Saturday, May 31, 2008

WASHINGTON(Bergmann) +200 over Arizona(Webb) (Lose 4-0)
Washington +1.5 (+100) over Arizona--------Bergmann is too good for this price. Az has consistently scored only about 3 runs per game over their last 5. Webb coming off bad start (Lose 4-0)

Yanks(Wang) vs Minn(Bonser) OVER 9(-110)--------Bonser's been getting hit and Wang has had 2 bad starts. Twins offense coming up a bit. This total could be 10.5 i think(Win 7-6)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

OAKLAND(Duchscherer) +125 over Boston(Beckett)--------A's offense looks to be waking up. I know they can hit a fastball after watching them rock Burnett. Duchscherer should get respect; batters hitting only .250 off him. Beckett has allowed some runs recently..... (Win 3-0)

Minnesota(Bonser) vs Tigers(Robertson) OVER 9.5(-125)-------Twins are hitting, Tigers should be hitting. Robertson consistently gives up 4 or more runs per game. Bonser has been hit already by Tigers (Win 19-3)

TEXAS(Feldman) +170 over Cleveland(Lee)---------Rangers on an offensive rampage; Feldman not too bad; Indians offense sucks. Cant ignore Rangers offense at this price (Lose 5-2)

CUBS(Marquis) -126 over Pitt(Dumatrait)----------Dumatrait was just terrible vs the Cubs last time and Marquis has shut down Pitt twice. Cubs offense improving (Lose 5-4)

METS(Vargas) +132 over Col(Francis)-----------Mets not scoring well but i dont like Francis at this price (Win 9-2)

REDS(Arroyo) -110 over Padres(Ledezma)--------Give the Reds another try against the lhp (Win 7-2)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

REDS(Harang) -108 over Padres(Wolf)-------Wolf has been getting worst as the season goes on and the Reds have been improving vs lhp's. Phillips, of course, is bloody murder on left handers hitting .420 against them. And San Diego is a weak offense (Lose 8-2)

BALTIMORE(Burres) +147 over Yankees(Kennedy)-------Kennedy has been terrible all year while the Yankees offense really hasnt done much better than the Orioles'. Burres did ok vs Yankees last meeting. Yanks are still in the .230's against lhp's (Lose 2-1)

ARIZONA(Haren) -122 over Florida(Miller)-----------Arizona's offense has weakened. That is a risk now. However, this pitching matchup is just too good for them to ignore at -122. Miller is coming off 3 good starts, but they were all against weak offenses(KC, Wash, SD). Az is better vs lhp's and Haren is just much better than Miller(Lose 4-0)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

CUBS(Dempster) -120 over Houston(Sampson) (Lose 4-2)
METS(Maine) -125 over Atl(Glavine)(Lose 6-1)

Monday, May 19, 2008

TAMPA(Shields) -108 over Oakland(Blanton)-------Tampa's offense is moving up; Oakland's offense is weakening. Shields is harder to hit than Blanton(Win 7-6)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

METS(Perez) +135 over Yankees(Wang) (Win 11-2)
Cleve(Lee) vs Reds(Volquez) UNDER 7.5(-115)(Lose 6-4)

Friday, May 16, 2008

HOUSTON(Chacon) -110 over Texas(Ponson)--------I didnt used to like Chacon; but i think he's ok this year. Astro offense JUST DOESNT QUIT. Its too hot. Ponson coming off a rocking. Rangers offense just not as consistent as Houston's. (Lose 16-8)

ARIZONA(Haren) -144 over Detroit(Bonderman) (Win 4-3)
AZ -1.5 (+135) over Detroit------------Haren almost impeccable; Bonderman struggling this year. Tigers offense just got shut down by Meche and Hochevar; AZ's offense looking stronger (Lose 4-3)

REDS(Cueto) -115 over Indians(Sowers) (Win 4-3)
REDS -1.5 (+170) over Indians------------Reds have the offensive advantage; they've averaged almost 6 per game their last four. Reds outslug the Indians by 60 points and they've dramatically improved against lhp's to .281(Lose 4-3)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oakland(Smith) vs Cleveland(Laffey) UNDER 8(-115)--------Both pitchers are hot and both offenses suck; Oakland hasnt scored in its last 2 games(Win 4-2)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ARIZONA(Johnson) -130 over Colorado(Francis)-------Rockies have raised their average against lhp's to .219 whereas Arizona's average vs lhp's has declined to .277. Big difference between these offenses. Francis was rocked TWICE this year by Arizona. (Win 8-4)

OAKLAND(Duchscherer) +100 over Cleveland(Byrd)------A's offense may be waking up here 2 days after rocking Ponson and scoring 12. They've hit Byrd earlier and Duchscherer has been consistently good. Indians offense still weak(Lose 4-0)

HOUSTON(Backe) +115 over Giants(Cain)--------I've liked what I've seen of Backe; he certainly doesnt have to be great here for the Astros to win as Houston's offense is very strong now. (Lose 4-2)

ROYALS(Greinke) -123 over Tigers(Robertson)-------Royals have too big of a pitching advantage here to ignore(Win 3-2)

Monday, May 12, 2008

FLORIDA(Badenhop) +160 over Reds(Harang)--------Badenhop coming off 2 acceptable starts and Marlins keeping up the scoring. Harang throws a lot of strikes and Marlins dont walk so i think this is playable at this price(Lose 8-7)

Toronto(Marcum) vs Cleve(Lee) UNDER 7.5(-115)--------Two of the most unhittable pitchers in baseball AND the Blue Jays terrible offense. The number could easily be 6.5 (Win 3-0)

White Sox(Buehrle) vs Angels(Adenhart) OVER 9(-115)------Sox offense coming up a bit. Angels dont walk and Buehrle doesnt walk people. Angels also better vs lhp's. Adenhart has been nothing but wild (Win 10-7)

ASTROS(Oswalt) -144 over Giants(Zito)-------Astros up to .300 vs lhp's and their offense is scoring well. Zito is 0-7(Win 7-3)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

FLORIDA(Olsen) +115 over Wash(Hill)-------Marlins offense too hot scoring 31 runs in their last 4 games. Olsen great this year (Win 5-4)

Angels(Santana) vs Tampa(Sonnanstine) UNDER 8(-115)--------Angles offense has a problem now after getting only 3 hits off Kazmir. Santana deserves to be bet on. (Lose 8-5)

HOUSTON(Chacon) +137 over Dodgers(Kuroda)------Dodgers offense averaging less than 2 runs per game over their last 5 while Astros offense has been coming out to hit. Kuroda is ok; not great. In this situation he's overvalued at -147 (Win 8-5)

SF(Sanchez) -110 over Phi(Eaton) 1ST 5 INNINGS (Lose 3-2)
SF +100 over Phi------------Sanchez has some stuff and the Phillies only hit .235 vs lhp's. Sanchez can be wild but, curiously, the Phillies offense is taking far fewer walks than they did last year. Giants offense exploded for 8 yesterday after a long sleep. Ill try to ride that offensive momentum here. Eaton is average to below average (Win 4-3)

BOSTON(Wakefield) -116 over Minn(Blackburn)------Redsox offense is consistently scoring 5 or more runs per game thru their last 6. I've seen Blackburn and he doesnt look too potent; he's proven to be hittable(tho with good control). Twins offense is just too inferior. They score 2 runs per game way too much. Good price(Lose 9-8)

CLEVE(Carmona) -147 over Toronto(Burnett)-------Indians offense woke up yesterday. Blue Jays offense swiftly becoming one of the worst in baseball. I'll ride the trend(PPD)

ATLANTA(Jurrjens) -137 over Pitt(Duke)------Braves offense may be in some trouble after failing the last two days but they have two big of a starting pitching advantage to ignore here(PPD)

Friday, May 09, 2008

OAKLAND(Smith) -114 over Texas(Feldman)------Smith is doing great and he shut down the Rangers with 10 k's last time he faced them. -114 looks good for him (Lose 4-0)

ARIZONA(Haren) +105 over Cubs(Lilly)------Cubs have not scored more than 3 runs in any of their last 4 games. Az is hitting well vs lhp's and you have to like Haren over Lilly. I like Az's offense over the Cubs right now, altho both offenses have put up good numbers on the season(Lose 3-1)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

TEXAS(Gabbard) +162 over Seattle(Hernandez)--------Mariners have averaged 2 runs per game over their last 7 games and the Rangers slug almost 50 points higher than them. Hernandez got destroyed by the Yankees last game; regardless of how good anyone thinks he is, Seattle's offense is not doing well enough to justify this price. Even tho they do hit over .300 vs lhp's, Seattle's offense is in decline(Win 5-0)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

TAMPA(Sonnanstine) +128 over Toronto(Burnett)-------Burnett is erratic and wild while Toronto's offense continues to deteriorate slugging .365 now(terrible). Sonnanstine seems to be improved this year (Win 5-4)

FLORIDA(Olsen) -103 over Milwaukee(Suppan)------You WANT Olsen this year; he shut Milwaukee down last start and is doing great. Florida is slugging very high at .449 (Win 3-0)

HOUSTON(Chacon) -115 over Washington(Hill)-------Not sure if Hill will be as good this year as he was last year. Astros offense IS hitting now and I want in here at this price. Houston is outslugging Washington by 80 points. Opposing batters are hitting about .230 off Chacon yet he HAS NO WINS yet. Astros owe him a win here (Win 6-5)

ORIOLES(Burres) +132 over Oakland(Duchscherer) (Lose 4-2)
Orioles vs Oakland UNDER 8(-110)--------------A's not hitting well vs lhp's and Burres has had some good games. Orioles offense not reliable so I'll take the under too (Win 4-2)

STL(Looper) -105 over Colorado(Redman)-------Rockies have a bad offense and a bad pitcher here(Win 6-5)

Monday, May 05, 2008

BOSTON(Matsuzaka) -106 over Detroit(Bonderman)-------Boston's offense is back after a short sleep and Matsuzaka has been VERY hard to hit this year. Bonderman is a wild man and Detroit's offense is coming off a bad series in Minnesota. This price is too good. (Win 6-3)

ANGELS(Santana) -140 over Kansas City(Tomko)-------Total mismatch. Ill lay the price for Santana.(Win 4-0)

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Cubs(Marquis) vs Stl(Wellemeyer) OVER 8.5(-110)--------Cubs offense is excellent this year and is ascendant having raised their average 20 points to .286. Stl offense will consistently score, if not as highly sometimes as the Cubs. Both pitchers are average with Wellemeyer appearing better than he is for having faced SF twice and Colorado once(Lose 5-3.....6 runs scored after 4 innings and this bitch cant go over?!!!! what the fuck. Bullpens pitched out of their minds. I cant believe this shit)

Friday, May 02, 2008

Giants(Misch) vs Phillies(Kendrick) UNDER 9.5(+100) (Lose 6-5.....walk off HR blows it)
TAMPA BAY(Jackson) +1.5(-135) over Boston(Buchholz) (Lose 7-3)
Tampa vs Boston UNDER 9(-110) (Lose 7-3)
Reds(Volquez) vs Atl(Hudson) UNDER 8.5(-110)(Win 2-0)