Thursday, March 31, 2016

GEORGE WASHINGTON COLONIALS +2.5 over Valparaiso Crusaders----Noticed the Washington Nationals won 12-1 yesterday.   And with that drone movie coming out tomorrow,  I figure Crusaders are a go-against.(Win 76-60..........Kevin Larsen 18pts.......Garino 14pts......McDonald 13pts)

Monday, March 21, 2016

GEORGE WASHINGTON +2 over Monmouth-----With the unthinkable and horrific Syracuse blow-out of Mid-Tenn State yesterday,  an event that could have happened ONLY because Syracuse has 2 players named Tyler,  GW has Tyler Cavanaugh.   That has to mean something today.   Monmouth plays in a weaker league and............just picked up an injury to a starter last game.   Unlikely that GW throws this game away like they did to St Joseph's 2 games ago.(Win 87-71)

OHIO -8.5 over NC Greensboro---------I like Treg Setty today.(Lose 72-67)

Sunday, March 20, 2016

MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE +10.5 over Syracuse teased with XAVIER pk over Wisconsin----Syracuse excelled vs Dayton but........they have 2 losses to sorry Pitt:  thats just too weak for this tournament.(Lose 75-50 and 66-63........interesting how I used the word "excelled" here;  I usually don't use that word.
Reggie Upshaw 1-10 FG,  Perrin Buford 3-12 FG.   MTST can beat Michigan State..........and can't even come close against Syracuse?  Very strange.
                      (Apr. 4, 2016 11:28 PM EDT
SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A sightseeing helicopter crashed Monday near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in eastern Tennessee, killing all five people aboard, officials said.) that "vill" for Villanova?   Not that it would have mattered---for the purposes of this bet----because Xavier couldn't even beat Wisconsin.)

Saturday, March 19, 2016

NORTH CAROLINA TAR HEELS -11 over Providence Friars----Providence was fortunate last game and beat USC but...........they're just not that strong of a team.   With Bernie Sanders so far behind Clinton in states and delegates and "super-delegates",  I really don't like Providence here.  Of course,  there are other reasons.(Win 85-66)

Friday, March 18, 2016

PITT PANTHERS -1 over Wisconsin Badgers------Our last bet on Wisconsin...........didn't work out.  So we'll go against them.   There's a good chance,  I would say,  that Pitt will be wearing dark colored uniforms(ie,  black).   Notable wins by teams wearing black are...........Hawaii,  which came today as a 6pt upset.........Providence and Wichita State yesterday...........and Holy Cross the day before that.  Pitt has 2 wins against Syracuse(a team that looked pretty good today) and a win against Duke.(Lose 47-43..........43 points??!!  Actually,  while truly pathetic,  NOT Pittsburgh's worst game this year:  They only scored 41 against Louisville.   Wisconsin hit 1 more 3ptr and 5 more FTs---that was the difference.   Of course,  Wisconsin had twice as many FTs because Pitt committed so many Personal Fouls:  Rafael Maia 3PFs,  Alonzo Nelson-Ododa 3PFs,  Michael Young 3PFs,  Chris Jones 3PFs.   Come to think of it,  Pitt's lost before for me this season:  They SUCK.   So sorry I gave them a chance.)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

HOLY CROSS +2(-105) over Southern----------Holy Cross coming off a 4-game surge where they won all games being underdogs by as many as 9,  10 and 13 points.   Extraordinary,  as one of those was a 22-point crushing of Army.   Southern's coach is named Roman Banks and they have a player named Trelun Banks.   Holy Cross has 2 head coaches named Milan Brown and Bill Carmody.(Win 59-55..........Robert Champion 19pts......Anthony Thompson 12pts.........Karl Charles 8pts)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE +8(-105) over Creighton Bluejays-----Alabama has had road victories over Lsu and Florida............and they've beaten Texas AM at home.  Creighton.........looks like they play in a higher scoring league----perhaps a better league----but they've not finished their season with too many wins.(Lose 72-54........Alabama is one of the most physically un-coordinated basketball teams I've ever seen.   HOW many times can you just bend over and kick a loose ball away from you without picking it up?   Its fucking comical.   Alabama looks handicapped;  disabled.  How did these bumbling,  incompetent OAFS win any games?  Distinguished in failure were Arthur Edwards (1-9 FG) and Shannon Hale (2-9 FG).......)

WICHITA STATE SHOCKERS -4 over Vanderbilt Commodores-----WS has actually done well ATS at 18-12.   They have an OT loss to Seton Hall and a win against Utah(both pretty good teams) as well as losses to Tulsa,  Alabama,  Iowa and USC.   Vanderbilt does have a win against Kentucky.(Win 70-50..........Fred VanVleet 14pts.........Frankamp 2-4 on 3s)

Monday, March 14, 2016

FIELD +260 over Kasich in Ohio Primary------Kasich hasn't yet volunteered to pay Thomas DiMassimo's legal fees, for bum-rushing Trump in Dayton.  (Lose 46.8% to 35.6%........You  cannot  FUCKING be serious,  Ohio.   Kasich had NOT WON A SINGLE STATE before this shit.   This is a PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION,  Ohio.   Why would you waste 956,762 votes??   Your wasted,  dumb-assed,  ignorant votes would have been just as consequentially bestowed on FUCKING RAND PAUL.     Vote for FUCKING Fiorina,  why don't you?   NEVER..........would I have guessed there were so many STUPID FUCKING IDIOTS in Ohio.  Trump will punish you for this.   )

FIELD +145 over Clinton in Illinois Primary---------Huuuuuggee day for Sanders tomorrow.(Lose 50.5% to 48.7%..........FUCK.........these Establishment assholes!   Sick of this Illinois shit.  Fuck this damn state.  Stop voting your fucking vaginas,  Illinois,  you stupid FUCKING CUNTS.   
                        Viva la Revolution;   We Have Not Yet Begun to Fight.....these stupid fucking capitalist goldman Sachs-sponsored bitches.)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

NORTH CAROLINA -2.5(-105) over Virginia----------Virginia couldn't beat Miami for me.........they couldn't beat Duke.  And now NC comes,  coming off 2 strong wins,  and they happen to have the Revenge.   Can't miss this winning opportunity.(Win 61-57..........Joel Berry 3-3 on 3s,  19pts)

Friday, March 11, 2016

TENNESSEE VOLUNTEERS +5 over Lsu Tigers(Lose 84-75)
TENNESSEE VOLUNTEERS +185 over Lsu Tigers-----Lsu has the revenge but........they've not done well ATS this year.   Tenn is off some kind of 2-game surge;  Kevin Punter is OUT but..........they must have found a more than adequate replacement.(Lose 84-75)

PROVIDENCE FRIARS +8.5(-115) over Villanova Wildcats(Win 76-68)
PROVIDENCE FRIARS +340 over Villanova Wildcats---------Villanova IS about 7 points better,  statistically.  But they've played twice already and split 1-1.   As George Washington just won its 1st half by a big number vs St Joseph's with Patricio...............and Providence has Lomomba,  we'll go here.(Lose 76-68..........Astoundingly,  George Washington lost the 2nd half to St Joseph's 51-31 after winning the 1st half 49-35.   But,  at the time this bet was made,  looked like GW would win.)

Thursday, March 10, 2016

WISCONSIN -6(-105) over Nebraska(Lose 70-58..........Thought Vitto Brown might do something but......not enough with Koenig and Nigel Hayes combining for 5-27 FG in this shocking loss.)
UNLV RUNNIN' REBELS +3(-115) over Fresno State Bulldogs----Fresno has the +ATS,  +4 days of rest.........and Marvelle Harris.   UNLV has the Revenge,  McCaw and Jerome Seagears and a recent disturbingly bad 36pt loss to San Diego State.(Lose 95-82.......yeah UNLV sucks but Julien Lewis,  27pts in this game for Fresno State)

IDAHO VANDALS +1.5(-113) over Eastern Washington Eagles-----They've played twice this year and split.   While EW has the Revenge---because their last meeting was an Idaho win-----I just can't see myself losing to an player named Venky Jois.  You know?(Win 77-73...........Nate Sherwood 19pts.........Victor Sanders 17pts..........Pat Ingram 12pts)

JACKSON STATE TIGERS -6 over Prairie View AM Panthers----------PV has the Revenge but statistically Jackson State is about 11 points better,  even on the road.  They also have a much better record.(Win 69-51..........Chace Franklin 15pts,  Specks 13pts.......Raeford Worsham 11pts.........Janarious Middleton 11pts)

Sunday, March 06, 2016

NORTHEASTERN HUSKIES +3 over Nc Wilmington Seahawks(Push 73-70)
NORTHEASTERN HUSKIES +135 over Nc Wilmington Seahawks------These teams have split in 2 head-to-head games this season.   True,  Northeastern failed to cover for us last time.  But,  one day after the huge Rutgers win with Mike William getting 29pts,  I have to like Northeastern having TJ Williams.   Nc has...........Flemmings.(Lose 73-70.........Ford,  Jeremy Miller and Williams........and this Northeastern team FAILS to cover for me AGAIN !
(This is a heartbreaking loss to their families, friends, and to all of us in the Northeastern family.”..........

Northeastern University said Monday that two of its students died on Sunday in a car crash in Dubai.)
        Bad combination:  drinking,  driving,  Northeastern...........
(.....identified those killed as Boston bombing survivor Victoria McGrath, Northeastern University student Priscilla Perez Torres, Canadian boxer Cody Nixon and James Portuondo.)
        ............and a Canadian driver named 'James')

MARYLAND TERRAPINS +4.5 over Indiana Hoosiers(Lose 80-62)
MARYLAND TERRAPINS +180 over Indiana Hoosiers-----First,  there was the Knicks win yesterday where they were 7-point underdogs and they won 102-89 with Carmelo Anthony getting 24 points(Maryland has Melo Trimble).  Second,  the 60-38 win by Holy Cross today,  with Robert Champion being HC's leading scorer in the game,  was pretty hard to ignore as Army was favored by 9 points.   (Maryland has Robert Carter and Indiana's Robert Johnson might not even play due to injury).   Indiana also has some other injuries.   Both teams have been poor ATS and both are 24-6.  Maryland has had some troubling losses recently,  most disturbingly against Minnesota on the road.  And.........this game is at Indiana.   But I'll take em anyway.(Lose 80-62........Wow Maryland must be a sorry team if Indiana can beat them like this and then lose to Michigan)

Saturday, March 05, 2016

AUSTIN PEAY GOVERNORS +2.5 over Tenn-Martin Skyhawks------AP on a surge,  having won their last 3 games as underdogs.  And they've lost twice to TM.   TM has the +ATS and Alex Anderson;  AP has the double-Revenge.(Win 83-73...........Jared Savage 8-14 on 3s for 24pts.........Josh Robinson 20pts........Khalil Davis 14pts........John Murry 3-3 on 3s)

COLORADO BUFFALOES +11.5 over Utah Utes(Win 57-55)
COLORADO BUFFALOES +575 over Utah Utes-----Both teams coming off wins vs AZ and AZ ST.  Colorado has the Revenge,  having lost to Utah by 2points.(Lose 57-55....almost a great game as Colorado was ahead 45-31 in the 2nd half and.............couldn't close.   Which means that Utah won the end of the game 26-10.  Guess I should have played Northern Colorado today.)

TEXAS AM AGGIES -5.5 over Vanderbilt Commodores------Both teams hot;  its been 8 games since Vanderbilt has lost a game by 5.  AM has the Revenge at home.(Win 76-67........Jalen Jones 17pts)

JAMES MADISON DUKES +3 over William Mary Tribe(Lose 79-64..........Guess if I liked Dukes I could have played Duquesne today.........
("I couldn’t sleep last night,” she said Monday, “thinking about how he attacked me without motive.”

James Dillon’s father told cops his 23-year-old son is bipolar and schizophrenic and stopped taking his meds six months ago, police sources said.

His manic behavior turned lethal for six hours in Astoria on Sunday — when he killed the liquor store owner and set him on fire, torched a homeless man and slashed a mother of four across the face before officers shot him when he refused to put down a knife, police said.)
...........James Madison ruined what could have been my first good day in a long time)

XAVIER -9.5 over Creighton---------Xavier has the revenge and the home-off-road-loss.   Xavier has won by an average of 13pts at home.   That's why the line high.(Lose 98-93.......Kaiser Gates 3-3 on 3s and 8 rebounds in only 15 min for Xavier but........yeah,   this line was too high to bet.)

PEPPERDINE WAVES -4 over San Francisco Dons-----Waves have the Revenge and home-off-road-loss.(Push 90-86...........Jeremy Major 5-6 on 3s and they still couldn't cover)

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

PISTONS +11(-115) over Spurs(Lose 97-81..........Fucking assholes.  Fuck Texas.)
PISTONS +535 over Spurs----Texas fucking sucks.  Fuck this State of losers.  30 pt blowout of my GOY on Longhorns? Really?  Fuck you.  I did a term paper on the Alamo for this?  Fuck the loser tony romo fuck mark cuban
TRAVIS was a Loser!  VIVA LA SANTA ANA.  VIVA LA SANTA ANA.  VIVA LA SANTA ANA!(Lose 1 for 8 on FTs,  Andre Drummond was a bit below his 35% average on Free Throws(how is this guy even in the NBA?)............Kentavious Caldwell-Pope 1-10 FG,  0-4 on 3s:  Total failure,  Total Loser.   Faggoty-loser Pistons lose the 2nd half by 15.   Fuck,  Shit,  Bitch)