Wednesday, September 07, 2016

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Taillon) -126 over St Louis Cardinals(Leake)------I'll give this sorry team one last chance to win for me.  Pirates are on an 0-8 run.   But Taillon,  all in all,  has been good,  walking only 1 ever 7 innings.   Jung-Ho Kang had 2 HR yesterday but Pirates still lost.  Well,  Leake has been rocked by Pirates twice this year and done well against them once.  If we look at Gallardo,  getting an unexpected,  underdog 11-2 win against Tampa yesterday,  we see he has 2 'l's in this name.  Just like Taillon.(Win 4-3)

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Hellickson) +122 over Miami Marlins(Cashner)------Cashner fucked us last time and now there are no second chances!  I want this guy rocked.  Hellickson,  definitely good enough to win;  Phillies had a 6 game winning streak when he pitched from July 20 to August 20th.(Lose 6-0)

TEXAS RANGERS(Griffin) -105 over Seattle Mariners(Miranda)----In 5 total starts this year, Miranda doesn't look outstanding.  And,  wow,  Rangers have won more games that anyone else in the American League.  Rangers actually hit .279 vs lhps,  and that's better than anyone else except the Red Sox.   Griffin has thrown 1 HR per 5 innings,  which is really too many HRs.  But other than that,  he looks ok.(Lose 8-3)


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