Tuesday, June 30, 2009

PHILLIES(Blanton) +110 over Atlanta(Lowe)-------Phillies have the team revenge after getting shut down by Lowe very early in the season but Lowe has the pitcher revenge against his last start in which he was rocked(Lowe was rocked in 2 of his last 3 starts). Phillies have lost 11 of their last 15 games while Blanton's last 6 starts have been good. Phillies offense is better; Braves only slug .387 and have scored only 3 runs in their last 3 games.(Lose 5-4............When does Martin Prado go 4 for 5?..........yeah, I get it)

ANGELS(Saunders) -105 over Texas(Feldman)--------This is double revenge for the Angels; Feldman shut them down last meeting and Saunders was rocked by them last meeting. Things are much different now, though. Angels have been scoring, winning, and their slugging is up to .430(Lose 9-5..........fuck Saunders, 5 walks 8 earned runs??!!!!)

BREWERS(Burns) +118 over Mets(Santana)--------Brewers are a decent team and they slug .424(higher than the Mets). Brewers have the team revenge because Santana shut them down earlier. 2nd start for Burns.....he'll do very well here.(Win 6-3)

HOUSTON(Hampton) -102 over Padres(Banks)(Lose 4-3)
HOUSTON -1.5(+160) over Padres---------------First start this year for Banks and he will get destroyed. It'll be a miracle if he makes it past the 2nd inning. Banks have utterly destroyed America's(and the world's) economy and sucked their investors' blood like preposterously insane vampires. A statement of revenge will be made.......MUST be made. I want a line drive cracking Banks' skull. I want 5 home runs off him in one inning. I want Banks crushed; utterly crushed. (Lose 4-3.........Chris fucking Sampson lost this one; not Hampton)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

TIGERS(Figaro) -110 over Astros(Paulino)---------Tigers have an offensive advantage against the Astros and I think they have a pitching advantage going against Paulino.(Lose 8-1.......by far Felipe's best game........WTF?)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

CARDINALS(Carpenter) -115 over Mets(Santana)-------Carpenter's stats are extremely good this year(I think he's getting the benefit of the luck).(Lose 3-2)

ROYALS(Bannister) -110 over Astros(Moehler) 1ST 5 INNINGS--------Bannister has had a few bad games but, overall, this is a pitching mismatch. I'll go with the 1st 5inning line.(Win 4-3)

PIRATES(Ohlendorf) +145 over Cleveland(Lee)--------Ohlendorf has the pitcher revenge as he did poorly last start; Pirates surged offensively yesterday scoring 10 runs. Lee does tend to pitch late into games but he's not hard to hit(.281)(Win 3-2........Andrew McCutchen hitting .322)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

BLUEJAYS(Richmond) -145 over Reds(Arroyo)---------batters hitting only .237 off Richmond; Toronto offense is superior and doing well. Arroyo is not reliable.(Win 8-2)

TIGERS(Porcello) -115 over Cubs(Harden)---------Emotional win for Tigers last night; Porcello is.......well, I trust him more than Harden this year. Harden has the revenge against a brutal rocking he took last start at the hands of the Indians, but he's not so great this year.......allowing some HR's( 11 in 54IP). Tiger offense is better.(Win 5-3)

Cardinals(Thompson) vs Mets(Nieve) UNDER 9(-105)---------Nieve has been hard to hit in his first 10 to 15IP and Mets offense is pathetic.........an absolute disgrace. Batters hitting .245 off Thompson(Lose 11-0.......Oh, nice, Mets decide to hit today)

ROYALS(Hochevar) +150 over Astros(Oswalt)----------Oswalt has not been dominant this year; I'll take the blue with this juice(Win 4-3.........Good win, Miguel Olivo and Mike Jacobs.......DeJesus 3 for 6)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Giants(Lincecum) vs Oakland(Mazzaro) UNDER 7(-120)--------Two of the worst offenses in the game with two pitchers that can shut teams down.(Win 4-1........Lucky this held up after Mazzaro gave 4 in the first two innings........I guess its tough to fail betting against the A's offense..........Edgar Gonzalez)

Cubs(Zambrano) vs Tigers(Jackson) UNDER 8.5(-120)-------Not sure if Detroit can hit Zambrano; Jackson is good to go.(Lose 5-4............Such a fucking disappointment.........terrible spinner by Gregg to lose the under and the game.........of course, Zumaya didnt have to give up a 2-run HR in the 8th)

ARIZONA(Scherzer) -145 over Texas(Harrison)--------Poor scoring from the Rangers recently. Harrison usually gets hit. Although Az has had 3 days of low scoring, Scherzer is pretty good.(Win 8-2)

METS(Hernandez) +112 over Cardinals(Pineiro)---------Big revenge spot for Hernandez as the Cardinals destroyed him earlier. Mets SHOULD be able to do well against Pineiro who is not so good this year.(Lose 3-0.........Mets offense is a sick joke, wasting a fine outing by Hernandez. Getting 2 hit by Pineiro.......definitely a sign this team will amount to nothing come the pennant races)

PIRATES(Snell) over Cleveland(Huff) parlayed with BLUEJAYS(Tallet) over Reds(Owings) (+238)--------Although the Indians have lost 6 straight, they should lose again here as Huff is pretty bad and Indians bullpen is the 4th worst in baseball. Snell has been ok recently. Owings has spun a few good 5-6inn starts but Tallet is hard to hit and BlueJay offense is vastly superior(Lose 5-4.......Huff pitches his best game ever.........No idea why this had to happen today)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

WHITE SOX(Buehrle) +113 over Reds(Harang)--------Surprising offensive outburst by WhiteSox yesterday against Cueto. Hopefully that carries over; Harang has good control but batters are hitting .282 against him. If CWS is hitting, they should do some damage against him today. I expect a big day from Pierzynski. Batters are hitting .252 off Buehrle and he's due for a shut-down type game(Win 4-1)

YANKEES(Sabathia) over Marlins(Volstad) parlayed with BLUEJAYS(Romero) over Washington(Martis) (+189)---------Yankees and Marlins have both been scoring low but Marlins have been scoring REALLY low and Volstad has had 2 consecutive terrible starts. Yanks offense needs to rip here. Romero usually does good and, although Martis is coming off 3 good starts, I cant envision the Nationals sweeping the BlueJays.........a sweep, which is what it will be if Washington beats them again.(Lose 6-5.......Thanks for the 28 pitches, Sabathia)

LUCAS GLOVER (+450) to win U.S. Open----------Lucas is gonna win this; trust me(Win by 2........HOW TO GO, LUCAS!)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

TORONTO(Cecil) -120 over Washington(Detwiler)--------Bluejays have scored well 3 of their last 4.......they hit .297 vs lhp's and Cecil has the revenge after getting destoyed last start. Detwiler has completed 6ip in 3 of his 6 starts.(Lose 5-3)

ORIOLES(Bergesen) +125 over Phillies(Happ)----------Bergesen doesnt walk people and his last 4 starts have been very good. Subpar scoring for Phillies in their last 4 games(Win 6-5........thank God for Brian Roberts)

ANGELS(Weaver) over Dodgers(Weaver) parlayed with Yankees(Burnett) vs Marlins(Johnson) UNDER 8 (+180)-----------Jered is having a monster year while Angels offense has improved. Marlins have been scoring very low and Johnson has been consistently great(Lose 6-4.......thanks; Jered gets INORDINATELY rocked when I bet on him. What the hell is going on?)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

RANGERS(Padilla) -165 over Houston(Backe)--------Astros have scored more than 2 runs in a game only 3 times over their last 8 games and Backe's 9 IP this year have been terrible. Padilla looks.......kind of hit-or-miss........but his last two have been good(Lose 5-3)

OAKLAND A'S(Mazzaro) +125 over Dodgers(Wolf)---------3 of Wolf's last 5 starts have been bad. A's offense IS really bad and they're terrible vs lhp's. Mazzaro's been really good, though. I wanna play him in LA(Lose 3-2.........A's offense is a joke.........I was gonna play the under on this one too)

TIGERS(Porcello) -110 over Cardinals(Pineiro)---------Porcello is better than Pineiro has been this year. I cant believe the Tigers would let themselves get swept.......against Pineiro(Win 6-3)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Angels(O'Sullivan) vs Giants(Sanchez) OVER 9(-120)(Push 8-1........19 runs in their last 3 games.....and then 1 against O'Sullivan. Come on, Giants)
Tigers(Verlander) vs Stl(Wainwright) UNDER 7.5(-115)(Lose 11-2......great. Verlander gets rocked when I bet on him. Sick)
PIRATES(Maholm) +115 over Twins(Perkins)(Lose 8-2........Maholm, ALMOST giving up 3 hits per inning here)
METS(Pelfrey) +110 over Baltimore(Guthrie)(Win 6-4)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

METS(Santana) over Yankees(Burnett) parlayed with REDS(Cueto) over Royals(Bannister) (+285)---------Bannister and Burnett are just not doing that well this year. Mets are hitting .280 and they're walking.(Lose 15-0 and 7-1..........Cannot bet on anybody named Santana)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

INDIANS(Pavano) -136 over Royals(Meche)---------Pavano is hot and has very good control and while the Indians have scored 16 runs over their last 2 games, Royals have only scored more than 3 runs in a game twice in their last 7 games. Royals offense has really dropped off.(Lose 9-0........royals, eh?)

REDS(Harang) -110 over Washington(Martis)---------The Nationals were pissed last night as the game ended on a called 3rd strike(I think he swung at it). They're frustrated........possibly up for some revenge. But with the interesting fact that the shooter today, Von Brunn, was an ARTIST...........well, I think you have to take a look at Aaron Harang here; he's got control and........in D.C......on this date..........I think he could pitch a no-hitter. I would take the under but 3 of Martis' last 4 games have been bad and he's not looking so good anymore.(Win 4-2)

TIGERS(Verlander) -135 over White Sox(Danks)-----------Tigers are better vs lhp's......Danks has been giving up runs consistently and Verlander has been dominating.(Win 2-1)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

REDS(Cueto) -125 over Washington(Detwiler)----------With Jose Contreras coming thru for BCLI yesterday, we'll go with Cueto here. He usually does very well. Detwiler has had two good starts and 2 bad ones(more recently). At some point, as a handicapper, you have to look at something(like the Nationals' 15-40 record) and say, 'They're cursed', so just go against them with confidence.(Win 3-2)

Monday, June 08, 2009

NEW YORK YANKEES(Pettitte) -165 over Tampa Bay _______ Rays(Sonnanstine)-------Yankees started converting their strong hitting into wins in May.......slugging .480 now and against the massively hittable Sonnanstine they should do good. DiMaggio, you can play in this game; lets see how well you do. Pettitte has the pitcher revenge against his last start AND against his subpar start vs Tampa earlier. (Win 5-3)

WHITESOX(Contreras) -115 over Detroit(Bonderman)-----------JC is 0-5..........he deserves a win at this point.......he has the pitcher revenge...........Bonderman making first start..........but Bond......is now Sukuk, right?(Win 6-1............Eight inning 1-hitter..........Contreras comes up HUGE)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

*MARINERS(Vargas) -128 over Orioles(Bergesen)(Win 3-2)
MARINERS -1.5 (+160) over Orioles-----------------------HIT BERGESEN HARD(Lose 3-2.......Seattle is pretty lame offensively........if it werent for Adrian Beltre(Santo Domingo), they would have lost to the Orioles 2R)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

(BCLI was 18-35 (-19.37units) in baseball in May)

ROYALS(Davies) +140 over Tampa(Sonnanstine)(Lose 6-2)
Royals vs Tampa OVER 9.5(-115)----------Tampa's offense is good and they are walking well. But Sonnanstine is just too hittable; he's allowed almost 1 earned run every inning pitched. Royals need to hit here(and I fucking dare them not to) because they are on an 0-4 run. Win this game or I'll have Kansas City wiped out by tornados. Im not fucking around anymore.(Lose 6-2..........Aeolus, open the bag on these fucking losers)

TIGERS(Porcello) -128 over Boston(Matsuzaka)--------These teams' records are about the same. Porcello has had 5 consecutive good starts and Dice-K has just barely come close to having 1 good start this year(Lose 5-1........oh, so now Matsuzaka's gonna do good.......when I bet against him. Thanks, you fucking jap.)

REDS(Arroyo) +111 over Stl(Thompson)--------Reds offense is coming up and Stl's has fallen. Cardinals have scored 3 runs or less in 6 of their last 8 games. Arroyo is coming off 2 very good starts. He disgraced BCLI last time we bet on him; he will not do that again.(Lose 5-2.........Fuck you, Bronson)