Thursday, September 01, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Samardzija) +128 over Chicago Cubs(Montgomery)----I don't really know how the Cubs have been allowed to get away with so much murder this year.   Their DIFF is +222;  they've scored 222 more runs than they've given up(by comparison Boston is +121 and the Nationals are +141).   Every Cubs' starter is having the best year of his career.  Montgomery has only started twice for the Cubs so I'm not considering him in that.  I guess the addition of Ben Zobrist has helped the Cubs.   They ARE walking out of their minds.  But most other Cubs' stats are at a level that I don't consider authentic or "real".   You'd think the Cubs have superior players;  but they don't.  They're just playing way beyond their abilities----for some reason---this year.   The Giants,  however,  are 2 games back.  So they need this game.   And Samardzija has done good in August.   Hopefully we can break the Cubs' godspell now----we all know it can't last forever.(Lose 5-4.........Cubs get so fucking GODDAMN lucky.  Sf should have won;  they're up 4-3 in the bottom of the 7th.   Starts off with Dexter Fowler hitting a ground ball off the pitcher...........but off the pitcher just so much that he can't get to it and throw him out.  I thought Will Smith did a good job in relief for Giants.  He was calm,  poised,  took his time,  K'd Rizzo,  gave up a walk then got Heyward to pop out.  Then Bochy took him out,  I guess,  because Russell was a RHB.   Smith was doing so good,  tho,  you might just has well have left him in to face a .243 hitter in Russell.  Cory Gearrin came in and Russell gets jammed,  hitting a ball on the handle of the bat,  but just far enough to get over the shortstop.  Game is lost right there.    I'm sick of this shit:  CUBS SUCK.  )


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