Sunday, September 25, 2011

CHICAGO BEARS +4.5 over Green Bay Packers(Lose 27-17)
CHICAGO BEARS +190 over Green Bay Packers-------Packers were +3 TO on the ratio against Carolina in a game I saw and can say that the Packers were fortunate to win the game----they are ready to lose today, their 2nd consecutive road game. Bears have home-off-road-loss........and they also have Jay Cutler, which is propitious considering the most shocking upset yesterday involved Bernard PIERCE getting 5 TD's for Temple AT Maryland after Terrapin players talked some shit before the game.(Lose 27-17.........Orange loses here but wins in Tampa Bay. Apparently, the Bears scored a punt-return TD that would have covered this line if it werent called back by penalty. But..........Bears had 13 rushing yards??? Is that right? Pathetic. This Bears team is an absolute joke. Green Bay out-1st-downed them 2-1)

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS -14 over Kansas City Chiefs------I was not at all happy watching the pathetic passing performance of Ryan Lindley of San Diego State yesterday. This game will determine whether we have a real problem with San Diego. Note: THE CHARGERS WILL COVER THIS NUMBER BY AT LEAST 2 SCORES or San Diego will experience a high-7-point(or higher) earthquake next week. So you see, this is a guaranteed game; GUARANTEED TO COVER BIG..........or guaranteed devastation. So its really not about the Chiefs being a "bad team"----Chargers are coming off a -4 TO ratio against the Patriots and have home-off-road-loss----its about the GUARANTEE.(Lose 20-17...........Operation Terra-Rupt-sure has been green-lighted and FEMA............finally goes broke in..............San Diego)

COLTS +11 over Steelers--------"Breaking Benjamins", 'I will not Bow'...........BCLI steam......(Win 23-20)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

TEXAS A&M -4(-115) over Oklahoma State--------This is home revenge for A&M whose defense is supposed to be much improved. Ok St got the big cover last week but that came with a +4 TO ratio against Tulsa(Lose 30-29.........Is this the biggest 2nd-half collapse of the season?? Yeah, it was 20-3 when I went to sleep. ND-Michigan was 17-7 at that's not even as big. So was TXAM up by 2 scores or 3 when ESPN decided to mention that the "eye-in-sky-press-box" OK St coach's wife had just died from a bad heart transplant? HUH? {ESPN doesn't care about my fucking money----nobody does} It certainly didn't help that Oklahoma State is orange and Syracuse is orange.........and A CHALLENGED, VIDEO-REVIEWED MISSED EXTRA-POINT was called good when it clearly wasn't and this eventually cost Toledo the game. Some official definitely needs to be fired.......MAC official, Big East official......I dont know.......whoever reviewed that play.....they need to be gone. TXAM was -3 TO total and -2TO in the 2nd half. Yeah, see? Its Christmas for orange: Browns win with 40 ticks left. I sure hope this still holds true for the Bears. Yeah, ESPN doesnt care about my money----Bristol PAY-lin, NOTHING! How 'bout some Bristol PAIN?)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

OAKLAND A'S(McCarthy) +149 over Texas Rangers(Wilson)-----BCLI steam........(Lose 3-2.....McCarthy does good but Kinsler homers off Grant Balfour who takes the L and BS)

Monday, September 19, 2011

ST. LOUIS RAMS +7.5(-115) over New York Giants-----While the Rams blue-yellow colors won big yesterday as the Jets were wearing them and the San Francisco Giants have won an astounding 8 straight games, and while the Giants have home-off-road-loss the Rams are also striving for their 1st win. Ok; both teams have injuries and neither has done anything good this early in the season(Is either team capable of blowing anybody out?)......but the Rams do have BradFORD(tho slightly injured) and the biggest beatdown of the day yesterday came at FORD field. Comparatively, it seems the Giants just have a QB with an "Old Testament Name" which, currently, appears unsavory as Jeremiah Fogle just broke out with the 2nd wife-killing of his career----and this time, to add desecration to injury, he performed the femicide in a church. Even if Manning comes out with a "killer" execution of his game-plan at QB, and even if the New Orleans' Saints victory over the Bears is not a sufficient luck-gust to St. Louis' sails, the Rams' back-up QB is key. Austin Jackson was 2-5 with HR yesterday for the Tigers while AJ Pierzynski went 4-5 with 2 HR's. Earlier today, AJ Burnett took his usual rocking but the Yankees provided him support and rocked the opposing starter harder---Yankees won. Yes, the Rams do have AJ Feely and it is likely he will come into the game------Sometimes I wonder why these things happen. I mean, why did the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels outscore their opponents by a combined 26-3 yesterday? Ha! Because there's a new 'Vanity Fair' magazine sitting 6 feet away from me with Angelina Jolie on it!!!!!(Lose 28-16...........4 dropped passes by the Rams; neither team looked too good)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS +3 (-105) over Dallas Cowboys-----The SF Giants gained a game on Arizona last night the day after they won 9-1. Cowboys trying to come back after an L + Romo-QB-questionableness but...........49ers QB is #11 Alex Smith who seems to have been spelled not just by the Wyoming Cowboys getting the underdog win yesterday with QB Brett SMITH and RB Alvester ALEXander but also by the #11 worn by Ryan Griffin QB for the amazing Tulane Green Wave blowout-underdog-win vs UAB (49-10). Add to that the fact that Duke beat BC as a 7 point underdog with Conner Vernon getting some TDs.....well, 49ers have VERNON Davis.(Push 27-24.......The final tally of Dallas outgaining SF by 270 yds makes it hard to complain especially as SF won the TO ratio by 1. But down by 10 with 11min to play in the 4th quarter: an unlikely comeback. #16 Jesse Holley with the 77-yard gain in OT looking like Denard Robinson. 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh had the choice to continue the drive and eat clock in the 4th as there was a penalty by Dallas just as the 49ers were scoring their 24th point on a long FG. Playing it safe---leaving the points on the board in exchange for the ball(a "bedeviling" choice, really, which allowed him to show respect for his defense while dissing his offense)----the 49er offense just didn't make enough plays after that, even after winning the coin toss and getting the ball first in OT)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

CLEMSON -3 over Auburn------With the Mets and Giants----the only 2 partially orange teams in MLB that I can think of-----winning 12-2 and 9-1 yesterday(the 2 biggest wins of the day) today will be ORANGE day. Clemson has the home revenge altho they didn't come close to covering vs Wofford. This is the first road game for Auburn who was very fortunate to win its first two games. Auburn QB? Barrett Trotter #14.......sorry 14 lost to LSU on Chris Relf. Clemson QB Tajh Boyd's school is listed as "Phoebus"...........Aramis RAmirez 3-5 in Cubs win yesterday and Alexi RAmirez 3-4 for White Sox.(Win 38-24.............Sammy Watkins 2TD's)

MIAMI -2 over Ohio State-----Again, OSU QB has the losing #14......Of course, these schools are both an affront to amateur athletics and likely should not even have football teams for the next 10 years, but the NCAA's failure to regulate them should allow us to have our way with their games. Miami was -3 TO in its loss to Maryland.......they have the home revenge, are off the Bye and have home-off-road-loss. That's a pretty powerful combination so we'll try this with the 17 Stephen Morris at QB(Win 24-6)

TEXAS -3.5 over Ucla-----------Texas has the revenge and some ORANGE. BCLI steam......(Win 49-20)

TENNESSEE +9.5 over Florida-------I'd like this bet better if Florida QB didn't wear #12. However, this is orange day and Tennessee has a lot of that. Flordia has only allowed 3 pts this year but Tyler Bray is #8 and #8 Jose Molina had the GWRBI for Toronto yesterday as #8 Desmond Jennings went 3-4 for Tampa and #8 Ryan Braun was 2-4 with 2 HR(cant beat that).(Lose 33-23..........gotta buy a half-point)

SYRACUSE +15 over Usc----Before not coming close to covering vs Rhode Island, Syracuse was bad vs Wake Forest and then somehow came back to win. Usc was bad vs Minnesota but won. I'll go with the ORANGE(Lose 38-17)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

MISSISSIPPI STATE BULLDOGS +4.5 over Lsu--------MSU has home-off-road-loss and the home revenge and Lsu was +3 TO in their win over Oregon.(Lose 19-6........Knew I was going against the 12 but........its become clear that Jarrett Lee was too powerful of a player to be 2nd string so the bar fight had to be orchestrated to felonize Jefferson and get him out of there. LSU will surely run the table----this was a tough situation for them to come away with the win here-----and be National Champs with Lee at QB)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BLUE JAYS(Romero) +109 over Red Sox(Lackey)--------Boston scored 18 yesterday but Lackey allows too many hits and runs on a routine and regular basis.(Win 5-4......Adam Loewen 2-4 GWRBI.........thanks to Daniel Bard for blowing this game)

PIRATES(Morton) +135 over Cardinals(Jackson)-----Morton has the revenge here against Stl.....he let me down last time but........Carlos Santana 2 HR yesterday, Carlos Ruiz and HR yesterday......(Lose 3-2...........Ok, Charlie is not a good proxy for Carlos; but did the Pirates have to disgrace the legacy of ROBERTO CLEMENTE by losing on his day? Fuck Pittsburgh and fuck PNC. I hate PNC's collusion with Goldman Sachs, Citigroup Global Markets and JPMorgan securities for stealing my NATIONAL CITY BANK at 70% below book-value.......and we're not ever gonna forget this until I am compensated for this heinous crime while I watch the Steelers bring further disgrace upon the city of Pittsburgh)

INDIANS(Huff) +171 over Rangers(Holland)------Normally, you wouldn't bet Huff but look at David Murphy's 4-4 with 2HR yesterday........(Lose 9-1)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

GEORGIA BULLDOGS +3(-115) over South Carolina------AARON Rodgers got the job done for the Packers and AARON Pflugrad got 194 yds and 2 TD's for Arizona State last night. Well.....Georgia has Aaron Murray at QB. SC beat Georgia last year so Georgia has the Home Revenge here. (Push 45-42.........Murray gets 4 TD's but Georgia is -1 TO)

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

MARINERS(Hernandez) +120 over Angels(Santana)------Mariners 0-5 in September, not doing well. But maybe they can pull it together for their #1 starter, who is from Venezuela, on the day after not one but TWO Venezuelans hit 2 HR's in a game---Pablo Sandoval for the Giants and Jesus Montero for the Yankees.(Win Earned Runs in this game)

TIGERS(Porcello) -101 over Indians(Carmona)(Win 10-1)
Tigers(Porcello) vs Indians(Carmona) OVER 8.5(-125)------Porcello's been rocked twice by the Indians so he has the Pitcher Revenge..........we'll play the Tigers recently unleashed offensive rampage which began September 1st, the day LSU beat Oregon even with all those bar-brawling players suspended.......(Win 10-1...........Porcello only allows 3 hits but Carmona gets destroyed in only 1 inning of work........Miguel Cabrera 3-5, Johnny Peralta 2-3)

ARIZONA(Collmenter) -114 over Rockies(Hammel)------AZ has the starting pitcher advantage here.(Lose is blown late by David Hernandez with the L and BS, 5 ER while only getting 2 outs)

ORIOLES(Hunter) +205 over Yankees(Hughes)------11-10 game yesterday, kind of a tossup----Phil Hughes is -240???(Lose 5-3)

Sunday, September 04, 2011

NEW YORK METS(Pelfrey) +102 over Nationals(Hernandez)(Win 6-3.....David Wright 2-4.......Josh Satin in the lineup for the Mets----interesting)

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Morton) +115 over Cubs(Wells)(Lose 6-3...........5 BB's by Morton)

Friday, September 02, 2011

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Saunders) +149 over San Francisco Giants(Cain)-----Cain has faced Arizona 4 times doing good the first 2 and getting rocked the last 2. Saunders might seem a bit erratic, but he can do good a lot of the time. The problem with the Giants is that their opponent can often beat them while scoring only 3 runs. But the main factor of this bet is that, with Flavia Pennetta's AMAZING win earlier today over Sharapova at +375 while wearing RED, I wanna play a red team.(Lose 6-2.........Cain too good, Carlos Beltran 4-4 + HR)

MINNESOTA TWINS(Pavano) +155 over La Angels(Chatwood)---------With the AMAZING win by Italian Flavia Pennetta today, I'm interested in Pavano here. Twins offense has scored pretty well in 3 of their last 4 games. (The Angels, however, have also been scoring well). Chatwood walks 1 every 2 innings and the Twins should score off him. Pavano won't shut a team out, but he often completes 7 innings before coming out.(Win 13-5......Trevor P-LOU-ff 2-4 + HR)

Thursday, September 01, 2011

BOSTON(Lester) -200 over Yankees(Burnett)
BOSTON(Lester) -1.5 (-105) over Yankees(Burnett)(Lose 4-2.........Let me get this right: Burnett had allowed 30 ER in his last 22 IP against some mediocre offenses such as the Twins and the White Sox. Then he faces the Red Sox, the most offensively successful team in baseball, a team leading all teams in Batting Average and Slugging Percentage and Total Hits and being 2nd best in Runs, and the Red Sox only get 5 hits off him? Oh, and the Winningest 4th-year pitcher in baseball history, Alfredo Acevedo, TAKES THE LOSS!!!!???????? No, I'm sick of this shit; I will not continue to be victimized by fixed games.)
BOSTON(Lester) -1/2 (-140) over Yankees(Burnett) 1st 5INNINGS------B C L I Steam........(Win 2-1)