Thursday, April 30, 2015

NEW YORK METS(Degrom) +106 over Washington Nationals(Strasburg)------Strasburg has had several starts.  Where's the effectiveness?  Its just not there.   He's allowed 32 hits in 24 innings and the Nationals are 9-13.  So they;re favored on the road here???   Makes no sense.   Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has a fucking law degree and here we are,  18 days after the Baltimore police killed Freddie Gray with a knee on the spine and not even a fucking Manslaughter charge has been issued?  Where the FUCK is the justice for police brutality victims?(Lose 8-2......guess Degrom's no good anymore)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Salazar) -112 over Kansas City Royals(Ventura)(Win 7-5)
CLEVELAND INDIANS(Salazar) -1.5(+185) over Kansas City Royals(Ventura)----At 6-13,  the Indians obviously need a win and,  with Dan Uggla going 3-5 w/ 5RBI + the game winning home run while Danny Santana went 3-4 last night for the Twins in a BCLI win,  Salazar's the right pitcher.(Win 7-5...........Roberto Perez 3-3,  HR)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

MINNESOTA TWINS(Pelfrey) +133 over Detroit Tigers(Sanchez)----Twins actually have the Team Revenge against Sanchez,  a guy who hasn't been real consistent in the 1st month of this season.  Looks like Pelfrey has found something..........never thought he was that good but he's done well,  including a shutdown of the Royals last start.  Tigers have Cabrera and a clearly better offense but with Michael Carter-Williams scoring 22 last night in a win,  and Mike Moustakas going 4-5 for KC,  we'll play a Mike.(Win 3-2........Danny Santana 3-4,  Kurt Suzuki 2-2 GWRBI,  Eduardo Escobar Game Tying RBI.........Arcia 2-3)

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Locke) -108 over Chicago Cubs(Wood)---Cubs at 11-7,  definitely over their fated winning percentage,  in my opinion.     Pirates not hitting but.........with Taijuan Walker pitching a successful game last night,  Pirates should benefit from having a Walker.   Pirates have very few at-bats vs Lhps this year so far.   Locke........sort of an average pitcher who walks too many,  but looking at the the J-Lo,  we see Jed Lowrie had a 2-3 + HR last night for the Astros in a 9-4 win.(Lose 6-2..........Locke's a total loser;  can't believe how bad the Pirates suck.)

Monday, April 27, 2015

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Jimenez) -134 over Chicago White Sox(Noesi)(PPD)
BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Jimenez) -1.5 (+155) over Chicago White Sox(Noesi)-----BCLI is,  of course,  ecstatic about the Tri-Unification against All Police Authority by the Crips,  Bloods and Black Gorillas in Baltimore.   Orioles offense,  especially Paredes,  is heating up and if Noesi is gonna do anything good this year..........well,  he hasn't done it yet. (PPD)

Saturday, April 25, 2015

LA DODGERS(McCarthy) -112 over San Diego Padres(Kennedy)------With Brandon Moss' 2HR yesterday along with Brandon Belt going 3-3,  I think you can go with McCarthy today.   Dodgers are 10-6 and on the road here while SD is 10-8.(Win 11-8.......Andre Ethier 3-4, HR.......HR by Kendrick and Uribe..........Adrian Gonzalez 2-5, HR)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(De La Rosa) +120 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Burnett)----Az is 8-8 at home.........McCutchen still not hitting .200(Lose 2-1.........What a FUCKING disgrace:  How does anyone lose to the Pirates?)

OAKLAND A's(Graveman) -113 over Houston Astros(Feldman)----Feldman has only walked 1 in 17 innings but Houston has way too many sub-.200 averages in its lineup.......and this could be the day that Graveman finally does good.(Lose 9-3.......Graveman's fastball is a natural 2-plane sinker,  so it starts sinking very early........very, very easy to hit.  Don't know how he got into MLB.)

Friday, April 24, 2015

SAN ANTONIO SPURS -5 over La Clippers(Win 100-73.........Kawhi Leonard 32pts.......)

ROCKIES(Butler) +109 over Giants(Heston)(Win 6-4.......LeMahieu 3-4...........Blackmon HR)

ROYALS(Duffy) +116 over White Sox(Quintana)-----Notice Daniel Murphy getting 4RBI yesterday.....and that was rare because he's only hitting .170.   The Royals offensive advantage is profound and,  what with Quintana's weak,  low shit,  they have some hitters who can really rock this guy.   White Sox,  at home yesterday with their best pitcher starting.............and they can't score 3 runs.   They suck.   CWS offense is a fucking joke.(Suspended game 2-2)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

WHITE SOX(Sale) -152 over Royals(Ventura)(Lose 3-2)
WHITE SOX(Sale) -1.5(+155) over Royals(Ventura)-------It's not just that CWS have 2 players named Adam who both had multi-hit games yesterday,  its that Matt Adams was 2-5 w/HR yesterday for Cardinals,  Adam Warren got enormous run-support yesterday for the Yankees including an incredible 6 runs in what turned out to be a 10-run 1st inning while Adam Ottavino came in for 1 inning of work in the 9th and got the W for Colorado.   While Ventura,  implicated in the HBP scandal targeting Lawrie which suspended Herrera,  doesn't seem to be a "long lasting" SP,  Sale can often pitch CG's and get into the late innings.   While this price is kind of high to be going against an 11-4 team like the Royals are now,  Chris Carter was 2-4 w/HR yesterday putting his average up at .122,  Chris Young was 3-6 for Yankees and Chris Owings was 2-4 w/HR for Arizona while Sale's first name is,  of course,  Chris.(Lose 3-2.........More pathetic failure by the White Sox;  Avisail Garcia 5 LOB going 1-6 like LaRoche who left 4 on base.   Waste your best pitcher like that in a home game..........At least there was a brawl.)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

MEMPHIS -6.5(-115) over Portland-----Blazers sometimes look cool when they win but..........nah;  Memphis has too much.......Zack Cosart 2HR yesterday and Memphis has Zack Randolph----and that's just the beginning of it.(Win 97-82.....Lee and Conley both with 18pts.........Gasol 15pts)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Bradley) -112 over Texas Rangers(Gallardo)(Win 8-5......Chris Owings 2-4, HR)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Jimenez) -113 over Toronto Blue Jays(Sanchez)------Jays won big last night,  Sanchez does have the revenge against Orioles but he's new and we don't really know how good he is so.........we'll go with Jimenez' promising start to the season.(Lose 4-2..........Devon Travis 2-4, HR)

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Bumgarner) +127 over Los Angeles Dodgers(Kershaw)-----Is Kershaw really as good as they say?  I don't know----Bumgarner's been rocked once this season and isn't looking great either but I'll go with him at home here.(Win 3-2)

REDS(Cueto) -140 over Brewers(Nelson)------Brewers suck.  They REALLY really suck.   They could go  2 and 160.   (Win 2-1......Nelson did good,   lucky for Francisco Rodriguez with the game-losing Wild Pitch)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

TORONTO(Buehrle) over Baltimore(Norris) parlayed with BREWERS(Fiers) over Reds(Marquis) parlayed with ASTROS(McHugh) over Mariners(Walker) +550-------Baltimore...........spine-breaking PD,  nah.   Brewers,  2-11.............can it get any worse,  Mike Fiers?    Walker,  uhh,  just not working out so far.(Lose 16-10.........Brewers..........Brewers blew this bet.   What a disgrace:  How long can you keep that lying PED-using Jew on your roster,  you losers?   Fiers a pathetic 6Hits 4ER and 3BB in 4inn.  Brewers.............can win for us to avoid 2 and 12.)
CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Noesi) +123 over Cleveland Indians(Carrasco)-----Nowhere to go but up for both these offenses.   With Obama on MSNBC right now...........we'll try CWS at home.(Lose 6-2........I guess Carrasco is good,  but still,  the White Sox record should be worse because they can't hit.)

Monday, April 20, 2015

MINNESOTA TWINS(Gibson) +135 over Kansas City Royals(Volquez)-----Perhaps the Royals won't maintain their (9-3) high winning percentage.  They HAVE been formidable so far.(Lose 7-1..........Gibson sucks;  he Wild Pitched in a run in addition to his 4 BBs)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Gonzalez) +129 over Boston Red Sox(Porcello)------Aside from the fact that the Red Sox are looking a bit old----altho they do have the young Bogaerts,  its not so much that Gonzalez has done better over his 1st 2 starts than Porcello,  its that Miguel Montero(who now plays for the Cubs,  which I didn't realize) had 2 HR yesterday(with Miguel Gonzalez pitching today) while Adam LaRoche destroyed the Tigers yesterday with a 3-5 + HR and the Orioles have Adam Jones.(Win 8-3......Adam Jones 4-5, 5RBI,  HR.........Flaherty 2-4, HR........Jimmy Paredes 3-5)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

OAKLAND A's(Hahn) +120 over Kansas City Royals(Ventura)----Royals are 8-2 while Ventura got HUGE run support his first 2 starts.  Can that continue?   Well,  I'll take Oakland.(Win 5-0.........Reddick 2-4 HR)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(De La Rosa) +127 over San Francisco Giants(Heston)----SF rocked De La Rosa last start but didn't win the game;  Arizona has the revenge against Heston.  Heston could be good----he's only allowed 1ER this year in 13 innings.(Lose 4-1)

COLORADO ROCKIES(Lyles) +178 over La Dodgers(Greinke)----While Adrian Gonzalez is hitting .550---thus the big price---both teams are 7-3,  Britt McHenry,  like Greinke,  is from Florida so.........why don't we rock him?(Lose 6-3.....5 walks by Lyles,  but in fact he did fine on April 23rd; hmmm)

MARLINS(Latos) +130 over Mets(DeGrom)------Mets doing much better than Marlins so far,  but DeGrom went to Stetson.   Stetson,  the alma mater of perhaps the most odious college degree holder ever to have been hired by a Media Corporation:  Britt McHenry.   With the continuing growth of economic inequality arising from the increasing QE and fusion of alignments and objectives between governments and Goldman Sachs,  together with the epidemic of American-Sniperish assaults at point-blank range by American police upon black males of the lower socio-economic stratum,  it would be a dangerous precedent in social-darwinistic ideology,  and appeasement thereof,  to not vigorously oppose and repudiate the supremacist conceits and anti-unterfrauen hostilities promoted by Stetson University and all of its ilk.   With the Marlins starting Latos,  who went to plebeian Broward CC,  the polarities are clear in opposition to the noxious elitism of Stetson:  DeGrom must be annihilated in this game.(Lose 5-4........DeGrom 7  6  0  0  8  but he gets rocked by the Yankees on 4/24.........Dee Gordon was 5-5 for Marlins but.........the trend is clear:  all over the world,  with the Kathmandu earthquake just last night,  the poor defenseless huddled masses,  the untermenschen are being exterminated due to the Obama Administration's stubborn desire to kill and keep killing with drones which,  of course,  has set a dangerously genocidal precedent.)

GOLDEN STATE -12 over New Orleans(Lose 106-99)

WIZARDS +4 over Raptors(Win 93-86)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

PHILADEPHIA PHILLIES(Williams) +145 over New York Mets(Niese)-----GWRBI last night by Howie Kendrick on the Dodgers and,  besides the Phillies having Ryan Howard,............I don't know if the Mets are that much better than the Phillies.   Williams doesn't look like an athlete,  but.......he can be pretty effective sometimes.(Lose 6-1..........All Phillies sucked in this game besides Cody Asche who was 3-3.   Williams allows 10 hits in 5inn;  guess he sucks.  Don't think Ryan Howard played in this game, did he?  No.  Darin Ruf played 1st base for Phillies,  he's hitting .059.)

DIAMONDBACKS(Anderson) +123 over Padres(Morrow)-----Ian Desmond and Delmon Young had good offensive days yesterday..........does that make you think of Diamondbacks?(Lose 3-2.........At least Goldschmidt and Lamb went 2-4.........Justin Upton was 3-4 with the GW HR)

CINCINNATI REDS(Marquis) +115 over Chicago Cubs(Wood)(Lose 5-0.........Why is Jason Marquis still in MLB?  Haven't I asked that question before?   Thought the Reds might not SUCK.)

Monday, April 13, 2015

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(De La Rosa) +141 over San Diego Padres(Cashner)(Win 8-4.........Ender Inciarte 3-5,  4RBI)

CINCINNATI REDS(Leake) +129 over Chicago Cubs(Lester)----Not much hitting so far by Cubs.   Oh,  Reds have Negron,  who's hitting .500.........Phillips and Byrd not hitting for Reds----I think they should hit tonight.(Lose 7-6.......Phillips and Byrd did hit,  going 6 for 10,  Lester did get rocked,  but Soler hit 2HR and Coglan was 3-4 w/ HR)

BRAVES(Miller) -103 over Marlins(Latos)-----Atlanta 5-1..........Miami 1-5.(Win 3-2..........Eric Young 2-4)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

BOSTON RED SOX(Buchholz) +109 over New York Yankees(Tanaka)------One might think that the Yankees,  at 1-4,  are not hitting and are due for a win at home here.   True,  the Yankees aren't hitting yet and,  likewise,  the Red Sox aren't hitting either(besides Bogaerts).   But I saw Buchholz in his last start and he was so good that I'd take him against anyone after that.  Tanaka got rocked last time..........and I had bet on him too.(Lose 14-4........How can Buchholz turn around and suck like this;  2 stupid walks in the 1st inning-----7 RUNS in the 1st inning.  What a fraud---Buchholz is unbettable.)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

COLORADO ROCKIES(Kendrick) -108 over Chicago Cubs(Hammel)(Lose 9-5.......Kendrick 8 ER and 5BB in 5inn.  How did he do so well in his first game?  This guy is weak,  he really doesn't have any stuff)

DETROIT TIGERS(Price) -111 over Cleveland Indians(Kluber)(Win 9-6.........Kinsler and Cabrera 4-5.   This game was close;  have to thank Cody Allen for doing so bad pitching less than an inning for the Indians.)

Friday, April 10, 2015

DETROIT TIGERS(Simon) +105 over Cleveland Indians(Mcallister)-----Indians got Moss this year but he's not hitting.(Win 8-4..........Jose Iglesias 3-4.....Nick Castellanos 2-4, HR.....Cabrera and Martinez both 3-5..........Cespedes 3-5)

COLORADO ROCKIES(Matzek) -135 over Chicago Cubs(Wood)-----That 'H' on Spieth's hat got him to a new 36-hole Masters record and Rockies have that in Hundley...........and LeMahieu,  too.(Win 5-1......LeMahieu 3-4........Matzek was terrible, tho----he was going to 3-0 on every hitter.  Got away with only 3 walks in 4inn)

Thursday, April 09, 2015

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Norris) -125 over New York Yankees(Sabathia)-----Big support for Nick Martinez by the Rangers today and good offensive day by JD Martinez on the Tigers and............Blue Jays have Russell Martin.   Sergio Garcia,  wearing blue,  chipping in from off the green today and......being -4 at one point while Jordan Spieth,  also wearing blue,  doing REAL good in the Masters we'll go Blue with the Blue Jays.(Win 6-3.....Edwin Encarnacion 2-4, HR......Donaldson and Reyes 2-4,  Danny Valencia 2-3)

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Houston Astros(Feldman) vs Cleveland Indians(Carrasco) OVER 8(-115)-----How much run support will Scott Feldman get today with.............OMG,   Astros have GATtis now!   Gattis.  Evan Gattis.  Oh,  man, Feldman is going against an Indians offense....that has 2 batters named 'Michael'?   Ohhhh......well,   its a little early in the season for the BCLI NORTH CHARLESTON BACK-SHOOT TASER-PLANT TOTAL OF THE YEAR...but I think this game could feature multiple HBPs,  BC-brawls and ejections,  as well as plenty of hits.(Lose 2-0......Let me tell you something:  Houston is gonna SUCK this year.  Offensively,  look at this:   Their #3 hitter is Luis Valbuena,  an undisciplined swing-at-anything hackers who had 3 K's in this game.  The 3-slot is supposed to be for your best hitter.  Valbuena?  Pshhhh.  Astros will suck.   Gattis,  actually,  had 4 K's in this game.   Totally pathetic.  The surprisingly feeble Indians offense too.........didn't expect that.)

METS(Degrom) +128 over Nationals(Zimmerman)(Lose 2-1)

PHILLIES(Harang) +128 over Red Sox(Porcello)-----Buchholz was awesome against Phillies last game.  We'll give Phillies another chance.(Win 4-2...........Francoeur 2-4 HR)

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

ROCKIES(Lyles) +116 over Brewers(Garza)-----Rockies on the offensive after game 1........and they're not even at Coors in this series. (Win 5-2...........Nick Hundley 3-4,  Nolan Arenado 2-5) 

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Ross) +138 over La Dodgers(Greinke)-------Game winning HR by Rollins yesterday which means...........Dodgers have Rollins(Did they have him last year?)   Padres pick up Kemp and Upton for this year........maybe they'll score some runs.   Dodgers' lineup does still look better, but with Tyus Jones winning the NCAA tourney last night,  Tyson Ross could probably have a winning day.(Win 7-3.....Derek Norris 2-5,  Clint Barmes 2-2,  Yonder Alonso 3-5)

Monday, April 06, 2015

ATLANTA(Teheran) over Marlins(Alvarez) parlayed with YANKEES(Tanaka) over Toronto(Hutchison) parlayed with OAKLAND(Gray) over Texas(Gallardo)(+560)(Lose 6-1...........Tanaka rocked,  Hutchison shuts down the Yankees in NY.)

ARIZONA(Collmenter) over Giants(Bumgarner) parlayed with PHILLIES(Hamels) over Boston(Buchholz) parlayed with DETROIT(Price) over Minnesota(Hughes)(+650)(Lose 5-4 and 8-0..........Buchholz was very good here;  Pedroia and Ramirez each had 2HR----that's pretty rare.  Collmenter rocked by Giants)

Sunday, April 05, 2015

STL CARDINALS(Wainwright) -103 over Chicago Cubs(Lester)----Cubs 73-89 last year:  not the worst in baseball,  but leaving ample room for improvement.   They pick up Lester,  who'll have a $15 million salary this year----just $3 million more than Wainwright's.   And...........the new manager is Joe Maddon?  From the Devil Rays?  While GTA 5 does have a cool character named 'Lester',  and its possible the Cubs' pick-up might work for them for that reason,  I've always felt that Lester was the type of pitcher who was waiting to be "found out" by hitters,  making him,  when that time arrives,  much more ineffective and hittable(just don't swing at the low slider).   So I'll take the red Cardinals after the Wisconsin win.(Win 3-0........Jason Heyward 3-5.....Matt Holliday 2-4....John Jay walks by Wainwright.)