Sunday, July 27, 2008

ATLANTA(Campillo) +128 over Philadelphia(Blanton)----------Campillo's got great stuff. No WAY he should be an underdog to Blanton. This line is dead wrong.....oh, Chipper Jones is out. So what, Ill still take it (Lose 12-10)

STL(Lohse) +165 over Mets(Santana)-----------Lohse too good this year to be +165. (Lose 9-1)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

*ORIOLES(Guthrie) -110 over Toronto(Burnett) (PPD)
Orioles -1.5 (+170) over Toronto-----------Orioles have been hitting very well. Guthrie has shut down the bluejays twice; Orioles have rocked Burnett twice. Great price for Guthrie right now. (PPD)

CUBS(Lilly) -122 over Arizona(Davis)--------Cubs offense hasnt been great lately but I like them against an average to bad lhp(Davis)(Win 10-6)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

TORONTO(Marcum) +105 over Balt(Olson)---------altho the Orioles have been hitting, you have to recognize how bad Olson has been: 3 bad starts consecutively and he's been rocked by Toronto already. Marcum is coming back from a layoff but if he's anything like he was before, this price is a steal. He HAS shut down Baltimore this year....and many other teams (Win 10-8)

WASHINGTON(Bergmann) +100 over Giants(Zito)-------Nationals have been scoring, BIG scoring. Bergmann has been improving and the Nationals offense has improved DRAMATICALLY against lhp's. Giants offense has weakened a bit.(Lose 6-3)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

BOSTON(Wakefield) +105 over Angels(Garland)-----Garland sucks this year. Wakefield is great this year. Good price(Lose 5-3)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

*CUBS(Zambrano) -116 over Houston(Rodriguez)-------Rodriguez coming off a bad start and 2 of his last 3 have been bad. Cubs are strong vs lhp's. Zambrano already has done well vs Houston this year (Lose 4-1)

SEATTLE(Batista) -104 over Cleve(Sowers) (Lose 9-6)
Seattle vs Cleve OVER 9.5(-110)----------------Without Sexson, Seattle is gonna be worse than they were against Lhp's. But they still have about 4 other guys who are over .300 against lhp's. And Sowers is just SO rockable; he never does good. Batista is bad too, but he does have one excellent start, shutting down the Indians from earlier in the year (Win 9-6)

BALT(Cabrera) -119 over Tigers(Robertson)-----------Tigers dont take a lot of walks, so that may help Cabrera do better(since walking people is his biggest weakness). Robertson...utterly hittable this year and with the Orioles having scored pretty well over kind of a long stretch, raising their average vs lhp's to .270, this is playable (Win 11-10)

PIRATES(Herrera) +149 over Col(De La Rosa)---------Rockies and De La Rosa are not good enough for this price....i dont care how bad they THINK Herrera might be. (Lose 7-1)

Royals(Meche) vs Cws(Floyd) OVER 9(+100)-----------Both pitchers coming off bad starts and Whitesux are scoring well now. Meche has been hit by Cws already this year(Win 9-1)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

RANGERS(Harrison) +103 over Whitesox(Contreras)----------Contreras coming off a bad start while Harrison pitched 7inn in his first and only start. Texas has scored well their last 3 games and CWS has been weaker vs lhp's all season(Win 12-11)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

ORIOLES(Olson) +145 over Toronto(Burnett) (Lose 9-8)
TAMPA(Jackson) +105 over Yankees(Ponson) (Lose 2-1)
FLORIDA(Olsen) +102 over Padres(Baek)(Win 5-2)

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

ANGELS(Saunders) -124 over Texas(Harrison)--------Angels have scored VERY well over their last few games and have been better vs lhp's all year. Rangers are WEAKER vs lhp's (Lose 3-2)

FLORIDA(Miller) +108 over Padres(Wolf)-------Altho the Marlins are weak vs lhp's, Wolf is coming off two bad games and Miller already has beaten the Padres this year. And, of course, the Padres offense is significantly weaker than the Marlins who, before yesterday, were really scoring well(Lose 10-1.....Miller fucking sucks)

Monday, July 07, 2008

*FLORIDA(Nolasco) +105 over Padres(Maddux)--------Florida is scoring about as good as a team can score over their last few games and their offense is, of course, much better than the Padres......who are continuing to score low. Maddux is coming off two rockings while Nolasco has really improved and has been going deep into games. (Win 3-1)

SEATTLE(Washburn) +135 over Oakland(Eveland)------The only good thing about the Mariners offense is that they hit better vs lhp's(.283). They slug well over .400 vs lhp's and Washburn has been improving. Eveland's numbers are good but he's vulnerable here.(Lose 4-3)

Saturday, July 05, 2008

PADRES(Peavy) -112 over Arizona(Davis)---------Arizona's offense is weak, declining and struggling. The Padres offense is even weaker than Arizona's, but it has been improving vs lhp's. A few games back they rocked the lhp De La Rosa and scored 15 runs in the game. Peavy has already shut down Arizona this year and could help the Padres build some momentum after they beat Haren yesterday (Win 4-2)

DODGERS(Park) -127 over Giants(Zito)----------Dodgers have averaged almost 6 runs per game over their last 4 and have been better vs lhp's all year. Park is doing ok. He probably wont pitch 7 innings but I think he's bettable. The Giants offense DOES outslug the Dodgers now but Zito just hasnt gotten any better yet (Lose 5-2)

OAKLAND(Smith) +130 over Whitesux(Floyd)---------If the Whitesux cant hit Blanton, how are they gonna hit Smith who has already done well vs them this year. I'll take the + over Floyd because CWS are weak vs lhp's and a very WEAK offense overall right now(Lose 6-1)

Friday, July 04, 2008

*WHITE SOX(Buehrle) -168 over Oakland(Blanton) (Lose 7-1)
WHITE SOX -1.5 (+125) over Oakland---------Buehrle has definitely found some kind of a groove because he's been pitching a lot of 8 inning games while giving up only 1 run or so. A's are in the .240's vs lhp's and havent done much offensively of late. Blanton is coming off a brutal rocking by the Giants(not a good offense) and has been very hittable all year. CWS has averaged about 5 runs per game over their last 5 (Lose 7-1......CWS offense sucks)

Cleveland(Byrd) vs Twins(Hernandez) OVER 9.5---------Both pitchers have been rocked very hard recently by the teams they are facing tonight. Byrd doesnt walk people and the Twins dont take walks so there's a good chance he gets rocked again. Hernandez has been doing better, but considering that he's the most hittable pitcher in baseball, I think 9.5 is a reasonable number to go OVER with.(Win 12-3)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

CARDINALS(Boggs) -110 over Mets(Pelfrey) (Lose 11-1)
TIGERS(Verlander) -133 over Seattle(Silwa)(Win 8-4)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

STL(Wellemeyer) -130 over Mets(Armas)----------Mets average 2 runs scored over their last 3 games while Cardinals average 7 runs per game over their last 3. Wellemeyer is hard to hit while Armas is pitching in his first game this year.(Lose 7-4.......Wellemeyer's worst start....thanks)