Sunday, October 31, 2010

STEELERS +110 over Saints-----------Altho I've been speculating perhaps a bit too much with road teams, I have to play this. Its not just losing to the Browns at home or losing to the Cardinals on the road or even just barely beating Carolina.....or Thomas and Bush being OUT today.....I think the Saints are unfit. They're just not a strong team this year.........and I dont see their luck changing until after Halloween.(Lose 20-10)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

MICHIGAN WOLVERINES -3(-115) over Penn State----------Michigan has the revenge and is coming off the bye. Penn State has a very weak offense and at 2-5 ATS, getting only 13 points of offense against Illinois in a loss, they are a weak team. Michigan is -7 TO in their last two games against MSU and Iowa, two good teams. Russell Wilson (#16) came up a winner(3 rushing TD's) for NC State on Thursday with Edgar Renteria (#16) having 3 RBI's and an HR for the Giants that day. Denard Robinson wears 16 and should do well. Even if he gets hurt, Forcier will be ready to come in and lead the team to victory. Coming off two losses, knowing that the rest of their season is just a warmup for Ohio State, knowing that they are not gonna win the Big Ten and wont be going Bowl-ing UNLESS they beat Ohio State, Michigan has every reason to have better luck, do much better on defense and blow-out this weak Penn State team.(Lose 41-31.........Matt McGloin replaces PSU starting QB and...............NO TURNOVERS! Michigan is far worse than anyone thought. The best thing to do is to have the Michigan coaching staff tender their resignations..........immediately. Any other way and you're taking huge risks with people's safety. Honestly, I lost about $11 on Notre Dame when they crapped out against Navy.......and look what happened to their program(losing to Tulsa!?). This loss by Michigan was far more dishonorable, disgraceful, despicable, pathetic and cost me more money. If the current coaching staff stays, they need to think about making a deal...............THROW OUT THE FUCKING PLAYBOOKS, MOTHERFUCKER! The only thing you need to be aware of is the line. For example, if the line says ILLINOIS -7 MICHIGAN, that means you must make Michigan lose by MORE THAN 10 POINTS. (Just for safety because I'm going to be pyramiding my bankroll up off Michigan losses until the Ohio State game). If the number gets way up there, for example, OHIO STATE -32 MICHIGAN, you can cover that one because I wouldnt be laying that many points.)

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Sanchez) +152 over Rangers(Lewis)-------Giants offense is alive with 20 runs scored in the first two games. Orange seems really strong today as Syracuse blows out Cincy as an underdog; Oklahoma State wins..........Virginia beats Miami as a 15 pt underdog.........Illinois wins 44-10. Clemson did lose as a favorite and Tennessee lost though they kept it close and covered their number.(Lose 4-2........Mitch Moreland HR........guess it was M & M day)

NEW MEXICO STATE AGGIES +3.5 over San Jose State------Home revenge and home-off-road-loss.(Win 29-27..........Incredible comeback after blowing the game late, Matt Christian, about to go out like Christian Ponder with the late game-losing fumble, drives the field with 56 seconds left after San Jose misses the FG, hits Taveon Rodgers----out of Lancaster CA, where one of my favorite movies was filmed(DESERT PASSION)---for his 2nd TD of the game. Bottom Line: Las Cruces GETS the victory)

OREGON STATE BEAVERS -3(-105) over Cal---------Cal has the revenge; OSU has home-off-road-loss and is off the bye. Oregon State has played TCU and Boise State and they've only played 2 home games this season.(Win 35-7)

MICHIGAN STATE SPARTANS +6.5 over Iowa(Lose 37-6)
MICHIGAN STATE SPARTANS +210 over Iowa---------I've heard some people say Michigan State has gotten lucky..........hmmmm. They gave Wisconsin a 3 turnover advantage and STILL beat them by 10 points, outgaining them by 150 yards. Is that luck? MSU has outgained ALL their opponents and is 6-2 ATS. Lucky? I dont know. Northwestern, off their bye, had a good 1st half against MSU last week and went to halftime up 17-7. MSU won the 2nd half, covering their number and breaking NW's revenge and their bye. Iowa's good, though they lost to Arizona, but this line should be PK. I'll take the value play.(Lose 37-6.........Not sure why this got so out of hand(Iowa was only +3TO)........Oh, Ashton Kutcher was illegally meeting with Iowa recruits. I hadnt known that. Too bad, Iowa, you're not going to a Bowl Game.)

USC TROJANS +6.5 over Oregon---------Home revenge and off the bye, USC has Matt Barkley at QB and............Matt Cain has been doing very well in the postseason. There is concern, as Christian Ponder (#7) was charged with the game-losing fumble for Florida State on Thursday, and Barkley wears 7. And, defining 'blowout' as a win by 14 points or more, Oregon has blown out all but 1 of their opponents, there is that risk.(Lose 53-32..........Oregon is clearly the best team in all of football)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Cain) -113 over Rangers(Wilson)---------Giants come out hitting the's another one for them. Rangers bullpen looks like a liability........Wilson walks almost 1 every 2 innings(thats a lot worse than Lee, who never walks people)(Win 9-0.........Juan Uribe #5 2 RBI........Edgar Renteria #16 3 RBI.......4 consecutive walks and 2 runs walked in by Rangers bullpen)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

BENGALS +3.5(-115) over Falcons(Lose 39-32)
BENGALS +2.5 over Falcons 1ST HALF--------After losing to weak teams on consecutive weeks(Browns, Tampa), I think the Bengals have to really COME with something here, you know? They're off their bye, so they should be strong in the 1st half(as Northwestern and Tennessee were yesterday). Falcons have beaten the Saints by 3 and blown out Arizona........but other than that they look average. They have home-0ff-road-loss here against the Bengals' off-bye. What did the Bowling Green Falcons do yesterday? They got CRUSHED at home, missing the cover by 22 points, by Kent State. The door should be WIDE open for the Bengals to have their best game of the season here. If they blow this............forget them.........forget about Owens-Ochocinco.........forget about it Palmer; they're not a serious team if they dont win this game.(Lose 24-3..............utterly pathetic. Bengals actually won the TO ratio(+1) a bye they drop the 1st half by 21 points. Dude, move this franchise to Omaha; Bengals are done)

RAMS +9 over Tampa teased with REDSKINS +9 over Bears(-110)---------After Cal Golden Bears rolled and Kent State Flashes crushed yesterday, I wanna play some gold so I'm going with the Rams who, although thought to be a bad team, have outgained their opponents in all of their last 4 games. And the main scorer of the HUGE Syracuse upset victory at West Virginia was Ross Krautman out of RAMapo HS going 4 for 4 on FG's. Redskins have Lorenzno Alexander on defense and, seriously, thats the name you want today after Alexander Robinson had 2 TD's for Iowa State upset victory......after Alex Carder had FIVE TD'S for Western Michigan.........after Alex Green had FOUR TD'S for Hawaii........after Alexander Teich had 210 yds rushing for Navy's demolishment of Notre Dame. (Personally, I cant bring myself to take Alex Smith). Redskins also have an AA at WR mirroring Iowa State's Austen Arnaud. Redskins have been outgained in all their games but they seem to play all teams close in score, as do the Bears. Bears have blown out Carolina but played close games in all their others. Redskins got beat by 14 by the Rams but been close in all their others. I have no reason to think Redskins/Bears would be either team blowing the other out; it should be close.(Win by 12 and 8.........DeAngelo Hall 4 INT's)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

OKLAHOMA -3 over Missouri-----Missouri was -2TO on the ratio; thats why they almost lost to San Diego St. Missouri was +3TO in beating Illinois. I guess Colorado is ok(they did beat Georgia.....but got blown out by Cal and lost to Baylor). Texas A&M is 2-4 ATS; Missouri beat them. Oklahoma has played Florida State and Texas(UPDATE: I guess beating Texas is not such a big deal). Thats far more impressive, I think. Overall, Missouri's strength of schedule---so far---doesnt impress and if Blaine Gabbert was gonna do good today, I think I would have drawn some BeeGees songs off my ipod........and I didnt.(Lose 36-27.........Sooners come up dregs a week after Cokin gassed 'em up for a Game of The Month beatdown on Iowa State. And, you see, the team Cokin had gassed-down, Iowa State, comes up with the biggest underdog victory of the day.....have to consider those things)

TENNESSEE VOLUNTEERS +17 over Alabama(Lose 41-10)
TENNESSEE VOLUNTEERS +10(-115) 1ST HALF--------As a favorite(Texas), Orange failed. But as an underdog, as here, Orange won big on Syracuse as a 13 1/2 point underdog. Tenn is not a very good team(but they were -3TO in their blowout loss to Georgia last week) but they have home-off-road-loss, home revenge and are off their bye. They did get a gift +4TO in keeping it close against LSU but in this situation with this many points I think the pressure is on Alabama to execute the blowout.(Win 13-10..........terrible -2TO 2nd half collapse by Tennessee; I thought this used to be a good team. They had all the advantages, and they came up with no guts in the 2nd half. This is the type of team that deserves to be abused and bet against for the remainder of its failed season)

NOTRE DAME -6.5 over Navy--------Navy came within 3 of Maryland.......I dont know, is that impressive? Notre Dame took Michigan State, a good team, to overtime. Navy was +2TO in beating Wake Forest by 1 point. Unimpressive. ND coming off two pushes......I still think they're a quality team and, considering that they have the revenge in this game(Navy somehow beat them last year), I'll play this.(Lose 35-17..........I was wrong: NOTRE DAME SUCKS. Notre Dame misses the cover by 24 points and the opposing QB only had TWO PASSING ATTEMPTS!!!! What a fraud; how did this team hang with MSU? Pathetic.........but Maryland a road underdog)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Lincecum) +108 over Phillies(Halladay)----------Giants have proven they can hit low pitches well and all of Halladay's pitches sink. Lincecum's enthusiasm was apparent to me in the Braves series; he's looking increasingly like a winner.(Lose 4-2)

UCLA BRUINS +25 over Oregon---------This is a small bet because, you know, Oregon can blow teams out. But will UCLA get blown out for a 2nd straight week? Look at Oregon at ASU: Oregon got outgained by 192 yards and was +5 TO on the ratio while winning only 42-31. Both QB's are "questionable"(Prince, Im pretty sure, wont start). I'll hope for a reasonably competitive Pac-10 matchup(Lose 60-13.........I think this the 2nd time, consecutively, I've bet on this team and they've gotten blown out)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Bumgarner) -112 over Phillies(Blanton)---------Madison Bumgarner #40......lhb's only hit .243 against him..........Favre's team won(#4), though he didnt do that good himself. And Kolb did very well(#4) and his team won(the Eagles).(Win 6-5..........Buster Posey 4 for 5.........Juan Uribe #5)

Monday, October 18, 2010

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS +3(-120) over Tennessee(Lose 30-3)
JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS +125 over Tennessee-----------I think the home revenge that Jacksonville has here is the predominant factor because I dont think either of these teams are very good(tho Jacksonville has beaten the Colts). Both the Titans' road victories came with a +3TO gift from the other team in which the Titans were outgained by about 200 yards. The 10 did do well with Jake Locker accounting for 5 TD's and Robert Griffin rushing for 135 yds for Baylor on Saturday but.........I'd be surprised if Tennessee gets as lucky as they have been.(Lose 30-3........Titans +4TO in this game bringing them to +9TO over their last 4 games)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

DUKE BLUE DEVILS +19.5 over Miami---------Duke has home-off-road-loss, the home revenge and is coming off a bye. They have every reason to outperform here. They got blown out by Alabama but scored 48 on Wake Forest. Miami has played some good teams but it looks like they have some injuries.(Win 28-13...........Duke -5TO and they still cover)

ARMY BLACK KNIGHTS +7 over Rutgers(Win 23-20)
ARMY BLACK KNIGHTS +240 over Rutgers--------Army has the revenge and Rutgers is looking weak at 1-4 ATS. With Central Florida(Black Knights) coming up with two big covers over the last week, with Army covering their last game by almost 20 points and the Oakland Raiders beating the Chargers, Black seems to be the hot color. Lets see if it with Tulane having beaten Rutgers, and Army having crushed Tulane, it seems logical that Army could beat Rutgers outright.(Lose 23-20.........Army outgains them by 150 yds. Seemed like they had em until late in the game)

MISSISSIPPI REBELS +21(-120) over Alabama--------Ole Miss seems to be doing better after suffering stunning upsets vs Jacksonville State and Vanderbilt. They do score points and they have the revenge and are coming off the bye. Bama has done well at home but 21 points seems a lot.(Win 23-10)

ILLINOIS +240 over Michigan State----------MSU was +3 on the turnover ratio in their last game vs Michigan when their coach got to sit high up in the press box(who else did they have up there? Magic and Kelser? Scott Skiles? Bobby Hurley?). They've covered 3 straight and are consistently scoring 30 points but that win over Michigan was gas. Illinois was -1TO in their beatdown of Penn State and they did very well vs Ohio State; their defense seems good.(Lose 26-6..........MSU +3 TO; Illinois collapses in the 2nd half)

Monday, October 11, 2010

NEW YORK JETS -4 over Minnesota---------Vikings are off their bye and that, with the addition of Moss, seems to me the only thing going for them. But if you consider the Jets......the Green(MSU crushing Michigan big on the road with coach Marc D'Antonio--is that his name?) you have a Mark Sanchez here. Last night, Giants HUGE victory with J Sanchez pitching a 7inn 2 hitter........then they took him out and immediately they fell behind. But then, with 2 OUTS IN THE 9TH INNING, who saved the game? Freddie Sanchez with a single. #6 Mark Sanchez.......and who beat the Saints yesterday for a HUGE, 'Big Love' BCLI victory? Cardinals with the white 6 on cherry-red; Max Hall. No td's passing, no td's rushing.........30 points though. You want more "Mark"? Tyvon Branch #33(3 + 3 still equals 6 I think) with the huge fumble return for the huge Raiders upset victory.......out of Cicero(thats Marcus Tullius), NY. Oakland Raiders head coach? Tom Cable and the Jets have TOMlinson. Kathleen Parker wore the Green on Friday and..........yeah, it looks like she's wearing some Green tonight(Well, Michigan State won). Hey! Jets have Braylon EDwards. Was it Edwin Baker who had like an 80-yard TD for MSU? He did well. I would not be surprised if the Jets blow em out. Vikings offense.......? Not much scoring so far. Saints(now devalued), Miami(devalued after colossal defensive breakdown vs NE), Lions........I think the Jets are better than those teams. Favre........improper comms exposed. Jets look really strong here across many metrics.......Vikings off the bye and they got Moss. I'll take a home team on Monday night.(Win 29-20..........Jets get the +3TO)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS +7.5 over Colts---------Colts have home-off-road-loss and this is only their 2nd home game. However, at 2-2, one can reasonably question whether the Colts are as "superior" as they have been thought of in the past. Chiefs are off the bye, at 3-0.......and they're getting 7.5 points. Well, lets see: Matt Cassell #7 QB for KC. Is the name hot? (Alshon Jeffrey 2 TD out of St MATThews, SC, Calhoun County HS for South Carolina----biggest victory in SC history over Alabama) Boom. Is #7 hot. (Christian Ponder #7 HUGE upset for Florida State in Miami........45-17). Boom. Indian theme Seminoles/Chiefs. Boom.(Lose 19-9.........Late TD by Mike Hart blows this with ridiculous dropped passes by Dwayne Bowe out of Miami, FLA. Bye fails the Chiefs here)

LIONS -3 over Rams---------Lions have to be VERY hungry for a win and they appear to be rubbing up against it..........but not quite getting one. Western Michigan CRUSHED as 5.5 point underdogs against Ball State(45-16) with QB Alex Carder #14. Hill wears 14 for the Lions so the luck should be there for him. Lions have home-off-road-loss and the revenge from losing to the Rams last year. Rams' gold and blue colors are mud today after the University of Michigan's loss---a big loss----- in a home revenge situation against Michigan State and altho Bradford is emerging, Rams are coming off 2 straight wins; its their week to lose and I think the Lions will have to get heinously unlucky to not win this game after coming so close(at least in score) to a win vs GB and PHI........and then that game stolen from them in Chicago has still not been avenged with a victory(Win 44-6........biggest cover in the NFL this week ignited by Stefan Logan #11, 105 yd kick return TD)

TAMPA BAY +6.5 over Cincinnati Bengals---------Bengals have home-off-road-loss; Tampa is off a bye. First of two, the Ochocinco-Owens thing has just not taken off. And Stephen Garcia, QB of upset-of-the-day South Carolina over Alabama, shares a # 5 with Tampa's QB.(Win 24-21........HUGE receptions by Mike Williams #19 late.......Josh Freeman wins with 5)

CAROLINA PANTHERS -3(+100) over Bears--------Bears luck seems to be running out. Panthers could have easily won last week, but didnt. And Panthers QB is Illinois' QB Nathan Scheelhasse is #2. AND you get the name, Carolina/South Carolina, of the huge upset of the day with Carolina who has home-off-road-loss here.(Lose 23-6.........Claussen a joke. Todd Collins 6 for 16 with a passer rating of 6.3!!!!??? And Bears still blow em out. Pathetic)

RAVENS -2 teased with ATLANTA +3----------I wanna play Flacco today because I think he'll do well----#5 Stephen Garcia won for South Carolina at QB yesterday(Flacco also wears 5). But I dont wanna lay the, now, 8 points because the Ravens dont look like they're scoring a whole lot of points. With the Falcons you get Matt Ryan #2---hot name, hot number----going against (probably) Seneca Wallace wearing 6, a number that, today, I would consider "questionable".(Win by 12 and 13)

ARIZONA CARDINALS +7 over Saints(Win 30-20)
ARIZONA CARDINALS +255 over Saints------Stanford Cardinal: won. Louisville Cardinals: won big. (Ball State got crushed). Az has the revenge from last season and they have home-off-road-loss. New Orleans is looking.......ahhmm, somewhat shaky; they're certainly not blowing teams out. This is only the 2nd home game for Arizona(and only the 2nd road game for the Saints---in their first, they beat the completely pathetic 49ers by only 3 points). You have to tolerate Andersen's pathetic passer rating with this bet but you do get a #34 in Hightower at RB---see Shane VEReen's big game wearing 34 for Cal yesterday. I see above-average luck accruing to Arizona here.(Win 30-20........6 yds for Hightower. Max Hall takes the 6 to victory with +3TO........HUGE support as his team turns his own fumble into a TD. Sweet win.)

Saturday, October 09, 2010

NOTRE DAME FIGHTING IRISH -6 over Pittsburgh-------Home revenge for ND who has played some decent teams(Mich, MSU, Stanford). Pitt has been destroyed by Miami and they've played Utah. With Jose Contreras getting the W for the Phillies, the thematics look right for this.(Push 23-17...........Notrie Dame gets a +2 on the turnover ratio and they cant cover 6??? That's weak. I am disappointed in this performance)

FLORIDA STATE SEMINOLES +6 over Miami(Win 45-17)
FLORIDA STATE SEMINOLES +200 over Miami---------FSU has the revenge; Miami coming off a win over Clemson where they got an extraordinarily fortunate +4 on the TO ratio. This is only the 2nd home game Miami has played by QB Harris and RB Miller(who looks like their #2 RB) are both injured and listed as DOUBT. FSU looks strong having outgained their last 3 opponents by triple-digit yardage.(Win 45-17..........YES! Now this is a good team. Nice game, Ponder.)

UCLA BRUINS +7.5 over Cal--------Cal has home-off-road-loss and is off the bye. Normally, you'd look to bet Cal in that situation but UCLA does have the revenge(and 7.5 points) and I question how good Cal is with their blowout of Colorado being a +5 TO in favor of Cal..........then they only score 9 points vs Arizona.........Nevada is pretty good I guess(they beat Cal by about 20). I wasnt gonna play it but with Rick Ankiel getting the GWHR for Atlanta I'll go for UCLA with Rick Neuheisel at head coach.(Lose 35-7........yea, this is what can happen with teams off their bye)

Friday, October 08, 2010

REDS(Arroyo) +180 over Phillies(Oswalt)(Lose 7-4)
REDS +165 over Phillies 1ST 5INN ONLY----------It is a leap of faith to play this team after Game 1's offensive collapse; I've never seen such weak and undisciplined hitting as was performed by the Reds(kind of makes you wonder if that .272 season average is a typo). But Oswalt's fastball isnt so heavy; it can be crushed. And the Reds did rock Oswalt in his last game with the Astros in July. However, Oswalt (after losing his 1st game with Philadelphia) has done very, very well since switching teams. He likes to work fast so step out, Mike Hargrove-him and grab your crotch. Break his rhythm and DONT SWING at his off-speed stuff until he proves he get it over for a called strike. Remember: His fastball is rip-able.......get solid wood on it and it'll sail out of the park. Phillies only got 5 hits in the first game; Arroyo could easily shut them down(BA against .234 this year).(Win 4-2.........As far as I knew Jose Contreras was on the White Sox......but NO, the Phillies have him in ADDITION to JC Romero.......only 4 errors by the Reds(its not too obvious this series is utterly fixed). And the KoD would be Logan Ondrusek WALKING IN A RUN after hitting a batter. Whats Logan's number? 66? ".......and what do we have behind door number 3? A COURT MARTIAL!!!")

Thursday, October 07, 2010

KANSAS STATE +10.5 over Nebraska---------Home revenge. Nebraska beat Washington; K-State beat UCLA.........(Lose 48-13........Martinez is clearly the fastest QB I've ever seen; hadnt seen him yet. makes sense why they were so favored)

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

CINCINNATI REDS(Volquez) +190 over Phillies(Halladay)--------Nominally, Max Hall got sacked 6 times for the Cardinals while Braylon Edwards had a TD and Eddie Royal had a TD for the Broncos in their winning effort. Just on the strength of that, I think this bet makes sense at this price. But also, the Reds offense outslugged the Phillies by 23 points during the season and outhit them by 12 points. People think of the Phillies as having this great offense........well, Reds scored 18 more runs than they did during the season; they're just as good.(Lose 4-0.......2 no-hitters in 1 year by Halladay. Hmmmm. Reds offense looks fraudulent; they need to hit better)

Monday, October 04, 2010

New England at Miami UNDER 48----------BCLI Steam..........(Lose 41-14.......Patriots mysteriously score 35 pts in the 2nd half........)

Sunday, October 03, 2010

CAROLINA PANTHERS +13 over New Orleans(Win 16-14)
CAROLINA PANTERS +550 over New Orleans---------Vai Taua 4 TD's out of Lompoc for the Nevada Wolf Pack wearing #34. Ok. Add the biggest upset of the day, Ball State Cardinals at +19 winning outright, where you had Eric WILLIAMS scoring 3 TD's...........and who does that spell? #34 DeAngelo Williams. People say Claussen sucks........but his school, Notre Dame won big yesterday. His backup is Matt Moore and if he comes in..........well, look what Kellen Moore did yesterday: covered a 44 point line. Saints are coming off a loss but look at their win at the sorry 49ers: Saints took a +4TO ratio and got outgained by 130 yards. And now Thomas is listed DOUBT and Porter is QUES. (Lose 16-14.........They could easily have won this. Captain Munnerlyn fumbles a punt return deep in Carolina territory---Saints get a FG. And the last play was blatant pass interference on the Saints but wasnt called. Panthers could have got an FG at the end. Saints got lucky)

EAGLES +.5 teased with CHARGERS -3 teased with JETS pk (+200)------------With the huge upset victory by the Tulane Green Wave at Rutgers, and Joe Kemp #7 getting the key TD in that game, this play gets you the GREEN and the 7(Vick). Buffalo has home-off-road-loss here after scoring 30 against New England but Jets have the 21(Tomlinson) which you wanna play after Hemingway's big day wearing #21 for Michigan and LaMichael James getting 3 TD's with 21 for Oregon. Eric Folk #17 for Washington---game-winning FG over you get the 17 with Braylon Edwards for the Jets and Rivers on the Chargers. Redskins have gotten outgained in all of their games and outgained by over 100 yards in 2 of their games......and dont forget DeMarco Murray's big game wearing #7 for Oklahoma. Chargers have home-off-road-loss and have outgained their opponents by triple-digits in all of their games(247 in their last game which they somehow lost to Seattle). They're a good team and you wanna play them at home. Breaston is out for Arizona.(Lose by 5..........Vick injured; the 7 gets slammed)

Saturday, October 02, 2010

ARIZONA STATE SUN DEVILS +3.5 over Oregon State----------ASU has the revenge and is coming off a -5 TO ratio against Oregon having OUTGAINED Oregon by 192 yards and OUTFIRSTDOWNED them by 10. With better or even fair luck, it seems ASU could be as good as Oregon. OSU was +2TO vs TCU and +1TO against Boise.(Win 31-28.........3 more INT's for Threet and ASU drops the TO ratio by 3)

STANFORD +6.5 over Oregon--------Oregon does have the home revenge here however, I think Arizona State exposed them as overrated last game where they got huge luck with the +5 TO ratio and Stanford.........have they shown ANY weaknesses yet? Their 35-0 beatdown of UCLA got a lot stronger with UCLA's beatdown of Texas, a supposedly good team. I see no reason why this is not a close, competitive game even if Stanford DOESNT blow them out like they've done to everyone else.(Lose 52-31.........You have a 21-3 lead after 1st Q and you cant cover 6.5???)

MICHIGAN STATE SPARTANS +2 over Wisconsin---------MSU has the home revenge.......looks pretty even other than that.(Win 34-24........MSU -3TO and they still win)

PENN STATE +7 over Iowa--------Revenge for Penn State who was -3TO in its loss to Alabama. Iowa........questionable as they got a +2TO against Arizona and still lost.(Lose 24-3)

FLORIDA GATORS +8 over Alabama---------Florida is 3-1 ATS and they have the revenge. Alabama barely got past Arkansas. Again, I cant see why this game isnt close and competitive.(Lose 31-6)

ILLINOIS +16.5 over Ohio State---------OSU's 4 covers have come vs 2 MAC teams.....and OSU got a +4TO vs Miami; hard to tell if they are really that good. Of course, this is home revenge for Illinois and they are coming off the bye so, hopefully, they wont give up if they get behind. Illinois was -3TO against Missouri so they may have gotten unlucky in that loss. I had a good chili-dog combo at Nathans yesterday......(Win 24-13)

VIRGINIA +6.5 over Florida State--------So far, Virginia's defense hasnt allowed many points and they actually outgained USC by 10 yards while losing by only 3. With EDwin Encarnacion ripping the ball lately for Toronto, we'll play Marc VERica.(Lose 34-14)

TOLEDO ROCKETS -4.5 over Wyoming---------Wyoming has faced Boise and Texas so they might not as bad as they appear. However, Toledo is hot with the luck: 3 upset victories on the road............and now they come home. Will the luck continue? DAN Bailey for OK St, DAN McCutchen pitches the Pirates to victory yesterday.........and Toledo has Austin DANtin at QB.(Lose 20-15)

BALL STATE CARDINALS +19 over Central Michigan----------BCLI Steam play(Win 31-17.......Keith to Eric for 2 TD's and the biggest 19-point-dog blow-out upset of the day. "..........from tha heart.....then I get a piece of tha action...........feelin satisfaction from the street crowd reaction.....)

Friday, October 01, 2010

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(McCutchen) +155 over Florida(Mendez)-------The Pirates road record is 16-62. This is almost impossibly unlikely.........but it occurred. However, the Pirates' offense has been putting up some healthy numbers lately and..........Dan Bailey was the hero for Ok St yesterday; we'll play McCutchen.(Win 5-1.......Pedro Alvarez 2 for 4)

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Cain) -155 over San Diego(Richard)-------14ER in last 17inn for Richard, Padres not hitting well.........Giants can clinch with Cain here.(Lose 6-4........Cain rocked)

DETROIT TIGERS(Porcello) +133 over Orioles(Guthrie)--------Tigers have the team revenge against Guthrie who is coming off 2 bad starts. Porcello's been inconsistent but his last start was very good.(Lose 2-1.......Robert Andino 4 for 4)

NEW YORK METS(Misch) -116 over Nationals(Zimmerman)--------Nationals have scored only 7R in their last 5 games; Mets have done better than that.(Win 2-1.........Ike Davis HR)