Monday, August 31, 2009

MARINERS(French) +130 over Angels(Saunders)-----------Dont act like you dont see what they're fucking doing to me. You faeries. You tight-assed MUTHERFUCKING FAERIES! You think I FUCKING GIVE A DAMN ANYMORE? FUCK YOU.
Dont you EVER........and I mean E.VER fucking hang 9-1 on me. Phaggots. Goddamn phaggots. ohhhhh, we'll torch your whole FUCKING goddam city. Fuck LA. Fuck LA. Goddamn cocksuckers. I want this team fucking destroyed. That means WHEN I BET AGAINST YOU, you fucking drop the game. IF.........IF I fucking have the respect and the goddamn fucking decency to bet ON better fucking play. This shytes not funny anymore. (Lose 10-0.........somebodies gonna pay for this)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

GIANTS(Cain) -150 over Colorado(Hammel)----------Giants still need to make up some ground on the Rockies. Hammel is coming off two good starts but, overall, he's fairly hittable while Cain is not........and can shut you down almost completely on any given start.(Lose 9-5.........Edgar Renteria....5 RBI)

OAKLAND A's(Anderson) +1.5(-120) over Angels(Lackey)---------Lackey coming off two bad starts.....Anderson is pretty decent. I'll play against this big price.(Lose 9-1.........burn the whole city. You think I fucking care? This is bullshit. I want this baseball team destroyed. F U C K I N G DESTROYED)

PADRES(Latos) +130 over Florida(West)-----------Latos returned to being sweet last start. Padres have hit really well in 3 of their last 4 games. (Lose 6-4)

Friday, August 28, 2009

OAKLAND ATHLETICS(Tomko) +135 over Angels(Bell)---------Tomko has had two awesome starts with the A's while hitters are hitting .414 off Bell. A's arent scoring and the Angels offense is much better but with this pitching matchup..........gotta give Tomko respect.(Lose 11-7..........Utterly disgusting bullpen fuckup by Craig Breslow and Brad Ziegler. Oakland had a 5 RUN LEAD IN THIS GAME! Fuckin sick)

GIANTS(Lincecum) -125 over Colorado(Jimenez)----------Rockies AND Jimenez have been doing too good. Giants need this game. Sandoval and Molina are probably not gonna play; that's why the price is so low. Still, Lincecum is almost never this cheap.(Win 2-0)

White Sox(Buehrle) vs Yankees(Sabathia) UNDER 9(+100)-----------Both pitchers have the pitcher revenge as they were hit(Buehrle was killed) by their respective opponents last meeting. It rained last night and the residual humidity should help Buehrle's curve.........and maybe Sabathia's breaking ball also. Buehrle also has the pitcher revenge against his previous two bad starts.(Win 5-2)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Martinez) +1.5(-110) over Colorado(De La Rosa)---------This is somewhat of a wing and a prayer.......De La Rosa has only had 1 bad start in the last 1 1/2 months. My heart is with the Giants and with the Rockies's offense cooling off a bit, I hope this game can stay close.(Lose 11-14.........pathetic bullpen collapse. What the fuck?)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PADRES(Latos) +200 over Cubs(Harden)-------Cubs are coming off 3 days of poor scoring following their 17 runs game. Padres have the team revenge against Harden for his good game against them in May. Latos has the pitcher revenge against his last start which was horrendous. But that's really been his only bad start; everything else from him has been great. Gotta take this number.(Lose 7-1.......only idiots bet on the Padres)

METS(Parnell) +160 over Braves(Jurrjens)---------The Dodgers hit Jurrjens twice in his last 3 starts......why couldnt the Mets.....if they can get 8 in one inning off Derek Lowe as they did yesterday? Mets have the team revenge against Jurrjens and Parnell is coming off a 6inn 3 hitter; he could be emerging here. This juice is worth it.(Lose 15-2..........what a fucking catastrophe)

ASTROS(Bazardo) +100 over Florida(West)----------West beat BCLI last start. I'll take another shot at him. I WANT the Marlins to fade so the Giants can slip into the wild card spot. Jorge Cantu........he could be a problem there; an obstacle. Uggla and Ramirez too, I guess. Astros did fail BCLI yesterday; one more chance.(Win 6-3.........maybe that's the ticket: 'take a shot at 'em')

BLUE JAYS(Halladay) -145 over Boston(Buccholz)----------Buccholz HAS shown that he is capable of good starts but the statistical aggregate(over his career) shows that he is hittable and he walks people. With the Red Soxs' world series' wins now exposed as fraudulent(due to steroid abuse from David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez), they should fade as the Yankees coast into an ALCS showdown with........probably the Tigers or Angels. Toronto has the team revenge against Buccholz(they should hit him tonight) and Halladay continually proves that he pitches late into games, is hard to hit and really, really doesnt walk people.(Lose 6-1.........Jesus, trade Halladay to the Yankees these sick-ass thrown-games dont happen anymore)

GIANTS(Zito) +100 over Reds(Arroyo)---------Zito has had 6 consecutive good starts and the Giants are coming off two games of good scoring.(Win 1-0)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ASTROS(Norris) +100 over Florida(Nolasco)---------Both offenses are about equal, statistically. Both pitchers got hit by their respective opponents last time out(Nolasco got killed). Marlins offense IS crushing but the trend with Norris is that when he starts, the Astros win. (Lose 6-2)

PADRES(Carrillo) +180 over Cubs(Dempster)--------Carrillo has the pitcher revenge against his 1st and only start this year(it was bad). At this price, I think you can give him another chance. Altho the Padres have scored more than 4 runs in a game only 6 times in the month of August(not impressive) and their offense has been very weak, Dempster is not special this year. Last year, he was; this year, no.(Win 6-3)

Monday, August 17, 2009

GIANTS(Martinez) -110 over Mets(Hernandez)---------Both pitcher have not done very well and both offenses havent scored very well lately, Hernandez is coming off 2 bad starts.........But if you look at yesterday, JOse Lopez did well, JOhnny Peralta did well, JOsh Willingham had 4 hits. I'll take that as an august augury for Joe hopefully do well(tho he hasnt really done so yet). Giants ARE in this race and need to be winning; Mets have sufferred perhaps the final defangment of their offense(thx Citi) with Wright going out (probably) for the season. I'll play a Joe.(Win 10-1..........yes! Aaron Rowand.........4 for 5, 1HR and a great assist from center field.....Portland, Oregon........Nate Schierholtz.........RE(know), Nevada)

Friday, August 14, 2009

*PADRES(Latos) +190 over St Louis(Wainwright)(Lose 9-2)
PADRES +1.5(-115) over St Louis----------batters hitting .190 off Latos and Padres offense has just recently come to life........I dont care how good people think Wainwright is; this is a GREAT deal at +190(Lose 9-2.........thx Matt. Im fucking getting ruined here. Goddamit.)

GIANTS(Zito) -111 over Mets(Parnell)--------Zito's been consistent recently; Parnell is not really a starter and the Mets injuries.........Giants are the race and need every game; Mets have thrown it in.(Lose 3-0............hit the fucking ball GIANTS! Fuck)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

ASTROS(Hampton) +135 over Florida(West)---------Astros have had 3 good days of scoring and......Florida has had many good days of scoring. Hampton has had a bad start in 5 of his last 6 starts; West has been getting rocked.......even by offensively weak teams.....for a long time also. Hopefully last night will carry over(because if can destroy Nolasco, as Houston did, you can certainly hit West). Astros are better vs lhp's while Florida is slightly worse vs lhp's.(Lose 9-2......Chris Sampson.........what a joke)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Bannister) +175 over Twins(Liriano)(Lose 7-1)
ROYALS +1.5(-130) over Twins--------I think this number is just wrong; Bannister is a serious pitcher and has the pitcher revenge after his last bad start. Royals have scored double digits in 2 of their last 3 games. Royals are slightly better vs lhp's. And altho the Twins have the team revenge against Bannister's good game against them earlier, Liriano walks people and he hasnt been that difficult to hit(.278)(Lose 7-1.........Liriano throws a 3-hitter?!!! Unreal, unlikely and unfuckingbelievable)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Richmond) +245 over Yankees(Chamberlain)-------Although the Chambers st subway station is my favorite, this number is way too big not to take; Richmond is capable of having good games(batters have only hit .237 off him this year) and he has the pitcher revenge against his last bad start.(Lose 7-5)

CINCINATTI REDS(Lehr) +145 over Cardinals(Boggs)--------Give Lehr the benefit of the doubt(his first start was very good) even though the Reds havent been scoring well. Boggs is not worth of being favored by this much(Win 5-4)

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Ohlendorf) +175 over Colorado(Chacin)--------Chacin just up from Double A minors and he's -200??? Pirates have lost every single day of the week last week and have lost on both Sundays..........can that continue? Ohlendorf is ok; he does have 9 wins for this (losing) team and he has the pitcher revenge as the Rockies hit him earlier IN Colorado. Take the number.(Win 7-3)

TAMPA BAY DEVIL RAYS(Price) -120 over Angels(Santana)--------Santana's ERA is 7.20; Price has had some spectacularly bad starts but his last two have been good. Angels somehow hit Garza........lets see if they can also hit David Price.(Lose 6-0........where did that come from, Santana?...........very suspicious)

Monday, August 10, 2009

OAKLAND ATHLETICS(Gonzalez) +145 over Baltimore(Guthrie)---------RIP this fucking Mormon.(Win 9-1)

DETROIT TIGERS(Jackson) -115 over Red Sux(Penny)--------Fuck the goddamn Boston red sox(Lose 6-5)

TAMPA BAY DEVIL RAYS(Garza) -125 over Angels(O'Sullivan)--------Fuck the Angels(Lose 8-7.........You wanna hit, Garza, eh? We'll see what happens when you get hit back. fuckers.)

COLORADO ROCKIES(De La Rosa) -135 over Cubs(Gorzelanny)---------The Cubs really suck(Win 11-5)

SEATTLE MARINERS(French) +105 over WhiteSux(Floyd)---------French is a winner.(Win 6-4)

Sunday, August 09, 2009

CUBS(Wells) +100 over Colorado(Hammel)--------Wells is a really good pitcher, has allowed only 1 run in his last 15inn and looks to be the rookie of the year. Hammel is inconsistent and just very hittable. Cubs have not scored well recently but this pitching mismatch invites a win for them(Lose 11-5.........27 LOB are you FUCKING kidding me? I hate the Cubs........thanks for a shitty outing, Wells)

GIANTS(Cain) -190 over Reds(Harang)--------Aaron Harang......since June the guy's ERA has just blown up while Cain has been consistently great and is always a threat to pitch a CG. Giants seem to be in the 'habit of winning' so I'll pay the price for this here.(Lose 5-2.........FUCK THIS SHITE)

RED SOXXX(Lester) -102 over Yankees(Pettitte)---------Yanks do hit .290-something vs lhp's but Lester is a good consistent pitcher and, I would say, RedSox need to take a game here. It might create problems if New York, achieving a sweep, were permitted to swell its already gigantic ego. When I'm in town, who do you think they're gonna go with......? A cancer-survivor or an HGH-fiend?(Lose 5-2............Close the fucking game, Bard, you fucking fairy.........I'm sick of this shit. Boston fucking sux; fucking losers)

Saturday, August 08, 2009

YANKEES(Sabathia) -1.5 (+100) over Boston(Buchholz)---------Yankees' offense is strong; especially against weak to average pitching. Sabathia's last two starts have been a bit subpar but I cant see Buchholz coming out with a good start here; he has only 1 good one this season and hasnt pitched more than 5 2/3 in a start(Win 5-0)

Reds(Arroyo) vs Giants(Zito) OVER 8.5---------Both offenses have been doing well(Lose 4-2......MISTAKE, Reds had had only 1 day of good scoring........should have just bet Giants)

Arizona(Haren) vs Washington(Mock) OVER 9---------Both offenses have been doing well; Haren doesnt seem that great to me; half the time he's just tossing that weak-ass split-finger up in the zone. Mock, of course, is not good.(Lose 5-2..........Mock! Where did that come from?)

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Red Sox(Smoltz) vs Yankees(Chamberlain) OVER 9.5(-110)---------Chamberlain has faced the Red Sox twice this year and has given up 15 hits in 11 innings against them. His last three starts have been good; the problem is, he walks almost 1 every 2 innings. And I cant think of any team that has more of an ability to take walks than Boston. Smoltz, of course, has been a disappointment this year as he has given up at least 5 ER in all but two of his 7 starts. Yankees scored 8 last night.........they should score off him. Should be a lot of baserunners in this game.(Win 13-6........yup, Chamberlain walked 7)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

DODGERS(Schmidt) -135 over Milwaukee(Looper)---------Looper coming off 2 bad starts AND the Dodgers hit him recently; I dont think he's very good. Dodgers scored 17 yesterday.......I'll go with it.(Lose 4-1)

INDIANS(Laffey) +100 over Twins(Liriano)---------Indians are better vs lhp's.......I'll take Cumberland, Maryland over San Cristobal today(Win 8-1)

TIGERS(Jackson) -200 over Orioles(Guthrie)---------Guthrie seems to tend to give up runs this year; I'll pay the price for a small bet(Win 4-2)

Monday, August 03, 2009

METS(Figueroa) +155 over Arizona(Haren)(Lose 6-5...........Luis Castillo.........fails to get the bat on the ball with runner on 3rd 1 out. You gotta touch the ball in that situation, Luis)
METS +1.5(-115) over Arizona----------------Haren has put up some good season stats; he doesnt walk people and is hard to hit(.194). Thus the juice(Az is like -165). Arizona is hitting .250; that's a pretty middling offense to be as favored as they are on the road. Haren accounts for the preponderance of this line. Mets are at home here and should have a crowd tonight; Figueroa's from Brooklyn.(Win 6-5)

Sunday, August 02, 2009

*GIANTS(Zito) +150 over Phillies(Hamels)-------Both pitchers are coming off 3 good starts; both offenses are weaker vs lhp's but Giants, despite a lowly .380 slugging percentage and an inability to take walks, are in contention for a wild card. Giants need it more, Hamels is actually harder to hit this year than Zito and this juice is good.(Win 7-3.........Hamels rocked)