Sunday, September 27, 2009

DETROIT LIONS +6.5 over Washington(Win 19-14)
LIONS +240 over Washington--------------Lions have faced New Orleans and Minnesota; those are good teams. Redskins just beat the Rams 9-7 and, for that, were booed so much by their own fans that their players are starting a dis-fight against them on Twitter. Rams, of course, suck and the Redskins appear to be a highly beatable team. Lions have the home revenge(of course) and have not won in many many games. Lions were -2 on the TO ratio last game and really looked like won the 1st half(they just totally blew the 2nd). Let the Millen-curse be loosed!(Win hoard comin, are you TOO inspired?)

BUFFALO BILLS +6 over New Orleans(Lose 27-7)
BILLS +225 over New Orleans------------Most people dont know it yet but these teams are tied for #1 in the BCLI NFL power ratings and should prove to be the 2 most successful teams at the end of the year. Saints were +3 TO in their last game and I doubt Brees will continue to hit so many TD passes. Bills are even on the TO ratio for the season and at home, here, I see their luck improving. (Lose 27-7......did not appreciate the luck late in this game. Pierre? Ok. I get it. I'm not having another game thrown against the Bills. First New England and then this? catches? Not happy about this)

CINCINNATI BENGALS +3(+110) over Pittsburgh-----------Several years of revenge built up here at home for the Bengals. Bengals are -3 TO on the ratio for the season and, with the revenge, their luck should improve here. Pittsburgh is also -3 TO on the ratio for the season and their luck will certainly STAY BAD as their QB, Ben Roethlisberger, who I thought got exceedingly lucky last year in winning the superbowl, has been exposed as a rapist over the off season.(Win 23-20..........Jonathan Joseph........and AC! Great win)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

SAN DIEGO STATE AZTECS +17 over Air Force---------SD st has the revenge from last season and they were -2TO last game whereas AF was +3TO in beating New Mexico. The luck should even out and this should be a much closer game than 17 points would imply(Win 26-14..........MINUS 6 on the TO ratio for Sd St.......and they still cover. Could be tremendous hidden value in this Aztec team)

ILLINOIS ILLINI +14 over Ohio State---------ILL has the revenge and is coming off a bye week. Osu played Usc close at home...........but is Usc so great after losing outright to Wash? 14 points is a good deal for any team off a bye week.(Lose 30-0..........Illinois is a sloppy, hapless team; dont bet on them)

MISSISSIPPI STATE BULLDOGS +12 over Lsu---------Jordan Jefferson vs Tyson Lee. Hmmmmm..............12 points and home revenge for Miss St. Lsu was outgained by 150 in beating Washington........they could be overvalued.(Win 30-26.........definitely correct; MSU gave 4 TO's and they still almost won. LSU is weak)

BUFFALO BULLS +3.5 over Temple----------Buffalo is due for a win after losing the TO ratio by a total of -6 over their last two games. Temple has the revenge by Buffalo cant get quite so unlucky forever. Maynard.........qb..........yeah, my bike got stolen at the corner of William and Maynard, like, 25 years ago. My friend left with the bike lock while I was killin it on Pac-man. Whatever. Exorcise it. Buff to win.(Lose 37-13.......Bulls give another 4 TO's on the ratio. This team is cursed beyond all help. Abandon all hope all ye who.........)

PURDUE BOILERMAKERS +7(-120) over Notre Dame---------Purdue off 2 losses with the home revenge. ND off a close lucky win vs Msu. Its time for Elliot to win.(Win 24-21)

INDIANA HOOSIERS +20 over Michigan----------I wanna try the Mich secondary with this many points and, hopefully, a decent passer. Ben Chappell...........he's throwing 68% so far. That's good but you cant say Indiana has faced good teams yet. However, 20 points is 20 points. I dont see Michigan losing, but I think they can be thrown on.(Win 36-33)

WASHINGTON STATE COUGARS +45.5 over Usc--------------Forty five??????? Thats like 10 points below the o/u! Usc was -3TO last game so, yeah, they got a bit unlucky. But no matter how good you think their defense is, Usc hasnt scored very many points this year. 55-10 and you still win with this number.(Win 27-6)

HOUSTON COUGARS -105 over Texas Tech--------Home off the bye week for Houston. They were +2TO in their win at Ok State. Tyron......Edwards..........and Robinson........Houston should have a good year.(Win 29-28)

IOWA HAWKEYES +15.5 over Penn State teased with BYU COUGARS -11.5 over Colorado State----- Col state was +5TO in their last game while Byu was -5TO in their last game. Byu ran up against some tough names last game(Christian, Ty, Reid) and, with a 69% QB, they should do much better here. Col st has the revenge but only a 50% QB. Iowa.............Stanzi and Robinson..........hmmmmm.........I think they might put something together for me this year.(Win by 26.5 and 7.5)

Monday, September 21, 2009

MIAMI DOLPHINS +3(-105) over Colts---------Notice how Jacksonville sucked yesterday? Thats who the Colts beat by 2. Miami has home-off-road-loss in a redemption spot as they were -4 on the TO ratio last game in losing to the Falcons........who look like they may be a pretty good team.(Lose 27-23..........10.2 yards per play for the Colts; Miami's defense is a disgrace. I cant believe this shit)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

BUFFALO BILLS -210 over Tampa-------Home-off-road-loss for Buffalo(Win 33-20)

BEARS +9 over Pittsburgh teased with SEATTLE +7 over 49ers---------Bears have home-off-road-loss and they outgained the Packers by 130 yards; it is unlikely they will go -4 on the TO ratio again. The Packers are considered a pretty good team and they only beat the Bears by 6. Pitt........scored 13 points in their first game. 49ers were outgained by 95 yds against the Cardinals. Seattle, in crushing Stl, outgained them by 200 yards WHILE GIVING a -2 on the TO ratio; Rams could be real bad, but Seattle could be pretty good.(Lose by 6..........Wrong; Seattle fucking sucks.)

JETS +9 over Patriots teased with Carolina +12 over Atlanta--------Atlanta won their 1st game by 12 and took a big +4 on the TO ratio while Carolina gave an incredible 5 turnovers to the Eagles as they lost 38-10. Carolina should do much better here. I'll give the Jets the benefit of the doubt as they outgained Houston by 280 yards on the road; at home here, they should be good enough to at least play a close game. Patriots, of course, should have lost their first game even though they outgained by 160 yards.(Win by 16 and 4)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

TENNESSEE VOLUNTEERS +29.5 over Florida----------Tenn has the revenge for the 24 point loss to Florida last year and will be recovering here from a -3 TO ratio loss to UCLA last week(UCLA's QB is named 'Prince'.........that's probably why that anomaly occurred). Hardesty and a Luke(Note a huge KC Royals victory yesterday with Hochevar pitching) for Tennessee and Florida has not played a real team yet.(Win 23-13)

ARKANSAS -2 over Georgia---------Georgia off the 41-37 win vs South Carolina, Arkansas at home off the bye week. Arkansas has years of revenge motivation as they have not beaten Georgia in a long time.(Lose 52-41........fuckin Arena Football teams)

WASHINGTON HUSKIES +19 over Usc----------Washington has the home revenge against a huge Usc beatdown from last year and against their previous season in which they not only didnt really win any games, they didnt really cover any games either. Wash has a new JJ receiver and Usc has an injured QB who probably wont play. Washington must be improved this year because it is impossible to be worse than they were last year.(Win 16-13)

BUFFALO +5 over Central Florida----------Ucf is has home-off-road-loss but they were outgained by 200 yards in that loss. Buffalo, in their loss to Pitt, was an exceedingly unfortunate -4 on the TO ratio and gained 500 total yards(outgaining Pitt by 120). (AGAIN this team drops the TO ratio and AGAIN a team named 'Buffalo', that BCLI bet on, gives up a 10 point lead to go on to lose a game. WTF?)

Monday, September 14, 2009

*BUFFALO BILLS +13 over New England(Win 25-24)
BUFFALO +700 over New England-----------While the Patriots will struggle to embody past glory, the Bills are the comers this year. The names are so right........Edwards, Lee, Owens.....and I can feel the structures aligning for the Bills to embark on a Super Bowl-bound season. This Bills team now is infused with everything that we represent.........everything that we are.........and all of the transcendence of our ideals. Although we've been struck down, abused, robbed, lied to, neglected and underestimated in the past, 2009 is the year that we get to win. This is OUR year. Nothing will stop us; not the earth, not the stars, not the sun.........and certainly not the dregs of humanity embodied by the nefarious cheater Bill Bellichek. We are signing up our commitment to the Buffalo Bills. And, yes, we have years and years of revenge motivation in this we not remember what was done to us at Salem? Our right of vengeance runs deep.........and it is ours; we HAVE the right and winning shall perfect us.(Lose 25-24.........A tragedy. ESPN's continuous reminders that "The Bills have not turned the ball over tonight".........finally caused the tragic fumble and robbed us of this fat moneyline victory. That network owes us.)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

MICHIGAN +3 over Notre Dame----------This is home revenge for Michigan as they lost to ND last year. There is some equality here as both teams have the revenge against their previous(horrible) seasons. But Michigan, of course, is coming off their worst season in maybe the revenge is stronger for them. Both teams won big last week(although ND benefited +3TO more than Michigan's +2TO on the turnover ratio). Mich has two new freshman QB's and I like the names. Forcier will start but Robinson could turn out to be the real Pat White-style run/throw dual-threat QB with which Rodriguez won at West Virginia. Michigan's QB's last year, two of the worst football players of all-time. Huge upside on these comers.(Win 38-34........Despite all of stooges on Michigan who were trying to lose this game---the defensive secondary looked small, unprepared and they failed to make plays----........Forcier's a pro. That guy is a pro. And this is why you wanna bet on comers; ahead or behind they do what they do: they get in your face.)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

MARLINS(West) -105 over Mets(Parnell)---------West isnt that good, but Florida has had 4 really good offensive games this month and, if they're smart and patient, they should beat a guy like Parnell........who is essentially a fastball-only pitcher with questionable control(1 walk every two innings). Marlins still are playing for something; Mets playing just for money and entertainment now.(Win 13-4)

Monday, September 07, 2009

Tampa Bay(Sonnanstine) vs Yankees(Burnett) OVER 10(-115)-------After having a good season, Burnett came into August and did not get a win for the whole month. He allowed 49 hits in 42 innings in August while his ERA moved from 3.53 up to August. He pitched one outstanding game(but did not get the decision) and sufferred 3 brutal August. Its September now but there's no evidence that Burnett would be any less tired or deficient than he was in August. Tampa just got swept by the Tigers; they need to win and in this game they're gonna need to hit because Sonnanstine, after coming back from taking the months of July and August off, showed that he is still the same hittable pitcher. The Yankees' strong offense should crush pitchers like Sonnanstine.(Win 11-1..........Jose Molina 3 for 3)

ROYALS(Davies) +145 over Angels(Santana)--------The Royals have just lost 3 in a row to the Angels; this angers me. Royals AT HOME are playing to avoid getting swept AT HOME; they cant lose again. Both pitchers, after doing bad, seemed to do much better starting in early about the same time. Davies has had 4 good games out of his last 5.(Win 6-3.......Billy Butler)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

OAKLAND(Tomko) -140 over Seattle(Snell)---------A's have the team revenge against Snell and Tomko has done well this year. The A's owe him a win after their catastrophic bullpen collapse the last time he pitched(he did fine). I'm glad the Mariners beat the Angels twice but the day I bet on them, they got killed 10-0 by the Angels(And I HATE losing that big). Seattle is not scoring; they have 5 runs in their last 3 games. Snell is wild(Lose 7-4........Tomko blows it)

BLUE JAYZ(Romero) +115 over Yankees(Gaudin)----------After not supporting Rzepczynski(and making BCLI go 0-3) a couple days ago, the Toronto BlueJayz definitely owe me a win here. They O W E me. Romero consistently gives up a few runs a game......but not two many. Gaudin is wild and always has been; Toronto should be able to win this if they can keep their heads in the game. Yankees offense should slow down today after being so.............steroidal recently.(Lose 10-5........6 walks by Romero.......Blue Jays are a disgrace)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Rzepczynski) +130 over Rangers(Nippert)--------Jays had an offensive blast yesterday.........why wouldnt they be able to carry it over against Nippert? Rzepczynski is a tricky pitcher to hit(opposing batters hitting .213 off him). Rangers hit about 5 points lower vs lhp's. I'll take the +130(Lose 5-2.......terrible offensive support. Blue Jays you owe me. Now play.)

PIRATES(Morton) -105 over Reds(Lehr)------------Reds have the team revenge and Lehr has the pitcher revenge against the Pirates. I'll go with Charlie Morton in honor of the success of the "Carlos'" yesterday. Extraordinary success.......Lee Guillen and Pena.(Lose 11-5.........Morton sucks; one of the worst in the game)

GIANTS(Sanchez) +160 over Phillies(Hamels)---------If Joe Saunders can destroy BCLI like he did yesterday, Jonathan Sanchez should be able to do good enough win. Hamels is somewhat unreliable this year and, of course, the Giants need every game they play now. "Now I believe in the freedom to be who we arrrrrrrreeeeeee."(Lose 1-0..........wasnt Sanchez' fault, but fuck this. I am UTTERLY PISSED to go 0-3 on this day. This is a tragedy, an outrage.)