Sunday, December 29, 2013

DALLAS +7.5 over Philadelphia(Win 24-22)
DALLAS +290 over Philadelphia------With an unexpected Jets win along with Green Bay's win,  its not looking good for Dallas in this game as a color matchup.   And should we even believe in the "home-field advantage" today after Miami and Chicago both threw away their seasons today at home?  The Eagles even have the revenge!  Wow,  this bet's looking bad.   But honestly,  I have the personal revenge against the Eagles;  they ran up the score on me against Oakland and they ruined the Lions' season by winning that game when they should have lost.   As far as what the Eagles did to the Bears in their last game............well,  the Eagles were at home for that one.   And they were on the road in Minnesota when they expressed their own fallibility.   Hmmm,  nice play on 4th and 8 by Randall Cobb to save the Packers' season.(Lose 24-22.......Very difficult for Cowboys to avoid the "trap" of going for it on 4th and 1.   The position was........about on the Eagles' 40yd line.  The Cowboys had been getting only FGs and........they were itching for a TD.    But its instructive to just look at the facts:  The Cowboys' defense had been MAKING PLAYS.   At the point when Garrett went for it on 4th down,  The Eagles HAD NOT SCORED DURING THE PREVIOUS 19 AND 1/2 MINUTES.   After the 4th-and-1 PASS PLAY was blocked,  the Cowboys defense wilted as the Eagles scored on the very next drive of 10 plays that took 5:39.   Yes,  in football there is a very good chance that you will move the ball forward 1 yard on any given offensive play.   However,  when the opposing team KNOWS that all you need is 1 yard,  its a bit more difficult to get it.   But so often,  if you don't get it,  your defense tends to fail immediately afterwards.   Clearly,  as I 've said,  the temptation to go for it was very strong at that field and game position.  Cowboys couldn't resist.  And as soon as they missed,  I FELT that they would surely lose.   The only question was,  Would they cover?  Fortunately,  they did thanks to the Cowboys' defense making plays all game----except right after Garrett dissed them.)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

MICHIGAN WOLVERINES +7 over Kansas State Wildcats(Lose31-14)
MICHIGAN WOLVERINES +230 over Kansas State Wildcats-----You will not see a lineman's # like 98 at QB for Michigan in this game and ohhhhhhhh,  there's gonna be some value unlocked in this team.  What did you think was gonna happen to Gardner when you put 98 on him?  That he was gonna stealthily evade tackles and not get hurt?   And Michigan's defense is not as bad as it looks statistically;  they've just had lapses between largely solid play which they will not have in this game.   Oh,  you think you're gonna bet K-State because Morris and Miami just got annihilated?  Problem is,  the Morris on Michigan isn't named Stephen.   And, of course,  you do remember what Victorino did for the Red Sox in the post-season,  right?(Lose 31-14...........Easily the worst bet I've ever made in my life.  DESPICABLE........and largely because Michigan's defense SUCKED.  They fucking SUCK!  I could not believe this shit.   They allow Jake Waters to throw 77.8% against them.  Michigan's new QB threw 63%,  which isn't bad.  The problem is that he was also MICHIGAN'S LEADER RUSHER IN THIS GAME!  That's pathetic;  he rushed for 43 yards.  Seriously,  what the fuck?   Can't believe I got suckered into this:  WHY THE FUCK IS MICHIGAN IN A BOWL GAME??????   Michigan was 3-5 in its own conference.   That was good enough for 8th place in the 12-team Big Ten measured by conference record.  Michigan lost to Ohio State, Michigan State, Penn State,  Nebraska and Iowa.   This pitiful failure against K-State is perfect evidence that Michigan did not "earn" its way into this---or any---Bowl game and should not have been playing in it.   End "affirmative action" for Michigan in Bowl games.)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

UTAH STATE -2(-115) over Northern Illinois-----Wow,  how did Utah State get favored?  Well,  I guess its just disrespect for the MAC.   Ok,  I'll go along with it even though USU won the TO ratio by 3 in their last game but still lost it to Fresno.   Besides,  USU's Fr. QB is from Chandler did see Chandler Parsons get 21 pts last night in the Rockets' blow-out of an 8-point line,  right?(Win 21-14...........Joey DeMartino 143yds, TD)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

BOISE STATE BRONCOS +4.5 over Oregon State Beavers------Calling Castle Hedingham!  Though this line is "on the move" toward Oregon State,  we're going with the Boi-ses.(Lose 38-23.......Game not nearly as close as the score.  What a beatdown.   What a disaster.  Grant Hedrick was 72% but his team just got destroyed.)

Monday, December 23, 2013

ATLANTA +14 over 49ers--------Fuck the 49ers.   How much money has that team lost for me this year?  Fuck ObamaCare.   Can YOU fucking get to the marketplace on that site??  Huh?  I fucking applied and I have an ID #.   Now what?   How the FUCK do you get to the FUCKING marketplace??   Fuck Obama.   I don't wanna fucking wait on "Live Chat" for 10 FUCKING minutes and then be told my goddamn "session" is ending because the site is too busy!   The faggot-ass "session" never fucking started cuz there was noone to chat with!!!!   No,  I want to see Obama's black-ass on Obamacare-loving MSNBC telling me PERSONALLY how the fuck do you get to the GODDAMN marketplace after you've applied and declared "eligible to purchase insurance in the marketplace".   What the fuck good is that if you can't fucking get there, bitch? (Win 34-24......Amazing that,  after recovering an onside kick,  the Falcons had it on the 49ers' 10-yard-line and were about to go in to win the game when NaVorro Bowman took an interception 89-yards for a TD.)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

REDSKINS +3(+100) over Cowboys------Not the easiest decision considering the Cowboys need the game.   But Redskins do have the home revenge and I have a lingering feeling the fix might be in for the EAGLES---note the Morehead State Eagles' beatdown on Dec 19th----which,  if it is,  should help the Cowboys lose.(Win 24-23.........Heroic effort by Romo to keep the Cowboys' season alive and the 4th and 10 conversion with 1 minute left was clearly the best play in the NFL this season.)

BUCCANEERS +3.5 over Rams(Lose 23-13)

BROWNS +2.5 over Jets-------Browns have been knocking at the door of a win..........but not getting one lately.   I think they're ready to win today.(Lose 24-13..........Jason Campbell 18/40 with 2 INT;  horrible day for him.  Ed Reed an INT for Jets and David Nelson 2 TD)

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS +4 over Tennessee Titans(Push 20-16......I swear this line was 4.5 just before I bet it.............10 TKs Paul Posluszny)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

TULANE GREEN WAVE -2.5(-115) over UL Lafayette-----At 9-3 ATS,  Tulane has clearly done better than expected this year;  they're a + team.   Questions about whether ULL's best QB will play on account of injury.(Lose 24-21........Broadway did play but he wasn't that good.   3 TD's by Darkwa and Tulane still can't get it done(their QBs are nasty).   Nope,  Ryan Grant couldn't get it done.)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

GOLDEN STATE -7 over San Antonio----GS lost only by 2 at SA so they have the home revenge here.   And..........with Ira Curry just winning half of one of the largest lottery jackpots in history,  I think you have to give Golden State and chance here.(Lose 28pts by Marco Bellinelli but look,  Spurs did not play Tim Duncan and they did not have Tony Parker,  their 2 best players.   The fact that Golden State COULDN'T EVEN WIN THIS GAME in this spot,  let alone covering,  with the home revenge and the 2 best players on the opposing team being OUT,  constitutes perhaps the WORST athletic failure eveR documented on this website.   Golden State SUCKS!!!   Now,  can we get The Big One,  NOW?   Where the fuck is Golden State?)

Monday, December 16, 2013

LIONS +1 over Ravens teased with Lions OVER 43-----Lions in a close race for 1st place;  I'd say they need the game more.   I just don't see the need----or the likelihood----for the Ravens going post-season this year.   With the Eagles finally getting exposed in Minnesota yesterday with the Vikings' 2 starting RBs out,  uhhhhhh...........I think that means we can discount the Lions-Eagles game where the Lions lost the 4th quarter 28-6:  Cramer was in attendance for that game.   Lions have the home-off-road-loss here tonight but,  as the Ravens have only lost 2 games by more than 5 points,  we'll take the teaser as Lions' games usually go over 43.(Lose 18-16..........."I admire your luck,  Mister............?"    Harbaugh.  John Harbaugh.   It should have been over TWICE last week for the Ravens within the last 2 minutes of the game.   Did Elam call Calvin Johnson 'Old Man'?  He did, didn't he.   Bwaaaa.  I didn't know that.   Absolutely shocking that the Ravens could carry over their luck to this game,  translating it into a buzzer-beating 61-yard FG(You do know that somebody is fixing these games,  right?)......But its nearly as surprising that the Lions would throw away their season on a -3TO ratio in this game one week after blowing the 4th quarter 28-6 in a game they should have won.   Lions are brittle;  they need too much hand-holding.   6 FG,  ok,  the Ravens have a kicker named Justin Tucker.)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

WASHINGTON REDSKINS +5 over Atlanta Falcons(Win 27-26)
WASHINGTON REDSKINS +195 over Atlanta Falcons-----St Peters!  A 12-point-underdog victory last night AT Seton Hall with Desi Washington getting 34 pts.   Well,  Washington's lost 5 they have new QB coming in today.   It SHOULD help because this team can't really sink any lower.  (Lose 27-26.......Thanks for covering at least-----and that was quite a feat considering the Redskins' 7 turnovers.  Redskins outgain 'em by 230 yds.)

ARIZONA CARDINALS -140 over Tennessee Titans-----Obviously,  I'm not gonna be laying 2.5 points again.   Palmer might not be playing in this game due to injury.   But I think Arizona's recent success is "team-based" and won't be compromised if a backup QB plays.(Win 37-34.........Antoine Cason 2 INTs......Mendenhall 2 TDs............Michael Preston 2 TD for Titans)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

ARIZONA +2.5 over Michigan-----Look what Gordon Hayward did last night for the Jazz(career high in rebounds).....and.....Arizona has Aaron Gordon(Win 72-70)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

OHIO STATE -20.5 over Bryant(Win 86-48.........Lenzelle Smith 19pts)

OKLAHOMA CITY -6 over Memphis(Win 116-100..........Westbrook 27 pts)

Sunday, December 08, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS -2.5 over Seattle Seahawks-----With Harbaugh in Sports Illustrated this week talking about his Catholic work in Peru,  it may come as a liability to Seattle that they just destroyed the Saints last game.  San Francisco does have the home revenge and Stacy Davis did have 18 pts for Pepperdine last night in a win at Cal Irvine.(Lose 19-17.....Look,  I expected a little more "punch" than 4 FGs by Phil Dawson for the 49ers in this game.   But it is NOT AN ACCIDENT----and I know its not an accident-----that for the 2nd time in 10 days I lose by a half-point laying 2 and 1/2.   No,  this is about Fag City having problem......
(Former coworkers of Morales have spoken out to the media following the enormous attention her receipt story received. They claimed Morales has a history of lying, according to The Journal News. She allegedly lied to colleagues about having brain cancer, about the severity of the damage done to her house during Hurricane Sandy and about the supposed casualties she saw while deployed in Afghanistan.

“It’s like she’s taking it to a whole other level,” Julie Howat, who knew Morales, told The Journal News. “Now you’re lying to people to get their money. It’s not even for sympathy now.")

   Can't truss 'em.  )

DETROIT LIONS +3(-115) over Philadelphia Eagles----Eagles coming off 4 straight wins after Foles came in at QB........Detroit Pistons won last night on the road.........James Bell 25pts last night for Villanova,  Ross Rivera had 11pts for Pacific in their upset victory last night while Charles Ross had 2TD for the Rice Owls.(Lose 34-20.......You think the Lions might be gaining some "solidity",  some maturity.....but no.   This is team is too inconsistent,  fragile and "holey".  You never know when they're gonna do good because they can fall apart at any time.  Lions were winning this game 14-6 after 3 quarters.  Then they lose the 4th quarter 28-6.)

OAKLAND RAIDERS +3 over New York Jets-----Raiders have +3 days of rest after coming close to winning in Dallas so this will be the first game they've played after the phenomenal Penn State victory at Wisconsin as a 25-pt underdog.   And Raiders have a Penn State QB.  McFadden is OUT for Raiders while Jets have only scored 6 over their last 2 games.(Lose 37-27..........Who knew the Jets were gonna score like this?)

Saturday, December 07, 2013

MICHIGAN STATE SPARTANS +5.5 over Ohio State Buckeyes(Win 34-24)
MICHIGAN STATE SPARTANS +185 over Ohio State Buckeyes-----76-0 against Florida A and M, eh?   So I guess you have a good defense.   Some think MSU's offense is weak,  but they scored 42 off Indiana and Illinois and 41 off Nebraska.   OSU beat MSU last year so Spartans have the revenge.  Let's look at OSU's defense:  Michigan got 41 off them,  Illinois got 35,  Northwestern got 30 and............Buffalo got 20(Ok,  Buffalo's not that bad;  I mean,  they're not as bad as Michigan this season).   I actually think Kenny Guiton is a better QB than Miller but...........hindsight is 20/20;  I ain't hyden:  Ohio State is so fucking overrated its not even funny.   And when their offense gets STUFFED in this game,  it'll be quite visible.(Win 34-24...........Career-hi 304 yds by Connor Cook.....72 yd TD Keith Mumphrey.......Sorry, but I just didn't see a National Champion on this Buckeye team,  didn't see a Maurice Clarett.   But get some tattoos for me when you get back to Columbus.)

DUKE BLUE DEVILS +30 over Florida State Seminoles-----Anthony Boone doesn't have the athletic benefit of being a he's not "dual-threat" like Winston.   But this IS 30 points here.(Lose 45-7........0-0 after the 1st quarter,  you'd think,  you know,  that they might at least cover.   But no,  outgained by 330 yards, lose the last 3 Q's 45-7)

Thursday, December 05, 2013

CINCINNATI BEARCATS +2.5(-105) over Louisville Cardinals----Well, ok.  I spy a Michigan Man at QB for the Bearcats and,  technically,  Cincinnati's offense has gained just as many yards as Louisville's so,  we'll watch Abernathy for that 'funny business' of course,  but we'll take Cincinnati with the home revenge.(Lose 31-24..........If you can't stop Bridgewater on 4th and 12 with 10:04 left in the game-----4TH AND 12!!!-----then you're just not good enough to win;  not good enough to beat Louisville.)

Sunday, December 01, 2013

MINNESOTA VIKINGS pk over Chicago Bears------The BCLI CHRISTIAN the viKING GAME OF THE YEAR has finally arrived.   With Christian Hackenburg throwing 70% and getting 4TD yesterday to lead---not the Nittany bears but----The Nittany LIONS to a 31-24 victory over Wisconsin(and yes,  Wisconsin was favored by 25 points in that game) and the latest miracle-ending to an Auburn game seeing the ball in the hands of CHRIS Davis on the 100-yard+ return,  there can be no doubt about this GOY with Viking Christian Ponder at QB.  Vikings also have the in-season home revenge here.    And if you're wondering about how Iowa beat Nebraska on the road by 21 points two days ago,  and you think it might have something to do with Iowa having Jake RudOCK at QB,  rest assured that the Vikings have Peterson for this GOY blow-out winner.(Win 23-20........With Ponder not making it past his brutalization in the 1st half,  this Christ the King GOY flipped to a kind of Afro-American Gangsta-Lit GOY as Ellison was clearly not playing for the Vikings and Jarius Wright had to right the ship.........Adrian Peterson 211 yds rushing.)

TENNESSEE TITANS +3.5 over Indianapolis Colts-----These teams plays 2 weeks ago........and so the Titans have the revenge here today.   Some might say that the Colts are too good of a team to lose for a 3rd time here today in a stretch of 4 games.   However,  we must consider how the Detroit Titans won yesterday as a 9-point underdog in South Florida.(Lose 22-14........3 INTs and a fumble by Ryan Fitzpatrick.......Colts win the TO ratio by 3)