Sunday, November 30, 2014

MINNESOTA VIKINGS -2.5(-115) over Carolina Panthers-----DJ ABner 2TDs for the Liberty Flames yesterday and 31pts by Aaron Bacote for Old Dominion............and Vikings have Anthony we got THAT AB. (Win 31-13........BLK punts by Jasper Brinkley and Adam Thielen,  both returned for TD by Thielen and Everson Griffen.............Panthers outgained them by 130.     aHA!   Ted Kaczynski now exonerated after proof that he was influenced by Jew-Mossad precedents:
(“He lived under the false name of Georg Fischer but his presence was no secret. He actually received two letter bombs, apparently from Mossad. He lost three fingers and an eye,” Zuroff said.)

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS +2.5(-105) over Green Bay Packers-----75-foot buzzer-beater by Jalen Jenkins gives the George Mason PATRIOTS a victory yesterday.(Lose 26-21.........LaFell 2TD)

NEW YORK GIANTS -3(-120) over Jacksonville Jaguars--------I think Jacksonville might be getting worse.(Lose 25-24..........Giants ahead 21-3 at halftime.   COLLAPSE.  Eli 2 FumBL.  Larry Donnell FumBL--REC-td.   What a rip, Giants)

Saturday, November 29, 2014

OLE MISS REBELS +3 over Mississippi State Bulldogs----These teams have preformed similarly against similar opponents,  with MSU beating LSU moderately while Ole Miss losing moderately to LSU.   Against Alabama,  it was vice versa with Ole Miss being the winner.   In this game,  Ole Miss has the revenge,  home-off-road-loss and is the underdog.(Win 31-17........TDPASS Jordan Wilkins,  Evan Engram 176yds)

RICE OWLS +7.5 over Louisiana Tech Bulldogs(Lose 31-76)
RICE OWLS +250 over Louisiana Tech Bulldogs(Lose 31-76.........Somebody quit in this game)

LOUISVILLE CARDINALS -12.5 over Kentucky Wildcats----Louisville has Michael Dyer.....and we see that Michael Dison had 32pts yesterday for Montana State in a 23pt win in which it was a 5pt underdog.  And Ed Dyson had 18pts on 11/27 for Austin Peay in a 21pt win in which it was a 5.5 point underdog.   And the Stanford Cardinal won by 21 points in a game in which it was a 6.5 point underdog yesterday.   Phenomenally,  the Ball State Cardinals also won yesterday by 17 points in a game in which they were 10pt underdogs.   While this bet is against Kentucky---and Western Kentucky won a huge game yesterday----WKY had Brandon Doughty throwing a conf-USA record 8 TD passes and Branden Lester having an incredible 3 INTs............and Louisville has Brandon Radcliff.(Lose 44-40...........Kentucky +2TO........when has Kentucky ever done this good?  Look at their scores!)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

SEATTLE pk(+100) over San Francisco-----Well,  Texas is really going down hard as we type.  Ummmm.......I'll go with Wilson.  He's a.........good run-and-shooter,  uh,  QB.   SF has the home revenge BUT THEY JUST DONT SCORE.  You know?  Their offense is low-scoring and they couldn't cover for BCLI last game.   Wilson---much better QB than Kaepernick.(Win 19-3......yup,  49ers have a scoring problem)

UAB BLAZERS +14.5 over Florida Gators-------Florida--not good enough for the win or the cover yesterday and........with the Blazers having,  let's see,  Robert Brown,  Tyler Madison and Denzell Watts(Haha!!)  Watts.......I expect them to explode tonight for their first cover of the year after their last game when they got beat down by Wisconsin.(Win 56-47)
TEXAS +6 over Tcu--------Malcolm Brown.......what dey got?  Mack Brown..........Tyrone Swoopes....well,  there's the 'SW'isher Sweets' Mike Brown was trying to protect, right?   So even tho Tcu has the revenge and is 8-2 ATS,   this game looks like the Revolution.   Imma go with da Revolution here,  with America being transformed and gittin its bitch burnt down with the nationwide protests right now...............I got 5 on it.  Yeah............."I got fivvvveee on it.........lets git how,  lets git Heeed..............I got 5 on it..........don I smoke dat endo weeedd." (Lose 48-10.......Pretty big loss.....Oh,  Texas coach is Charlie Strong---not Mack Brown anymore.   This.........ah,  pathetic failure wouldn't have anything to do with........Larry McQuilliam trying to burn down the Mexican consulate in Austin,  would it?)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

AUBURN -2(-115) over Oregon State-----Auburn coming off a game in which they only scored 35pts.   Time to pick it up.(Push 71-69)

FLORIDA +1 over Georgetown-----FLA has Casey Hill and..........I'll go with that after Kasey Shepherd stepped out last night for the Rajin-Cajuns with 22pts in a huge 76-52 win over Oral Roberts.(Push 66-65)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

CHICAGO BULLS +4.5 over Denver Nuggets----Bulls are on the 5th game of a road trip while Denver is coming off 4 straight wins.   But I feel............something's a little different today.   Like maybe Denver's gonna stop winning so much.(Lose 114-109........Wow,  half-point loss)

CS FULLERTON TITANS +5.5 over Usc Trojans------Usc has "Elijah"??   Nah,  I don't like that.  Nikola might be a little better but......I'll go with the Titans' lineup.(Win 53-49..........#10 Lanerryl Johnson 21pts)

SAN DIEGO STATE AZTECS -2.5 over Pitt Panthers------Aztecs have Trey Kell(which I like a lot) and,  of course,  the AQ player Aqeel Quinn.   That looks a lot better than what Pitt has to offer,  I mean,  I'll go with the AQ and the Aztecs.(Win 74-57...........Trey Kell 15pts)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

DALLAS COWBOYS -5.5 over Ny Giants------Dallas off a bye AND they owe me money for beating Jacksonville by too many points------Do you HEAR that you fucking goddamn Bill Cosby rape-drug?  Giants  are home with the in-season revenge which,  actually,  worked for the Vikings today as they covered.   But Giants also suck,  sporting a current 0-5 ATS streak.    In fact,  I hate the Giants like they were a highly-rated Bill Cosby rape-drug TV show on the NBC network.   Oh,  and look how the Wyoming Cowboys won 56-33 over Colorado yesterday----that constituted a cover of the line by 25pts.(Lose 31-28..............Ohh,  Shit!  Ohh, Shit!)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS -9 over Washington Redskins----While the 49ers have only won 2 games by 9 or more points(and those,  not by much more than 9),  and while I don't usually bet out of pure hate---and maybe I shouldn't hate the Redskins so much as they did win my TOMAHAWK GOY---the fact is that I do hate this team with a rare passion.  It is strange,  but I like the fact that SF has the AQ player,  Boldin,  and a Hyde-Gore running game.(Lose 17-13...........Oh, fuck:  Gore and Hyde each fumbled!   Well,  FUCK those damn losers,  you know?  I work so hard of my fucking money and............these clowns just throw it away.  Redskins were +2TO so those fumbles did make the difference.  Fuck Gore and Hyde,  man.   I'm sick of this shit.)
SOUTHERN CAL TROJANS +3.5 over Ucla Bruins(Lose 38-20)
SOUTHERN CAL TROJANS +140 over Ucla Bruins-------2 years of Revenge for USC.........yeah,  this is gonna be a bloody game........both teams have lost to Utah.   Nothing on Hundley or any of those Ucla names...........I think you want a name like Javorius Allen after Arkansas beat Miss 30-0 with Allen at QB.  I've noticed the Allen name doing well in other places recently;  for instance,  Leon Allen having a TD in the Hilltoppers 45-7 win and Darrion Allen having 22pts for Longwood yesterday.(Lose 38-20............fuck these pussies.  BURN THIS BITCH DOWN!  BURN THIS BITCH DOWN!  BURN THIS BITCH DOWN!)
BOSTON COLLEGE +17(-115) over Florida State(Win 20-17)
BOSTON COLLEGE +525 over Florida State-------BC has covered twice as many spreads as FSU has this year.   BC has 4 years of revenge.............BC is off the bye............and they have some respectable wins(over USC, NCST and Virginia Tech).   Tyler Jones did win for us a couple days ago as QB on Texas State.............and it looks like BC has a Tyler at QB too.(Lose 20-17........BC +1 TO)

MICHIGAN -6 over Maryland-----Michigan has cleansed itself of a laptop thief,  dropping him from the team.   That's gotta help considering how bad this team has been.   But not that bad,  as they have beaten a team(Northwestern) that has beaten Notre Dame.   Also,  Michigan is off its bye playing for Bowl eligibility and they have a running game now----something they didn't have earlier in the season.   Maryland,  of course,  failed to cover for BCLI against Ohio State earlier this year.(Lose 23-16.............Brandon got his revenge as Brandon Ross had 16yds for Maryland----WHY DONT YOU TRY FIRING HOKE NOW?-----In fact,  you should really fire the entire Michigan coaching staff,  as well as the interim AD and the new Stadium announcer.)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

TEXAS STATE +7 over Arkansas State------TXST has home-off-road-loss and the revenge.(Win 45-27.....Robert Lowe  career highs 4TD 236yds..........Tyler Jones 63%.......CJ Best TD)

INDIANA +1 over Smu-----Is this game at a neutral site?  Oh,  Smu is ranked.(Win 74-68...........James Blackmon 26pts)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

ATLANTA FALCONS -2(-115) over Carolina Panthers-----Newton believers may say that........well,  Carolina's lost to good teams like the Saints,  Green Bay,  Seattle and the they should be able to beat the losing Falcons.   But we have to look at the blowout wins by Georgia Tech and Georgia yesterday and,  matching the Black, Red and White colors of Georgia,   South Carolina had that improbable OT victory over Florida.  On the locational,  also,  we saw the 15-pt underdog Appalachian State win on the road driven by Taylor Lamb(Calhoun, GA) at QB and Marcus Cox(Dacula,  Georgia) 229yds 2TDs with Tennessee beating Kentucky 50-16 with Joshua Dobbs(Alpharetta, Georgia) at QB---3 TD 70%.   Blake Sims on Alabama also won and he's from Georgia too.  And yes,  the Air Force Falcons won yesterday.   So however bad you think Atlanta has been this year,  the locational and chromatics are more than strong enough to require a bet here.(Push 19-17)

DETROIT LIONS pk over Arizona Cardinals------I agree with the line;  both teams have accumulated a lot of wins flimsily against some flimsy opponents.   But Stanton is in for Arizona and he's throwing only 49%,  whereas Detroit has a UGA QB.......and Calvin Johnson in.  Arizona,  of course,  got very lucky to get the win yesterday in CFB and Arizona State lost as a favorite.(Lose 14-6...........Michael Floyd 2TDs?)

MINNESOTA VIKINGS +1.5(+100) over Chicago Bears-----With Cutler and the Bears having been thoroughly excoriated and disrespected,  both by their own results and Stephen A Smith,  I was leaning toward them at home here coming off a loss(because,  you know,  if they lose this one,  Marshall's gonna tear up the locker room).  But then I looked and saw that,  yeah, they really are bad.  So we can,  with this,  take the younger talent in Bridgewater against the older sociopath Cutler AND get a team,  the Vikings,  coming off the bye.(Lose 21-13.......Brandon Marshall 'em a chance,  but it turns out,  Vikings suck.)

WASHINGTON REDSKINS -7(-115) over Tampa Bay Buccaneers-------Well,  they think Griffin should start over Colt McCoy's their chance,  against one of the NFL's worst teams,  with home-off-road-loss coming off the bye,  to score a 34-6 type of win.(Lose 27-7......Most pathetic disgraceful loss in the NFL.  Cannot believe this shit.   Mike Evans 2TD,  Galveston?)

KANSAS CITY pk over Seattle-----KANSAS!  Wow..........coming very close to beating TCU yesterday.  (Win 24-20.......I didn't even deserve to win today these picks all suck so bad)

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS -7.5 over Cincinnati Bengals------I cannot believe the Bengals only have 3 losses,  you know?   They suck.  They're absolutely terrible.  (Lose 27-10............Hmmmm.  Guess its terror-tymes)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

MIAMI HURRICANES +3(-105) over Florida State Seminoles-------Wow,  4 years of Revenge at home AND off the bye for Miami????   This bet's better than that one I just typed up.   Well, ok,  FSU tends to get lucky late in games that they're on track to lose this year and........maybe that can be attributed to Winston who,  while his TDpass/INT ratio is less than 2 to 1, and therefore worse than the Freshman Kaaya's,  has a record of........well  "WIN"inng.   But while Miami's road losses to GT, Nebraska and Louisville are blemishing,  look at the fact that Miami has #8 Duke Johnson after a 69-pt beatdown of Presbyterian by DUKE last night.  How can you not bet on him especially with the Duke player Austin Rivers getting 17pts in the Epic Pelican beatdown yesterday..........especially with #8 Luke Babbit going 4-4 from area-code 3 last night for New Orleans.(Lose 30-26........What was the lead Miami had?  23-7?  I don't know what more they could want---what more Miami could have used to get this win----Revenge,  bye,  home field,  a 23-7 lead...........and they can't even cover)

MISSISSIPPI STATE BULLDOGS +10 over Alabama Crimson Tide(Win 25-20)
MISSISSIPPI STATE BULLDOGS +290 over Alabama Crimson Tide----Ok, well,  MSU's coach is Dan Mullen and Danilo Gallinari had 12pts last night in a pretty good 21pt beatdown by Denver in Indiana.   While Alabama is at home.......and people who are partial to them might look at all the games they've struggled in this year as "Road" games,  as most of them were,  most would have to agree(with Alabama at 3-6 ATS) that Alabama is not as good as they've been in previous, recent years.   (Of course,  they were very fortunate----really should have lost----to beat LSU last week).  And the 6 years of Revenge that Mississippi State has is pretty strong in its own right.  However,  its a salient fact that UA has Amari Cooper and there is,  now playing,  the massive Space Epic 'Interstellar' with a main character named 'Coop'.   So we'll have to engage that movie a bit.   It seemed to me,  that they wouldn't have even had to deal with that evil Matt Damon character, Mann,  if...........Coop hadn't have dissed Brand's love-based "choice" and made her go cry.  (and of course we see Mississippi State having BRANDon Holloway rhyming with Jrue Holiday 1 day after that name was winning in the 48-pt beatdown by the Pelicans).   Thus,  Coop makes them go see Mann who tries to kill him,  breaks his face-shield and its a big ole problem as the crops start burning down on earth and..........(seems so unnecessary, doesn't it).....Of course,  we can also----per the movie----hang the "presumptuous arrogance of Science" on Coop as well,  as he insists on using the scientific word 'binary' to decipher what must have been the humanities-based "codes" coming through the BOOKSHELF!!!!.   Yeah,  ok,  its a movie and,  because Coop is played by the leading actor,  McConaughey,  he has to look like a big hero in the resolution of the ending of the story.  And there also may be concerns,  with the recently offending comments,  associating Technology companies with 'terrorist control networks',  from the head of GCHQ,  and with the bin Laden killer's name coming out as "Rob O'Neill,  that is,  there may be concerns with the severity of the damage done to that particular name in question with MSU having Josh Robinson and Robert Johnson.  
     Wooo-ha:  Robert (the mad) Hatter 21pts and 3-5 on 3ptrs in the Cornell upset victory last night.   So I think it could be ok.   And then........if you look closer it seems that Mississippi State really does have a lot-----including the 2 'Fred''s,  with Jimmer Fredette contributing 7 points in the historic New Orleans Pelicans beatdown last night.(Lose 25-20......Mississippi State lost the TO ratio by 3.  So if it hadn't been for the interceptions by Nick Perry,  Cyrus Jones and Landon Collins,  this bet might have won.)

GEORGIA TECH YELLOWJACKETS +3(-115) over Clemson Tigers-----2X Revenge for GT.......really appears that Clemson is weakening with the string of FTCs and not really beating Wake Forest until late in the game last game.  On the other hand,   GT seems to be getting stronger after consecutive losses to Duke and UNC in October.(Win 28-6...........Justin Thomas 72%.....INTTD by Chris Milton)

Friday, November 14, 2014

HOUSTON ROCKETS -17 over Philadelphia 76ers--------------Wooooooooo-Ha!   NBA betting's legal!!!(Lose 88-87.......Come on!   76ers can lose by 53 points one night,  and the next they only lose by 1?????)

Sunday, November 09, 2014

DETROIT LIONS -140 over Miami Dolphins----Lions have been winning some 1-point games so.....we'll just take the money line.   Miami's ok.........but they're off an anomalous +4 TO game.   Lions' win against the Giants has,  of course,  been devalued now that we know the Giants will be playing the Buccaneers in the Suck Bowl.  But the Lions have wins against the Packers and Saints and,  with Calvin Johnson said to be back for this game,  Lions should be good at home here off the bye. (Win 20-16...........GWTD Theo Riddick.)

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS +7.5(-125) over Dallas Cowboys (Lose 31-17)
JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS +250 over Dallas Cowboys------Game's in Britain..........where they all drive Jag-u-ars............should be like a home game for Jacksonville who,  while sucking-up mostly--besides beating the Browns,  have Allen Hurns #88,  a player who'll be key after all of #88 Maxx Williams' TDs yesterday and............Allen!  Kyle Allen 4 TDs,  65% while beating Auburn as a 23.5 pt underdog yesterday!  Wow,  this looks really good.   Do the Cowboys even have an Allen?  Don't see one. (Lose 31-17..........Bortles passed for more yards than Romo did...........must have the TO's;  Jaguars -2TO)

Saturday, November 08, 2014

MINNESOTA pk over Iowa-----Minnesota has 2X Revenge,  is off the bye AND has home-off-road-loss..........the loss which was to Illinois which we can consider anomalous as Minnesota outgained 'em by 140 yards while giving 2 TO.  Minnesota has played TCU while Iowa,  coming off a beatdown on Northwestern,  doesn't look like they've played anybody good. (Win 51-14..........#88 Maxx Williams 3 TD)

MICHIGAN STATE -3.5(-115) over Ohio State-----Ohio State has blown out some teams.....while having the loss to VT and having to go to OT at Penn State in an even TO game.   MSU home off the bye so........I'll lay these points. (Lose 49-37...............To not have this team prepared........even off a bye...........for this game...........Mark D'antonio is one of the most overrated coaches in football.  MSU is not a top 20 team.   Last year they got by,  somehow.  This year,  no;  they've been exposed.)

Thursday, November 06, 2014

WAKE FOREST DEMON DEACONS +21(-105) over Clemson Tigers-----WF is a hard team to like considering its astonishing record of failure this season.   Of course,  WF has the home revenge but..........that might not be worth much if the team is so bad.   Maybe I'm betting..........."emotionally" but I just don't want that alcoholic Dabo Swinney to win today.(Win 34-20.........Cam Serigne 2TD)

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

BALL STATE +3.5 over No. Illinois parlayed with BUFFALO BULLS +4 over Ohio Bobcats-----I'll go with Edwards and Licata.(Lose 37-14 and 35-21.............Hmmm,  Buffalo gets its ass kicked in this game,  but then goes and kicks Akron's ass.........Cameron Stingily 3TD)

Monday, November 03, 2014

NEW YORK GIANTS +3.5 over Indianapolis Colts-----With the Giants coming off the bye,  home here off 2 road losses,  with the SF Giants having won the World Series recently,  with Andre Ellington beating me with a TD and 95yds on Arizona,  and the Giants having Andre Williams,  with Paul Perkins getting a TD for UCLA against me on Saturday,  and the Giants having Pierre-Paul,  I would be surprised if the Giants screwed up this game.(Lose home off the bye for their 3rd consecutive FTC,  Giants are an utterly inferior team.   One of the 2 worst teams in the NFL.)

Sunday, November 02, 2014

PITTSBURGH pk(-120) over Baltimore------Home in-season revenge for Steelers here.   Pittsburgh has a loss to Tampa and Cleveland but also has LeGarette Blount who is from...........Madison, FL.   So they should be better now after Madison Bumgarner won the World Series.(Win 43-23........Bryant 2TD............Antonio Brown TD)
NEW ENGLAND +3(-115) over Denver-----Ok,   big risk:  Brandon LaFell should be no-good after Brandon Wheeden collapsed in Dallas today.  Rob Gronkowski might not be so effective after Robert Griffin III just lost in Minnesota......just now.    Brady should be good after Brady Hoke got the W for Michigan yesterday.   Sean Mannion couldn't get the job done for Oregon State last night so that justifies a bet against Peyton Manning.   They say its windy so............Manning's floater passes should be blown around a bit. (Win 43-21)

OAKLAND RAIDERS +14(-120) over Seattle Seahawks------Seattle just not winning by that many points these days. (Win 30-24)
DALLAS COWBOYS pk over Arizona Cardinals----You saw what the Arizona Wildcats did last night!  Puke!   7 total points scored motherfucker that team shouldn't even be ranked.  It should not be RANKED............yet it began the game at #12....pshhhhhh,  what a joke.    Dallas has DeMarco Murray............he's healthy I think...........and that's really the best name to bet on today after Mark Weisman had 3TDs in a 48-7 blowout by Iowa over Northwestern.   Oh,  and Marcus Cox had 248 yds rushing and 3 TD for Appalachian State in a 44-0 beatdown on Georgia State.  Wheeden's in at QB for Dallas. (Lose 28-17)
HOUSTON TEXANS +3(-120) over Philadelphia Eagles-----Houston hasn't beaten good teams(while the Eagles have beaten the Colts).   However,  Houston has Andre Johnson and Damaris Johnson---who is a Sagittarius as the Texans QB also is------and with Drake Johnson having appeared to manifest the salvation of Michigan Football with 2 TDs and 100+ rushing yards yesterday,   we'll give Houston a play at home here against Foles(a University of Arizona---Ugggh!----QB) (Lose 31-21......Mark Sanchez 202yds at QB...........Maclin 2TD)

Saturday, November 01, 2014

ARIZONA WILDCATS +7(-120) over Ucla Bruins (Lose 17-7)
ARIZONA WILDCATS +230 over Ucla Bruins-----Ucla is 1-7 ATS so..........that's not very good.  But just barely beating sorry Colorado 40-37.......that's just as bad.   Ucla has Brett Hundley........a couple days after George Brett's Royals...........proved to be not quite good enough.   Arizona does have the revenge...........but is on the road.   Arizona also has Terris Jones-Grigsby AND Cayleb Jones...........on the same day that Matt Jones rushed for 190 yds and 2 TDs in an amazing upset over Georgia by Florida(being an 11-pt underdog) 38-20. (Lose 17-7...........#17 Hundley 73% I guess,  with this score.   Anu Solomon 37% ?????? Ugh,  thought Arizona could score.)
WEST VIRGINIA +3.5 over Tcu(Win 31-30)
WEST VIRGINIA +150 over Tcu------Clearly,  Tcu ran up the score a little bit in its last game, finishing at 82 pts scored.   Well,  we saw what happened to the Salvador Perez/Christian Colon Kansas City Royals after they won Game 6  10-0:  They lost.(Lose 31-30...........Terrell Chestnut Fumbl Rec TD..........WV had a decent lead...........couldn't close with 4 total turnovers)
INDIANA +7 over Michigan(Lose 34-10)
INDIANA +220 over Michigan-----There's just too many years of revenge here for Indiana.  (Its been like 10 years since Indiana beat Michigan!!!).  As much as you may think Michigan should get a catalytic boost from a brand new AD........look,  I don't think Michigan deserves to be a favorite in a conference game.   They just,  after plenty of chances,  haven't merited that accolade.   And Indiana is coming off a Bye!  That's a powerful combo with the Revenge.   Michigan got manhandled at home against Minnesota by David Cobb.  Ok,  Indiana has Simmie Cobbs.   Utah came to Michigan with a QB named Wilson and...........beat Michigan.   Ok,  Indiana has a head coach named Wilson.   Michigan has home-off-road-loss but that doesn't mean much because Michigan is always losing.  Indiana doesn't have its starting QB but............(Michigan -7?????)........even if Michigan achieves the unlikely event of throwing a pass that somehow becomes a TD with the score tied and 0:00 on the clock,  the +7 still covers because there's no need for an extra point.(Lose 34-10...........Wow,  Indiana really sucks.  {How did they beat Missouri??}..........Drake Johnson 2TD, 122yds)