Saturday, November 28, 2009

MISSOURI TIGERS -3 over Kansas---------Tigers have the revenge and have shown that they can put up points. Kansas has been a miserble failure this year going 2-8 ATS.........AND this pathetic team has lost me money.(Lose 41-39..........Missouri gets a +2 TO and still cant cover; terrible)

ARIZONA WILDCATS -3.5 over Arizona State--------ASU's QB is on the injury report; there are questions there........but ASU just isnt very good(tho they have the revenge here). Arizona has BEATEN Stanford(that's substantial) and they almost beat Oregon. (Northwestern and Kentucky both coming off wins)(Lose 20-17........4th quarter breakdown by AZ's defense.........miracle catch by Kyle Williams)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

*OAKLAND RAIDERS +14(-120) over Dallas--------Cowboys are not looking so good. Losing to Green Bay, a team I do not respect, they were -3 on the turnover ratio. Ok, you think, they got unlucky and they were on the road. But they follow that with a near-loss(7-6) against the Redskins, a team that almost always loses. That's lame; and no matter who they are playing you have to look to go against them. Raiders are coming up here as they just switched to a new QB(...........there is something going down....................on the wink of the air.........there is dancing out there............its can't cant steal it...........) and are coming off a big upset win over the Bengals. Raiders defense CAN play well(note their win over the Eagles in which they actually LOST the TO ratio by 2) and, although they havent scored more than 20 pts in a single game yet, I see this offense breaking out today. I mean, why wouldnt they......? They have Bush, Fargas AND Darren Mcfadden(didnt he win the Heisman?)(Lose 24-7..........goddam fucking shitbag losers.......bitch-faggot motherfucking pieces of shit........goddam idiots...........fucking cocksucking scum leeches.........)

Monday, November 16, 2009

BALTIMORE RAVENS -11 over Cleveland---------Browns have everything you look for; they are off a bye week, they have the home-revenge; they have home-off-road-loss. However, Cleveland is a dead-city. Cleveland is the city where the greatest financial crime in history was pulled off by Goldman Sachs, Citigroup Global Markets, JPMorgan securities, Sullivan and Cromwell and the National City Corporation's board of bank-criminals who sold out shareholders for $2.39 to PNC(and I'm very glad the Steelers lost yesterday). My family's wealth was destroyed by what these horrible thieves and financial criminals did because we had inherited stock which was First Of America but then was accumulated by, and became, National City Corp. I tried very hard to tell Cleveland(and everyone else I could think of) not to allow this terrible, SICKENING theft-merger(for which Goldman Sachs was paid $25 million OUT OF THE POCKETS OF NATIONAL CITY SHAREHOLDERS) to occur. But they did it anyway; they did NOTHING to stop this horrible crime..........and now Cleveland must suffer for all eternity. We will greatly enjoy this brutal beatdown of the Cleveland Browns tonight.(Win 16-0.......well, I wanted more but.......)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

KANSAS +4 over Nebraska--------Home-off-two-road losses and the home revenge for Kansas. Kansas coming off a very unlucky -3 TO while Nebraska got +4 TO in their last game(Lose 31-17........disgusting)

MISSISSIPPI STATE +12 over Alabama---------MSU is off the bye at home with the revenge. They lost by 11 to Georgia Tech; almost all of their other games have been closer than that.(Lose 31-3.........pathetic effort by MSU's receivers. This was an atrocity)

STANFORD +11 over Usc--------Stanford has the revenge, they're doing well recently. Usc is just not covering any spreads. Usc got a whopping +3 on the turnover ratio against Arizona State...........and only won by 5 points.(Win 55-21)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

TAMPA BAY +15.5 over Packers teased with SAINTS -6 over Carolina teased with NEW ENGLAND -4.5 over Miami(+160)--------Tampa and New England are both off their bye weeks at home and we know the Packers suck. Miami is a little better but after beating the Jets for the 2nd time this season(getting outgained by 120 yards and being helped ALOT by Ted Ginn), they could come up a bit lame here. Carolina, of course, got very lucky in their win last week and they have some injury concerns.(Win by 25.5, 4 and 5.5.............Anthony Hargrove)

ARIZONA +8 over Bears teased with SEATTLE -4.5 over Lions-------Arizona has done a lot better on the road than at home and, with better luck this week, they should at least make the game close. Seattle has home-off-road-loss and, even though they suck, the Lions are the worst team ever.(Win by 28 and 7.5)

Saturday, November 07, 2009

DUKE BLUE DEVILS +10 over North Carolina---------Duke has the revenge here(I know that hasnt been working too well lately but with Jason Rodriguez---"THEY LEFT ME TO ROT!"----popping off in Orlando yesterday) I think it may have new life. Duke is also 4-1-1 ATS so they've been underrated. NC looks like they have some defense going for them and they're coming off a huge upset victory at Virginia Tech but look at the QB's here: Thaddeus Lewis has a 15/4 TD to INT ratio compared to Yates' 9/9 and Lewis has thrown for twice as many yards(2200) as Yates has. In state rivalry.........means it could be close.........and 10 points.......Duke looks good here(Lose 19-6)

STANFORD CARDINAL +7 over Oregon--------Stanford has the home revenge and is home off its bye week. Stanford has not lost at home this year and they have not failed to cover at home this year. Oregon is coming off 6 straight covers. Luck has thrown for 700 more yards than Masoli has. (Win 51-42...........Toby Gerhart #7........pretty good game)

PURDUE BOILERMAKERS +7(-120) over Michigan(Win 38-36)
PURDUE +240 over Michigan-------------Its become clear that Michigan is unable to solve its problems in the defensive secondary; they've allowed over 30 points to be scored on them in more than half their games. Michigan has the home revenge and home-off-road-loss but...........they just lost badly to Illinois. You can't lose to Illinois and consider yourself a serious team. Purdue has, of course, beaten Ohio State. Michigan's games against MSU and Iowa were not as close as the final score and they could have EASILY lost to both Notre Dame and Indiana. They got very lucky to get those wins. After failing at home to beat Penn State, Michigan appears to have quit and Elliot is a good enough QB to exploit Michigan's weak pass defense.(Win 38-36)

Sunday, November 01, 2009

DETROIT -3 over Stl-------Detroit has home-off-road-loss and is coming off a bye week. That's pretty powerful. All QB's for both teams are on the injury list with minor injuries it seems. I dont know why this number went from 4 to 3(that's pretty suspicious). But consider that Stl has played Seattle(bad, in my opinion), Jax and the 49ers where Detroit has played New Orleans, Chicago and Pitt(against whom they covered and scored 20 points); that's a significant strength of schedule difference.(Lose 17-10......This is an utter disgrace. You CANNOT lose at home to the fucking Rams off your bye week! Lion players need to be released and designated for assignment; Lion coaches need to be fired; Stafford's bonus money needs to taken from him. Sick. This is fucking sick.)

NEW YORK GIANTS -2.5 over Eagles-----Double revenge from last season for Giants and they are off 2 losses. Hard to respect the Eagles when they followed their loss to Oakland by getting a +4 on the TO ratio while barely covering at Washington. Giants have to win this.(Lose 40-17.......The Giants are a fraud and a joke)

BUFFALO BILLS +3(+115) over Houston--------Bills do need to score more; that IS a problem. But their defense, in terms of points allowed and TO's gotten, is red-hot.(Lose least Byrd had two more picks. The rest of this team needs to PICK IT UP! FUCK)

GREEN BAY PACKERS -3(-130) over Minnesota------Same-Season revenge for Packers at home. I dont like giving points here but I think its time for the traitor, Favre, to be brutalized in this home revenge spot. The Vikings......have beaten 1 good team(Balt) and the Packers have beaten 1 good team(Bears). That doesnt tell you much but the Packers' defense has done well the last two games against invalid opponents.(Lose 38-26........The Packers are pussies and girly-men. What a sick, disgusting travesty. Quit, Packers, just fucking quit; the NFL would be better off without you.)