold out of 1984,  so I read Animal Farm.   We're definitely in the OSA now(Orwell States of America) so I need to read 1984.   Ummm,  well look,  the Nazis had concentration camps from......roughly 1939 to 1945:  6 years.   So.....
(Patton pulled a .380 semi-automatic pistol from the waist pack and shot at the officers....)

..........that's not 'Rommel' shooting up the Naval base,  right?  So, obviously,  that has something to do with this.......,1
(The Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution prohibits holding prisoners without telling them the nature of their accusation, and it also provides for a “speedy and public trial,” which obviously these prisoners have been denied. The Eight Amendment provides for no use of cruel or unusual punishment. Guantanamo, however, originally got beyond these parameters through loopholes. In 2002, the Bush administration proclaimed that Guantanamo Bay, based on its geographical location, could be considered outside of U.S. legal jurisdiction, and thus outside of the U.S. protections for prisoners. The “enemy combatants” of the global War on Terror were to be kept and tortured there — and no one could save them......
....Guantanamo Bay has become an enigma: a legal quagmire of embarrassing and disgusting violations of human rights that has been stealthily avoided since 2002. The Supreme Court’s decisions must be respected and the torture must be stopped.),   the American concentration camp in Cuba has been open for........'bout 11 years.  So on that metric of evil,   America actually surpasses the Nazis.   Can't tax Goldman Sachs for necessary 'revenue',  can't cut the military budget for Guantanamo,  can't CLOSE Guantanamo,  can't cut a few points off the Treasury Bond(Ewwww, ew,  that would be the dreaded "DEFAULT".  Yeah, right----its called a 'restructuring'.)...........So,  you gotta raise the debt ceiling and now you wanna cry about these shootings.   Its like America wants to have its evil cake and not have to eat it.)

TEXAS TECH +6.5 over Oklahoma(Lose 38-30)
TEXAS TECH +205 over Oklahoma------Tech has the revenge and looks about equal to OK.   Oklahoma did have the revenge when they beat Notre Dame.(Lose 38-30.......Tech was -2 TO and they almost covered)

NAVY +4.5 over Pittsburgh-----Carolina Panthers did just win....Pitt does look better than Navy.  However,  against Duke,  Pitt won the TO ratio by 4.   And when Navy played Duke,  Navy LOST the TO ratio by 3.   I like the fact that Navy is home-off-2-road losses and their QB,  who may not throw much but should provide leadership,  is from Tennessee.  Oh,  and Navy did beat Indiana so they CAN win.(Win 24-21........Wow,  they did it!  Reynolds 93yds rushing, TD,  Antioch, Tennessee.  GWFG Nick Sloan.   This line was 6 was,  like the K-State line,  moving in the "right" direction.)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

BOSTON(Lester) -118 over Saint Louis(Wainwright)(Win 8-1)
BOSTON(Lester) -1.5(+168) over Saint Louis(Wainwright)------Ok,  I'll play.   HP ump Dan Iassogna's "homer" ball/strike calls in Boston's last home game clearly betrayed that the fix was in for the Red Sox,  at least in that series.   Victorino didn't,  to my knowledge,  have a SHRED of authorization from us to be winning that game with a grand slam yet,  seeing the "telling error" by Iglesias on the play before,  it happened.   The new theory out of BCLI's late-information laboratory is that if these games get in the hands of Boston's Jap-bullpen,  its gonna be Lights-Out like Pearl Harbor.(Win 8-1..........Napoli 3RBI,  Ortiz 2-3, HR......Pete Kozma 2 Errors)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

TENNESSEE +3.5 over San Francisco------With Tennessee having a loss to Houston in which they(the Titans) actually won the TO ratio by 2,  San Francisco does look like the better team.  However,  we saw Tennessee Volunteers AND Vanderbilt both winning in CFB yesterday as 7 and 6.5 point underdogs.  That's interesting, isn't it?   Titans have the home-off-road-loss here so you at least have to like the location.   Locker should be back at QB(tho its questionable whether he's any good).   And there's one more thing:  There was a fire in LA on Wilshire blvd..............and THEN the Dodgers got wasted,  destroyed out of the playoffs.   Ok,  well,  yesterday a Bay Area Rapid Transit train killed two San Francisco.(Lose 31-17........almost didn't bet this;  49ers definitely a better team.......3.5 not enough points)
ATLANTA FALCONS -6.5 over Tampa Bay------As a 7-point underdog,  the Syracuse Orange lose 56-0 yesterday.   Virginia(Orange) loses 35-22 at home as a slight favorite.   Clemson(Orange) loses at home with the revenge as a 3 point favorite by a score of 51-14.  True,  orange teams Tennessee and OK St did have nice home wins but...........I'm going against the orange today.   Atlanta is off the bye and 3 straight losses.(Win 31-23..........Harry Douglas 149 yds, TD......Jacquizz Rodgers 2TD)

PACKERS -9 over Browns------Browns are orange, sorry.(Win 31-13)

REDSKINS +1 over Bears-------Redskins have home-off-road-loss.  Bears have proved worse than I thought this year and..........they have a bit off orange on them.(Win 45-41........Roy Helu 3TD)

DALLAS COWBOYS +3 over Philadelphia Eagles-------The Eagles seem to allow points so............I'm gonna go with Romo today.(Win 17-3......Romo 59%..........Matt Barkley 3INT)

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS -7 over Houston Texans------Ummmm,  Texans have been bad.(Lose 17-16)

LIONS -2.5 over Bengals------Bengals have beaten Green Bay and New England which is pretty good but...............they're also orange.(Lose 27-24.......Dalton 70%...........No turnovers in the game......Orange teams go 1-4 today in NFL and Bengals are the only that wins.   ?   Gotta look at the city:  Detroit.   Bad luck there as the Tigers get eliminated on Saturday night.)

Friday, October 18, 2013

ARMY BLACK KNIGHTS -1.5 over Temple Owls-----------I am absolutely sick of this shit----I've had enough:  WAR IS NECESSARY.   Army on the road but they have the revenge.   And if Temple starts that guy Walker at QB,  we are gonna fuck him up.(Lose 33-14......Black Hawk Down,  losers.   Army -3 TO and I can't believe this shit.   For high pusillanimity,  cowardice and incompetence in battle,  BCLI presents to all Army AWOLs the Medal of Disgrace.     Put Robert Bales at QB,  why don't you?)
LOS ANGELES DODGERS(Kershaw) -125 over Stl Cardinals(Wacha)-------Win or go gome, or go home.(Lose 9-0........What the fuck?   You have baseball's ERA leader............pitching for you...........and you lose 9-0.   Should have paid me for that record-breaking streak we gave you;  what a waste.)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS +2.5 over Patriots parlayed with EAGLES over Tampa Bay parlayed with DALLAS over Washington parlayed with BALTIMORE over Green Bay(+824)----Ok,  Saints have..........Rob Ryan as a coach now which creates one of those mellifluous "Nazi-name" links with the JG on Jimmie Graham;  I didn't realize that.   Prolly why the Saints were beating me.  Eagles have Alex Henery so we can keep flowing-Nazi with them(Tampa hasn't proven they can score 20 points in a game so..........their defense better be good).   Anibal Sanchez picked up the 6inning no-hitter last night so we gotta go with Baltimore.   Washington Redskins are off the bye but........look how good Dallas did against Denver.   Dallas has to be more than good enough to win here at home.(Lose 19-17 and 30-27.........Epic collapse by Saints)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS +4 over South Carolina Gamecocks parlayed with MICHIGAN WOLVERINES -2.5 over Penn State Nittany Lions-------Arkansas has home-off-road-loss and the revenge.   They've played TXAM who is pretty good and they were -2TO against them.   SC has played Georgia.   They're the Game-Cocks and.........Carlos Estevez is now appearing in theaters as President Rathcock.   Hmmmm.   Carlos Beltran did FUCK us last night.  That's true.   Estevez..........did a good and heroic thing for us in his "Torpedo" of animation against Warner Brothers,  er,  he sued them didn't he?   Any agent of hostility against Warner Brothers is certainly a friend of our(I hope we don't have to just KILL Warner Brothers because of their failure to pay their Harry Potter debt to me.   But it could happen:  We COULD kill them and,  for that,  we need  every murderous,  mind-blown mercenary we can get our hands on.   But GameCocks.......that's a little different than the movie name;  I'll take the Revenge and the home field.   I see Michigan as "having been tested";  I think,  for that,  they're "readier" although you could make the argument that they suck because Akron and UConn do.   This is about "unlocking" potential that has............been,  shall we say,  "lying dormant" in Michigan.   PSU's strength of schedule has been nothing to brag about and their QB is name CHRISTIAN!!!!!  Now how the fuck...........look,  did you hear about those Jew kids in Israel who are desecrating those Christian cemeteries?  How about those Baptists killed in that bus crash or that pastor shot dead in church in Lake Charles, Louisiana?   Look,   fuck Christianity and FUCK the Damn Ball Coach.   You do agree that many historical crimes have been perpetrated in the name of Christianity, right?   Those needles that they stuck in my fucking hip bone when I had leukemia...........what the fuck do you think that was?    No,  really with all those fucking Jews in my neighborhood and my goddamn BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN paternal grandmother giving me all that fucking spiritual abuse.   WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK THAT WAS????  Listen to me you fucking asshole,   before you say "later-day crucifixion" let me tell you about the stories of the past:  A lot of them are.............kind of "painful".   And that fucking Christain shit..........where do you think that came from,  you know,   originally?   JUDAEA.   Right?   Well FUCK THAT SHIT.   Fuck.  Them.  All.   Fuck Christians and FUCK Jews!!!   Fuck 'em all.   I am SICK of their fucking shit and I wanna fucking kill all of them.  Dead.  Murdered.   Shot.  Cut up.  FUCK THEM ALL.   I don't wanna hear it:   Motherfucker says "La",  that's it:  Cut off his fucking head. 
    IT HAS NOT EXACTLY BEEN a 'PLEASURE'  GETTING ROBBED OF ALL MY DREAMS,  HEALTH,  LIFE AND MONEY by your FUCKING JEW STORIES.   So fuck.   Burn all the goddamn Bibles and shoot all the fucking clergy.(Lose 52-7 and 43-40.......Don't even go to Arkansas.  Wish I could say something about that Webb Hubbell nigger-lipped state but.......Now,  being an anti-christian man,  I CAN'T SAY IT! )

Friday, October 11, 2013

LA DODGERS(Greinke) -130 over Stl Cardinals------The Cardinals' failure to take a knee in the Pirates' series was the epitome of insolence,  non-compliance and disrespect towards me,  BCLI and everything we represent and value.   When we try to re-deliver the love---a gift!!---of '79 to the world and the Cardinals fuck it up............Look,   don't even think about it.   Of course the world doesn't "deserve" such a gift(for many reasons,  most of them having root in a rogue nation called 'America').   But this is about ME TOO, motherfuckers.   The Cardinals don't have a chance in fucking hell to win this series and,  honestly,  I'd prefer they get embarrassed,  brutally punished and functionally decapitated.(Lose 3-2.........Maybe you didn't HEAR.....what I was saying.   I said,  I WANT THE SAINT LOUIS CARDINALS PUMMELED INTO A HEAP OF UNRECOGNIZABLE GORE.   I want the Cardinals bats broken to fly off into the stands to give bloody fucking orgasms as they impale the fucking cunts of Cardinals' fans.   I want Cardinals' pitchers rifle-shot by come-backer line drives as if they were named Brandon McCarthy or Herb FUCKING Score.  You don't fucking understand what you're doing, do you?  Or,  no,  you do............and your sick fucking minds actually LIKE it.)

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

PIRATES(Cole) +149 over Cardinals(Wainwright)-----Yeah,  +149 is a pretty good price for Cole......even on the road off 3 days rest.(Lose 6-1............Ah, shit.  Death of another dream.   Look,  Adam Wainwright is hittable.  He may not walk you,  but he's hittable.   For him to shut down the Pirates twice in this 5-game series is...........well,  pretty fucking disgraceful for the Pirates.   Of course,   offensively,  the Pirates didn't have much business being in the post-season.   That's true.   But Wainwright???   He's the guy they can't score on????   I rock him;  just swing at the first pitch.)

Sunday, October 06, 2013

CHICAGO BEARS PK over New Orleans Saints-----Both of the last games for these teams,  I think,  were a little bit fixed.   Bears have the home-off-road-loss after losing to Lions 40-32.   Saints got too lucky last game.   Note the #6 on Tevin Coleman in yesterday's glorious Indiana victory.(Lose 26-18...........Nah,  Bears are not a good team;  they beat Minnesota by 1-point late in the game.....and how good is Minnesota?   Now very.   For the Bears to lose in this position and situation at home against the Saints.......they suck.   I wanted to believe that they might be good enough for post-season play as they were last year.   But no:  The Chicago Bears are not significantly better than the Jaguars or the Rams or any middle-to-lower class NFL team.   Sorry.   Sorry that I believed in these fucking losers.)

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS +3 over Seattle Seahawks-----Indiana made a brave statement against child-abuse yesterday by picking up its first ever victory over Penn State.   This heroic victory will surely save many children from abuse.  One has to believe that Indianapolis will be rewarded here today.   Seattle is 4-0 ATS but they clearly got very lucky to win their last game against Houston.   Wow!  44-24 and Indiana wins it!  Nate Sudfeld 2 TDs,  Tre Roberson 2TDs,   Coleman a career-hi.  Ohhhh,  I LOVE the Colts today.(Win 34-28..........TY Hilton 2 TD)

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Liriano) -150 over St Louis Cardinals(Kelly)(Win 5-3)

Saturday, October 05, 2013

UTEP +2 over Louisiana Tech------home-off-road-loss for UTEP........forecast of showers in many places in the country today.(Lose 38-35........UTEP +1 TO..........still can't win)

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

PIRATES(Liriano) -139 over Reds(Cueto)(Win 6-2)
PIRATES(Liriano) -1.5(+160) over Reds(Cueto)-----Reds,  of course,  are "led",  to some degree,  by #17 Choo;  he's their lead-off man.  So........did you see how the 17 "led" the Dolphins last night?  Yeah,  a hideous disgrace.   Tannehill threw 3 INTs and fumbled.   If this were a longer series,  I might say the Reds have a chance to win.   But,  its just not the day for the 17.  If we look whats going on down there in New Orleans,  with Tulane pulling out some excellent upset victories with Orleans DARKwa.......perhaps you can see what's supposed to happen in this baseball game.   Think about it,  do the Reds have an 'Alvarez'?  No.  But Alvarez just pitched a no-hitter for the Marlins.  Why did the Redskins ruin my bankroll on Sunday by winning?  Probably a Griffin-Clemente 'connexion'.   But Miami was just SO BAD last night---finishing with 17 points----we have to say the Pirates go to the bank here and the Reds walk the plank.(Win 6-2.........excellent win.....Russell Martin 3-4, 2HR(Russell Nathan Coltrane,  by the way).....Marlon Byrd an HR,  Neil Walker 2-5)