Sunday, November 28, 2010

REDSKINS +2 over Minnesota--------BWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Northwestern -7 Turnovers wearing the purple against Wisconsin. Vikings...........? No. They still suck. #5 Danny O'Brien, season high 417 yds at QB for Maryland. McKnabb #5. Red? On a cursory glance, that color seems to be doing well with INDIANA(win), FLORIDA STATE(blowout), WISCONSIN(70 pts), BOSTON COLLEGE(road win), OHIO STATE(blowout that shouldnt have happened---thanks FUCKING JEWS), MARYLAND(win), GEORGIA(win), ARKANSAS(win), STANFORD(blowout).(Lose 17-13.........29 rushing yards??! This was a HOME GAME YOU FUCKING LITTLE PUSSIES! How come the 5 doesnt play for me??? YOU PLAYED FOR MARYLAND, why doesnt the 5 play for me, FuckHEADS? FUCK washington dc.........cant even beat the sorry Vikings..........WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, BITCH?)

OAKLAND RAIDERS -3(+100) over Miami-----------Raiders have home-off-road-loss but this is really about PUNISHING a U of M quarterback. Because I think Henne might play. This is really about getting FUCKING VENGEANGE against the shit-ass losing UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. Goddamn Jew-lovers..........FUCK THEM. I want Henne fucking D E S T R O Y E D(Lose're weakass byches, you know that right? Gradkowski, AGAIN the 5 doesnt play for me, wtFuck? Goddam this shit. Oh, Henne's #7.............why didnt I fucking realize that? West Lawn, PA, he's not a 'Michigan-Man' either, THAT probably helped him. I cant believe that Raiders disgraced us at home though----Hey, YOU PUSSIES, tell your fucking transit cops to shoot another nigger when he's down. Fucking losing pussyass bitches)

DENVER -3.5 over St Louis----------home off road loss for Denver with #19 Eddie Royal but this is really about FUCKING KILLING the Rams U of M colors. Im sick of this shit. FUCK those losing bitchass phaggot colors.(Lose 36-33..........faerie-ass byches, cant play football anymore, eh? This is what happens to bullies, yeah, VIVA LA COLUMBINA, you fucking pieces of colorado-shyte. -2 TO for Denver at home. Rams have Danario Alexander.......oh, is that right? Fuck.)

COLTS -1.5 over Chargers---------I like the Chargers but they have been TERRIBLE on the road. What bad team havent they lost to on the road? Both teams look injured but Colts have home-off-road-loss and the home revenge. Oh, by the way, the Chargers have the misfortune of wearing the FUCKING MARKED4DEATH U of M colors. FUCK that shit.(Lose 36-14............M I N U S F I V E TURNOVERS? you've gotta be kidding me. Colts at home: 5 turnovers to zip..............ahhhhhhhhh you fucking KOKOMO troglodytes KILLED RYAN WHITE!!!!! Fucking savages. You know, that 5 must be the Jew-number or their 5 pointed star or some shit like that. Something fucking making me lose on the 5. What? Chargers only have 1 offensive TD? Look at this...........this is a 22 POINT LOSS for the Colts at home. You know, I dont wanna see these losers in the post season; they are a DISGRACE and their fucking a fucking disgrace(AND they killed Ryan White). Fuck em. Just the Jets Chargers..........maybe the Eagles Bears and Packers cuz the rest of these fucking teams just suck. And the Colts not only suck but they are a disGRACE!)

CHIEFS -2 over Seattle----------With a 7-on-Red Christian Ponder dominating for Florida State and Jordan Hall for Ohio State getting a kickreturn TD, Matt Cassell should do good. Seattle at home but not a good team............and Chiefs have #82 Bowe and that number was extolled by Torrey Smith(4 TD's) for Maryland. (Win 42-24........What? I didnt go 0-5 again, what kind of fucking Jew-Plot is this? Bowe 3 TDs)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

MICHIGAN +17(-120) over Ohio State(Lose 37-7)
MICHIGAN +575 over Ohio State--------Michigan SEVEN straight non-covers(How do they not cover the next one?)
. Triple-double revenge for Michigan and with chromatics of not just West Virginia and Kent State getting suspicious (+8 TO combined) upset victories but NEVADA getting the biggest upset yesterday and Brad Smith getting a suspicious 2 TD's and Lance Moore getting the GWTD for the Saints on Thursday, as the auguries must point to NO OTHER outcome than Michigan getting the outright victory. Michigan simply CANNOT be allowed to lose to Ohio State for a 7th straight time and yes, this is BCLI steam play............
"yo listen up here's the story, about a little guy that lives in a blue his house with a blue little window and a blue corvette and everything is blue for him and his-self and everybody around cuz he aint got.......nobody to lis-ten...........
I'M B L U E ! ! ! da ba dee.......da ba dai.........."(Lose 37-7.............The accursed Jew-infection at the Jewniversity of Michigan is more powerful and pervasive than I had thought. Ann Gordon, who received her son's $12,000 back-pay disability check more than 2 years ago, hasnt paid me the $2,100 that her son owes me(AND I NEED FUCKING MONEY, BITCH!) and IS still employed by the Jewniversity. She needs to pay me(as #4 Cameron Gordon absolutely RUINED Michigan's season solely by the abomination of the name on the back of his jersey) or be brought to account for her greed-crimes. Her greed has already created MASSIVE destruction and death throughout the world and now................the accursed luck of her name has caused Michigan to lose to Ohio State one too many times. This is an atrocity and I hate what the Jews have done to my homeland.)

PURDUE parlayed with OKLAHOMA STATE (+175)---------Purdue has home-off-road-loss with Rob Henry on a two-game RAMPAGE of covers.........Oklahoma not too good, or experienced, on the road this year while Ok State has the home revenge.(Lose by 3 and 6...........although a 2 TD lead was given up by Purdue's defense, Rob Henry threw a TERRIBLE interception into double coverage in OT. FUCK THAT STUPID JEW-LOVER. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK! THIS SHIT.)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

LIONS +6.5 over New England(Lose 45-24)
LIONS +250 over New England---------Lions home off two road losses.........Lions seem to not win but usually dont get blown out(tho they kind of did last game). Statistically, Lions defense is actually BETTER than the Patriots'. Lions have played 4 good teams; New England's played 5. Obviously, Brady is better than Hill at QB. But Hill still throws 61%. After two wins against good teams..........are Patriots tired? Is Brady injured? Thomas Merriweather did good for Miami on Tuesday, but congressman Tom Delay just got convicted by Texas for money laundering on Wednesday and should serve over 100 years in prison(Big win for Texas, by the way, anytime you can convict a congressperson...). I can see the Lions getting luckier than normal in this spot.(Lose 45-24...........this what happens when I go to sleep at halftime, eh? We'll take Brady down for this, dont worry.)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

MARYLAND TERRAPINS +4 over Florida State---------Maryland getting stronger having covered their last 4 while FSU seems to be weakening with no covers over their last 4 and seeming to have some injuries(Ponder didnt play last game and is on the injury list). Maryland has blown out a few weak teams and when Clemson blew them out, Maryland was -3 TO. Maryland has the home revenge here and has only played 1 home game in their last 5 games.(Lose 30-16.......Maryland -2 TO, outgains FSU by losing INT thrown to Nick Moody. 1st and 10 on the FSU 22yd line and these bitches cant tie the game. Maryland, wearing the black jerseys, utterly disgraces the wounded warrior project. Disgusting.)

MIAMI HURRICANES +2 over Virginia Tech--------Home revenge for Miami who has played only 3 road games against 6 road games going back. Even tho Harris didnt play last game, Miami still beat GT by 25 points. VT looks very solid having gone straight back to work on a 7-1 ATS tear after losing to James Madison and the Dolphins did just lose down there(16-0) but the losing QB, Tyler Thigpen was a TT and VT has..........Tyrod Taylor? I'll play a home revenge here.(Lose 31-17.........Miami -5 on the turnover ratio, outgains them by 98 yards. Miami SIX total turnovers. Another despicable home-disgrace.)

SAN DIEGO STATE AZTECS +2.5 over Utah---------SD st has the home revenge and home-off-road-loss here and did MUCH better vs TCU than Utah did.(Lose 38-34.........You've gotta be fucking kidding me. #14 Ryan Lindley 3 interceptions........SDst -3 TO on the ratio. 10 points lead blown late. Sick, Im fucking disgusted.)

NEW MEXICO STATE AGGIES +37.5 over Nevada-------too many points(Lose 52-6.......New Mexico State -2 TO)

NEW MEXICO LOBOS +30 over Byu---------NM has not lost by 30 points over their last 6 games. Both teams are 4-1 ATS recently, NM has the revenge, Byu coming off two beatdowns but both teams have beaten Wyoming by a 3-5 point margin.(Lose 40-7............New Mexico -4 TO. Motherfucking cocksucking piece of shit bitch ass faggot blackguard FUCKING SHYTE ASS NIGGER BITCH. Thats 5 games with a net loss of 16 turnovers; more than -3 TO per game. This is by far my worst luck in recent memory. I cant tell you how fucking disgusted I am. Fuck these bitches)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS -125 over Houston---------Home off the bye for Jacksonville whose last two losses were...........a bit unlucky at a combined -7 TO.(Win 31-24..........Mike Thomas with the lucky hail Mary reception to prevent overtime)

CHICAGO BEARS -105 over Minnesota(Win 27-13)
Bears vs Minnesota OVER 40.5---------------Did you see Northwestern beat Iowa yesterday?? How does that happen? I'll take a home team here. Lucky comeback win for Vikings last week(Arizona almost beat them). Good rushing defenses on both teams so the game plan SHOULD be to pass. Hopefully we'll get 30+ passing attempts from both QB's(Lose 27-13..........both kickers missed FG's, this really should have gone OVER. Favre threw 1 too many interceptions at the end it looks like. 31 passing attempts Favre, 35 PA's Cutler)

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS +5 over Steelers--------Washington State, as a 23.5 point underdog, wins 31-14 AT Oregon State???? Did that happen? WSU QB Jeff Tuel OUT OF FRESNO! BCLI is going back to Cali with Brady. I WANT a CA-QB here. Steelers scored 10 points for me at New Orleans so how can I respect that team. Patriots BOUNCE BACK from a -2TO beatdown in Cleveland.............WITH a Cali-QB.(Win 39-26..........Brady says "Hi, Mom" in the post game interview. Bwaaaaa. When do the "cerebral" Patriots ever say Hi Mom?)

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS pk over Broncos----------Give me another Cali QB. Matt Cassell---Northridge. I dont usually do this(Broncos are off their bye at home) but Chiefs are a quality team this year and Broncos are not.(Lose 49-29........bad pick; Broncos explode off the bye at home)

BEARS +7 teased with BROWNS +9----------Jets look to be weakening after their fortunate win vs the Lions and they have'nt been blowing teams out lately. Browns momentum coming up after wins vs Super Bowl champion Saints and then Patriots(Win by 21 and 3)

BENGALS +13 teased with Bears OVER 34.5 teased with JACKSONVILLE +4.5 (+200)---- Colts have home-off-road-loss; Bengals suck. How can I play this? I want another Cali-QB and Carson Palmer.............HE'S FROM FRESNO!!!!(Win by 7 and 5.5 and 11.5..........Palmer 73% but 3 INT's)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

RUTGERS SCARLET KNIGHTS +2.5 over Syracuse---------Rutgers has home-off-2-straight-road losses and the home revenge AND they have +3 days of rest. Syracuse is pretty good having won their last 3 road games as underdogs. Both teams have lost big to Pitt while Rutgers has beaten Conn.(Lose 13-10..........Rutgers WINS the TO ratio with +2.......and they lose. WTF? Its not so much the fact that Chas Dodd SUCKED..........its this:
1st-10, SYRA17 6:12 K. Young rushed to the right for 8 yard loss. K. Young fumbled. K. Young recovered fumble. Game is tied, Rutgers is AT HOME, 6 minutes to go in the game and they're at the opposing team's 17 yard line. How do you not close the game out from that position? How do you not score a TD? How do you miss an FG and then lose the game without covering? I think its just bad coaching. Put Deering in there to run the ball because he's the ONLY player you have with any offensive skills. An utterly pathetic and disgraceful home-loss by Rutgers)

NEW MEXICO LOBOS +33.5 over Air Force Falcons---------Falcons just barely beat the Ravens on Thursday night football and.........I think 33.5 is a lot for two teams who both beat Wyoming by less than 7 points.(Win 48-23...........good effort NM, good cover)

Friday, November 12, 2010

BALL STATE CARDINALS +3 over Buffalo-------Stanford won big.........Arizona put up a good game but ultimately lost vs the Vikings. Cardinals getting 3 points on the road here........."Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is, I get more props and stunts than Bruce Willis..........a poet like Langston Hughes and cant lose when I cruise.................out on the expressway.....". "I dont give a fuck about fame..................I'd rather deal with the numbers than the motherfucking name..............git me paid and THEN rap...........cuz all that other bullshit without money aint jack......."(Win 20-3...........Wow! They win again for BCLI........+4TO for Ball State)

Sunday, November 07, 2010

OAKLAND RAIDERS pk over Chiefs----------Huge wins by K-State and Kansas over Texas and Colorado IN Kansas. True, but the Chiefs are "not in Kansas anymore". BCLI steam play.......(Win 23-20..........Jacoby Ford huge game, kick return for TD, amazing catches........lotta yards)

CAROLINA PANTHERS +6.5 over New Orleans(Lose 34-3)
CAROLINA PANTHERS +240 over New Orleans------------home-off-road-loss and in-season home revenge for Panthers, almost beating the Saints last meeting and now with an M & M, Matt Moore at QB.(Lose 34-3........Saints turn into a winning team once I start betting against them, eh? Moore AND Stewart knocked out of this game)

Saturday, November 06, 2010

WAKE FOREST DEMON DEACONS +3 over Boston College------WF has lost 6 straight games; they have home-off-road-loss and the revenge. BC did beat Clemson last week but it looks like they have some injuries. I'd play the 'Wilson' name if I could find one after David Wilson got the 90yd return for VT and #11 Cody Wilson had the big game for Central Michigan last night(that's Cody Wilson out of Rochester Adams---Madonna's HS). WF's QB Tanner Price wears #11. WF's defense sucks but BC doesnt score many points. Good chance for WF to pick up a win.(Lose 23-13.........FIVE turnovers and -3 on the TO ratio for Wake..........problem with the 'Price' I guess. "Chase" over "Price"........well, a losing team wastes a pretty decent opportunity)

ILLINOIS ILLINI +135 over Michigan---------The fact that Michigan is favored is an insult to Illinois; they're a fine team.......Michigan sucks. Illinois has blown out the teams they're supposed to blow out, beaten Penn State, played Ohio State very close for a while and in their loss by 20 pts to MSU they gave them 3TO on the ratio. Normally, a team makes adjustments and bounces back after an inferior performance in a particular area. Michigan has not been doing that. Their defense continues to suck and gets worse the more Big Ten teams it faces. I see Michigan as a MAC team that, if they insist on keeping their coaching staff and not listening to my advice, should be transferred TO that conference when Nebraska comes into the Big Ten. Michigan is 0-4 ATS over their last 4 after losing their off-bye week game in which there were NO turnovers against a backup QB and they are FAVORED against Illinois????(Lose 67-65..........Ha! I take the points and I'd have cashed. Didnt know they were gonna do the 'Wizard of OZ' halftime show---which was good. And when they FINALLY decided to put Forcier in, I suspected this bet was a gon-ner. Michigan offense IS good, Illinois a bit weaker than I expected. Illinois +4 on the TO ratio but it wasnt just the Hemingway miracle-bobble catch that was the entirety of Michigan's luck. Both teams got lucky.)

STANFORD -2 teased with NEW MEXICO +15--------NM has the home revenge and home-off-road-loss against Wyoming......a team that, on many metrics, looks equally as bad as NM. Stanford has the home revenge against Arizona. Arizona has beaten Iowa but played only 2 road games while Stanford has played Oregon and USC(Win by 18 and 23..........damn; should have played these individually........New Mexico wins outright)

UTAH +11 teased with UAB -4 teased with ILLINOIS +9-------Utah has the home revenge against TCU......both teams have proven that they can blow out bad teams.......there could be some equality there. I'll play #3 Jordan Wynn in honor of the Giants WS win and Bill Terry---last NL player to hit .400---who was a #3. UAB has the home revenge and has played only 3 home games. Could be some hidden strength to come out.(Lose by 29 and 18)