Thursday, June 30, 2016

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Carrasco) -116 over Toronto Blue Jays(Dickey)-----Carrasco's stats look better than what his record is: 3-2.  I noticed Tyler Goeddel had the GWSF for the Phillies last night while Tyler Saladino went 2-4 w/HR for White Sox.  That name is one the Indians have on offense.(Win 4-1.........14 Ks by Carrasco in 7inn.  Jason Kipnis 2-3 HR..........Rajai Davis 2-4 HR)

ATLANTA BRAVES(Foltynewicz) +147 over Miami Marlins(Chen)-----No comparison between these offenses:  Braves are far worse.  And they are one of the worst teams,  now on a 1-5 run.  Chen is clearly beatable;  Foltynewicz not bad.  Braves at home.(Win ...........Tyler Flowers 3-4......Brandon Snyder 2 RBI..........Erick Aybar 2-4, moving to .214........Chase d'Arnaud 2-5......Markakis 2-5)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Anderson) +135 over LA Dodgers(Urias)-----Urias coming off 2 good starts but........he really never pitches more than 5 innings and,  overall,  he hasn't done that well in MLB.  I've avoided betting Anderson..........for some time.   Batters hit .258 against him.  Not bad.  Brewers have the Team Revenge against Urias and Anderson has the Pitcher Revenge against the Dodgers who rocked him just recently.   So,  yeah,  I see this as Double Revenge and I think it's a good play.   Is the Dodger offense better than the Brewers'?  No.   Brewers hit about 14 points higher in batting average.(Lose 6-5...........4 total hits by Brewers and Anderson gets rocked.   Urias gives up 6 walks and Brewers can't capitalize.)

MINNESOTA TWINS(Gibson) +165 over Chicago White Sox(Quintana)------Twins have the Team Revenge against Quintana who shut them down in May,  I think.............and..........Oh, shit,  I went fucking 0 and 3 yesterday.  Its not just that 2 games yesterday were decided in the late innings by a total of 5 batters hit by a pitch,  its that on June 24th there were 11 Overs against only 3 Unders and after that we've seen some pretty high scoring games and,  now,  today,  Ataturk Airport got blown up with 28 dead so..............I really think it's time for some Revenge games.   Yeah,  Quintana's better, and there's no indication that Gibson would,  for any reason,  have a good game today..........but both offenses are about equally bad.(Win 4-0...........7inn Shutout by Gibson.......Brian Dozier 3-4 HR)

CUBS(Lester) -1.5(-145) over Reds(Lamb)-------Cubs need to get me my money back;  if they can score 7 off Straily in 3 innings,  they should score more than that off Lamb.  Lester's been consistent and good.  1 every 4 on BB.  .212 BA against.(Win 7-2............Nice job, Cubs;  I just went 2-1 betting on Cubs' games.  Javier Baez Grand Slam in the 15th inning)

Monday, June 27, 2016

CINCINNATI REDS(Straily) +245 over Chicago Cubs(Arrieta)(Lose 11-8)
CINCINNATI REDS(Straily) +1.5(+140) over Chicago Cubs(Arrieta)-----Danny Santana hit an HR yesterday.  Straily's actually pretty hard to hit(.207) although he walks almost 1 every 2 innings.  Cubs definitely in free fall having won 1 of their last 7 games(Reds have only won 3 of their last 9) and.....this looks like a good price for the home team.(Lose 11-8........When do the Reds score 8 runs?  What a waste.  Great offense by Reds,  great price at home.............WTF, Straily? Kris Bryant 3 HR, 2 doubles??   Oh;  nobody's every done that before since 1913........but it happens against me?  Waste.  Fucking wasted.)

TORONTO(Estrada) -108 over Colorado(Gray)-----I guess Gray's ok;  but Estrada has to be the most unhittable starter this year with a .164 BA against.  I'll try the Mexican.(Lose 9-5...........Estrada does ok,  but then comes out after 6.   Bottom of the 7th:  Drew Storen comes in for the Blue Jays,  Hit,  Sacrifice bunt,  HBP(Blackmon),  HBP(Adames), Hit.   Storen comes out now after the most disgraceful,  wanton and ineffective appearance of his career.  Jesse Chavez comes in----Hit,  BB,  Hit,  Out, Hit.   After those 3 Hits and a walk compliments of Chavez,   The score is now Rockies 9 Blue Jays 4.   The 7th inning started with Toronto ahead 4-3 with a reasonably good chance to win the game.   Interestingly enough,  in the Yankees game today,  Kirby Yates comes in in the 9th with a 1-run lead and hits 3 batters,  Desmond, Mazara and Fielder ,  before losing the game.)

BOSTON RED SOX(Rodriguez) +100 over Tampa Bay Rays(Snell)----Overall,  Boston's offense is way better and this line makes no sense unless you posit Snell as some kind of great pitcher.  Against lhps, however,  its different.  Both teams hit over .270 vs lhps and Tampa has scored 16 more runs vs lhps than Boston has.   But neither pitcher looks like they pitch past the 5th inning regularly so I'll take the better offense.(Lose 13-7.......Rodriguez allows 9ER in less than 3innings.   These are guys who DON'T hit so I know this game was fixed against me.   Taylor Motter(who the fuck is that?) goes 3-4,  so he's hitting .203, Nick Franklin 3-5, HR.........Oswaldo Arcia 3-5 to go to .243.......Logan Forsythe 3-5 HR.)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

MIAMI MARLINS(Fernandez) -150 over Chicago Cubs(Hammel)(Win 6-1)
MIAMI MARLINS(Fernandez) -1.5(+170) over Chicago Cubs(Hammel)-------On a 1-5 run,  broken,  at long last,  the Cubs have been smoked out and are now on the run.  And,  mirabile dictu,  long-time Cubs fan and Proletariat-hater George Will is no longer a Republican!(Win 6-1........Miguel Rojas 2-2 2R,  Martin Prado 3RBI,  Derek Dietich 2-2...........13Ks by Fernandez in only 7 innings)

CINCINNATI REDS(Desclafani) -120 over San Diego Padres(Perdomo)----Reds are,  of course,  a bad team.  However,  I was surprised that Desclafani has put up 2 good games(out of 3 starts) and it's probably true that this starting pitcher matchup favors the Reds.(Win 3-0........8 inning shutout with no walks by Desclafani..........Jose Peraza 2-4........Jay Bruce HR)

OAKLAND A's(Gray) -111 over La Angels(Santiago)------A's are 1 game away from sweeping the Angels in LA in a 4 game series......and they haven't used Gray yet.  After being really bad,  Santiago is now coming off 2 good games(A's actually are more than 10 points better vs lhps).(Lose 7-6.........Fernando Rodriguez,  John Axford and Liam Hendriks combine to give up 5ER in 2.1 innings of losing work.   Gray gave up only 2 ER in 6innings.)

Saturday, June 25, 2016

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Garza) +122 over Washington Nationals(Gonzalez)-----Garza.......was for some reason not good last year.   He has 2 starts this year:  1 BB in 10inn.  Brewers are a little weaker vs lhps and a bit weaker offensively compared to Washington(although the Brewers have walked more times).  They beat Scherzer yesterday so.......should have a good chance to win today.(Win 6-5.........Chris Carter 2-3 HR,  Aaron Hill 2-4..........Jonathan Villar 3-4)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Miller) +113 over Colorado Rockies(De La Rosa)----Miller has walked 1 every 1.8 innings and allowed a .299 average against him:  Terrible.  But his last start was good.  Diamondbacks have moved up to .286 vs lhps and are now one of the best offenses vs lhps.  Good chance for Miller to start earning his money.(Lose 11-6.......Miller gets rocked again: 7ER and 11 hits in 6 innings.)

OAKLAND A's(Overton) +128 over La Angels(Chacin)------Both teams have won the same amount of games.  Overton's MLB debut.  Chacin's been rocked repeatedly.   Angels offense is slightly better.(Win 7-3..........Danny Valencia 3-4 HR..........Coco Crisp 3-4)

Friday, June 24, 2016

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Volquez) +106 over Houston Astros(Keuchel)------Astros have worked their way up to 37-36.  But,  like Keuchel,  they've been a disappointment this year.  Royals haven't been very good at scoring or walking this year,  but they sure hit for a high average.(Lose 13-4.........Historic failure by Volquez as he allows 9 runs in the 1st innings.  The last time the Astros scored 9 in the 1st inning was 2003.   The Royals last ridiculous failure like this was 2006 when they allowed 10 runs in the 1st inning.)

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Sanchez) -150 over Chicago White Sox(Rodon)(Lose 3-2)
TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Sanchez) -1.5(+105) over Chicago White Sox(Rodon)-----Tulowitski has been a disappointment but I like the Blue Jays chances against Rodon.   The Blue Jays do take walks and Rodon,  while he's walked fewer batters this year compared to last(while becoming more hittable),  will give up some walks.   Toronto does have the better offense and better pitcher so I'll lay the juice.(Lose 3-2..........Blue Jays really suck for me,  don't they?  Edwin Encarnacion 0-5,  4 Ks and 6 LOB.   Tulowitski 0-3,  maybe that's understandable as he's hitting .212.   Fuck the pathetic Blue Jays.)

Thursday, June 23, 2016

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Greinke) -156 over Colorado Rockies(Butler)(Win 7-6)
ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Greinke) -1.5(+100) over Colorado Rockies(Butler)----Arizona on a 5-1 run and Greinke's been improving;  maybe against weaker offenses than the Rockies lately,  but Az has a big pitcher advantage in this game.(Lose 7-6........Daniel Hudson comes in in the bottom of the 8th to fuck this up.  Arizona has a 6-3 lead and Hudson give up and Hit,  then a Hit,  then a groundout, then a Hit then a Hit.   Ziegler comes in to allow another run but gets 2 K's to save the game.  TERRIBLE bullpen by Arizona.)

DETROIT TIGERS(Norris) -126 over Seattle Mariners(Sampson)-----Norris has some MLB experience while Sampson has had only 1 start in his career.  While Seattle has scored more Runs vs lhps and hit more HRs(37) against lhps than another other team in baseball,  they don't hit for a particularly high average.  It's hard to ignore that the Tigers can start 4 players who have hit .300 or higher this year in the middle of their order and have Kinsler leading off,  who is currently hitting .299.  Tigers are 4.5 games out of 1st place and,  with a 20-13 record at home,  I think they need to get more wins in this series.(OFF.  Sampson didn't start)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Johnson) +156 over Baltimore Orioles(Jimenez)-----Johnson's stats are his 4 starts this year.  But Jimenez has really collapsed:  He's been destroyed,  consistently by Toronto, Boston,  Cleveland,  the Angels,  Seattle and Detroit.   Padres certainly are a weaker offense than those teams,  but I'll take the chances at this price.(Lose 7-2.........Jimenez gives 4 BB and 4 Hits in 6,  by far his best results in about 2 months.  Will Myers 0-4?  Johnson rocked but that was kind of expected)

DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) -114 over Seattle Mariners(Iwakuma)------Both teams at 36-35 with similar offenses.  Tigers are at home.(Win 5-1..........Steven Moya 3-4 2HR..........Jose Iglesias 3-4)

LA ANGELS(Shoemaker) +133 over Houston Astros(McCullers)-----Angels have Johnny Giavotella and......Johnny Cueto got a lot of run support last night.  Astros take more walks; Angels have a much higher batting average.(Lose 3-2........Shoemaker OK;  massive hole in Angels' lineup:  Trout 0-4 w/BB,  Andrelton Simmons 0-4,  Giavotella 0-4,  Jefry Marte 0-4)

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Samardzija) -103 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Liriano)----Pirates got destroyed yesterday and............well,  Liriano is not improving; he's walked 46 in 73 innings and.....the Giants are 5th in baseball in talking walks.  While the Pirates are below .500 and are probably due for a win,  Samardzija IS improving and is coming off a CG.(Win 7-6........Surprisingly,  Samardzija was rocked.  But the Giants bullpen combined for a 6inn 4-hitter with no walks.  Ramiro Pena 2-5...........GWRBI by Joe Panik in the 6th)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

USA to advance +340(Lose 4-0...........America is a disgrace)

Sunday, June 19, 2016

CINCINNATI REDS(Finnegan) +175 over Houston Astros(Fiers)----While Fiers doesn't walk people,  the Reds don't take walks.....which should help them.  Fiers has allowed 1 HR every 5.6 innings this year---which is bad.   And Houston's not a -185 type of team this year.(Lose 6-0.........Fiers dominates Reds.........Luis Valbuena 2-3 HR)

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Taillon) +149 over Chicago Cubs(Hendricks)-----Pirates have underperformed this year considering how good their offense has been.  Taillon's only pitched against the Mets(twice) but he's done good.   Pirates hit 12 points higher than Cubs although Cubs have walked and scored more.   Hendricks----like all Cubs starters----is having his best year,  strangely.  There's a correction coming in the Cubs' fortune,  and everybody knows it.(Lose 10-5.......Taillon rocked.........Javier Baez 3-4 HR..........Rizzo 3-4 HR)

MIAMI MARLINS(Koehler) -116 over Colorado Rockies(Anderson)-----Col didn't wanna hit for me a couple days ago,  so I'll go against them now.(Win 3-0..........Marcell Ozuna 3-4 HR)

Friday, June 17, 2016

DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) -110 over Kansas City Royals(Ventura)------Royals on a 5-1 run;  Ventura throws a .250 average to batters and has walked 1 every 2 innings.  Both offenses have hit about .270 while the Tigers have scored 64 more runs and taken 51 more walks.(Lose 10-3.....Victor Martinez,  not playing heads-up baseball on 3rd base in the 7th when a wild pitch bounces WAY up in the air,  way past the catcher.....and comes halfway home and turns back,  inexplicably.   Gotta be ready for the PB and WP on 3rd base.   He could have easily scored and tied the game.  It wouldn't have mattered,  of course,  because Shane Greene,  Mark Lowe and Blaine Hardy came out of the Tigers bullpen to allow 9 EARNED RUNS in only 2 and 1/3 innings.  Ventura shut down the Tigers.)

COLORADO ROCKIES(Gray) +117 over Miami Marlins(Conley)-----Rockies are weaker(.255) vs lhps.  And while Miami is one of the top offenses,  the Rockies have actually scored 64 more runs.  In this game,  Rockies seem to have a pitching advantage as Conley walks people:  about 1 every 2.5 innings.(Lose 5-1............1 TOTAL HIT by Rockies.  WTF?  Gray did pretty well)

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Bauer) +109 over Chicago White Sox(Quintana)----Quintana's an effective pitcher who gets horrible run support.  Here,  the Indians are a team that does hit better vs lhps(.266).  Bauer's had some good starts lately and the Indians have scored about 28 more run than CWS.(Win 3-2..........GWHR Carlos Santana)

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Davies) +152 over LA Dodgers(Urias)-----Neither Urias nor the Dodger offense has impressed anyone---they're -162?  Come on,  look at Davies,  he's been pitching good,  deep into games.(Would have been nice to win this..........Brewers did out him them 12-8.........but Justin Turner had to go 3-5 w/ 2HR and the GWRBI for some reason.)

CINCINNATI REDS(Lamb) +251 over Houston Astros(Mccullers)-------Mccullers is -276??  The Astros do no have a winning record.  Lamb may be bad but..............he did shut down the Rockies in Colorado.   While the Astro offense has taken 86 more walks than the Reds,  the Reds have scored 12 more runs.  So its questionable whether the Astros even have the better offense.(Win 4-2.........GWRBI Eugenio Suarez.  JJ Hoover gets the W)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

SEATTLE MARINERS(Karns) +122 over Tampa Bay Rays(Smyly)------Drew Pomeranz got rocked yesterday so now we see Drew,  his last 3 have been bad but,  overall,  he's been about as effective as Karns.   Interestingly,  while the Mariners have hit 13 points lower vs lhps,  they 5 more HRs off lhps than any other team in baseball.   And the Mariners have scored more Runs off lhps than any team except the Rangers.   Seattle currently on an 0-3 run.(Lose 3-2.........Logan Morrison gets the walk-off bases-loaded walk for the GWRBI.  Pathetic.  Mike Montgomery walks in the winning run for the Mariners)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Tomlin) -115 over Kansas City Royals(Young)----Indians on the road here and,  for the season,  they have scored 47 more runs than KC and taken 64 more walks than KC.   Royals batting average HAS been much higher than Indians'.  But........I think its clear that Young has been having problems this year while Tomlin has been consistent.(Lose 3-2...........Bryan Shaw comes in in the 8th to lose the game by allowing a 2-run homer to Salvador Perez.)

LA DODGERS(Maeda) -146 over Arizona Diamondbacks(Bradley)-----Maeda is coming off 3 good starts,  getting back in form it looks like----he's been holding batters to a .211 average for the season.  Bradley..........has walked about 1 every 2 innings.  Az's offense is better but the Dodgers walk more.(Win 7-4...........Joc Pederson 2HR,  Justin Turner 2-4, HR..........Chase Utley 2-5 HR)

MINNESOTA TWINS(Santana) +116 over LA Angels(Chacin)-----Chacin and Santana not real good right now.  While Chacin can occasionally do good,  the Twins are an appalling 1-10 in games that Santana has started this year.  But, on a 4-3 run,  maybe the Twins are improving.   Angels on a 3-9 run.(Lose 5-4...........I'm giving the Twins too many chances; they're a bad team.  Santana rocked again.)

NATIONALS(Gonzalez) +115 over Cubs(Lackey)------No idea how Lackey,  at the age of, like,  37,  is having by far the best season of his career.  But here we have a situation where Gonzalez has the Pitcher Revenge against the Cubs and the Nationals have the Team Revenge against Lackey.  And the Nationals have the home stadium advantage.(Lose 4-3..........pathetic 5 total hits by Nationals.  Albert Almora gets the PHGWRBI against me.   Sammy Solis takes the Loss.)

Monday, June 13, 2016

ATLANTA BRAVES(Blair) -105 over Cincinnati Reds(Wright)------Ok,  risky bet here:  Braves are 18-44 and Blair has walked well more than 1 every 2 innings while pitching a .317 average to batters.  Wright has only 10 MLB innings of experience----bad experience.(Lose,  Braves score 8 runs.  Freddie Freeman 3-5, HR.  Arodys Vizcaino takes the L in 1inning of work, walking 3,  including walking in the winning run.)

MINNESOTA TWINS(Nolasco) +104 over La Angels(Weaver)-----Nolasco's never been a good pitcher.  But can anyone say Weaver's been better this year?  At 19-43 the Twins........are famished for wins and should be hungrier.(Win 9-4..........Robbie Grossman 2-4, HR.........Trevor Plouffe HR.....Kurt Suzuki 2-4.........Joe Maurer 2-5)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Greinke) -137 over La Dodgers(Bolsinger)----Greinke is definitely improving after his sub-standard April and the Dodgers have been out hit by Arizona .265 to .232.(Win 3-2)

Sunday, June 12, 2016

DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) +123 over New York Yankees(Pineda)-----Has Pineda gotten any better recently....? I haven't noticed.  Let's go with the better offense.(Win 4-1.........Ian Kinsler HR.....Miguel Cabrera 2-4)

Saturday, June 11, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Samardzija) -113 over La Dodgers(Kazmir)-----Kazmir has been getting better---getting his ERA down,  but in addition to me having my doubts about the guy as a pitcher,  he's been rocked twice by the Giants earlier in the season.  And the Giants ARE better vs lhps even with Belt and Crawford.   Samardzija coming off 2 rockings.......hopefully he can do better.(Win 5-4...........Buster Posey GWRBI)

Friday, June 10, 2016

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Kennedy) +149 over Chicago White Sox(Sale)----Well,  the White Sox have lost the last 3 games in which Sale has started for them.   Kennedy........doesn't always do well but is hard to hit.  KC only slightly weaker vs lhps.   While the White Sox have taken almost 60 more walks than the Royals and score more than the Royals,  KC has a much higher batting average.(Lose 7-5........Kennedy looked like he was doing good early,  but he still wound up with 7ER and 9H allowed in only 5innings.  Alex Avila hits 2 HR for the White Sox against me???  How often does that happen?  Well,  Avila's hitting .228 now.  Pshhh.  Hosmer hit 2 HR for Royals)

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Kluber) -127 over La Angels(Santiago)-----Indians are only slightly better vs lhps and Kluber doesn't always do good,  but Santiago has been giving up too many runs;  last time he had a good game was April 18th.  A lotta walks from Santiago.(Win 6-2........Jason Kipnis 3-4........CG Kluber)

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Guerra) -119 over New York Mets(Harvey)-----After a season of sucking,  Harvey is coming off 2 good starts.  However,  the Brewers are better offensively in Runs,  Batting Average and Walks.   And the Brewers are at home.(Lose 2-1........runners on 2nd and 3rd, 1 Out in the bottom of the 9th inning.  If Kirk Nieuwenhuis HITS A FAIR BALL the Brewers would have likely won this game.  What happens?   Nieuwenhuis strikes out by swinging and missing 3 times.  Mets win it in the 11th.)

CINCINNATI REDS(Desclafani) +107 over Oakland A's(Gray)----Reds are 22-38.  Probably due for more wins.  Gray is throwing a .282 average and walking nearly 1 every 2 innings----not near what he's been in prior years.  Offenses are close while Reds do score more.  We'll give the Reds a chance here at home.(Win 2-1)

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

ROCKIES(Rusin) +149 over Dodgers(Maeda)-----Maeda:  not always perfect.  Rockies have the Team Revenge against him and............Rockies' offense is a much better hitting team.  Rockies also have a better record on the road than they do at home.   While I can see Turner or Utley beating me possibly in this game,  I'll take the Rockies offensive advantage at this price.(Win 1-0..........Hmm,  Rusin pitches a 6inn shutout.  Daniel Descalso gets the RBI)

CAVALIERS +625 to win Series over Warriors-----Down 0-2.........series starts in Cleveland now.  Sweep here,  win 1 in Golden State and its over.

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Shields) +1.5(-115) over Washington Nationals(Scherzer)----Nationals have scored 24 more runs than White Sox have.  So,  offensively,  Nationals are better,  but not a lot better.   First start for CWS by Shields;  again,  not better than Scherzer,  but maybe close enough in this home game.(Lose 11-4...........Shields brutally rocked,  gives up 3 HR.  For his career,  Shields gives up 1 HR every 8innings.  I think.........that's pretty bad.  Can you think of a pitcher who gives up more HRs?  Danny Espinosa, famished for hits,  feasts with a 3-5 w/HR to raise his average to .206.  Werth moves up to .236 with a 3-5.  Ben Revere goes to .188 with a 3-6.  What a stupid bet.)

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Taillon) +113 over New York Mets(Syndergaard)-----No comparison between these offenses: Pirates hit .277 and Mets hit .230.  Syndergaard IS pretty good.  But since its Taillon's first start(ever)  we don't know if he's not equally good.  Another thing to keep in mind is Josh Donaldson going 3-4 w/HR today;  and the Pirates have Josh Harrison.(Lose 6-5........Corey Luebke with the L,  Jared Hughes with the Blown Save.  Pirates bullpen loses this.  Ty Kelly up to .182 with a 2-4 + HR.  Wilmer Flores gets the PHGWRBI.  Michael Conforto gets the HR to tie it.)

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Davies) -123 over Oakland A's(Manaea)(Win 5-4)
MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Davies) -1.5(+165) over Oakland A's(Manaea)--------It would be interesting if Manaea were,  in fact,  a Mexican-American from Indiana.......but look at Davies' last start vs Stl.  8 inn 3-hitter;  He's doing good.  White the Brewers hit lower(.244) than the A's,  they have taken 99 more walks than the A's have.  That seems pretty steep----A's used to have a tradition of walking well:  Not this year.   I agree.......

 David Brown (
Tue 6/07/16 10:05 AM
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I see that as pro-Brewers.(Lose 5-4..........Chris Carter had 2HR and Davies had a no-hitter into the 7th.   But the 9th inning started with the Brewers leading 5-2.  Looks good, right?  Jeremy Jeffress comes in,  gloves a come-backer into foul territory,  gives up 3 hits and 2 ER, makes me lose this and gets the save.)

Monday, June 06, 2016

DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) -131 over Toronto Blue Jays(Happ)------Tigers have scored 12 more runs than Toronto........are hitting 31 points higher than the Blue Jays,  yet Toronto has taken 43 more walks than the Tigers have.   Tigers are slightly weaker vs lhps, so I wouldn't be surprised if Happ does well.   But look at the Tigers:  28-28.  With an offense as good as it is,  they should have a better than .500 record----due for more wins.(Win 11-0.......Ian Kinsler and Castellanos both 2-5.  Upton and James McCann both 2-4 w/HR)

Sunday, June 05, 2016

SEATTLE MARINERS(Iwakuma) -120 over Texas Rangers(Holland)----Holland and Iwakuma are both........Ok, not great this year.  But it is an interesting fact that the Mariners have scored 29 runs in the last 2 games Iwakuma has pitched in.  Yes,  the Rangers destroyed Seattle yesterday.  But I see that the Mariners have the Team Revenge against Holland who shut them down earlier.  The Seager name's been pretty hot both on the Dodgers and here,  on the Mariners,  Kyle Seager's average has gone from .256 to .293 over the last 9 or 10 games.  These offenses are close,  tho the Mariners walk more and score a little more than the Rangers.(Lose 3-2............In the 5th,  Mariners' asses go down: 3 runs scored in the inning and 2 Errors.  Iwakuma allows fewer ERs than Holland but...........Mariners had 3 TOTAL HITS in this game!   Pathetic.)

CLEVELAND CAVALIERS +6 over Golden State Warriors(Lose 110-77)
CLEVELAND CAVALIERS +215 over Golden State Warriors-----73-9 ??? Gimmie a brake----its time to start closing this team down.   FRAUD ..........pshhhh...
  its like,  "Now hear this,  Goldfinger, your luck has just changed..."
Oklahoma City looked like they were gonna do it............they were up 3-1,  right?
   Trust me,  Golden State is one of the most gassed-up sports teams I've ever seen.   What was it?  Not the colors?  Uly Curry-Folks?   Colin Cowherd was a Warriors fan-boy last year(probably why they beat us last year).   This year..........its time for some reality.   Reality check.(Lose 110-77.........a 33pt loss???)

Saturday, June 04, 2016

BOSTON RED SOX(Wright) -118 over Toronto Blue Jays(Stroman)------The superiority of the Red Sox is striking:  Boston has scored 326 Runs(the 2nd highest total in baseball is Stl at 294 and the Cubs,  with their preternaturally high winning percentage, are 3rd with 290 Runs).  Its not just that the Red Sox have the highest batting average in baseball,  its that at .294 they are hitting 18 points higher than the 2nd highest team.  Since there's not real comparison between the Red Sox and Toronto offensively,  we'll just note that the Blue Jayz have scored 2 more runs this year than the hapless Reds.   Stroman is a 5'8 RHP----5 foot 8!-----it seems impossible; he's clearly the Mugsy Bogues of pitching.   He did get rocked by Boston last start so he technically has the revenge.  But look at this:  Boston is at home as the best offense in baseball and they're -118.  What?  Does Wright suck or something?  I don't know,  I mean,  it says batters have hit .200 off him this year.   Is some Red Sox hurt today?  I don't know.   But the line is outrageously cheap.   So this will be the BCLI Linemaker Error Game of the Year.(Win 6-4........Bogaerts 3-4)

LA ANGELS(Chacin) +104 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Locke)----Angels DON'T hit better vs lhps and the Pirates offense is much better.   Both pitchers coming off CGs but..........I just don't see how Locke can beat me again.(Lose 8-7.........Salas allows 4ER in the 7th in 2/3 innings of work)

Colorado Rockies(Bettis) +107 over San Diego Padres(Cashner)-----Rockies have scored 269 runs;  Padres have scored 225.   Bettis is coming off 2 rockings but.........3 and 4 days ago,  Mookie Betts hit an amazing 5 HRs in 2 games.(Lose 4-3.........LeMahieu and Arenado both 0-4 but Bettis got rocked:  10 Hits in 5inn)

Thursday, June 02, 2016

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Carrasco) over Kansas City Royals(Ventura) parlayed with COLORADO ROCKIES(Butler) over Cincinnati Reds(Simon) +160------Simon's got his ERA below 10 now but......there's a lot of reasons to take the Rockies,  that is,  they deserve to be favored.   Over his last 6 games,  Ventura's ERA has gone from 2.35 to 5.17 and he's walking well more than 1 every 2 innings.  Indians offense,  while it hits for a lower average than the Royals do,  has scored 27 more runs than the Royals have.(Lose 11-4..............ha- HA!  Simon goes 7 innings in this game and the ONLY other time that has happened this year was on May 5th when he went 7.2 inn.  I was prepared for Butler possibly getting rocked the Reds???  Simon going 7 innings IN fucking Colorado?  Never----never thought possible.   Completely unreal.)

Phillies(Eickhoff) vs Brewers(Anderson) UNDER 8(-105)---Both pitchers have the Pitcher Revenge against these teams(they were both rocked last meeting).  Phillies are the lowest scoring team in baseball(tied with the Braves).  Phillies have scored 2, 1, 3, 2, 1, 2 runs per game over their last 6 games.  Maybe Eickhoff can have a good 7inn game.(Win 4-1)