Sunday, May 31, 2009

ARIZONA(Scherzer) over Atlanta(Medlen) parlayed with PIRATES(Maholm) over Houston(Hampton) +175---------Arizona has scored pretty well over their last 6 games and Scherzer has only had 2 starts in which he gave up 4ER. Braves offense not looking very good slugging .387. Medlen........7 walks in 8Inn so far. Although Astros hit pretty well (.302) vs lhp's, this is double revenge for Pitt at home: team revenge against Hampton, who shut them down earlier, and pitcher revenge for Maholm as he got hit by the Cubs last start(Lose 9-3 and 2-1........fucking sick)

CARDINALS(Wainwright) -150 over Giants(Sanchez)--------Sanchez is wild; the Giants FUCKING SUCK; Cardinals got 10 hits off the lhp yesterday........they should get at least 5 walks off Sanchez(Lose 5-3)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

GIANTS(Zito) +140 over Stl(Carpenter)--------Cardinals offense has come way down; they are actually hitting for a lower average than the Giants now. Certainly, at 1-5, Zito is due for a win. He has the pitcher revenge coming off a 5-earned-runs-allowed start. In their last 6 games, the Giants have scored at least 4 runs and they are on a 4-game winning streak. I'll HOPE Carpenter doenst do as well as he's done in his first 4 outings. Cardinals only hitting .226 vs lhp's.(Lose 6-2.......godfucking dammit. motherfucking bitch ass cunt dickheads)

NATIONALS(Martis) +210 over Phillies(Hamels) 1ST 5INNINGS--------Washington is 13-34 and Martis is 5-0..........they SHOULD have a chance in this game so I'll take the price(Lose 4-7.........goddamn fucking losers. How does Martis get rocked? I cannot FUCKING believe this shit.)

Monday, May 25, 2009

ANGELS(Santana) -155 over WhiteSox(Danks)---------Angels have some guys that slug well vs lhp's and Danks is usually going to pitch no more than 5inn. Red still seems to be doing ok and the White Sox.........they still refuse to hit or score; what can you do but bet against them?(Lose 17-3........when you lose by 14 runs betting on the Angels.........what the hell did I do? FUCK)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

REDS(Bailey) -115 over Cleveland(Huff)---------Since May 20th, the purest red teams in baseball(Red Sox, Reds, Angels, Cardinals, Phillies and Arizona) have gone a combined 15-5 while the purest blue teams in baseball(Royals, Blue Jays and Dodgers) have gone a combined 1-8. Reds here are a pure red play against a hopeless Indians team that, altho their hitting is ok, they're a pathetic 16-27: Losers. I have a hunch Bailey can win for me(Lose 7-6..........6 walks from Bailey; the guy's a joke)

BRAVES(Lowe) over Blue Jays(Jansen) parlayed with ARIZONA(Haren) over Oakland(Gonzalez) (+186)---------Haren's a Red play against the pathetic A's. Braves, altho they have some blue in their uniforms, are an anti-blue play because the Blue Jays are bluer. I also hate the Blue Jays for failing me and I want them to lose. Their offense has very quickly turned into a sick joke. They are going down.(Win 4-3 and 8-7)

Friday, May 22, 2009

WASHINGTON(Zimmerman) -107 over Orioles(Hill)(Lose 4-2)
Washington vs Orioles OVER 10(-115)----------Nationals are slugging a good .441 and they're 12-28. They're due to win.........and Zimmerman is due to have a good game; he's been getting hit but usually doesnt walk people. Both teams can hit........but Nat's need the win more(Lose 4-2........Crap. More garbage from this piece of shit team of losers. Zimmerman did fine........and they got 4 hits for him. Scumbags)

MARINERS(Vargas) -140 over San Francisco(Johnson)--------Johnson has only had two good starts; he's shaky and risky. Seattle's offense isnt good, but the Giants offense, always weak, seems to be getting worse and if you're struggling to score 3 runs in a game........I'll pay the -140 for a home team(Win 2-1)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

*BLUE JAYS(Ray) +160 over Boston(Lester)(Lose 5-1)
BLUE JAYS +155 over Boston 1ST 5 INNINGS--------Lester has been rocked 5 times this year by four different teams(Tampa rocked him twice) including the lowly Oakland A's. Toronto is hitting .306 vs lhp's. I dont know why Toronto couldnt score yesterday off Brad Penny and I'm pissed off about that. But we're not fucking around today; this is a huge play.......Lester should be ripped apart by the 2nd inning. We've all seen what happened with the Cowboys' dome at their practice facility. I'd hate to see something like that happen at the Skydome; W I N T H I S G A M E, B L U E J A Y S(Lose 5-0...........Fuck these goddamn 22 LOB losers....these fucking cunts.........HP Ump Marvin Hudson had a TERRIBLE 1st inning. That bitch was blind as a bat, couldnt call a fucking strike if it hit him in the fucking gut. Fucking faery.....homer bitch. Nice unfuckingcoordinated play in right field Rios. That pathetic effort didnt fucking help. So they outhit them 11-7 AND outwalked them 3-1.........and they lose by 4 runs. WT FUCK? 22 LOB.........what the fuck?! Who else is responsible for this shit. I wanna fucking know)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

REDS(Harang) -115 over Philly(Moyer)---------Moyer is a joke this year; almost 1ER per IP. Reds need to fucking win this game for me............or suffer the fucking consequences(Win 5-1)

ROCKIES(De La Rosa) +145 over Atlanta(Vazquez)-------Phenomenally, De La Rosa has not been credited with a win yet this year. Rockies, who outslug the Braves on offense, owe De La Rosa a win.(Lose far De La Rosa's worst effort this year; 5 walks in 3 innings. WTF?)

TORONTO(Cecil) +115 over Boston(Penny)---------Penny, with a 6.69 ERA, has too good of a W-L record(3-1). He's due for a loss(Lose 8-3........Toronto, you need to be hitting a lot better......VERY soon)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ANGELS(Palmer) +135 over Seattle(Hernandez)(Win 6-5)
Angels vs Seattle UNDER 8(-120)---------Hitting .255(slugging .383) Mariners offense is poor and Palmer has come out quite hard to hit (.168). Hernandez might do good(only 3 of his 8 starts have been bad), but Angels offense has been coming up a bit; they scored 10 yesterday(Lose 6-5)

Twins(Baker) vs Cws(Buehrle) OVER 8.5(-105)--------I figure WhiteSox are under the gun here to hit and get a win at home(but, of course, they suck). Twins have the team revenge against Buehrle who shut them down previously. So I figure them for some offensive outperfomance. And Baker.........he's had 1 start out of 6 where he hasnt allowed at least 4 earned runs; not a good bet to shut any team down completely.(Lose 6-2. goddamit. Twins fucking suck)

REDS(Cueto) +120 over Phillies(Hamels) 1ST 5 INNINGS(Lose 4-1)
Reds vs Phillies UNDER 4(-115) 1ST 5 INNINGS-------------With the Royals beating BCLI 2 days ago with Juan Cruz getting the win and DeJesus scoring two runs, I'm gonna take the hint and play Cueto here for the 1st 5; Reds bullpen simply cant be trusted with David Weathers. Cueto hasnt walked people and is hard to hit. He's pitched 6 or more innings in all but 1 of his starts.(Lose 4-1.........F U C K)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

ORIOLES(Uehara) -115 over Royals(Hochevar)---------Uehara has had only 1 bad start and 6 good ones. He doesnt walk people and Orioles' offense is pretty good; Adam Jones is now hitting .370 (slugging .669), Markakis has slipped a bit to .333. Hochevar got rocked in his first and only start last time(Lose 7-4.........Cruz blows the save but gets the win.......DeJesus 2 hits and 2 runs........hmmmmmmm)

Philly(Park) vs Washington(Zimmerman) OVER 10(-120)-------The Nationals, I think, may have the finest offense of any 11-24 team in history. Zimmerman is coming off 3 bad starts and Park has had only 2 good starts and 4 bad ones. Day game.......and that should put this one over.(Win 8-6.......Park gets destroyed in 1 inning of work)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

CINCINNATI REDS(Volquez) -128 over San Diego(Geer)--------Volquez has pitcher revenge here as he was rocked by the Cardinals last start. He's hard to hit (.182) and if he can--hopefully--contain his wildness, he should do well against the weak-hitting Padres. At 14-22 you might expect the Padres to be due for a win(well........they won yesterday) but Geer, with 3 rockings and only 2 acceptable starts, is not a good bet. Reds have put up some high run totals in recent games(though not yesterday)(Lose 6-5........Why you gotta fuck me again, Weathers? 3 walks, the Blown Save and David Weathers fucking loses me more money)

LA DODGERS(Milton) +102 over Florida(Miller)--------Dodgers are 4-4 since Ramirez went out and they are STILL winning more than 2 games for every one they lose on the season. They hit, they slug, they hit lhp's and they walk. Marlins are on a 3-11 streak and prior to being on the disabled list, Miller had shown no signs that he had cured his career wildness problem. I'll take a chance on a far superior offense here, and Milton, at this good price as Florida has done nothing special against lhp's(Lose 6-3)

Friday, May 15, 2009

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Cecil) -125 over Cws(Danks)--------Through 14inn, Cecil's ERA is 0.64. Jays' failure against lhp's(Sabathia and Pettitte) the last two games is uncharacteristic and I hope they can do much better here. Danks is medicore.........but the White Sox are terrible, they have no offense this year.(Win 8-3........A Hill 3 for 4 2RBI)

TIGERS(Jackson) -150 over Oakland(Anderson)----------Can the Tiger bullpen fail miserably again? Yes, probably. But Jackson has been much better than his 2-2 record indicates and can take the Tigers deep into games. Anderson has had only 2 good starts out of 5. Oakland has scored in their last two games but they are still one of the worst offenses in baseball.(Win 14-1.........M Ordonez 3 for 3........B Inge 5RBI.......C Thomas 4R......M Cabrera 4R)

ROCKIES(De La Rosa) -105 over Pirates(Maholm)----------De La Rosa could be on track for his best season yet.........batters hitting only .208 vs him and, at 0-3, his team owes him a win. Rockies have hit .275 vs lhp's and slugged .503 vs lhp's.(Win 3-1.......Brad Hawpe game winning HR in the 9th)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BLUE JAYS(Richmond) -105 over Yankees(Pettitte)-------Pettitte coming off 2 bad starts......Toronto is still hitting like they're the best offense in baseball and they've hit .327 vs lhp's this year. Richmond........he's been good. And I think Richmond has..........always wanted revenge against the Yankees.(Lose 8-2..........Richmond gets better start fucking hitting again, Blue Jays)

TIGERS(Willis) +133 over Twins(Perkins)--------Its smart for them to bring Willis back on the road; and especially against the Twins who are hitting only .238 vs lhp's and slugging only .337 vs lhp's. Tigers offense definitely HAS dropped off(they were very good starting the season) but Perkins........I just dont like him and I think he should get hit more. His last three starts he has allowed at least 4 ER in each start.(Lose 10-14..........Tigers bullpen blows TWO saves and then Lyon takes the loss. That shit cant happen again)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

OAKLAND A'S(Cahill) -127 over Royals(Hochevar)--------Oakland's offense sucks. I cant believe an MLB team can be slugging only .340. However, at 11-18, the A's are due for a win and Cahill has had 5 good starts and only 1 bad one. Royals offense is not great and hopefully will be just weak enough to lose this game(Win 12-3)

BALTIMORE(Hendrickson) +122 over Tampa(Sonnanstine)--------I like Baltimore's offense better and I dont see why Tampa is favored on the road with Sonnanstine(Win 7-5)

Friday, May 08, 2009

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Martis) +112 over Arizona(Petit)---------Nat's offense is walking and hitting much better than their record indicates.....Martis has had 3 good starts out of 5......Az's offense is very weak........batters hitting .307 off Petit(Win 5-4...........Jesus Flores)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Guthrie) +135 over Yankees(Sabathia)-------Sabathia has pitcher's revenge here as the Orioles have rocked him earlier but look at the Yankees: THEY SUCK. They've lost 4 straight and now they're favored here on the road. I'll take a home team at this price. Im impressed by Markakis; he's been hitting to all fields and he's still hitting around .350(Lose 4-0........Sabathia definitely got his revenge......only 4 hits.......dont know why the Orioles had to suck so bad in this game)

Stl(Pineiro) vs Reds(Cueto) UNDER 8.5(+105)--------Cueto has been shutting teams down. Reds offense is weak(Lose 6-4..........Weathers blows the under)

WHITESOX(Contreras) over Texas(Harrison) parlayed with ANGELS(Palmer) over Kansas City(Meche) (+270)---------Harrison is hittable and CWS hit pretty well vs lhp's(.276). Contreras is due for a good game. At 18-11, Royals are due for a loss; their offense is just not good enough to sustain that kind of record(Lose 6-0........white sox SUCK! Note that Harrison pitched a CG 4-hitter, something that he never does. White Sox should not pass go....NOT collect $200 and send themselves directly to AAA......No, A ball. They suck they fucking suck)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

BLUE JAYS(Ray) +153 over Angels(Weaver)----------Toronto has 4 players slugging over .500 and their offense has been dominant. Angels offense doesnt walk and they're slugging is weak at only .416. I'll take the price with Robert Ray.(Lose 6-1.....Ray gets rocked......Weaver pitches a CG 3 hitter)

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Zimmerman) +135 over Dodgers(Wolf)--------with the Dodgers at 21-8 and Nats at 7-18, you have to figure the equalizing odds are in favor of Washington winning this game. The Nationals offense is better than a 7-18 records would indicate and Zimmerman, apparently, has some talent........and the revenge as he had a bad start last time. Nat's hit well vs lhp's(Win 11-9)

Tampa(Niemann) vs Yankees(Pettitte) UNDER 10.5(-120)----------Niemann has had 3 good starts and 2 bad ones; he has the revenge and the Yankees offense is struggling. They cant hit Sonnanstine? Fuck 'em, I'll go under the high number(Lose 8-6......pathetic bullpen action....even Rivera give up 2 HR's........should've just bet against the Yankees)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

ORIOLES(Hendrickson) +110 over Twins(Slowey)--------At 10-17, Baltimore is due for a win. Their offense is not bad; they have two really hot hitters and they're slugging over .400. Minnesota's offense is weak and, though you cant say Hendrickson has been good so far, even weaker vs lhp's(.246). Slowey doesnt walk people but he's very hittable(.328). He's gotten very lucky so far to be 4-0 pitching for the Twins.(Win 4-1)

YANKEES(Burnett) -1.5(+110) over Tampa(Sonnanstine)--------After getting swept in a 2-game series at home by the Red Sox, Yankees should be pretty mad.........and hopefully they'll rock Sonnanstine who is quite hittable. Neither the Yankees NOR Burnett deserve my bet here, but I'll give them another chance.(Lose 4-3........Yankees are a disgrace to baseball)

Cubs(Harden) vs Houston(Hampton) UNDER 9(-110)--------Not very good offenses here; Hampton has pitcher revenge here after getting ripped by the Braves.........Cubs hitting only .233 vs lhp's and Harden can always shut teams' down(Push 6-3)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

YANKEES(Chamberlain) -120 over Boston(Beckett)---------Beckett has pitcher revenge here as he was rocked by the Yankees recently; problem is, he's been mercilessly rocked his last two starts. Yanks offense is pretty good; they have 4 guys slugging over .500(Lose 7-3........they let Van Every get 3 at bats and.............they win even though Beckett gives up 10 hits for his 3rd straight start)

Twins(Blackburn) vs Tigers(Porcello) UNDER 10---------I have no respect for the Twins offense.........the Tigers's offense is in decline after GETTING ONLY 4 HITS off Liriano yesterday........both pitchers give up very few walks(Win 9-0........thanks for stopping at 9)

ROYALS(Davies) -130 over WhiteSox(Floyd)-------Davies looks ok..........Alberto Callaspo powering up the perennially weak Royal offense..........CWS offense looks to be declining after scoring a pathetic 2 runs in their last 2 games. Floyd is walking more than 1 every 2inn and giving up a .298 average against. I dont respect him.(Win 8-7.......winning pitcher: Juan Cruz)

PHILLIES(Myers) +120 over Stl(Wainwright)---------Cardinals were disciplined by Blanton last night......Ankiel is knocked out. I'll try Brett here as Brett Cecil pitched a nice 6 innings earlier today for the Blue Jays. Wainwright has been wild and I think the Philly offense is equipped to take advantage of that(Win 10-7.........Victorino)

DODGERS(Weaver) -118 over Arizona(Scherzer)---------Scherzer has been ok but he doesnt pitch late into games. With AZ's offense performing DRASTICALLY worse than LA's, I'll take a chance on Weaver here.(Win 3-1)

Monday, May 04, 2009

GIANTS(Sanchez) +170 over Cubs(Dempster)--------This is a pretty big price, dontcha think? Giants offense is weak, but the Cubs arent hitting too well either. Dempster is average while Sanchez is an enormous talent. Opposing batters only hitting .159 off him this year........if he could ever get his walks under control.........we have friends in Chicago, right?(Lose 4-2.....six walks in four innings for Sanchez. Thanks for the offensive support, Giants)

TIGERS(Jackson) -133 over Twins(Liriano)--------Tigers hitting .309 vs lhp's; Jackson on his way to a great year...........Liriano, at 0-4, struggling to be effective.......Twins offense weak(Lose 7-2.........Disgusting; Detroit gets exactly 4 hits in this game)

CARDINALS(Lohse) over Phillies(Blanton) parlayed with TORONTO(Tallet) over Cleveland(Carmona) parlayed with ROCKIES(De La Rosa) over San Diego(Correia) (+531)---------Lohse with Stl's offense is a great deal, Blanton has pitcher revenge here but batters are hitting .371 off him and he's probably not solid yet. Pitcher revenge for Tallet here and we'll give him another chance against the Indians who have some holes in their lineup......BlueJay offense, of course, is dominating. Correia doesnt pitch deep into games and he's been wild..........and the Rockies take walks, and SHOULD take walks because they havent been hitting well. Rockies owe De La Rosa a win here as he has been too good to be 0-2(Lose 6-1 and 9-7. Tallet did fine. Fuck the Cardinals. I'm sick of this shit)

Friday, May 01, 2009

(BCLI has gone 9-18 (-8.19units) in baseball in April)

OAKLAND(Eveland) -102 over Seattle(Silva)----------Seattle is 13-9 slugging .339 vs lhp's; they're due to lose here(Lose 8-7.......5 run lead blown, Eveland gets rocked.........Jose Lopez beats me)

BOSTON(Masterson) -122 over Tampa(Sonnanstine)---------Masterson's K/BB ratio is 7/2.........batters hitting .333 off Sonnanstine. Put Van EVERly in the game, please, Boston.(Lose 6-2........Van Everly doesnt start in favor of (.234 hitting) JD Drew; Red Sox are stupid and since they've lost for me TWICE by being fucking stupid, their season is over. Note Masterson's line: 6Inn 6H 6ER)

WHITESOX(Buehrle) -110 over Texas(Feldman)----------I doubt Feldman's credentials for being in the major leagues; he's 6 foot 5............that's about it. Texas is slugging but not walking(Win 4-3)

PIRATES(Duke) -130 over Reds(Arroyo)-------------Duke has had 3 good starts and one bad one. Reds offense is very weak and is hitting only .208 vs lhp's...........Brandon Phillips, normally a ripper of lhp's, is only .240 vs lhp's this year(Lose 4-0..........Duke certainly did his part......dont know why Arroyo did so good)

ROCKIES(Jimenez) +102 over San Fran(Johnson)----------At 8-12, Rockies are due for a win here, they are slugging, walking well and hitting .309 vs lhp's. Jimenez is due to have some control here. Both pitchers have been wild(Lose 3-2......Johnson pitches a 4-hitter.........what? Dont bet against the Giants? Ok, GIANTS, lets see you win for me today with Jonathan Sanchez)