Friday, September 23, 2016

ARIZONA DEMONDBACKS(Miller) +198 over Baltimore Orioles(Gallardo)-------Ok:  Shelby Miller,  by far the worst SP in baseball this year.  But now that the dangerous White cop Betsy Shelby has been taken off the streets of Tulsa,  Miller should receive a reprieve.   Miller has only allowed 26 hits in his last 14 innings pitched:   So he IS doing better.   Gallardo?  Not great.........certainly beatable on any given day.(Lose 3-2..........Miller goes 6 3 0 3 3...........Arizona can't score 3 runs and Arizona's bullpen can't hold it for 3 innings.)

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Hellickson) +129 over New York Mets(Ynoa)-------Exceedingly easy decision with Hellickson coming off the CG SHO.(Lose 10-5......Hellickson gets rocked in the 5th inning, blowing a 3-1 lead)

DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) -1.5(+165) over Kansas City Royals(Duffy)------Tigers are 2-5 in Fulmer's last 7 starts;  and some of the those starts have been bad.   But Royals,  at 77-76,  its just not gonna work out this year;  they just haven't done enough winning.  However,  the Tigers have just gone 4-0 so I feel that they're serious about going to post-season,  even though Duffy has been pretty consistent and good.(Win 8-3...........Victor Martinez 2-2 HR...........Justin Upton 2-4 HR)

CINCINNATI REDS(Desclafani) +105 over Milwaukee Brewers(Davies)------Reds are a horrible team.   But on this team,  Desclafani has gone 8-4;  he's not bad.   Yes,  Reds are on a 1-7 run and Davies has the Pitcher Revenge at home.  But with Grandal ruining my +218 Rockies bet yesterday by hitting 2 home runs and getting 5 RBI,  I think we can expect at least 4 RBI from Brandon Phillips in this game.(Lose 5-4)


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