Saturday, March 27, 2010

KENTUCKY WILDCATS -4 over West Virginia-------Kentucky has the +ATS and the +offense. West Virginia has actually LOST to Villanova, a team beaten by one of the worst, fraudulent teams in NCAA basketball tournament history: St Mary's Gaels. THE BIG EAST SUCKS!(Lose 73-66......curious how you can beat Kentucky, the best team in the tourney, but you can't come within 20 points of Duke)

Friday, March 26, 2010

ST MARY'S GAELS +4.5 over Baylor(Lose 72-49)
ST MARY'S GAELS (+190) over Baylor----------Baylor went 2-1 against sub-prime SEC teams, beat Texas 3 times and beat Old Dominion and Sam Houston St to get to where they are in the NCAA tourney. They're a good team but I'm not that impressed as Texas was highly overrated this year(they went something like 10-19 ATS) and lost to Wake Forest. St Mary's beat Richmond(probably a better team than Old Dominion as OD lost to Richmond 67-60 @Richmond) and Villanova(#2 seed behind Duke in that region). Gaels are on a 6-1 ATS run and all indications except the current line indicate that they may actually be a better team than Baylor. So I'll go with the M & M and the Omar over the AJ and the LaceDarius.(Lose 72-49........Sick. How do you LOSE AN ENTIRE HALF BY 29 PTS ????? Utterly disgraceful. Im fucking disgusted. This is one of the worst bets I've EVER made. How does this team of White punks beat Villanova? They SUCK........they fucking SUCK! I've NEVER been so disrespected as a handicapper by any team losing for me than on this day......Moraga, California??? Where the FUCK is that?)

NORTHERN IOWA PANTHERS (pk) over Michigan State Spartans----------N. Iowa does have a loss to Depaul........but their win over Kansas, Obama's pick to win it all, was not as close as the score. Somehow, the ref's were letting Kansas jump all over them before they could even put the ball inbounds; I'd say they stole at least 6 points that way late in the game. N. Iowa has been a solid, winning team all year.........and then they beat Kansas.......convincingly, I would say. And now MSU, beating New Mexico St by only 3(failing to cover by........a lot), has a good game vs Maryland, blowing a huge lead and then getting lucky to win, and then they..............lose (perhaps) their best player, Kalin Lucas, to injury. Seems pretty simple: if you can beat Kansas(convincingly), you should be able to beat MSU minus one of their best players.(Lose 59-52.......another team of White losers. Could you not have lost the 2nd half BY 14 POINTS? Never bet on White basketball players; they suck. THEY FUCKING SUCK!)

DUKE BLUE DEVILS -8.5 over Purdue Boilermakers-------Duke has the +ATS and the +offense. Coming off 2 tournament beatdowns, I fear, although I wish Purdue could win, that Duke will come here with a beatdown. Duke crushed Cal and I dont think Duke really played up to their potential. So I'll put just a little on this because Duke often wins by alot when they win.(Win 70-57)

Monday, March 22, 2010

WISCONSIN GREEN BAY PHOENIX +6.5 over St Louis----------GB has the +offense and a W against Wisconsin Badgers. Stl has 2 W's vs Dayton.(Win 68-62)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

CAL (+250) over Duke Blue Devils---------When Duke wins, they often win by a lot.....they have wins by 32 against North Carolina and 35 against (now discredited) Gonzaga and 18 against Virginia and 21 against Iowa I'm just playing the juice here for the win. Duke does have losses to a few teams currently on their way to tournament elimination(Wisconsin, Maryland and GTech).......and they've also lost to (discredited) Georgetown. Altho Duke did kick Pine Bluff's cant really say the ACC has done much better than mediocre in this tournament. Clearly, the Beijing orange sandstorm has attempted to flip the script a bit(we'll give the Devil his due with the Boilermakers, ok?) and with the Icelandic volcano........well, lava is orange-ish. While Cal has the right names, I just cant feel any of these Duke names at all; and with the Pac-10 having succeeded so far..........this juice looks good and, in Duke, enough weakness can be seen to bet against. Cal has gone 1-2 vs Washington this year and been crushed by Syracuse(a good team) and by (discredited) Kansas. However, the team they just beat, Louisville, has beaten Syracuse twice. Hopefully, the post-equinoctial period will bring out the best in Cal.(Lose 68-53.....not even close; what a tragedy)

GONZAGA +7 over Syracuse(Lose 87-65)
GONZAGA (+250) over Syracuse--------Admittedly, the orange sandstorm in Beijing yesterday should have been heeded as Tennessee overcame BCLI's bet on Ohio. However, with this juice and the knowledge that Syracuse has 1 loss to Georgetown and 2 losses to Louisville(now discredited Big East teams), I'll bet on the luck and the notion that anything can happen in an equinoctial 'March Madness' time zone.(Lose 87-65........what a fraud this Gonzaga team has turned out to be!!)

PURDUE BOILERMAKERS +2 over Texas A & M Aggies---------Tx AM has the +ATS and is 11-6 ATS on the road but they've lost twice to the (discredited) Kansas Jayhawks. VOLCANO IN ICELAND..........BOILERMAKERS......? Right? Hummel is out for Purdue, but he's still an official member of the team, right? Purdue's double-J is hot and they have a Moore and Jackson. Tx AM may be good, but has the Big 12 impressed outside of Kansas State? Not really.(Win 63-61........Chris Kramer 17 pts)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

OHIO BOBCATS +8.5 over Tennessee(Lose 83-68)
OHIO BOBCATS (+355) over Tennessee-------You can gOOgle it, and see, that the only impressive thing the SEC has brought to this tournament has been Kentucky's 1OO pts in their first game. With Tennessee having a revenge win against Kentucky AND Kansas, I think linemakers are compelled to bOOby-trap this game.........and some bOOkies---since for many bettors gambling is a blOOd-sport----are gonna get taken for fOOls..........because Tennessee is looking weak, vulnerable and overrated going 6-10 ATS in their conference. Their last loss to Kentucky was an ObessiOnal beatdown by 29 pts; they've lost to the cOmmOdOres TWICE.......(yes, the fOO's who just got put out by the well-hOnOred Murray St). Tenn has lost to USC by 22 pts and they have L's vs Georgia and Florida(another SEC team now off the dance flOOr). Was it a fluke that Ohio shot 56% from the 3pt OzOne against GeOrgetOwn? Well, its kind of hard to call it a fluke when your team is on a 12-1 ATS run as Ohio now is. They are 11-6 ATS in road games, they have the +ATS in this game. If GeOrgetOwn beat Duke and Butler, how can they be that bad? "If a pimp is what you wanna be, you're gonna have to learn pimpOlOgy.......pimpOlOgy........a pimp's prOfessiOn, caint be affected by the great depression........." "if you wanna be giant-sized, come to my schOOl, get pimpmitized....."
"my music flows............ like dOminOes, I pimp dese hoes.........that's how it goes..........". In terms of big wins----blOwOuts----Tennessee has about 3, (vs South Carolina, Auburn and Mississippi State). But the point is as when we in Capri with the little bOOt.(Lose 83-68.......pathetic; fucking sandstorm in fucking Beijing........this madness, you can beat Georgetown by 14 but you cant cover 8.5 vs Tennessee???? Must have been the "Prince"......bad, very bad)

ST MARY'S GAELS +4.5 over Villanova(Win 75-68)
ST MARY'S GAELS (+175) over Villanova-------Gaels are 12-4 ATS on the road so.......they can play well in any arena. They are doing well on a 5-1 ATS run. Altho they lost to Gonzaga, they most recently crushed Gonzaga----a successful, so far, tournament team----by 21 pts. Omar coming off a 29 point game and who do they play? A team from the recently discredited Big East. Villanova has the +offense in this matchup yet they do have a loss vs the now convincingly discredited Georgetown. They HAVE beaten Maryland, a good team, but they've lost to Temple, a team that just got put out by AN IVY LEAGUE TEAM!!!! And who did Villanova, as 17 pt favorites, almost lose to last game? The virtually unheard of 'Robert Morris'? Clearly, Villanova and its conference are shaky here while St Mary's is going as strong as they've ever been going this season. I'll take this juice.(Win 75-68........Omar)

Friday, March 19, 2010

CAL (pk) over Louisville---------Big East came out much lamer than expected yesterday; I'll put another unit on this.(Win 77-62)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CAL (pk) over Louisville--------Cal has the +ATS and........Patrick Christopher......Theo Robertson........and a J.B. Louisville is only 10-17 ATS this year and lets look at their losses: L Marquette by 21, L St John's by 19, L Charlotte by 22, Losses to Seton Hall AND Western Carolina: that's weak. Unless there turns out to be a big problem with the Pac-10 vis-a-vis the Big East, this should win.(Win 77-62........jeROME Randle 21 pts.........this team looks solid)

GONZAGA +1.5 over Florida State-------Gonzaga has +4 days of rest, the +offense and the +ATS and they are 10-6 ATS on the road. They have W's vs Wisconsin and Cincinatti and L's vs Michigan State and Wake Forest. (Win 67-60......Matt Bouldin 17 pts)

XAVIER MUSKETEERS +1 over Minnesota-------Xavier has the +offense and Holloway, Dante and a JC. Minnesota is 6-11 ATS on the road and..........they've beaten Butler.(Win 65-54..........Jordan Crawford 28 pts)

NOTRE DAME FIGHTING IRISH -2 over Old Dominion--------ND has the +ATS and the +offense. They are on an 8-0 ATS run and they are 9-4 ATS on the road. Its tough to succeed when you have so many White players on your team----and this should catch up with Notre Dame at some point----but not quite yet. Old Dominion does have a win vs Georgetown and they have Ben Finney........but Notre Dame has Mr. Scott.(Lose 51-50.......dOminiOn.......double-O license tOO strong here)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

MINNESOTA GOLDEN GOPHERS +4 over Ohio State-------Minnesota has crushed teams in 3 of their last 4 games while OSU is barely getting by with an OT game vs Illinois and a last second shot to beat Michigan. OSU seems to be highly dependent on 1 player: Evan Turner. And altho Minn has the +ATS and the revenge here, they did BEAT OSU earlier in a game where Turner played 38 minutes. OSU is on a 1-3 ATS run; Minn is 8-1 ATS going back........I'll take the hot team as an underdog.(Lose 90-61........Evan Turner 31 pts..........E.T...........E.T...........E.T...........yep, they're coming to Cleveland......EV an Turn ER......EVER an Turn....... (a)n E.Ver natur(e)?)

Friday, March 12, 2010

NOTRE DAME FIGHTING IRISH +5 over West Virginia(Win 53-51)
NOTRE DAME FIGHTING IRISH (+190) over West Virginia-------ND is too hot to ignore as an under dog right now. They are 7-0 ATS running, they have the +ATS and the +offense here and WV has the revenge. West Virginia does have recent wins against Georgetown and Villanova but.....they lost on the road to UConn(a bad team) and they just barely won their last game(as 9 point favorites) on a last-second 3 against Cincinnati. With a former West Virginia coach named John Beilein STUPIDLY ENDING MICHIGAN'S SEASON today by calling off his defense with 2.2 seconds to go.......a poor reflection on that state........and with Patrick Kennedy animated in the congress as the press dwells inordinately on Massa.....I like this spot for ND(and remember, they broke Pitt's revenge last game).(Lose 53-51)

GEORGIA BULLDOGS +8 over Vanderbilt--------After the humiliating loss to LSU, Georgia bounced back and beat Ark. They are still doing good(6-2 ATS run). Vanderbilt has +5 days of rest, the +off and is OFFL. But Georgia has the revenge, having lost by 2 in an OT game last meeting vs Vandy(and before that, at home, Georgia did beat Vandy). With John Beilein screwing his team out of their comeback victory, the JB's not looking so good..........and VANDY HAS ONE. So we'll take the JP and the Travis over Vandy and the JB.(Lose 78-66)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS +6 over Portland(Win 110-105)
GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS (+220) over Portland---------Golden State doesnt win too many games, their record is 17-46 and they're having about 10 players on their injury list. Also, Portland is 20-12 ATS in their road games. However, Golden State has +1 day of rest here, home-off-road-loss, the +offense and the home revenge. They are also on a 4-2 ATS run(tho only 1 outright win on that stretch) and they have a Corey.(Lose 110-105...........are you fucking kidding me? GS lost the 4th quarter 27-9!!!!! How do you score only 9 points in one quarter?? I want this game investigated; I think GS is throwing games. Jeez, all they had to do was score 15 points in the 4th quarter and they'd have won the game. 28 the 1st quarter they scored......32 in the 2nd.........36 in the 3rd...........WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED IN THE 4TH?)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

NOTRE DAME FIGHTING IRISH -1.5 over Seton Hall Pirates-------Seton coming off two wins against Providence(a very poor team this year, tho they did beat UConn) I'm not so impressed. They did have it going there with W's against Pitt, Louisville and they are capable of winning(and have a good W/L record). But ATS they suck(8-16 ATS). Notre Dame, however, is on a 5-0 ATS run and they have the +ATS record, +3 days of rest and the revenge.(Win 68-56.......Luke Harangody 20pts)

ST JOHN'S RED STORM +4 over Marquette Golden Eagles--------Marquette has the +off and is OFFL. They had 3 consecutive OT wins........and then another OT game in which they finally Notre Dame. An indication that their luck is running out. STJ coming off a huge win against UConn(of course, everybody beats them) and I like their position here with the revenge(their game vs Marquette went to OT). We'll take the Malik B.......the DJ Kennedy and the AM........over Marquette's JB and Darius.(Win 57-55)

ROBERT MORRIS COLONIALS +3.5 over Quinnipiac--------Quinn has the +off; Robert Morris has the revenge and I think their schedule has looked stronger. Quinn played some Ivy league teams while RM played Syracuse, Pitt and Penn State. RM, another team off a huge win(vs Mount Saint Mary's) and I'll hope that carries over. Quinn's team has far too many J's on their team so I'll take the Karon Abraham and Rob Robinson over the 5 J's, the JC and even the JJ.(Win 52-50.....Abraham 16pts)

IOWA STATE CYCLONES +9 over Texas---------Tex has the +offense; Iowa State has the +ATS and the revenge. Cyclones coming off the huge upset win against K-State so they may have the luck.......we know they have the 9 pts and the revenge.......and this looks like a good spot to go against a weak ATS team(Texas is 10-17 ATS this year) 'let-downs', please.(Win 82-75.........thank you)

Monday, March 08, 2010

NORTH TEXAS GREEN EAGLES -1 over Denver Pioneers-------Denver does have the revenge but NoTex has the +ATS and the +offense. Chase Hallam...??? wow, no wonder Denver is a pathetic 9-17 ATS. Does that guy owe me a favor or two?(Win 63-56)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

NOTRE DAME FIGHTING IRISH -1.5 over Connecticut--------ND has the +offense, the +ATS, +1 day of rest and the home revenge. Coming off strong wins against Pitt and GT, ND is on a 3-0 ATS run even though their injured player didnt play(he may play in this game). Conn is OFFL.........they did beat Villanova on the road but their season has been shaky, especially on the road where they have not played very many games and, at 2-7 SU on the road, have not had success.(Win 58-50........Tony Jackson 22pts)

INDIANA HOOSIERS +19 over Purdue----------Indiana sucks, usually loses and gets blown out a lot. However, they have the revenge here as they lost only 78-75 to Purdue in their first meeting. In that game, Purdue HAD Robbie Hummel.........and he scored 21 points. Hummel is now out for the season.........and at 19, Purdue is expected to blowout Indiana when they didnt even blow them out the first time WITH Hummel.(Push 74-55)

GEORGIA BULLDOGS +8 over Kentucky----------Kentucky has the +offense and is OFFL; Georgia has the home revenge. Georgia is on a 5-0 ATS run and is an impressive 10-4 ATS at home. Georgia is also on a 10-2 ATS run as an underdog. Kentucky is being asked to blow Georgia out on the road here and............altho Kentucky wins a lot, they have only scored blowout wins in 2 of their 7 conference road games(vs Florida and Lsu).(Lose 80-68)

UAB BLAZERS -3 over Memphis----------UAB has the +ATS and the home revenge and is on a 4-0 SU run. Memphis has the +offense but is a weak 4-7 ATS on the road.(Lose 70-65.......Thats it; Im sick of this fucking state costing me money. Alabama sucks)