Monday, September 30, 2013

MIAMI +7 over New Orleans------Miami Marlins gave quite a nice win for BCLI at +175 the day before Henderson Alvarez threw a no-hitter for them.   Dolphins and Saints have both beaten Atlanta,  but Dolphins' schedule,  after 3 games,  looks a little stronger.   The 9 did beat the 6 in the Lions-Bears game,  but the 17 beat the 9 in the Chargers-Cowboys game.(Lose 38-17.......Saints +3 TO........Tannehill,  strangely,  throws 3 INTs and fumbles once.   Very uncharacteristic performance by Dolphins and I think the Saints got lucky.)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS +1.5 over Dallas Cowboys parlayed with OAKLAND RAIDERS +3 over Washington Redskins------Its not just that the Oklahoma State Cowboys lost as 20-point favorites to West Virginia,  a team that shares a "color-combo" with the Chargers,   its that the Wyoming Cowboys,  as 11-point favorites,  ALSO lost.  While Dallas,  at 3-0 ATS,  can be considered a "+ team" this year so far,  San Diego has the home-off-road-loss and has not failed to cover yet either.  Pryor has a concussion so it may be Matt Flynn at QB here going against the MCP.   Oakland has home-off-road-loss.(Lose 24-14.....Very painful and disheartening loss here to see how bad the Raiders suck.   A 14-0 1st quarter lead wasted,  as the Raiders go on to lose the rest of the game 24-0.)

Friday, September 27, 2013

ARIZONA STATE -3.5 over Usc-----Revenge and home-off-road-loss for ASU.   ASU had a bad first half last week but did outgain Stanford.(Win 62-41)

MIAMI(Eovaldi) +175 over Detroit(Sanchez)-----With a .375 winning percentage,  the Marlins seem to be getting a fair price at +175.   Eovaldi has put together some good starts recently so I'll take him.(Win 2-1.......2 outs,  bottom of the 9th and its Ed Lucas with the game-tying RBI----would have been a shame if the Marlins hadn't won this for Eovaldi after holding the Tigers to 1 run------Giancarlo Stanton GWRBI.)

UAB BLAZERS +20 over Vanderbilt Commodores----UAB has played LSU..........Vanderbilt has played South Carolina.(Lose 52-24)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

VIRGINIA TECH +7 over Georgia Tech-----Wow,  Kyle Lohse a CG 2-hitter yesterday.   VT is 0-3-1 ATS but they've outgained all their opponents including Alabama.   GT is 3-0 ATS but...........they were clearly losing that game last week in the 1st half.   VT's defense is usually pretty good and should be the best GT has seen this year.(Win 17-10.......Logan Thomas 76%.....VT +3 TO.....Derrick Hopkins 7 stops on defense)

Monday, September 23, 2013

METS(Harang) +220 over Reds(Cueto)-----Cueto has 1 5inn start in September and he didn't pitch at all in July or August.   If there's 2 Wild Cards in the NL,  its hard to believe the Reds won't be making post-season play at this point.   Harang has,  of course,  been giving up too many runs.   But this price is pretty big.(Lose 3-2........Choo 3-6, GWRBI)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

CHICAGO BEARS -1(-115) over Pittsburgh Steelers----This line is coming down but........look at this:  The Bengals won and they're, like,  Tigers?  Panthers win 38-0 as an underdog.  Colts who horses,  animals.......they win on the road,  as 10-point underdogs,  27-7.   Look, um.....if the "Steelers" were some kind of animal,   maybe I wouldn't make this bet.(Win 40-23..........Bears +5TO but were outgained by 201 yards)
COWBOYS -3.5 over Rams-----Dallas has home-off-road-loss;  I don't think St Louis is very good.(Win 31-7)

REDSKINS +1 over Detroit-----Bush is OUT for Lions and........he did a lot for the Lions' first win.   Redskins have home-off-road-loss and........2 losses.   I'd say they really would want to capitalize on this opportunity.  Yes,  Lions just lost to Carson Palmer and that's a disgrace,  but we'll give Washington a chance here before we call their season "over".(Lose 27-20.........Kirk Cousins needs to start.   Rushing QB's just aren't durable.   They look good and talented during many games,  and this may be related to their lack of "buoyancy",   they just don't last and they don't win championships.   Vince Young,  yeah,  he's an exception.   But how long was his NFL duration?)

BUFFALO BILLS +2.5 over New York Jets-----Jets have not proven that they can score 20 pts in a game but Bills have.   Geno Smith, well,  West Virginia got suspiciously blown out yesterday.(Lose 27-20.........Terrible,  Bills are terrible.   They win the TO ratio by 2 and the Jets take 160+ penalty yards...........Manuel 45%)

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS +3 over Tennessee Titans----Chargers haven't done much on defense but they do have Eddie Royal this year.(Push 20-17)

CAROLINA PANTHERS +2 over Giants----Revenge game for Carolina at home for last year's meeting.   Neither of these teams has a cover so far.(Win 38-0)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

PURDUE BOILERMAKERS +22.5 over Wisconsin Badgers----Purdue coming off a home game against Notre Dame where they were a 18-point underdog.   Purdue played a competitive game, with an even TO ratio, where they didn't really start losing until the 4th quarter.   If you consider the Rob Purdue has at QB,  you wanna observe the masterpiece 4-hitter over 7inn that Robbie Erlin threw for the Padres last night.   But its a little more than that with Rob Scahill getting the W late in the game  for the Rockies 2 days ago as the Rangers won 8-2 with Robbie Ross pitching 2 innings of no-hit ball on that same day.   With 2 blowouts and a close loss to ASU last week,  its hard to know if Wisconsin is much better than Notre Dame.   However,  Purdue has the Revenge..................TIMES 7,  as they haven't beaten Wisky in that many years.(Lose 41-10.......45 rushing yards????   Fuck this mass-murdering atrocity.   They had every opportunity to cover this.   Un-FUCKING-believable disgrace and a fucking goddamn sacrilege.   Ok?   This is science-university in West Lafayette, Indiana.   I want its chemistry buildings fuming with a toxic admixture----BOOM! BOOM!  BOOM!  Any questions?)

ARIZONA STATE SUN DEVILS +6.5 over Stanford Cardinal(Lose 42-28)
ARIZONA STATE SUN DEVILS +210 over Stanford Cardinal-----I've heard people talk up Stanford but...........I don't know,  you know?   Is there a Harbaugh coaching this team?  No,  I don't see one.   Right now,  Stanford's an 0-2 ATS team and........what's so special about 'em?   Arizona State out-gained Wisconsin,   gave Wisconsin a +1 on the TO ratio,  and won the game.(Lose 42-28....How the fuck was the score 29-0 after the 1st half?   I don't know.)

Friday, September 20, 2013

CINCINNATI REDS(Latos) +102 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Liriano)----Reds are only 1-3 in the 4 starts Latos has made against Pittsburgh while the Pirates are 0-3 in Liriano's starts against the Reds.  Matt Holliday was 3-4 yesterday but on Sept. 17th you had Holliday going 4-4 w/HR,  Matt Carpenter 3-5,  Matt Adams 2-5 and also Matt Kemp 4-4 for the Dodgers.   Then you have to look at the Washington Mystics,  on the road,  beating the Dream 71-56 last night as a 7.5pt underdog with Ivory Latta scoring 18pts.   So I'm gonna go ahead and play this.(Win 6-5.....Game Tying Error Jordy Mercer)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

NATIONALS(Roark) -135 over Braves(Garcia)(Win 4-0)
NATIONALS(Roark) -1.5(+160) over Braves(Garcia)-----Ok,  it its on.   Andrelton Simmons,  on the AS,  looks to have stepped in the bucket and..........came up hero in Game 1 today.   In our view,  this guy going tonight is there to redeem the franchise from the very worst directorial and managerial decision in our sports memory,  made last year:   To give Strasburg no post-season action.   What a waste..........after a 98-win season.   Obviously,  there needs to be some degree of slippage from one of these other teams going for the Wild Card.   Denard Span said it right,  "We can't lose."   With 12 games to play,  10-2 needs to be the goal;   8-4's not good enough.   True,  Werth can't hit a good fastball up in the zone and Clippard's not really a major league setup man or closer.   However,  I think there are a few guys on this team who are serious about winning(as opposed to merely "protecting investment in human capital").(Win 4-0.......2-hitter over 7innings by Roark....Desmond and Zimmerman 2-4)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

NEW YORK GIANTS +4.5 over Denver Broncos(Lose 41-23)
NEW YORK GIANTS +180 over Denver Broncos-----Giants coming a -5TO ratio giveaway at Dallas in which they came within 1.5 points of covering the spread.  With "average" luck,  they could be a good team.   The most runs ever scored against the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium were scored yesterday by the Giants.  19-3 and that seems to be a pretty salient telegraph with Tim Lincecum raising his batting averge to .107 with a 2-4.(Lose 41-23.....Denver +3TO,   Eli 4 Interceptions.   Giants now -8 on the turnover ratio after 2 games.   Gotta stay away from this team;  The New York Giants are Fukushima.  They are lepers)

BUFFALO BILLS +3(-105) over Carolina Panthers----Bills were +1 TO in their close loss to the Patriots.   We'll try them at home here.(Win 24-23.......GWTD Stevie Johnson,  111 yds)

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS -3 over Dallas Cowboys------KC was +2TO in their 28-2 win vs Jacksonville.  New QB Alex home vs Cowboys who are off their +5 TO win and probably can't match that luck this week.(Lose 17-16.......meaningless 53-yd FG kicked by Dan Bailey with 3:50 left in 4th quarter makes Dallas cover.)

ST LOUIS RAMS +5.5 over Atlanta Falcons-----1st FBS win for the Fordham RAMS yesterday with the GWTD going to Sam Ajala.   Will that help Sam Bradford and the Rams?  I think it should.(Lose 31-24)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

ALABAMA -2.5 over Texas A & M teased with OHIO STATE -8.5 over Cal-----Alabama is probably still a pretty strong team.   Add the Revenge,  which Alabama has,  and the Bye,  which they also have.......on Thursday Johnny Danks got rocked by Cleveland as Jim Johnson took the Loss for Baltimore.   I think J-Football has a taunting problem and.......he might be ready to get blown out.  Cal hasn't covered in quite a long time so.......go with Ohio State.(Win 49-42 and 52-34......Jordan Hall 3TD for Ohio State)

Friday, September 13, 2013

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Chen) +155 over Detroit Tigers(Verlander)-----Overall,  there's nothing much wrong with Verlander statistically(he does strike people out).   However,  the Tigers have gone 0-6 in Verlander's last 6 starts and they've gone 2-8 in his last 10 starts.(Lose 6-3......KC out-hits them 10 to 7 and.............what a great 4inning effort by Chen:  5 ER.)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Kazmir) +100 over Kansas City Royals(Shields)-----James Shields coming off the worst rocking of his life but,  considering Scott Hairston had an HR yesterday while Scott Van Slyke had a GWHR and the JS Joe Saunders got beat 13-2 by the Astros and an incredible 5 players hit 2HR in a game yesterday,  I'd say,  Hit him again.(Lose 6-2)

Sunday, September 08, 2013

DALLAS -3.5(-105) over New York-------I'll take a home team here.(Win 36-31..........Dallas +5 TO.  "O-K buddy-buddy........back in business onnnnn BLUE STAR".......
  Nah,  this game couldn't have been fixed;  Cowboys only covered by 1 1/2 points........
  Are they calling it A T & T Stadium down there in Dallas?  ha HA !   That's why I own the stock, baby.)

Thursday, September 05, 2013

CINCINNATI REDS(Cingrani) -1.5(+140) over St Louis Cardinals(Lynn)-----With the Pope,  who is pretty close to a "Cardinal", taking the Fox News position,  that a dead-gassed Arab child has essentially no meaning and is maybe,  in fact,  an impetus-to-peace,   the Padres lost by 8 runs yesterday.   And while the Vatican's appeasement policy on genocide offends and degrades all ecumenical civilizational principles,  the Red Sox scored 20 runs yesterday so we'll take the Reds.(Win 6-2.............Todd Frazier 3-4 2HR,  Choo 2-3, HR,  Jay Bruce 2-3, HR)

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

ANGELS(WeAveR) -129 over Tampa Bay(Hellickson)-------Obviously,  Tampa and Chris Archer TOTALLY disgraced me 2 days ago.   I don't have anything,  during these times,  against Hellickson's name.   But the guy has been doing bad,  just really poor.(Lose 3-1.......Its been 7 starts since Hellickson came close to allowing 0 Runs as he did in this game.)

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Mcallister) -117 over Baltimore Orioles(Britton)(Win 6-4)
CLEVELAND INDIANS(Mcallister) -1.5(+165) over Baltimore Orioles(Britton)-----BRITTON?!!!!  Are you kidding me?   Does that ring a bell?  Like,  CHILD-GASSING APPEASERS?  WMD-APOLOGISTS???   I'll bet for the beatdown.(Win 6-4...........Gomes 3-4)

Monday, September 02, 2013

DEVIL RAYS(Archer) -118 over Angels(Richards)-----Angels are hot on an 8-1 run.   But this one's kind of important(Rays are actually running 1-7).   Archer,  of course,   is much better this year.   Rays offense is only slightly weaker than the Angels' but with Chris Heisey going 4-4 yesterday with Christian Yelich going 2-3,  I'd say there's more than enough rationale to take Archer today.(Lose 11-2..........Despicable.   An absolute outrage.  A fixed game.  A scam.  Archer DOMINATED in July......he's never done as pathetic as he did in this game.   WE.  ARE.  GOING.  TO. WAR.  motherfucker.)

Sunday, September 01, 2013

NEW YORK METS(Niese) +130 over Washington Nationals(Ohlendorf)-----Mets have just gone 3-0 scoring 25 runs over those 3 games.   Mets have the Team Revenge against Ohlendorf who shut them down earlier.   Since coming back from layoff,  Niese has thrown 3 excellent starts out of 4.(Lose 6-5......FUCK this shit.   Scott Atchison,  Scott Rice and Gonzalez Germen combine to produce a total of 2.1 innings of work giving up 4ER and 6 hits while blowing a 3-run lead and losing the game.   FUCK these goddamn losers.   I'm SICK of this fucking shit.  YOU KNEW who I was taking.   Motherfucking cunt.   Fucking BITCH-FAG.)