Saturday, October 31, 2009

OREGON DUCKS +3 over Usc--------Home revenge for Oregon. They've done well after the Boise game........blowing out teams on the road and at home. Defense looks as good as Usc's. Usc has 2 covers this year and has been, it must be concluded, overrated.(Win 47-20)

GEORGIA BULLDOGS +14.5 over Florida----------Florida not scoring that much. They beat Arkansas 23-20.......scored low vs only 23 vs Tennessee. Georgia is off their bye week with the revenge; huge game for them. I think Florida's feeling the pressure of having to preserve their undefeated season.(Lose 41-17.........fucking 4 turnovers. Jusssssstt sick.)

COLORADO BUFFALOES +3 over Missouri---------Col was -3 TO in losing to Kansas State last game and -1 TO in beating Kansas. Col has home-off-road-loss and the revenge(for a 58-0 game) and they've discovered who their best QB is: Tyler Hansen. Missouri destoyed the weak Illinois early in the season.........and has done nothing else close to impressive.(Lose 36-17......Colorado is a state of pussies; weak, incompetent bitches)

IDAHO VANDALS -3 over Louisiana Tech---------Idaho has the revenge and home-off-road-loss. L Tech is 0-4 ATS on the road.(Lose 35-34............phaggots give 3 TO's and they still win)

OKLAHOMA STATE COWBOYS +9.5 over Texas--------Home revenge for Ok State. Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor not a quarterback.(Lose 41-14.......This might be the most disgusting loss I've ever fucking seen; -4 TO.......just fucking quit. I dont wanna see this team of pussies on the field again this year)

HOUSTON COUGARS -6.5 over Southern Mississippi----------Houston's defense seems to have improved after getting mined by UTEP(Win 50-43...........Houston is -2 TO and they still cover; lucky)

NEW MEXICO STATE AGGIES +44 over Ohio State---------That's a lot of points.(Lose 45-0.........Kick a fucking field goal to cover the spread, idiots! Fuck Las Cruces)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MEMPHIS TIGERS +7(-120) over East Carolina--------Home revenge and home-off-road-loss for Memphis.(Lose 38-19.........Memphis: terrible team)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

BUFFALO BILLS +7 over Carolina-------Bills have played NE, NO, the Jets and Miami. Carolina just barely beat Washington and got killed by the Eagles, a now-devalued team after a loss to the Raiders. Fitzgerald is in at QB for Buffalo and I suspect that will help them a lot. Bills were +4 TO in their win vs the Jets but the; they are not as good as the Jets(Win 20-9........Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick wins again. Jairus Byrd #31 more pics. Bills +4 TO.......too bad you wont see the highlights of this great victory on ESPN. They're too busy showing reruns of Favre and the Saints game)

YANKEES(Pettitte) -178 over Angels(Saunders)--------Fuentes is looking unreliable(Win 5-2)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

BYU COUGARS +2.5 over Tcu-----------Tcu's pass defense numbers look good but have they faced a good QB? I doubt they've faced a QB as good as Max Hall who is throwing 69%. Byu has the home revenge.(Lose 38-7.......BYU.......terrible team.......and weak)

WASHINGTON STATE COUGARS +35.5 over Cal---------Wsu has had two games where they only scored 6 points. Cal has had two games where they only scored 3 points. Cal's QB is throwing 52%; that's not very good. Washington State has revenge AND is coming off a bye AND is getting more than 5 td's on this number.(Win 49-17)

MICHIGAN WOLVERINES +4.5 over Penn State-------Huge home revenge for Michigan. Paterno ran up they score last year(making me very angry) so much that Psu covered a 24 1/2 point line. Penn State's strength of schedule is suspect. They've only played 1 road game so far and lost to Iowa.(Lose 35-10.......bad pick, I forgot Michigan almost(probably should have) lost to Indiana)

ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS +7(-120) over Mississippi-----------Ark is coming off 3 covers in a row, they have the revenge and Ole Miss' QB throws 49%. And Ark almost beat Florida last game. I'll take the points.(Lose 30-17.........Ole Miss finally does something. Arkansas was +3 TO and couldnt cover this? Pathetic)

NOTRE DAME -1.5 over Boston College teased with STANFORD -.5 over Arizona State--------BC's two road games so far have been bad. ND has 6 years of revenge here and a better QB. Stanford has the revenge and home-off-road-loss.(Win by 3.5 and 18.5)

YANKEES(Pettitte) -180 over Angels(Saunders)----------So the Angels got a few hits last game. Even if get lucky enough to do that again, can you trust Brian Fuentes? 48 saves this year and 7 blown saves........I dont believe it; that guy is wild, he hits people. He's not safe. (PPD)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

YANKEES(Burnett) +104 over Angels(Lackey)--------Angels cant hit worth shit and they dont walk. Impossible to believe they hit .285 this year and won 97 games.........but that's what the stats say. AL West must be a sick joke. Fuck the Angels.(Lose 7-6)

FLORIDA STATE SEMINOLES +1.5 over North Carolina---------Off 3 straight losses in which they were FAVORED, it should come together here for FSU and their 67% QB. North Carolina has not proved that they can score.(Win 30-27........Beau Reliford #88)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

BUFFALO BILLS +9.5 over Jets---------Jets have home-off-2-road-losses, Bills have the revenge from last season where they lost twice to the Jets. AND Bills have 9.5 points with, apparently, a 100% of rain. Could be low scoring mud-bowl.(Win 16-13...........Bills +4 on TO ratio)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS +24.5 over Florida--------24 and 1/2?!!! Are you kidding? Ark has years of revenge and a QB who can pass for a lot of yards. Just a little bit of defense from Arkansas and this should cover.(Win 23-20.........Mallett only throws 44% in this game........FLA -4 TO)

MARYLAND TERRAPINS +3.5 over Virginia----------Home-off-road-loss and home revenge for Maryland. yeah, I'll play it. Virginia coming off a crushing of Indiana; UVA was +2 TO in that game and they were +3 TO in their road win over NC(16-3). Maryland has beaten Clemson......gotta figure they have more than half a chance in this situation.(Lose 20-9........two interceptions thrown by Chris Turner #10........two lost fumbles one by Davin Meggett #8 one by Gary Douglass #20........great opportunity for a home upset and Maryland blows it. Fuck, Maryland, WTF?)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

ATLANTA FALCONS +2.5 over 49ers----------SF has gotten to play Stl and Seattle(2 of the worst teams) and was outgained by 95 yards in their road win against Arizona(a team exposed as weak in their last game by the Colts). Gore is listed as 'Doubtful' and with Atlanta coming off the bye week I think SF could be exposed here.(Win 45-10)

CAROLINA PANTHERS -4 over Washington-------Must win. Panthers have home-off-road-loss and are coming off the bye. Panthers have had some big TO deficits and were -3TO last game against Dallas. Redskins lost to the Lions.........if the Panthers dont cover this, they cannot be considered a serious team.(Lose 20-17)

TENNESSEE TITANS +3.5 over Colts--------Going against Manning is risky but they have some injuries of defense here(including Marlin Jackson). Home revenge for Titans and home-off-road-loss.............they havent won any games yet..........the Colts strength of schedule so far is questionable, in my opinion. This would be a good spot for the Titans TO luck to improve as they've had some deficits.(Lose 31-9.......Sick; Titans are a fucking joke)

BUFFALO BILLS -6 over Cleveland----------Home-off-road-loss and revenge for Buffalo. Cleveland off 4 losses. McKelvin is gone for Bills and Whitner is doubtful...........and Im PISSED about the crap the Bills pulled last game. However, remember that the Bills' game vs the Saints was closer than the final score indicated. They have to come with a beatdown here I think. (Lose 6-3.........I am completely embarrassed that I risked money again on this horrible disgrace of a team. Absolutely no guts at gut-check time; you CANNOT lose at home to the Browns, yet they did)

MINNESOTA VIKINGS -10(-120) over Rams---------Rams have only played 1 home game so far so there is a slight chance they are slightly better than they seem. But they seem singularly bad and the Vikings have 2 road wins this season of more than 10 points. Favre is awesome.(Win 38-10)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

OKLAHOMA STATE COWBOYS -4.5 over Texas A & M----------Tex AM has the home revenge but Ok St is off the bye, had some bad luck vs Houston but beat Georgia. AM's strength of schedule has been weak(Win 36-31)

CONNECTICUT HUSKIES +7 over Pitt---------Conn is off the bye and has the revenge......but both QB's have injuries.(Win 24-21)

WASHINGTON STATE COUGARS +21 over Arizona State--------WSU is home off 2 road losses; with years of revenge. Shouldnt be too difficult to cover 21 points. Is ASU that good?(Win 27-14)

SYRACUSE ORANGE +10 over West Virginia----------8 years of revenge at home for Syracuse who was -4 on the TO ratio last game(Lose 34-13)

MICHIGAN +8 over Iowa---------Michigan has proven they can(with Forcier) make games close(even if they've lost for much of the first 3 quarters). And who knows, they may have started practicing more to improve on defense after finally losing a which case they might even win this one.(Win 30-28)

Monday, October 05, 2009

GREEN BAY PACKERS +4.5 over Minnesota--------Neither team impresses me that much; they've both gifted by winning the TO ratios and they've both played weak teams. Packers have the revenge from last year, 4 1/2 points........and Aaron Rodgers. Aaron usually plays well for me.(Lose 30-23.........outgained them by 90 but revenge fails again for me. WTF?)

Sunday, October 04, 2009

*BUFFALO BILLS +2 over Miami-----------Double revenge for Bills for last year; Lynch is back for Bills.........this one should be easy.(Lose 38-10..........disgusting. I've never seen anything more disgusting than this pathetic Bills' effort.)

NEW YORK JETS +7.5 over New Orleans--------Jets defense has been good and Saints have gotten.......a little bit luckier, so far in this season. Both good teams, I'll take the 7.5(Lose 24-10......+3TO; Saints are good AND lucky. Didnt expect their luck to persist)

SAN FRANCISCO -3 over Rams teased with BUFFALO BILLS +8 over Miami--------49ers looked pretty good last week vs Vikings. But they lost so they have home-off-road-loss here. (Lose by 20..........Bills? Bills? What the fuck?)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

MISSISSIPPI STATE BULLDOGS +5.5 over Georgia Tech(Lose 42-31)
MISSISSIPPI STATE BULLDOGS +190 over Georgia Tech--------GT coming off a crushing of North Carolina...but they were given a +3 on the turnover ratio. GT doesnt have much of a passing game and with Mississippi State here, at home, WITH the revenge, WITH Tyson Lee and Chris Reif and WITH the lingering hunger, coming off a near-win against LSU, for victory, MSU is gonna be BCLI's top play tonight.(Lose 42-31........Absolutely Fucking Disgusting. Lee and Reif threw this fucking game! 4 lost fumbles and an interception. Sick. I cant believe this shit.)

INDIANA HOOSIERS +17.5 over Ohio State---------Indiana has home-off-road-loss with many YEARS of revenge motivation against Osu. Indiana certainly could have beaten Michigan outright last week and, in my opinion, that close game should give them confidence that they can at least be competitive against all teams. Ben Chappell is currently throwing 64% at QB and hopefully he can pass Indiana back into the game if they get behind by too much.(Lose 33-14..........I cant believe this shit; Letterman confesses, publicly, on tv.........and Indiana cant fucking cover 2 TD and a fucking field goal AT HOME with the revenge!?!?! Lemme tell you something, that fucker Letterman is guiltier than all hell. There's a lot more to that story)

TENNESSEE VOLUNTEERS -2.5 over Auburn----------Tenn only lost by 10 against Florida; their loss to UCLA creates some doubt but they blew the TO ratio( -3 TO) in that game and should be better prepared---and luckier---here with the home revenge. Auburn's offense has succeeded so far this season but considering that Tenn only allowed 23 points, while on the road, to Florida, I think you have to play this home revenge.(Lose 26-22.........This is probably the most disgusting loss I've ever seen. CROMPTON SUCKS! Get him OUT of there. That guy is fucking terrible.......a total disgrace to the state of Tennessee and to the color orange. I'm SICK of this shit. FUCK. Fuck this goddamn shit.)