Saturday, April 30, 2011

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Wolf) -122 over Astros(Rodriguez)-------Of all the Major League Baseball teams that have betrayed me and failed me and rebelled against me and cost me money in the first month of this season, the Brewers, I think, are not yet one of them. Wolf is doing good; Wandy looks a bit inconsistent.(Lose 2-1......Jason Bourgeois 3-5 GWRBI......Wandy does WAAAY good.)

MARLINS(Johnson) -129 over Reds(Volquez)---------Reds got 4 hits off Vazquez in 6inn against him---what a joke. And Volquez hasnt appeared as good as last year...........but Johnson: 13 hits allowed in 34 innings this year. Its hard to describe how good that is.........its like even if you had thrown a no-hitter in your first 4 or 5 games, your H/ip ratio probably wouldnt even be that good. I'll lay the chalk for Johnson if he's doing that good..........the Reds, of course, DISGUST me for what they did last night.(Lose 4-3.......Edward Mujica 4H 3ER in ZERO innings pitched loses this one after Johnson does good for 7inn)

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Humber) -136 over Orioles(Tillman)(Lose offense by White Sox; what's new?)
White Sox(Humber) vs Orioles(Tillman) UNDER 9.5(-125)----------The White Sox are SUCKING on offense....I mean, they are on a PATHETIC run in terms of you wanna play the UNDER if you want Humber who could do well if he 1-hit the Yankees last start ON THE ROAD..........he is at home here.(Win 6-2.......glad CWS's bullpen was nice enough to let me win this after Humber allows 2ER's in 7inn)

ROYALS(O'Sullivan) -110 over Twins(Duensing)(Win 11-2)
ROYALS(O'Sullivan) -1.5 (+190) over Twins(Duensing)---------O'Sullivan beat BCLI with the Indians so I'll try him here at home. I'm trying to bet on teams and players THAT WIN.........and the Royals have shown they can win for me........Twins still scoring very low.(Win 11-2........8 insurance runs in 8th inning for Royals)

Friday, April 29, 2011

TAMPA BAY DEVIL RAYS(Price) -154 over Angels(Santana)--------Angels offense is actually hitting a bit higher than Tampa but after that EXPLOSIVE offensive support by the Rays against the Twins the last two days, I think you wanna be here.(Lose 8-5..........Price allows 12 hits in 4inn after having ONLY ONE game this year in which he allowed more hits than innings pitched in a start. But THIS GAME..........he allows 3 hits per inning???!!!??? Clearly this game was fixed(Angels had 17 total hits) and I am DISGUSTED that I lost laying -154........this is a fucking ATROCITY. I cannot afford to lose on favorites. Sick.......fucking sick)

DETROIT TIGERS(Scherzer) -111 over Cleveland Indians(Gomez)---------Indians are clearly the hottest team in the American league but Scherzer has been rolling along so I'll keep going with him here against an SP who doesnt look to be one of the Indians' best this season. (Lose 9-5.......Tigers blew two leads in the game......Scherzer did ok until the 6th and 7th innings and walks hurt him(he had 5 BB total). But this was a good pitching matchup for the Tigers; if they cant win these matchups, they're not gonna contend for anything.........especially after losing 10-1 to the MARINERS with Verlander starting 3 days ago. The Tigers' season could be over by June)

CINCINNATI REDS(Wood) -142 over Florida Marlins(Vazquez)--------Marlins record is good but they've gotten to face some pretty poor teams. I think the Reds offense should eventually be much better than Florida's...........take some walks, Reds.(Lose 7-6.......opposing batters hit .222 against Wood last year. That's what I knew about him; thought he might be good........Oh, he's from LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS. Ok, well, I should have known that and observed.......that Arkansas is on punishment right now because America ruined my life by electing Clinton. I FUCKING HATE losing on favorites. Fuck.)

LOS ANGELES DODGERS(Lilly) -130 over San Diego Padres(Richard)(Win 3-2)
LOS ANGELES DODGERS(Lilly) -1.5 (+180) over San Diego Padres(Richard)-------Lilly is probably not the better pitcher here but he has the pitcher revenge against his last start; I'll try him again........Padres tend to score very low(Win 3-2.........if Broxton had done his job both of these would have won; the JB's not helping)

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Chen) -110 over Twins(Baker)--------I'll try Chen again as the Twins are having some very low offensive output(Win 4-3.......Thank Drew Butera, Evansville, IN, for the error. If I could say that this BLOODY MASSACRE of a day could have been saved, the Royals saved it. But no, this fucking day was as devastating as any EF-5, just a total tragedy)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

OAKLAND A'S(McCarthy) -115 over Angels(Chatwood)-------A's offense is poor and inconsistent but McCarthy has only 3 walks in 30 innings; they have a good chance to win with him. Chatwood has done well but he's walked alot of batters.(Lose 8-3..........well, I tried them........but the A's are a very, very, very weak offense........maybe you can bet the UNDER in their games if you like their pitcher but..........the A's literally have 6 or 7 starters batting below .250........I doubt there is any other offense that weak in baseball.........McCarthy takes by far his worst rocking with 14 hits in only 5 innings)

Monday, April 25, 2011

TORONTO(Drabek) +135 over Texas(Lewis)--------Blue Jays definitely couldnt hit Shields as they continued their habit of minimal run support for Romero; lets see how they hit for Kid Dre...(Win 6-4.........Corey Patterson 3 RBI HR........Jose Bautista HR)

YANKEES(Burnett) -1.5 (-105) over White Sox(Humber)--------These offenses are moving in opposite directions. Russell Martin has a 5-game hit streak and Granderson has an 8-gamer. Cano has hit in 16 of the Yankees 17 games. WhiteSox have Beckham, who has hit in only 1 of his last 7 games; Rios has a 6-game hitless streak and Dunn, who is hitting .145, has a 3 game hitless streak.(Lose 2-0...........Hmmmmm, very suspicious; Cws do their part in continuing to score low but........Humber almost pitches a no-hitter........2-0 Humpher over Burnett.......?)

ROCKIES(Rogers) +109 over Cubs(Garza)---------Rockies are only hitting .243 but they're scoring. Garza's last start was good after 3 bad ones while Rogers has the revenge against his last start which was terrible. Consider that Matt Belisle took the loss for the Rockies yesterday and the Dodgers' Matt Guerrier took a despicable BS and L the day before that.(Win 5-3......Castro 3 E's in 1 innings, thanks. Garza a throwing error, thanks. Fukudome 5-5)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

PIRATES(Correia) -135 over Nationals(Marquis)---------Correia seems to be making a step up walking only 1 every 4inn; Nats offense is weak and inconsistent(Lose 6-3..........Correia takes by far his worst rocking this year.........strange. Michael Morse 3-5, HR)

TIGERS(Scherzer) -124 over White Sox(Danks)---------WS look like they might be my nemesis team this year........lets see how they do if I bet against them. Tigers scored 9 in each of their last 2 games; Scherzer's last 3 have been good. Johnny Damon did have 3 RBI yesterday but I'll still go against Danks since the cws are in such offensive decline.(Win 3-0)

ROYALS(Chen) +170 over Rangers(Wilson)(Lose 8-7........Chen is an inert fielding pitcher; the hit that put him out of the game he could have just reached out with his pitching hand, made the play and won this bet)
Royals(Chen) vs Rangers(Wilson) UNDER 9(+100)----------Royals on a 2-5 run but Chen is doing more than good enough to draw a bet(Lose 8-7.........Jeremy Jeffress 2 walks including walking in a run.........Royals bullpen fails)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

RANGERS(Ogando) -1.5 over Royals(Davies)---------There's a big difference in the hittability of these pitchers; Rangers have the best of it and they are at home(Win 3-1)

LA DODGERS(Lilly) +110 over Cubs(Dempster)--------Dodgers explode with their best offensive effort of the year yesterday; I'll try to roll with that momentum(Lose 10-8..........Matt Guerrier 1.2inn 5ER, L and BS; what a disaster. They had this........3 run lead in the 8th. Season hi score for the Cubs at 10 here)

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Jackson) -115 over Tigers(Penny)--------BCLI steam..........(Lose 9-0......I'm definitely not gonna be betting the Sox this season, only against them)

Friday, April 22, 2011

BREWERS(Gallardo) -1.5 (+100) over Houston(Figueroa)------Brewers ripped what should they do against Figueroa?(Win 14-7..........atta'way to hit the ball, Brewers! Ryan Braun........standing ovation, 3-4 HR)

ST LOUIS(McClellan) -137 over Reds(Volquez)-----Kyle Lohse just had a CG I'll take McClellan; Volquez has been rocked......looks like Leake stole a win for the they're now on a 2-7 run(OFF............they started Batista, then brought in McClellan)

NATIONALS(Hernandez) -105 over Pirates(Karstens)------Jeff Niemann got destroyed by the White Sox last night. (PPD)

MARINERS(Pineda) -131 over Oakland(Ross)-------Pineda throws hard.......(Win 4-0)

BLACK METS(Pelfrey) -122 over Arizona(Saunders)-------Pelfrey is ABOMINABLE........he has SUCKED.....but Mets are now 'in the Black' I'll take 'em today AT HOME off that change...that got me ripped off yesterday(Win 4-1...........(“I didn’t feel great, that’s probably a big part of it. I didn’t do too much,” said Pelfrey, who threw up but swallowed it while on the mound)..........I think you could have let that out, dude)

NEW YORK KNICKS -3.5 over Boston-------Lets see......we had a "Rabbi" saying he wanted the Knicks to win tonight on 'Morning Joe'........named Matt.......well, they're down 0-2 at home....I'll play it.(Lose 113-96..........and now they're down 0-3)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

ASTROS(Happ) +127 over Mets(Capuano)---------Its autoMATic to go against the Mets at home.....I mean, even if the Bad News Bears were coming to Citi Field you'd have to consider taking them. And Happ seems more capable of having a good start than Capuano at this point in the season. Pence and Lee are hitting the LHP's well..........(Lose Black Mets 9 Astros 1.....Hoping to shake a slide in which they had lost 12 of 14, the Mets wore black hats, socks and undershirts with their white uniforms.........Happ goes 2-2 and is hitting .571. If I'd have known Mets were switching to Black, I wouldnt have bet this until I saw the result of the change; still, this pisses me off)

PADRES(Latos) -105 over Phillies(Oswalt)----------At .222, Padres offense is weak and even tho Latos has allowed 3 HR's so far, he's still very hard to hit. But this bet is really about Phil Coke's brutal rocking on Tuesday at the hands of the Mariners; PHIL Coke gets ripped so.........I'll go against the PHILlies here with a Mat as.........did you see that run support for Matt Palmer from the Angels? Matt Wieters also got 4 RBI's on the day.(Lose 3-0........Padres sure do fucking suck; Latos, with 5 walks, didnt even do good)

LOS ANGELES ANGELS(Chatwood) +147 over Boston Red Sox(Beckett)--------After getting swept by the Royals to open the season, the Angels have come on strong and are doing good. Altho Beckett has been dominant, Boston is hitting .238 and is still a sub-.500 team. Wells had an HR yesterday and could break out of his .189 slump today.(Lose 4-2........thanks for the 0 for 4, Wells, you suck. Chatwood 5 BB's)

INDIANS(Tomlin) -106 over Royals(O'Sullivan)---------Both teams are doing well but I dont know if O'Sullivan is a legitimate starter. Tomlin, out of Tyler, Texas, has been really good and the Indians offense is 4th in baseball in runs scored so far and thats with Shin-whatshisname-Choo hitting close to .200----he's like their worst hitter this year, but he was pretty good last year.(Lose 3-2......looks like a 2-1 Indians lead was blown by #54 Chris Perez in the 9th. Dude, this is fucked up, I am not in a financial position to go 0 and 4. I cant believe this shit. We need some justice. I need some FUCKING JUSTICE, MOTHERFUCKER.)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

BLUE JAYS(Litsch) +205 over Boston(Lester)--------Litsch's last good start was against the'd think that offense would be weaker than Boston's but.......this year, not by much. I think Boston's headed for a bad year...........if only because that's the port responsible for bringing so many of those palefaces into this gluttonously overvalued country.(Lose 8-1.........ahhh, only the 2nd time the Red Sox have scored 8 runs in a game up to this point)

BRAVES(Hanson) over Mets(Gee) parlayed with ROCKIES(Johnson) over Cubs(Dempster) parlayed with OAKLAND(Cahill) over Tigers(Penny) parlayed with INDIANS(Carmona) over Orioles(Bergesen) +640---------Rockies are hot, Mets are hapless. Indians are kicking some ass(and they have Michael Brantley) and I'm going with Cahill again because the Angels gave support to Tyler Chatwood yesterday.(Lose 3-2, Braves lose this for me AT -190. Apparently, some kid-fans were playing catch with the enemy, David Wright, before the game. Fuck; how else does Gee beat the Braves?)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

COLORADO ROCKIES(Rogers) +100 over New York Mets(Niese)-------Mets havent really proven that they can win at home being only 1-3 at CitiField. And the Rockies are strong right now coming in at 7-2 on the season.......Rogers looking good so far as a young pitcher........Juan Pierre threw the Sox game last night costing BCLI some money so we'll test JON Niese.(PPD this day........but Rockies won on this matchup the following day)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES SERIES BET +210 over Yankees---------You're looking at Burnett, Hughes.........and Nova???? ummmm, thats not the best starting pitching and if the Yanks offense can be so pathetic against Beckett........The Orioles are the top AL East team with probables Tillman, Guthrie, Britton......(Lose 0-2........turned out to be a 2-game series; Tillman got rocked out in the 1st inning then the Orioles rocked Hughes but still found a way to lose)

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Romero) -109 over Seattle(Michael Pineda)--------Romero and the Blue Jays offense, I feel, is a powerful combo; Mariners were lucky to pull out the victory last night late in the game........(Lose 3-2........Ok, Pineda throws 97.......but still, they have Patterson on 3rd with 1-out and Jose Bautista pops out to 1st base. Then Patterson tags and.........I thought he had some speed or something. Blue Jays waste a good start by Romero)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Tillman) +1.5(-135) over Yankees(Burnett)------To reprise the Masters: Lets see if the Irishman can collapse again. (PPD)

ROYALS(Francis) +125 over Twins(Duensing)(Lose 4-3........Michael Cuddyer 4-4.....oh, did Michael Young also go 3-3 for Texas today? Should I bet Pineda today? Oh, cant do that cuz he's going against Mike Aviles running some 2+RBI's per game over his last 3 games)
Royals(Francis) vs Twins(Duensing) UNDER 8(-110)---------Twins have shown no offense yet while Royals offense is emerging and improved with Cabrera(Win 4-3.........Oh, I get to win a bet today?)

Oakland(Cahill) vs White Sox(Jackson) UNDER 7.5(+100)-------Pathetic hitting by CWS yesterday; neither team, apparently, can hit now. Cahill is good with a good moving fastball.......Jackson should get plenty of k's(Lose 6-5.........Alexei Ramirez 2 HR's.........Juan Pierre NO ERRORS today! I'll give Cahill another chance)

Monday, April 11, 2011

HOUSTON ASTROS(Figueroa) +118 over Cubs(Dempster)--------Astros come alive yesterday for only their second win behind Happ's 2-3 2RBI---Wow!----a pitcher getting RBIs----could be a spark that carries them over into a winning streak........(Lose 5-4........Oh, I forgot; this pitcher, Figueroa, gets ROCKED about 50% of the time.........should have considered why he's still in MLB)

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Buehrle) -119 over Oakland A's(Braden)--------There's some serious hitting going on with the CWS.........and they have some good right-handed power hitters. Some people think the A's are gonna contend in their division but.........the new Willingham-Matsui offense hasnt done much yet.(Lose 2-1.........Juan Pierre throws another game----I'll make this right----but I was expecting AT LEAST 5 or 6 runs of offense from Chicago; TERRIBLE hitting by the White Sox, TERRIBLE support for what was a gem by Buehrle)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

YANKEES(Sabathia) -135 over Red Sox(Beckett)------Red Sox could be vulnerable vs lhp's with their two additions(Crawford and Gonzalez) being lhb's.........of course, at 1-7, they could have a more generalized vulnerability.(Lose 4-0.........No love for Black Sabathia in the Yanks' bats......on the eve of Charl Schwartzel's Masters victory? Huh. 10 k's for Beckett)

Friday, April 08, 2011

R FOWLER -140 over Fred Couples (R3)(Lose 76 to 72.........cant even beat Couples? Pshhh; 76)
R FISHER +100 over Schwartzel(R3)(Lose 71 to 68)
JUSTIN ROSE +105 over Watney(R3)(Win 71 to 75)

Thursday, April 07, 2011

TIGERS(Penny) +120 over Orioles(Tillman)--------Tillman's coming off a no-hitter that he wasnt allowed to finish while Penny got rocked by the Yankees........Tigers have Victor Martinez! I didnt know that; Tigers offense should be much stronger than what the Orioles are putting up(tho they're winning) and with Brandon Phillips going 3-4 yesterday and Buster Posey getting 4 RBI's, I'm gonna take Brad Penny with that offense behind him.(Lose 9-5.........Tigers bullpen gets rocked)

INDIANS(Carmona) +167 over Boston(Lester)----------Give Cleveland credit for having hit well so far.......Lester looked good in spring training but Red Sox offense is showing its age.....(Win 1-0)

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

NATIONALS(Hernandez) +106 over Florida(Volstad)-------The Nats didnt pick up Werth, Ankiel and LaRoche to be 1-3; I think its time for them to hit. Hernandez coming off great season and he did fine his first start(Lose 7-4......#14 Joe Buck 3 RBI.......Nationals only have TWO OTHER hits besides the 4 by Ian Desmond; thats not good enough. I dont think this team is serious about winning)

NATIONALS(Hernandez) parlayed with TIGERS(Verlander) over Orioles(Bergesen) +255------Tigers offense has Miguel Cabrera and the big game-winning hit from last night was by the Royals' Melky Cabrera. Orioles offense not doing good enough for them to be 4-0(but they are) while Tigers offense should be better than their 1-3 record shows. BCLI steam.........(Lose 7-4.....Tigers win with 5 RBI from Avila)

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

REDS(LEAKE) -155 over Houston(Happ)--------Reds are hitting and winning and I like Phillips against the lhp. Houston......coming off being swept by the Phillies, I dont see that they've done anything to improve their weak offense so.........(Win 8-2.........Phillips 2-3 with 3R)

PADRES(Harang) +115 over Giants(Bumgarner)--------Nick Walker and Nick Markakis were both 3 for 4 yesterday and........the Padres have Nick Hundley who already has 5 hits this year. Obviously, you wanna play Aaron Harang as much as you can in April and........I think the Giants might struggle a bit this year you know, we got them that WS victory last year and........the Giants' FO hasnt given me so much as a ring!!!! Moreover, this ingratitude is endangering Giants fans(Dodgers fans did a little hospital-job on one on opening night, I hear) and putting Giants players themselves at risk(Zito crashed his car even before opening day)(Win 3-1...............Hundley 3-4)

ROYALS(Hochevar) +105 over White Sox(Floyd)--------White Sox had two big offensive games against the Indians before being shut down by Masterson. Royals are 3-1 and Hochevar is their #1 starter here at home.(Win 7-6.........Melky Cabrera 3-6 with GWRBI)

Monday, April 04, 2011

CUBS(Wells) -160 over Arizona(Saunders)(Win 4-1)
CUBS(Wells) -1.5 (+130) over Arizona(Saunders)-----Cubs not scoring much yet but with Soriano and Byrd, I like them against the lhp. CARLOS Marmol got the Blown Save and Loss yesterday.......but THEN Charlie Sheen did a show that was.....considered acceptable compared to his first one. Sheen IS a "ballplayer" and I think he tried to demonstrate that in his Detroit show.(Win 4-1..........Good game, Cubs)

CUBS(Wells) parlayed with BALTIMORE(Arrieta) over Detroit(Porcello) +190--------Orioles coming off a sweep with only modest offense but they are so I'll roll with their momentum.(Win 5-1 and 4-1..........Arrieta continues Orioles trend of good pitching; Roberts another HR, Markakis 3-4)

Saturday, April 02, 2011

VIRGINIA COMMIE RAMS +2.5 over Butler(Lose 70-62)
VIRGINIA COMMIE RAMS (+125) over Butler----------The conventional wisdom as to why VCU is still an underdog in this tournament, I think, is that Butler has some special defense that can stop 3-pointers..........and.......VCU's prowess from Area Code-3 is why they are winning. My response to that is look at how poorly teams are shooting 3's against VCU; their defense seems to be very good. Besides the fact that VCU has so much depth, with several players who can rack up 20 or more pts in a game while most of Butler's pts are scored by only 1 player, since March 15th, VCU has pretty much blown out every team they have faced except the FSU game which went to OT. Butler snuck by Old Dominion and Pitt(with the help of 12 3-ptrs, the amount that VCU's been getting----altho VCU only had 8 against Purdue and they still scored 94pts and a double-digit victory).........and then they snuck by Florida in OT. I'll go against Butler's "recent Final Four experience" because that's the only plausible reason I can think of as to why they'd be favored here.(Lose 70-62.........16 PF's called on Butler with 24 PF's called on VCU: Zebra-fix in Houston. What a shame)