Sunday, October 30, 2011

BILLS -4 parlayed with PATRIOTS -3 parlayed with 49ERS -9 parlayed with BENGALS -1-----Buffalo is off the bye being the only team in the NFL to have beaten the Patriots and, apropos of the World Series MVP and Stanford's coach, they have the hottest name in sports at WR. Take the Patriots off the bye against Pittsburgh's weak schedule and the Bengals off the bye who have beaten the stellar Bills. With 3 big NFL favorites now in danger of losing as I type this, one may question me liking the 49ers here. But look at Brett SMITH's 4 TD in Wyoming's HUGE upset yesterday! Look at Devin SMITH getting the game-winning TD for Ohio State as an 8.5 point underdog. 49ers have a SMITH at QB........but also FRANK Gore with QB James FRANKlin leading Missouri to an OT upset victory over Tex A&M.....Jonathan FRANKlin a TD for UCLA's upset victory over Cal......and Jerry FRANKlin saving the game for Arkansas with a fumble recovery TD. 49ers are also off the bye.(Lose 25-17.......Patriots outgained by over 200 yards---Steelers beat a team off its bye week for the 2nd consecutive week: Unreal; its not happened before)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

UCLA BRUINS +5 over Cal Golden Bears(Win 31-14)
UCLA BRUINS +175 over Cal Golden Bears-------Big win for LArussa last night.......UCLA has the home revenge and home-off-road-loss; Cal coming off a +4 turnover ratio gift from Utah. A battle of two bad teams but, if you want to see some good in UCLA, look at the Houston game: Houston is pretty good and UCLA did outgain them in losing by 4(Win 31-14......#33 Derrick Coleman 3TD, Fullerton, CA........#23 Jonathan Franklin 1TD.......UCLA +3TO)

USC TROJANS +7.5 over Stanford(Lose 56-48)
USC TROJANS +250 over Stanford-------ESPN flashes the Benjy on GameDay and........Missouri! Outright over A & M in a thrilling OT game. Vanderbilt! Commies cover and almost win. Well, ESPN's looking strong on the info, and I know they want this USC game to NOT be a blowout---or no, its on ABC so maybe they don't care. But with ESPN radio's Colin Herd interviewing the USC coach this week(and the Marshall Thundering Herd dominating their game today) and GameDay bringing out the "human Tree" when the guy picks USC.......I'll follow them here. Stanford is certainly a winning and covering MACHINE, and the Cardinals just won the World Series so this will be a very small bet. USC does have the revenge but they are coming off a very fortunate win at Notre Dame.(Lose 56-48.........Close, but Stanford still covers)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

CAROLINA PANTHERS -2.5 over Washington Redskins---------BCLI was absolutely disgraced by the WASHINGTON Huskies and the WASHINGTON State Cougars yesterday.........those teams failed absolutely and completely.....and I think it had something to do with the name. Honestly, I want Washington ripped in this game and Carolina, with a lot of covers but not a lot of wins, could very well be the team to do it with home-off-road-loss here having given a -3 TO on the ratio to Atlanta last game.(Win 33-20..........good game)

DETROIT LIONS -4 over Atlanta Falcons-----Looking for some D here Detroit has a big one with Dominic-Delmas-DeAnDre against Atlanta's Dunta-Douglass-DeCoud. (But Detroit also has nDamkong and vanDen.) Detroit's coach talked some smack about Harbaugh not knowing the rules last week and the Lions had to deal with the payback by losing late to the 49ers. Detroit has a bounce-back situation here against the Falcons who got lucky last week with a +3 TO. Hopefully, Stafford can overcome the 9 which did not serve BCLI well at QB with Utah and Washington State yesterday.(Lose 23-16........Lions win the TO ratio but still lose. Could be all over for the Lions; if it is, you can trace it back to Schwartz' insensitive comment)

DENVER BRONCOS -1.5 over Miami Dolphins------Denver off the bye on the road here with Tim Tebow.......UA's coach is a Tim and........a great win two days ago for U of Arizona. Brandon Marshall can't catch balls for Miami and with a Marshall at QB failing miserably for Washington State yesterday and Marshall getting blown out by Houston yesterday, he should fail today. Miami has Davis-Dansby against Denver's Dawkins-DJ-Dumervil so.......slight edge to Denver.(Win 18-15............Tebow throws 48% but wins it late)
*ARIZONA CARDINALS +4(-105) over Pittsburgh Steelers-----2 days after the greatest beatdown and entertainment spectacle of the CFB season, happening in Arizona as the UA Wildcats were keyed to a bench-clearing brawl by a fake Ref in a 48-12 dismantling of UCLA, and 1 day after the St Louis CARDINALS won huge 16-7 after the Ball State CARDINALS came back to beat CMU 1 week after a huge upset at Ohio, the Arizona Cardinals are off the bye with home-off-road-loss. What do you have for #4 QB Kevin Kolb? #4 Dominique Davis breaking 2 records yesterday for consecutive pass completions for East Carolina getting the outright win as a 13 point underdog. Texas Tech beating Oklahoma as a 29pt underdog???? Yes, with Seth Doege at QB. So. Miss winning 27-3 with Austin Davis throwing 71% at QB. And yes, Arizona looks D-heavy here with Doucet-Daryn-Darnell-Dockett-Daryl..........while Pittsburgh has only David-Doug. When so many of the factors, situational, locational, Nominal and astrological.......converge, BCLI has not choice but to release Arizona as The One and Only Banned Chatter Late Information NFL Game Of The Year......BCLI Game Of The Year.(Lose 32-20.......No; the Steelers are not this good. Arizona needs to terminate at least 2 coaches for failing to prepare this team for victory. There was only 1 turnover! Unreal; Unbelievable and completely anomalous)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

UTAH +1.5 over California-----Utah was -4 TO in losing to Washington and then -5 TO in losing to Arizona State. Then their luck changed last game when they upset Pittsburgh. Their blowout of BYU came with a +5 victory on the turnover ratio. It seems that if they get moderately good luck---and their luck looks to be shifting-----they can be pretty good. Cal does not look to be a strong team this year; they actually won the TO ratio by 2 in their Loss to Washington. The recent earthquake in Berkeley......well, I have only 1 entry in my data bank on this factor type: I remember the Washington Nationals losing a couple games to Arizona immediately AFTER the Virginia-DC quake this summer.(Lose 34-10........-4 TO for Utah; an utter disaster of bad luck and failure)

WASHINGTON +21(-120) over Stanford----------3 years of revenge motivation for Washington.....they're an improved team with a new QB who is doing good(remember the great win by Ball State at Ohio last week with 'Keith' at QB)........Foxy Knoxy has been liberated(the week before the Seahawks beat the Giants in New York as big underdogs). Stanford has covered all their games but Arizona beat UCLA harder than Stanford beat UCLA. Stanford's good but Washington will probably the best team they've faced this year.(Lose 65-21........You don't have to win this game, Washington. Just don't allow more than 41 points! Washington coach Steve Sarkisian===FAILURE. Tried to give this team, school and state another chance after the homicidal failure of October 13th, 2007's Washington collapse at Arizona State. What a waste of my fucking money.)

NOTRE DAME -3 over Southern Cal teased with WISCONSIN -2 over Michigan State------ND is home off the bye and, despite bad luck against Michigan and South Florida, is pretty good at outgaining its opponents. Usc......not up to its usual standard this year altho they do have the revenge. Wisconsin has the revenge on the road and.......Nick Toon IN, dirty-player Gholston OUT...........(Lose by 17 and wouldn't have mattered with Wisconsin's collapse against MSU, but how does Notre Dame get outgained by 180 yards at home off a bye week? Wheres the preparation? Wheres the coaching skills? Trojans get a lucky +3 TO here, win the game, and there's an earthquake today at the site of ancient Troy.....Hmmm. Notre Dame's luck is highly vulnerable(and I guess, variable, if they somehow beat Michigan State) and they are not a bettable team.)

WASHINGTON STATE COUGARS -3 over Oregon State------Oregon State lost off their bye week to a pretty weak UCLA team and they seem to have injuries. WSU seems to have a pretty good QB(Lose 44-21...........You've gotta be kidding me. Washington sucks......Washington state sucks and has a HORRIBLE QB. What a sick, disgusting pick: Both Washington teams fail to cover by more than 20 points on the same day???? I thought 2008 and 2009 were over and done with. Its gotta be the name; look at Tevin Washington's Georgia Tech: a 14 point FTC and a loss to Miami. WASHINGTON---Losers, failures, Untouchable Caste.....garbage level, heinous)

CLEMSON -10 over North Carolina-------#10 Dorian Graham HUGE kick return TD in a HUGE win for the Syracuse ORANGE. Clemson has the home revenge here with the #10 at QB and has outgained all its opponents(tho they did have some trouble with Maryland last week) in ORANGE(see Chris Berman's tie yesterday on the baseball diamond). NC has lost by 7 to Miami and Georgia Tech.(Win 59-38...........Clemson +5 TO)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

BALTIMORE RAVENS -7 over Houston Texans-----Ravens home off the bye with a #5 at QB----how many times have you seen a baseball game's final score finish with two "5" digits in it? You saw it last night.......for once in a blue moon. Utah! an 18-point cover as a dog at Pittsburgh....Jon Hays at QB and John White getting 171 rushing yards. And I think that spells John Harbaugh. Amazing 14.5 underdog upset win by Ball State with #20 Joshua Howard getting the juggled INT. Ravens have a #20 and a good defense.(Win 29-14)

DALLAS COWBOYS +7(-125) over New England Patriots---------Jon Hays is a #9 as in Romo who we'll give our vote of confidence to as Cowboys are off their bye. EMU! A huge upset over Central Michigan with Javonti Greene getting 3 TD's. Jaime Garcia spelling a 4inning 7-1 win for the Cardinals a few days ago. Head coach of the Cowboys: Jason Garrett. JG!! Colin Klein getting the job done for Kansas State yesterday with 3 rushing TD's and, yes, it is ESPN Radio's Colin Herd who............thinks the Patriots are overrated. I think the Patriots are good(altho Dallas' defense is statistically better), but certainly not unbeatable against a team that should be prepared to play its best game.(Win 20-16)

BUFFALO BILLS +160 over New York Giants------For the preservation of what little shred of integrity and civilization that America still(debatably) has left, it is very, very important that the Bills continue winning. With the country on the precipice of Civil War, BCLI will offer its support here again as the Giants schedule has not impressed..........Rams and Seahawks at home and the Giants have gone 1-1 against them.(Lose 27-24)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

VIRGINIA CAVALIERS +7.5 over Georgia Tech(Win 24-21)
VIRGINIA CAVALIERS +250 over Georgia Tech------Home revenge off the bye week for Virginia; good situation for a luck-improvement. UVA has lost the turnover ratio by 2 against North Carolina and Sou Miss and by 1 against Idaho and Indiana. With the Dow closing on friday +166.36 at 116xx, what # do you want on your QB? UVA's QB has a pathetic 2/7 TD-pass to Interception ratio, but he does wear 16.(Win 24-21.........UVA +1 TO)

MICHIGAN WOLVERINES +3(-115) over Michigan State Spartans-----Normally I'd pass this type of game as MSU is off the bye. However, Michigan has 3 years of revenge motivation and, yes, a QB who wears #16. MSU will probably be ahead at halftime but one thing is certain about Michigan: they are a "2nd half team".(Lose 28-14...........Despicable pugilistic personal fouls by MSU and nobody gets thrown out of the game. Spartans try to fumble this game away but UM cant capitalize. 4th and .5 yards to go.....where's the wishbone? No, Mich tries to pass on 4th and .5 yards. No confidence in running game, no confidence in offensive line. Windy day when Robinson clearly couldn't pass..........where's the running game? NOTE TO MICHIGAN: DID YOU SEE SYRACUSE'S OFFENSIVE FORMATIONS LAST NIGHT?)

SOUTH FLORIDA BULLS -7.5 over Connecticut Huskies------BJ Daniels #7........and I wanna play a seven after Faulker wins it for San Jose State and Matt Holliday goes 3-5 and Barkley wins for USC with #7. SF is on the road here but they have the revenge and are off the bye.(Lose 16-10.........Jeeeez, how many people have to get whacked for this minor loss? True, SF has absolutely no excuse for not succeeding in this spot but..........the 7 fails and #77 Wheldon goes up in flames the next day. SF Sam Friedlander whacks his whole family and himself 3 days after the game............Earthshaker in San Francisco!!!! And Anthony CONNor gets a broken neck on Friday. SF can beat Notre Dame but not UConn........hmmmm; a mystery.)

Friday, October 14, 2011

ST LOUIS CARDINALS(Garcia) -122 over Milwaukee Brewers(Greinke)-----Both pitchers have been hittable in the postseason but did you see Zach Maynard last night? 3 INTs he looked terrible and his team got destroyed at home by a pretty bad looking team. Anyway, I think Greinke's a 'shook-one' so we'll go with the Cardinals at home.(Win 7-1..........Octavio Dotel W)

Sunday, October 09, 2011

GREEN BAY PACKERS -6 over Atlanta Falcons-----Huge devaluation of Tampa Bay, who has beaten Atlanta. Atl's schedule actually looks pretty weak(Eagles)......Is Atlanta's Michael Turner gonna do anything on a day when Michael Vick throws 4 pics? Carlos ROGERS....a pic-6 for SF today AND Brady won wearing #12........looks positive for Aaron Rodgers. Packers also have a MORGAN Burnett......(cf Nyjer Morgan being the luckiest player in baseball). Atlanta does have the home revenge but......their schedule strength has just been too weak(Win 25-14)
CAROLINA PANTHERS +7(-115) over New Orleans(Win 30-27)
CAROLINA PANTHERS +240 over New Orleans------------Carolina coach, Ron Rivera and..........I think there's 2 coaches still alive in the MLB postseason named "Ron". (Yeah, Ron's a character in the Harry Potter universe...........and I know why too). Panthers looked pretty good---and looked like they would win----in there home game vs Green Bay......then it turned, looked like they wouldn't even cover, then they covered. They have skills; they've outgained their opponents in every game. They have home-off-road-loss here and........they lost to the Saints last year 34-3 so.....home revenge. If you watched the Maryland-GT game, you saw #9 Demetrius Hartsfield hobbling off the field with an injury so...........could be a painful day for #9 Drew Brees. But look at the amazing 34-10 home-underdog win by Rutgers with Gary NOVA at QB accounting for 2 TD! Panthers QB Can NEWton..........I think there's a semantic similarity. (Lose 30-27)

BUFFALO BILLS +3 over Philadelphia Eagles--------Although I did detect some luck yesterday on the 10 and 7, being that it is 2 days after THE ONLY run scored in the Cardinals' magnificent +160 win to close out the Phillies was scored by Rafael Furcal, a guy who didn't hit a lick all season, DO YOU WANT AN RF ON HOME-OFF-ROAD-LOSS? Yes, you should and you can get that with the Bills here.(Win 31-24...........thank you Michael Vick for throwing this game)

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS -2.5 over Tampa Bay Buccaneers----------One would hope that the 49er offense is still improving but........with Alex Smith throwing 67%, maybe it was never that bad(I mean, from what I've seen, it hasn't looked so good). Clearly, the most outstanding lucky player in baseball right now is Nyjer Morgan........and the 49ers have Josh Morgan!!!! East Carolina Pirates got ROLLED at Houston yesterday so.........I just dont see this game happening for the Buccs.(Win 48-3........Vernon Davis 2 TD)

PATRIOTS -7 over Jets------------I was "high" on the Jets(because, you know, Burress being a "Michigan Man" and all)...........but it just doesn't look to be happening. Sanchez is passing 55%. I mean, losing to the Ravens is understandable because they are pretty good but........Jets just haven't done much that impresses. This is actually a home revenge for the Patriots whose only non-cover was the Bills game. Burress has only averaged 2+ receptions per game(they're just not using him enough). Brady has the 12 which won big with Oklahoma yesterday............and then there was Austin Davis: 3 TDs 91% passing to blowout Navy on a day when there was a faggoty ZERO covers by US Armed Services teams(Win 30-21)

Saturday, October 08, 2011

ARMY BLACK KNIGHTS -2 over Miami Ohio Redhawks------Clearly, NYJER Morgan...........was, you know, the "Player of the Day" yesterday.......Miami-O has covered vs Missouri---apparently a decent team----but they've lost to Minnesota and.......they haven't been winning. Army was only +2TO in their big win last week and they're looking good with a win over a Big Ten team(Northwestern). Ok, we'll go with the trend on Black.(Lose 35-28........Fuck, 14pt lead blown.........Fuck the Black)

MARYLAND TERRAPINS +16 over Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets-------The Maryland-Temple game was somewhat fixed........and Maryland got screwed. Maryland is better than that loss as they've beaten Miami Fla and came close to West Virginia. GT has beaten NC and NC St in high scoring games but their schedule hitherto has been weak-to-questionable. With an RE at coach, Maryland seems to associate with John AxFORD's win for the Brewers on the EDSALL. Yes, one of the 3 "Catholic" females that I saw wearing black in the media yesterday on friday before Nyjer Morgan's game dropped my "life-changing-money" potential win on the double-shot WS exacta at 28-1 was named "Maria"........and the CARDINALS won!!!!! Wheewww .....weeeeee (wasn't even having my mind in that series). Bottom line: We'll just follow the trend to see if I can get my money back.(Win 21-16)

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Collmenter) +106 over Milwaukee Brewers(Marcum)-----To my eyes, Jason Campbell threw a really poor, brain-dead pass for the Raiders on Sunday that was intercepted and.......probably cost BCLI the cover. However, this is an elimination game; this is JC, do-or-die at home............the desert...........Chase Field. Must Win.(Win 8-1.......Collmenter throws a 2-hitter for 7.........what a shame he's not gonna be able to compete for WS MVP)

DETROIT TIGERS(Porcello) -105 over New York Yankees(Burnett)------Lets see.....Tigers get 6 walks in 5 innings last game...........and now they face a pitcher who is, statistically, TWICE as wild......POR-tu-gee-say lover, amore.....amore por-tu-gues-see.......I think its closing time.(Lose 10-1........Burnett surprises by not getting rocked; Tigers close the series in the following game)

Sunday, October 02, 2011

OAKLAND RAIDERS +6 over New England Patriots------Although the Raiders got a bit lucky winning the TO ratio by 2 last week, and the Patriots got a bit unlucky losing the TO ratio by 2 last week, Oakland is at home with the equalizer of both these teams have lost to Buffalo! And Oakland is BLACK.........Army Black Knights a HUGE cover and win at 45-6 yesterday. Does Oakland have a 17? Yes. Did #17 Keith Price have 3 TD's for Washington yesterday? Yes. Did #17 Bryant Moniz have 4 TD's for Hawaii in the Warriors beatdown at Louisiana Tech? Yes. Brock Osweiler #17 a winner at QB for Arizona State. And the #8, worn by Raiders QB......Kirk Cousins QB in a HUGE MSU victory at Ohio State---he wears 8. Central Michigan........HUGE at home as an 8.5 point underdog with #8 Ryan Radcliff at QB getting 4 TD's. What about Tom Brady? Logan Thomas a big loser at QB for Virginia Tech yesterday. Pete THOMAS at QB for Colorado State yesterday? Loser at home. Yesterday.........Hawaii WARRIORS===big winners. Two teams called the Spartans===both winners as underdogs. Is the bellicosity of those names right here in RAIDERS? I would think so. Where did Darren McFadden go to college? Arkansas........and yesterday they were winners(of course, Brady went to Michigan and they were huge vs Minnesota.) Patriots are known to be good........but everybody wants to beat 'em. Too much information to ignore here.(Lose 31-19........NE +2 TO)

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS +9.5 over Philadelphia Eagles-----Alex Carder 5 TD yesterday as WMU takes it..........Vincent Smith.....running(TD), throwing(TD), passing(TD).........huge and that spells the 49ers QB. 49ers have the revenge from last year but their offense hasn't really performed yet. I think today is the day for a breakout. Eagles were -3 TO to the Giants in their loss but their win over the Rams is devalued as the Rams seem to be pretty bad this year. 49er defense is pretty good and should keep them from being blown out while the offense finds its groove today.(Win 24-23............Ok, yeah, this was a Steam play: WILLOW SMITH! '21st Century Girl' and.............#21 Frank Gore finally does something with an 8.5 yard average. Good Win.)

Saturday, October 01, 2011

RUTGERS SCARLET KNIGHTS +1.5 over Syracuse-----Syracuse started with an improbable comeback win vs Wake Forest, then 2 FTC's and then the fortunate (but starkly mis-officiated) win vs Toledo. Rutgers, meanwhile, has been covering and they DO have the revenge here. With the governor of New Jersey on tv last night, this should not be difficult.(Win 19-16........thank you Gary Nova. But apparently it was difficult with 9 total turnovers in this game.........likely as brutal and deformed a game as Christie's belly-bloated corpulence----BUT IT GOT THE JOB DONE! Run him for Prez with............Dana Perino in scarlet was she? As VP, you know, to balance out the aesthetics of the ticket)

BALL STATE CARDINALS +40 over Oklahoma-----Ball State beat Indiana and lucky #10 Keith Wenning is coming off a career-hi in passing yards against Army.........#10 Kelly Shoppach of course had 2 HR's yesterday for Tampa Bay. BCLI Steam..............(Lose, that 56 point margin was almost as big as Michigan's beatdown. But OK only covered its spread by 16; Michigan murdered its line)

ALABAMA +2 over Florida teased with CLEMSON +13 over Virginia Tech--------#10 AJ McCarron at QB for Alabama---receivers? Marquis Maze.....yes, an M & M, and you wanna play any you can find today after Matt Moore pitched a 2-hitter (IN THE PLAYOFFS!!!) in only his 2nd career MLB start while #80 Marcus Matthews got the defected GWTD for BYU last night. (Yes, Florida does have the home revenge). Clemson has another #10 at QB and........VT is coming off 3 non-covers against weak teams while Clemson has proved it can win against good teams.(Win by 20 and by 33)

SAN JOSE STATE SPARTANS +4 over Colorado State(Win 38-31)
SAN JOSE STATE SPARTANS +155 over Colorado State------SJ State's coach is an M & M and I believe that----at least today-----M & M's will not only endure, they will prevail.(Win 38-31....Jabari Carr a TD and the sound and the fury means............also a victory for Ole Miss on the road)