Monday, January 30, 2012

PORTLAND -2 over Utah-----Lets go with the 'Mar' here with LaMarcus and Cambey after DeMar DeRozan's season-hi 27pts for the Raptors blowing out the Nets at home.(Lose 93-89)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

NOTRE DAME +8.5 over Connecticut-----ND has the road, in-season revenge and..........Marcus DAMas had 18pts yesterday for Towson in a win(something Towson doesnt usually do). Also, saw a JC scoring 18 in Sacramento State's 29 and 1/2 point cover against No. Arizona----ND has Jack Cooley(Win 50-48......Jerian Grant 11pts......Eric Atkins 13pts)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

PURDUE BOILERMAKERS +1.5 over Northwestern Wildcats-----Washington Wizards blown out last night and NW is DC, DC.......Purdue's got Robbie, Jackson, TC......see?(Win winning shot Robbie Hummel)

ARIZONA -5.5 over Washington-------Wash has the +offense, Arizona has the home revenge.(Lose 69-67..........well, Jan Brewer's book may be moving up the Amazon rankings but.......this fucked my 3-team parlay)

PEPPERDINE WAVES -3 over Santa Clara Broncos-----Santa Clara has the +offense; Pepperdine has home-off-road-loss.(Win 74-62.......Jordan Baker 15pts)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

ILLINOIS-CHICAGO FLAMES +5.5 over Valparaiso Crusaders(Win 60-55........half-point cover pshhh; I expected A LOT more from this team)
ILLINOIS-CHICAGO FLAMES +205 over Valparaiso Crusaders-----Crusaders have the +offense, Flames have the home revenge........Did you see the colossal beatdown the Chicago Bulls put on Cleveland yesterday? Yeah......(Lose 60-55........2nd half collapse)

FORDHAM RAMS +14 over St Bonaventure-----Bonnies have home-off-road-loss, +ATS and +4 days of rest. However, Fordham does have the revenge from last year. Steam with the FR......BROOKLYN!(Lose 95-51..........this was obviously a bad pick. Damn.)

APPALACHIAN STATE MOUNTAINEERS -3 over Western Carolina Catamounts------App St has the 3(Vilarino).......all they have to do is put him and this game is a blowout. (Western Carolina does not even have a 3). Huge ATS advantage for App St who has the revenge from last season and the home-off-road-loss.(Win 84-72)

BROWN BEARS +6 over Yale(Lose 73-60)
BROWN BEARS +225 over Yale-------home revenge for Brown---these teams just played each other. Looks like Brown will have a 3 starting......a day after Brandon Jennings(#3) dismantled the Knicks. Don't know if Yale's 3 will start.(Lose 73-60.........Greg Mangano 18 pts for Yale)

VILLANOVA -2.5 over St Johns-----Nova has the revenge from last year and the +offense; St Johns has home-off-road-loss and........too many near-20-point losses. St Johns barely beat Fordham and lost to Detroit. God's Gift has just not really broken out to help this Red Storm squad......I'll go with the flow and Villanova.(Win 79-76........Maalik Wayns 28pts for Villanova......lucky comeback)

CLEMSON -9 over Georgia Tech------GT has the revenge from last year and is coming off an epic beat-down at the hands of Virginia. Clemson has the home-off-road-loss and has beaten Florida State by 20 points. Both teams suck ATS but Clemson has Milton Jennings after what happened to the Knicks last night and "Andre", a name which, I think, helped the 76ers to a win yesterday.(Lose 64-62......#11 Andre Young 29pts-season-high in this Clemson non-cover.....Jennings only 9pts)

OKLAHOMA SOONERS +3.5 over Texas A & M-------Ok has the +offense, the revenge and has beaten Arkansas. Texas A & M doesnt look so great.......they lost to Rice.(Lose 81-75.......shitty luck going to OT)

CAL GOLDEN BEARS -4.5 over Washington State Cougars-----With Cal having the +ATS record and the revenge from last season...........and with WSU having lost to a........fairly "uncompetitive" Utah team, I'll play this.(Lose 77-75...........#11 Faisal Aden 24pts for WSU)

JAMES MADISON -3(-120) over Hofstra Pride-------Laying 3 with the home team---I'm sorry, but Hofstra just does not win games this year......" with an 'umpty', yo ladies, oh how I like to Umpthee, and all you rappers in the Top 10.....please allow Bump-thee...."(Lose 71-69.........."You're gonna fall when the stereo's PUMP me.....I'm sick with this, str-8 GANGSTARR MACK............." 3 and 8?????? Are fucking kidding me? FUCK James Madison. Fuck the Constitution. Fuck America. Fuck this unlucky site. FUCK THESE SHIT-ASS PICKS.)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

NOTRE DAME FIGHTING IRISH +1.5 over Conn------Both teams look equal(and equally bad ATS). However, its hard to ignore the Loyola Maryland Greyhounds winning as a small underdog yesterday after Loyola Marymount won their game on January 12th the same day that St Mary's crushed Gonzaga by 21 points as a 4-point favorite. Give Notre Dame a chance at home.(Lose 67-53..........What's this mystery? Notre Dame can't beat Conn but they can beat Syracuse?)

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS +160 over New Orleans Saints------Timberwolves beat New Orleans last night in NBA.......San Francisco Dons beat Portland 104-70. Honestly, I think the Saints are scoring too many fucking points. Sack Brees a few times in good sport, but if the Saints start "going for it" on 4th down........take him out.(Win 36-32.......Vernon Davis 2 TD 180 yards)

DENVER BRONCOS +550 over New England Patriots-----Its a longshott......but the Denver Nuggets did beat Miami(pretty good team) last night. Denver DOES HAVE the revenge as they lost the TO ratio by 3 last meeting against these same Patriots. Broncos defense will need to make something happen here and.........while the Chicago Bulls, South Florida Bulls and the Drake Bulldogs did win yesterday, a Bronco is "like" a bull, isn't it? It's "close to" a bull.(Lose 45-10........A gut-wrenching beat-down.........a hideous, UNMERCIFUL beat-down.......the complete devastation of a team...........A Nazi atrocity.........a "gassing".......a searing pain ripping out the heart of Tebow's faith..........the destruction of a dream.......)

Monday, January 09, 2012

ALABAMA -2.5 over Lsu-----Ala has the revenge(terrible day for revenge on Saturday but.....I'm a revenge player so....) and they missed 4 FG'S in the first meeting!!!! Alabama outgained 'em by about 60 yards. I doubt the stars will be quite so 'fortunately aligned' for Lsu this time. #7 Tyrann Matthieu might want to prove himself worthy of the Heisman he didn't win but.......#7 lost on Roethlisberger yesterday along with Matt Ryan's loss.......and Matthew Stafford's loss with the lions the day before. Oh, yeah....I drew 'Big Poppa' in the 2 slot on my Ipod just now. Ummm Biggie Smalls.......would that be Wallace? Wallace. am I mistaken in thinking that's a governor or politician associated with Alabama? Ok, I think it is. Then Roll Tide.(Win 21-0......290-yard outgaining by Alabama; I'd say they redeemed the revenge)

Saturday, January 07, 2012

LIONS +10.5 over Saints(Lose legitimate reason why the Lions had to collapse this pathetically in the 2nd half----Jesus! This was a 14-10 game at halftime)
LIONS +460 over Saints-------Lions allowed over 40 points last game to Matt Flynn in a game the Packers totally didn't need.....that shows how bad the Lions defense can be. However, with the revenge here, if the Lions can just tighten up the D---like a 'serious', post-season D----they can win if the Saints have a bad day(and if NO can lose to the Rams and Tampa Bay, as they have..........its possible)(Lose 45-28..........Aaron Berry with a muffed INT; looked easy to me but he dropped it)

CINCINNATI BENGALS +4 over Houston Texans------If you're in playoff contention, as Houston was, and you lose to the Colts and Panthers(and Titans) coming down the stretch, I'd say you have some problems. Bengals have the revenge; I think that's good enough(Lose 31-10.......Andy Dalton: LOSER)

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

MICHIGAN -3(-105) over Virginia Tech------Michigan defense coming off a horrible performance, by far its worst, against Ohio State but, overall, they have tended to cover. VT has tended not to cover. VT was +2 TO against Duke and only scored 14 points......Michigan's loss to MSU came at MSU with MSU off its bye week......Michigan's loss at Iowa was a quasi-fixed, krafted game. Big Ten and ACC doing equally poorly in Bowl Season(Push 23-20......nice interception by Frank Clark)

Sunday, January 01, 2012

DALLAS COWBOYS +3(+100) over New York Giants(Lose 31-14)
DALLAS COWBOYS +145 over New York Giants---------A win or go home game in which the Giants are at home. And the Giants have beaten the Patriots and the Jets. Has Dallas beaten a good team besides the 49ers? Maybe not.....but I think both teams are kind of soft and won't do that well in the playoffs. However, the Cowboys do have the in-season revenge here and they are a "Jones"-oriented team with a Jones at RB and Owner a day after Verdell Jones' big win with Indiana over Ohio State and Jerome Jones' upset win for SIU Edwardsville. On top of that, you saw Antoine Young get a season-hi 19pts helping Creighton to an upset victory over Wichita State, you saw Carmelo Anthony's Knicks crush the Kings by 22 points last night, and Anthony Ireland getting 17 pts for Loyola Marymount in a win at San Francisco. (Many roads seem to be leading to Romo) But the Cowboys also have Anthony Spencer........a day after Spencer Dinwiddie gets a season-hi 19pts as the Colorado Buffaloes crush Utah by 40 points? Yes. You also have to consider the uncommon luck with which the Giants beat the Jets last week: Manning was 9 for 27(33.3%), the Giants won the turnover ratio by 2 and the Jets had ELEVEN more first downs than the Giants while the Giants somehow won by 15 points. Dallas may have some injuries, but I think some luck could be shifting to them and away from the Giants.(Lose 31-14..........Cowboys too weak to get lucky, Cruz dominates again)