Friday, March 28, 2014

MICHIGAN STATE SPARTANS -2 over Virginia Cavaliers-----While the despicable disgraceful failures Nebraska and Ohio State devalued the Big-10,  Wisconsin seems to be kicking some ass in this tournament.   Cameron Payne did score 24pts last night in a win for Murray State,  which looks good for Adreian Payne.   However,  in one of the most ugly and disrespectful atrocities in basketball history,  Gary Bell when 0-5 from the floor for Gonzaga 2 days ago.  And that could be a problem for Gary Harris.   But while there is "Greek-warriors" movie in theaters now,  I'm not aware of any "Cavalier" movies being shown.(Push 61-59)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

UCLA +4.5 over Florida(Lose 79-68)
UCLA +170 over Florida------After what Georgia did to us,  its become clear that the SEC is overrated.   Now,  You might say,  "If the SEC sucks so bad,  why are Kentucky and Tennessee still in this tournament?"  I would say,  Because Kentucky has Julius Randle and Tennessee has Jordan McRae.   Not to say the Pac-12 is so much better----although Arizona did just play out of its fucking minds to win a game they should have lost-----but UCLA has been hot,  crushing teams since 3/13 and I think they're still rolling now until..........they show that they're not.(Lose 79-68.......Patric Young in on steroids.  That's the first thing.   But how does UCLA brick and air-ball so many of those shots????   Talking about BAD misses.   Jordan Adams scored a reasonable amount of points,  but when he missed........wasn't even close!)

STANFORD CARDINAL -3(-115) over Dayton Flyers------Dayton has Archie Miller and............Yeah,  we'll do this with the Pelicans beating the Clippers last night on 43 points combined from Anthony Morrow and Anthony Davis-----Stanford has Anthony Brown,  right?  And they also have.............Dwight Powell.........."Uhh...........verse 2........the sun come know when the sun come down,  dem guns come POW...POW POW POW POW POW.....I used ta rob niggaz ts'prolly why they tryin' ta rob my style..........Eh,  Karma is a muthafuckin bee-yotch...."(Lose 82-72..........So Stanford can beat Kansas(2 seed) but they can't beat motherfucking Dayton??  This shit is fucked up:  Anthony Brown 4pts in 35 minutes of play?  What a waste.  Randle 5 for 21?   I guess if these suck-ass players take enough shots they're bound to make at least 5 of them.  Powell did do ok,  getting 17pts.  But I still can't fucking believe this shit:  Pac 12!!!  Fuckin suck.)

MURRAY STATE -4 over Towson-----This is personal revenge as Towson has caused serious problems for me this season and I think Murray State,  having Tyler Rambo and Cameron Payne,  can seriously fuck up these Towson assholes.(Win 85-73.......Jarvis Williams 18pts.........Payne 24pts......Dexter Fields 15pts)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

GONZAGA BULLDOGS +7.5 over Arizona Wildcats(Lose 84-61)
GONZAGA BULLDOGS +320 over Arizona Wildcats------The 2014 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament LANDSLIDE GAME OF THE YEAR has arrived!  In the last week,  the state of Washington has delivered apocalypse events to support our dignity in the desperate and mostly futile struggle to collect funds owed to us from the delinquent debtors among the Media Corporations and the Jews.   The CNN-helicopter devolution incident in Seattle and the Oso avalanche today.   The state of Washington will be rewarded with VICTORY!   This is a BIG game.   You put ANYTHING YOU WANT on this game.   It's GUARANTEED TO WIN or you get the next 60 days of BCLI free of charge!  And with DeAndre KANE leading Iowa State to a win over North Carolina with 24pts just a FEW hours ago,  you can move, here,  on Gonzaga,  the team from spo-KANE..............." ...and when some-thing falls out of place......I take my time.....I put it back.....I touch myself till I'm on Drangk.......JUST............give-in.....................Don't give up,  Bay-bee,  open up your heart and your mind to me....."(Lose 84-61.......How does Arizona take 5 more Free Throws than Gonezaga when Arizona out-fouled them 18 to 14?  This is the most fucked up thing I've ever seen.   Az did take 11 more shots,  but the shooting percentages were not too far apart.   So how do they win by 23 bitch-fag points??   Huh?   Somebody fucking quit for this collapse to be so catastrophic.   Oh,  yeah:  Arizona does this and then the next day TWO fucking Pac-12 teams lose for me??  Doesn't make a damn bit of sense.  It's inconsistent.  State of cock-sucking Washington.  Is that right?  Gotta be that name as representative of America...........that name on so many streets in this fraudulent,  overpriced usury exploitation bailouts-only-for-the-GM-CITIGROUP-dangerous-killer-ripoff-looter-corporations subsidized-Karen-Ignani-Aetna-health-insurance-industry-price-fixing-inflated-maggot country.   Fuck Washington and FUCK AMERICA.  Goddamn mutherfuckers.   Ali Baba and the fort-y thieves.....Mount St Helens and the 40 thieves.....Mount St Helens and the 40 thieves.....mount st Helens and the fort-y thieves!)
WICHITA STATE -5 over Kentucky-----Yet another.........underdog victory for VMI yesterday with another SHOCKINGLY high scoring total(41) by DJ Covington;  we'll bet Wiches.(Lose 78-76..........How could this team let me down like this?  Andrew Harrison 20pts.....Aaron Harrison 20pts)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

GEORGIA -1 over Louisiana Tech-----With Vcu's JeQuan LEWIS,  in the most blatantly fixed game in recent memory,  committing the most spectacularly STUPID game-losing foul in basketball history since Shannon Scott's 2 days ago,  you know LOUISiana Tech cannot possibly win this game.   And since Jacob Parker had 22pts IN that game for the winning team,  Stephen F Austin,  Georgia's Juwan Parker will probably score a good number of points in this one.   Oh,  I LOVE GEORGIA in this game----this LOCK.  Ohhhhhh,  Ventura ct......Virginia Park,  I love Georgia.(Lose 79-71......unconscionable and incredible how bad the SEC sucks.....that's it:  Fuck love;  there will be war.)

Friday, March 21, 2014

VCU over Stephen F Austin parlayed with KENTUCKY over Kansas State(-115)-----Sports Illustrated has picked SFA over VCU but I can't really see VCU not continuing in this tournament as they have Rob Brandenburg and, yesterday,  Rob Loe had 22pts for Saint Louis in a game that...........they probably shouldn't even have won.  Apparently,  SFA has this long winning streak going(against teams like Oral Roberts and Sam Houston St).  With Lawrence Alexander getting 28pts yesterday for North Dakota State,  Kentucky should be helped by having Alex Poythress and,  with Pitt's 29pt destruction of Colorado being fueled by 5pts from Derrick Randall,  Kentucky's Julius Randle should do well.(Lose 77-75..........This actually goes far beyond Shannon Scott and Ohio State----THEY WERE ONLY DOWN BY 3 AND THERE WAS SOME TIME LEFT.  In this game,  SFA was down by 4,  Haymon was taking,  not a 4 or 5-point shot,  but a THREE-POINT shot......and there were 3.6 seconds left in the game.   If there had been no foul,  VCU would have been up by 1 point,  getting possession of the ball with perhaps 3 seconds left in the game.   Granted,  VCU is an undisciplined and erratic team with no white players.   But still,  there is NO WAY any player in basketball history would have committed a foul in this situation if this game hadn't been blatantly and obnoxiously fixed.   You will not see a game more fixed than this one;  its impossible.)
NEBRASKA +3.5 over Baylor-----If it weren't for Shannon Scott's phenomenally stupid game-losing foul yesterday for Ohio State,  the Big-10 would have gone 4-0 yesterday while Baylor's conference saw Texas just barely win and Oklahoma lose.   There are some problems with the fact that Nebraska has David Rivers 1 day after the shocking failure of WMU's David Brown who went 2-12......but I'll still go with Nebraska as they finished the season strong,  beating many Big-10 teams.(Lose did Nebraska beat so many Big-10 teams?)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

WESTERN MICHIGAN BRONCOS +13 over Syracuse Orange-----Celtics beat the Heat last night with Avery Bradley doing good........WMU has AJ Avery and with Charles Harris coming off the bench,  that should help them after Marvelle Harris' 14pts and 3-3 on 3ptrs for Fresno State last night as Charles Mann got 29pts for Georgia.(Lose 77-53........Way too many white players on WMU;  I didn't know that.)

ALBANY GREAT DANES +21 over Florida Gators-----I think Florida will have a good tournament but.......I'm seein some players on Albany,  First,  see how on March 18th,  DJ Covington scored a season-hi 37pts for VMI as they won 111-100 over Canisius who was favored by 11pts.  And then look at Albany's DJ Evans,  strengthened, probably,  by the fact that the MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show all but exonerated Evan Ebel last night for his shooting crimes pursuant to the long list of public officials found in his possession indicating he was acting as a hitman for some anti-government organization rather than out of some sinister homicidal misanthropy.(Win 67-55)

OREGON -5 over Byu-----Oregon does have a win over Arizona and the +ATS and,  however good Byu may be,  Oregon's bench is just too deep with Calliste,  Artis,  Lucenti and Theo Friedman.(Win Elgin Cook 23pts)

ST JOSEPH'S +210 over Connecticut(Lose 89-81..........Napier 24pts.......Boatright 17pts)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

ILLINOIS FIGHTING ILLINI -3 over Boston Terriers-----Well,  I don't even know how these teams are playing each other.   You have Boston,  a team that just got blown out by 19 by American and once lost to Bucknell this season,  and you have a Big-10 team in Illinois who has beaten a number of Big-10 teams including Michigan State.   Add to that the fact that one of the Mega Millions winning tickets was sold at "Lady's Liquor" in La Plata and I'll be taking the "LL" with Illinois and Malcolm Hill in this bllow out.(Win 66-62.........Rayvonte Rice 28pts...........Unbelievable how close this game was;  should have been a blowout)

GEORGIA BULLDOGS -4.5 over Vermont Catamounts------Georgia's conference record is 13-7 in a conference that includes Florida,  Kentucky and Tennessee.   UGA also has Brandon Morris one day after the Robert Morris Colonials covered their line by 24 points.  Oh,  did Belmont's beatdown of Green Bay include 11pts by JJ Mann?  Yes,  UGA also has that name.(Win 63-56........Charles Mann 29pts..........Marcus Thornton 16pts)

TENNESSEE +2 over Iowa------Line just moved at least 2 points towards Iowa.   Hmmm.  Iowa finished the season with a string of losses while Tennessee finished with a lot of momentum,  dominating teams with several gargantuan blowouts until losing by 7 to Florida.   Having Armani Moore,  I think Tennessee has a future in this tournament.(Win 78-65.....Jordan McRae 20pts......Jarnell Stokes 18pts)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

NC STATE WOLFPACK +3.5 over Xavier Musketeers-----Hmmm.....NC State,  who has beaten Pitt and Syracuse,  is an underdog against a team that plays in a conference with St John's,  a team which has somehow lost the 1st half----as we type----by 22 points to Robert Morris.(Win 74-59.........Warren 25pts............Turner 17pts)

NEBRASKA to have more wins in the tournament than Harvard (-110)------Harvard dominated the Ivy League and..........they play Cincinnati.   The only Big-10 teams that Nebraska has played but failed to beat at least once were Michigan and Iowa.(Lose 1 game to 0........Epic disappointment from Nebraska in this tournament)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

VIRGINIA +5.5 over Duke teased with ST JOSEPH'S +9 over Vcu-----Seems like I've missed out on profiting from Virginia's fine season as they are much better than usual this year while Duke is a bit weaker than they normally are.  Could be close games here.(Win 72-63 and 65-61.....Langston Galloway 19pts......Ronald Roberts 15pts for St Joseph's...........Malcolm Brogdon 23pts........Joe Harris 15pts for Virginia)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

MORGAN STATE +10 over North Carolina Central(Win 71-62)
MORGAN STATE +445 over North Carolina Central-----While NCC has won most of their games and Morgan State is only 15-15,  Morgan State has the revenge,  having lost to NCC by only 1 point and,  well,  spring may be arriving soon with Turnipseed and Blossom.(Lose 71-62)

NC STATE WOLFPACK +10 over Duke Blue Devils-----Duke has the +offense........NC State has the revenge and.............this game is in Greensboro,  so its not in Duke's home arena.(Win 75-67)

VCU RAMS -5.5 over George Washington Colonials-------Both teams have lost 7 games........I just think VCU should be a stronger team than GW.(Win 74-55..........Graham 22pts)

UCLA +5.5 over Arizona----Ucla has the revenge and the +offense(Win 75-71........Jordan Adams 19pts.......Kyle Anderson 21pts)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

NC STATE +2 over Miami----Wolfpack has the revenge and...........well,  with Wake Forest and DePaul both winning yesterday,  Desmond Lee could be pretty good today.(Win 67-58.......TJ Warren 24pts........Ralston Turner 22pts)

MARYLAND -1 over Florida State----Huge win for Mount St Marys a couple days ago.(Lose 67-65)

Sunday, March 09, 2014

FLORIDA GULF CARCOSA -2 over Mercer------Blow-out this fucking team.(Lose 68-60)

FLORIDA STATE +1.5 over Syracuse-----Syracuse is a lifeless carcass,  put it out of its misery.(Lose 74-58.......Pathetic effort by Florida State,  Aaron Thomas 4-14,  0 for 6 on 3s)

Saturday, March 08, 2014

NEVADA WOLF PACK -3 over Unlv Runnin' Rebels(Win 76-72....Deonte Burton 24pts)

JAMES MADISON DUKES +7 over Towson Tigers(Lose 80-71)
JAMES MADISON DUKES +260 over Towson Tigers-----Towson has a big +ATS advantage but I don't like those assholes;  they lose for me and then beat me.   So I'll go with James Madison and their Russian,  Semenov.(Lose 80-71.......Semenov 1-6,  Ron Curry 2-10.  Fuck both these teams)

NORTH CAROLINA TAR HEELS +9(-115) over Duke Blue Devils----This is what I'm talking about:  Duke has the home revenge and home-off-road-loss,  BUT ITS 9 POINTS!  You know?  Both teams have the same record..........both quality teams.......How many games has UNC lost by more than 9 points?  Two.  Just 2.  So it can supposedly happen---just not very often.(Lose 93-81)

PROVIDENCE +11.5 over Creighton-----Same thing:  Creighton has the home revenge but,  being favored by 11.5,  they're also on a 2-7 ATS run.(Lose 88-73........Providence loses the 1st half by 23pts..........the points were there,  Don't really see why it was so hard to cover.   McDermott career-hi 45pts against me)

CITADEL +13 over Wofford------YOU CANNOT STOP THE PROPHET.  Citadel....on a 3-0 run with Van Sychcock........HoC 2nd season......Underwood's alma mater you cannot stop............the prophet.(Lose 68-51.............Citadel sucks)

MICHIGAN -9.5 over Indiana------The home-revenge---which Michigan has here----seems to be getting so expensive,  you know?  Like, the oddsmakers know what kind of games I wanna bet on.,  5-6 ATS on the road..........well,  with Robinson being one of the child-saving heroes in that off-road, ocean-driving incident down in Daytona Beach,  I'll take Michigan.(Lose 84-80.........Michigan has no inside game,  totally dependent on 3s)

Friday, March 07, 2014

PORTLAND TRAILBLAZERS +2.5 over Dallas Mavericks(Lose 103-98.........Wow,  Portland was down by 30........then it got close.)

Thursday, March 06, 2014

lsu -1.5 over vanderbilt-----vandy has a big ats advantage and the home revenge for a 23 point loss to lsu.  both teams have lost their last games by huge numbers.  lsu has the +offense and shavon coleman, 1 day after shavon shields got 17 for nebraska.  lsu also has an ah,  1 day after alandise harris participated in a 30-pt beatdown for arkansas.(Win 57-51........Johnny O'Bryant 25pts)

charlotte +2 over marshall-----charlotte actually does have a winning record,  just not lately.  charlotte bobcats won by 22 last night and they weren't even favored,  so we gotta consider charlotte here and they do have the revenge.(Win 74-70...........Pierria Henry 26pts........Mike Thorne 18pts..........Willie Clayton 15pts)

xavier +3.5 over villanova----colorado won yesterday as a 9pt dog with its 2 xaviers while xavier thames had 19 for san diego st aztecs.  xavier has the home revenge here with home-off-road-loss so we gotta try it.(Lose 77-70..........Yeah,  I actually wanted more points here.  Home Revenge is just too overvalued these days)

cs fullerton titans +5.5 over cal irvine anteaters-----anteaters have won 9 more games than fullerton,  but if you look at recent conference play,  these teams don't look too far apart.  fullerton has the home revenge.(Lose 62-44............Psshhhh:  Shameful performance at home by Fullerton......Michael Williams 3 for 13 from the floor and 60% from the line???   Nah,  don't bet on this team.)

george mason +6 over la salle-----should be able to at least cover 6 after a couple of days of dominance by george and georgia teams.(Win 59-57...........Marko Gujanicic 15pts SERBIA,  bitch!  Holloway 10pts)

iowa hawkeyes +5 over michigan state spartans------look!  msu had all their players back last game and they still lost at home as a double-digit favorite;  they're done,  not a contender.  iowa's got the revenge and u can't tell me adam woodbury is going down the day after wake forest beat duke.(Lose 86-76.........Trice 17pts)

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

CENTRAL CONNECTICUT BLUE DEVILS +11.5 over Wagner Seahawks(Lose 83-59)
CENTRAL CONNECTICUT BLUE DEVILS +565 over Wagner Seahawks-----I've been through,  and have publicly verbally complimented,  Cumberland, MD.   So I can't go against that name which the Blue Devils do have here.   They also have a 'Malcolm',  which is a name that's been,  in my view,  doing pretty well recently---certainly driving the Cavaliers promising season.   While Wagner has a Nolan and Hugo and the home revenge,  I was thinking about taking them in this game to oppose Obama who,  I believe,  spoke in Connecticut today.   But...........Central Conn just seems to have so much with Mobley and Drakeford,  2 names that I certainly can't go against today.   So,  regardless of whatever limpness and fecklessen anyone might criticize Obama for,  we'll look at all these points and juice here and go with Obama and the vulgate audience of mimimum-wage workers he demagogued today.(Lose 83-59........motherfucking 24pt blowout.  I TOLD you about this shit:  It doesn't matter what you pay these untermenschen,  ITS WHAT THAT MONEY CAN BUY!  You wanna help people?  Stop bailing-out the rich!  You can PAY wal-mart "greeters" 4.65/hour IF houses cost what they fucking should:  about 5 to 10 thousand dollars.   Its the financially engineered bankist-BarneyFrank-CDO-goldmansachs Global Financial Oligarchic usury industry that is running up the prices of everything.  The goldmansachs-owned Obama and the Bernanke-Greenspan-Yellen liquidity Flood-to-the-Rich needs to be destroyed,  not the small business owners.  Who do you think made home prices so high?  THE BLANKEIN CAPITALIST OLIGARCHY of banks who looted me,  the shareholder,  and then got bailed-out by an undemocratic financially-bribed US Congress!  Barney Frank wants Americans to be "home-owners"?  Ok,  just create a $150,000 home-buying credit for all Americans who reach the age of 35.   Yes,  what region or capitalism-debauched metro-area is so over-priced that a home cannot be bought there for as little as $300,000?   With 50% down "home-ownership",  America could then have "fair" usury.   And fair interest rates.   Connectislut motherfuckers...........I can't even tell you what I think of this state.   So I'll just say nothing.)

GEORGIA -11.5 over Mississippi State-----With Georgia State winning its game by 3 last night as a 3-point underdog and George-town winning its game by 12 as a 3-point underdog as well,   you gotta think about looking at Georgia today.   But if you also realize that Georgia Tech,  as a 14-point underdog,  beat Syracuse 67-62 last night,  Georgia becomes a must-play.  (True,  Syracuse has been struggling lately,  but still....).   Georgia has home-off-road-loss here.  MSU has Bloodman,  which is a pretty cool name,  and the revenge after losing earlier to Georgia by 20.(Win 66-45.....Gaines 14pts.......Marcus Thornton 13pts.......Mann 10pts.........Djurisic 7pts)

CONNECTICUT -15.5 over Rutgers------Rutgers has lost to Louisville by 48 points and to Memphis by about 30.  So its certainly conceivable that UCONN can cover this.(Lose 69-63.......FUCK CONNECTICUT!   This UConn is not a contender.   I could not care less if this Connectislut was broke off( MiGs............MiGs..........MiGs....) and SUNK into the Atlantic Ocean.   How many times does this fucking state have to ruin my life??!!  Valor-stealing Jew-governor connecticut bitch I'll bury this state.)

MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES -8.5 over New York Knicks-----Knicks are 1-6 ATS going back but they weren't doing very well even before Spike Lee's anti-gentrifier rant.  I don't think another blow-out of the Knicks would do much harm,  would it?(Lose 118-106......Would have been nice to win with Love and Muhammed...........(just not the reality of my life)..........Oh,  the gun-felon Felton has to suddenly score 18pts against me.   I expected better from Minnesota.....IN Minnesota)

TCU HORNED FROGS +17 over Texas Longhorns------Oh, my:  This TCU team loses often and big.   However,  they are in a tough conference where they've played Kansas twice.   Of course,  TCU has the revenge,  but they didn't lose by that much to Texas the first time they played them.(Win 66-54........Kyan Anderson 28pts for TCU)

Sunday, March 02, 2014

CLEMSON -3.5 over Maryland----Career-hi for Jared Brownridge yesterday as he got 38pts for Santa Clara.....and Clemson has Jaron Blossomgame.  Moreover,  it wasn't merely that "confederate" teams like VCU and Virginia won and covered by a good number of points,  or that Tevin Calhoun had 15pts in Troy's upset 61-46 victory at UL Monroe,  it was also that the UNLV Runnin' Rebels won their game by 26 points while South Carolina beat Kentucky as a 9 or 10 point underdog while The Citadel,  as a 5 1/2 point underdog,  beat Georgia Southern 80-63.   Ummm,  what South Carolina teams are available today?  Oh,  Clemson.  Yeah,  I'll take 'em.   As far as Maryland,  I don't see how Gonzaga's 28pt blow-out of Saint Mary's yesterday could be anything buy negative for them today.(Win 77-73........KJ McDaniels 26pts)...Hall 16pts)

Saturday, March 01, 2014

MINNESOTA GOLDEN GOPHERS +9 over Michigan Wolverines-----While Michigan,  having the +offense and the +ATS and a much better conference record,  is the better team,  Minnesota has the road revenge here and the previous meeting between these 2 teams was a close game ending in a 3-point Michigan win.   And Minnesota didn't even shoot well in that game.   Suffice it to say,  this game has just as much chance of being close and this is 9 points we're getting.(Lose 66-56)

ST JOSEPHS HAWKS +3 over St Bonaventure Bonnies------SBU has the home-off-road-loss while St Josephs has the revenge.   And with the Monmouth Hawks getting a huge 25-pt win yesterday over Niagra,  we'll go with these Hawks.(Win 83-74)

SAN FRANCISCO -3(-120) over Loyola Marymount------The Dons have a huge ATS advantage and,  while LMU has the home revenge,  the Lions are just not winning and not covering.(Win 65-61.......Avry Holmes 25pts,  there we go, Kruize Pinkins 12pts)

OKLAHOMA SOONERS -4.5 over Texas Longhorns----Texas does have the revenge but OK has the home-off-road-loss and the +offense.(Win 77-65.....Isaiah Cousins 24pt,  Hield 17pts)