Saturday, February 23, 2013

SOUTH CAROLINA +7.5 over Georgia------Jesse Jackson Jr. has confessed and...........SC now has a 2-0 ATS streak.   South Carolina has the revenge here on the road.  I WILL TOLERATE ABSOLUTELY NO FAILURE IN THIS GAME......for any reason.  You all know goddamn well the Pope quit.(Lose 62-54.........LOOK WHAT YOU DAMN KILLERS DID! Spencer McDonald, 20, was read his charges for the shooting of 19-year-old Anthony Liddell: one count of murder, a felony that carries a sentence of 30 years to death and one count of possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime.)   Look, DUMBASSES,  if you're an underdog,  and you feel you can't handle OT,  DON'T FUCKING TIE THE GAME TO PUT IN OVERTIME!   Just miss the last shot,  get the cover;  there's not shame or loss in covering for me.    Do it like this?  yeah,  you fucking kill people.)

WILLIAM AND MARY TRIBE +8.5 over George Mason Patriots-----Tribe has the road revenge.  AGAIN,  NO FAILURE WILL BE TOLERATED.(Win 60-58)

CAL STATE FULLERTON TITANS -7.5 over Texas A&M CC Islanders-----Islanders can't seem to win in their own league.(Lose 63-57...........Jared Brandon,  N Las Vegas, 39minutes,  2pts:  WHAT a fucking loser.  What a fucking joke.  Get these fucking cunts out of my sight.)

Friday, February 22, 2013

MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES -14 over Orlando Magic-----After losing to Charlotte,  Orlando has definitely earned the title of Worst Team in Basketball.   They are on the road here and they SUCK.(Lose 88-82.......MEMPHIS......can't cover for us against THE WORST TEAM IN BASKETBALL.  Hey,  hey everybody,  MEMPHIS can't cover against the the worst team in basketball!   What are we gonna do about this kike-shit?   What are we gonna do about this FUCKED-UP,  white-trash,  red-neck,  Elvis-loving motherfucker?)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ATLANTA HAWKS +5.5 over Miami Heat(Lose 103-90)
ATLANTA HAWKS +190 over Miami Heat----Atl at home with the double revenge.....true,  home teams in basketball have been doing HORRIBLE for me.......Allen Huddleston 11pts yesterday in Fresno State's victory over Nevada(Hawks have Al Horford).   Miami does have the +ATS and streaks of 7-0 SU and 4-0 ATS........perhaps they could have an off-night in.......Atlanta.(Lose 103-90......COULD YOU FUCKING NIGGERS LOSE THE 4TH QUARTER BY 15 INSTEAD OF 23 SO I WOULDN'T LOSE ALL MY MONEY,  dickheads?   Absolutely despicable----You're winning the fucking game by 10pts after the 3rd Quarter.  What the fuck is wrong with you?   FUCK ATLANTA!   I want a meteor-strike on that fucking town overnight.  Fucking NOW, bitch.)

SANTA CLARA +13 over Gonzaga-----SC has the revenge here at Gonzaga AND Kevin Foster a day after Fresno's Kevin Foster had 15pts in an upset win.(Lose 85-42.......This is the Worst Loss BCLI has ever suffered..........and people will die.  Kevin Foster 2-10, 0-5 on 3pters,  Katy, TX-----TORCH THE PLACE.  That town is fucking gone;  I'm sick of this shit.   Evan Roquemore 11% 1-9,  2pts, 0-3 on 3pters,  Henderson, Nevada-----That town needs to fucking explode AND be hit by a meteor-strike.   I'M NOT FUCKING AROUND ANYMORE.   FUCKING PAY ME, JEW!!!!!!  goddammit.  fucking bych kikes motherfuckers.   Raymond Cowels III 1-5 22minutes to score 3 points,  Minneapolis, Minnesota-----CRUSH THAT PLACE.   Meteor-strike and shoot-to-fucking-kill.   Minneapolis is fucking gone.  I'm sick of this shit----The fucking Jews have had 5 years to pay me...........and they owe me more today than when their $12,000 'back-pay' disability check came in in March of 2008.   I'm sick of this shit;  I've had enough.    Its time to EXPLICITLY HUNT JEWS)

ILLINOIS-CHICAGO FLAMES -3 over Wisconsin-Milwaukee Panthers-----IC has the +ATS,  WM has the home revenge and home-off-road-loss.   Not a perfect play with the Panthers having Jordan Aaron----a very hot name in basketball now-----however,  I do need personal revenge against WM for their flailing incompetence against Youngstown St and I trust the Flames to give it to me.(Lose 64-53......Milwaukee needs to be destroyed immediately;  you don't fucking throw the game when I bet on you and then have the audacity TO BEAT me when I bet against you.   We'll show you what we can do to fucking Milwaukee.   Josh Crittle....and a pathetic 3-10 and 6 pts,  Bellwood, Illinois-----Firebomb the town immediately.   Load a meteor-strike for BELLWOOD, ILLINOIS.  Daniel Barnes 22%, 2-9,  Oak Park, Illinois-------Liquidate that town of fucking losers.   I'm sick of this goddam shit.  WHERE THE FUCK IS MY MONEY, JEWS??????  You goddamn blood-sucking kike bitches.)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

PHOENIX SUNS +6.5 over Portland Trail Blazers(Win 102-98)
PHOENIX SUNS +240 over Portland Trail Blazers-----Both teams have been getting ripped apart while playing a lot of road games.....with the unthinkable tragedy that happened at Illinois State two days seems that the 'Michael' isn't playing for us right now----but we can CHANGE that.  We will;  maybe today.....but certainly soon.  We can do that.   Phoenix does have the revenge here on the road and.......well,  look at the Wisc-GB Phoenix on Feb 17th:  a 17-point win(18pt cover) at Youngstown State.....Alec Brown 16pts,  Sultan Muhammed 9pts.(Win 102-98..........amazing---a helld lead!  Luis Scola 18pts.......Goran Dragic 16pts)

BROOKLYN NETS -5 over Milwaukee Bucks--------Brooklyn Nets.......because.............we're fishers of men,  right?(Lose 113-111..........Nets blow a 10pt lead,  almost lose it,  then GET IT TO OT!  But still can't cover........)

Monday, February 18, 2013

KANSAS STATE -10 over West Virginia-----I absolutely HATE what the state of Kansas has done to me.   Not only did Kansas State beat our play on Baylor by 20 points,  Manhattan, KS Jackie Carmichael threw a flagrantly intentional flying karate-kick last night----after shooting a season-low 25% FG-----with 1 minute to go which allowed his team to blow a 7-pt lead in the final 36 seconds to Wichita State,  a Kansas team,  one of the WORST,  most DESPICABLE losses that BCLI has ever suffered.   Obviously,  I want to HURT Kansas.   But West Virginia,  a team that has lost to Purdue by 27pts and, therefore,  cannot be considered a serious basketball team,  cannot be bet on.   Suffice it to say that if Kansas State does not cover this spread,  the entire state of Kansas will be obliterated by a meteor-strike.   Trust me.(Push 71-61......19pt lead by Kansas State casually thrown down to 10 as KS doesn't really try to score at all in the final 3minutes............and the blatant foul not called with 7 seconds to go which would have gotten the cover?
 (What commercial photographer Bob Greenspan saw through the windshield of his car Tuesday evening “looked like a giant was standing over the Plaza and was dropping handfuls of roofing material into the street.”.........On his Facebook page, he wrote: “It was a very surreal scene, with victims wandering out like zombies — obviously in shock.”)
  You don't care about my money?  You wanna fire-bomb Kansas City?  Then fire-bomb Kansas City.  Keep the lead or call the game right............or fire-bomb Kansas City;  its your choice.)

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

ILLINOIS STATE REDBIRDS -2.5 over Wichita State Shockers-----Redbirds have the home revenge and the +offense..........Look at the SE Missouri St Redhawks----a 22pt beatdown win yesterday while Juvonte Reddic had a 24pt season-hi for VCU.  A  33pt win for the Arkansas State RedWolves....well,  Red beat Blue in the Maryland-Duke game and then today.......a 'more-Red' Wisconsin destroyed a 'less-Red' Ohio State.(Lose 68-67.....One of the worst losses in history;  10pt lead with 4minutes left BLOWN by Illinois State.   7pt lead with 36 seconds left BLOWN by Illinois State............flying karate-kick by Jackie Carmichael of Illinois State with 1minute left BLOWS the game.........Jackie Carmichael of Manhattan, Kansas----cursed be the name-----shoots a season-low 25% yet STILL the Redbirds can win easily with 1minute left before Carmichael spears Tekele Cotton with his Jackie Chan kick to the chest.   The information was perfect;  this game should have won and Kansas is about to take some serious damage from a meteor-strike.   But can anyone think of a better target for a meteor-strike than NORMAL, ILLINOIS?   I cannot believe this shit.)

ILLINOIS -3 over Northwestern-----Fighting Illini DO have the revenge....and the +offense.....and are on a 4-1 ATS run.   NW is at home with a slight +ATS but........their L to Nebraska looks weak.  I'll go with the Orange.(Win 62-41)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO DONS +12.5 over Gonzaga Bulldogs(Win 71-61)
SAN FRANCISCO DONS +800 over Gonzaga Bulldogs-----Why is Gonzaga so good.......?  At 24-2?  I don't know----they've lost only to Illinois and Butler.   San Francisco has the home revenge---I'm not fucking around anymore:  There will be SERIOUS consequences if this bet doesn't win.(Lose 71-61)

YALE -1.5 over Columbia Lions------Columbia has Rosenberg and 'Isaac Cohen'?????   2 Jews on this team?   No,  that's ridiculous;  this is basketball.(Win 75-56..........Justin Sears 10pts)

BAYLOR BEARS +5 over Kansas State Wildcats(Lose 81-61)
BAYLOR BEARS +180 over Kansas State Wildcats-----While the Villanova Wildcats did win today,  the Pitt Panthers lost today as favorites while Kentucky got blown away by 30 points.   Yesterday,  BCLI was disgraced and dishonored by the W-Milwaukee Panthers failure and the Cincinnati BearCATS haplessness.   Columbia Lions also lost as a favorite.   Anything seemingly 'feline' is garbage.   Baylor has the +ATS and the +offense;  K-State has the home-off-road-loss.   Home teams have been---for me----so disgustingly overvalued.....I'll take the road team.(Lose 81-61.......despicable inconsistency)

SAN DIEGO STATE AZTECS +4 over Unlv Runnin Rebels(Win 72-70)
SAN DIEGO STATE AZTECS +160 over Unlv Runnin Rebels-----Aztecs have the +ATS and the revenge.  Unlv has the +offense and the home-off-road-loss.   I see the Acapulco rapes of Spanish tourists as a possible sign of Moctezuma's Revenge..........could provide an impetus to the Aztecs here.(Lose 72-70..........Chase Tapley 22pts for Aztecs)

UMKC KANGAROOS +8 over Oakland------UMKC has the home revenge......somehow they can beat South Dakota twice.......but can't beat Houston Baptist.   Oakland is definitely the better team but...........they are only 5-12 on the road.(Lose 86-74............29pts Travis Bader?   I don't fucking need this shit)

Friday, February 15, 2013

WISCONSIN-MILWAUKEE PANTHERS +11.5 over Youngstown State Penguins------Panthers have the revenge on the road.(Lose 94-80............God damnn it!   Eleven and a half points you fucking cunts!   You think I'm FUCKING playing around?   Cock-sukcing maggot losers.   Cover the DAMN spread.   I'm calling in a metroid-strike in Milwaukee.  FUCK THAT SHIT-ASS CITY.  GODDAMNIT.   yOU THINK i'M FUCKING AROUND?   I'll wipe that city off the fucking map, bitch.   Goddam kikes.   Can't cover 11 and 1/2?!!! PUssy kike bitch-whores phaggots.)

CINCINNATI BEARCATS -4.5(-105) over Georgetown Hoyas----Well, on 2/9/13,  De'End Parker had 23pts,  going 3-3 on threes for San Francisco in a huge upset victory while Parker Kelly had a season-hi 19pts for Eastern Washington;  Bearcats seem to have that name covered.   Georgetown has the +ATS and is 6-0 ATS/6-0 SU going back.   Otto Porter has been doing it for GT now,  with Oscar Pistorius in the dock for blowing away his model-girlfriend?  (I really don't know why these shooters blow away their model-girlfriends).(Lose 62-55......The OP gets the win and once again,  killers win.   Cincinnati is the most IMMATURE,  SLOPPY,  careless,  undisciplined and STUPID basketball team that I've ever seen.   Cincinnati:  a .315 FG percentage.  Cincinnati:  a Loser.  Cincinnati:  a Failure.   Despicable home loss by Cincinnati.......Congrats to the man,  by his Epic Failure,  MIck CRonin, who murdered MIndy mcCReady.  Hope you're happy now, loser.)

Saturday, February 09, 2013

RICHMOND SPIDERS +4 over Saint Louis------DJ Richardson beat the #1 team,  Indiana,  2 days ago as,  with the skull of Richard III up now,  Richard Ross had 14pts for an Old Dominion win---their 1st in 10 games.  I like Richmond.  Stl has been doing pretty well,  and has the +ATS.   But Saint Louis also has Dwayne Evans which makes them a HUGELY high-value target today and.........they will probably be blown away with a Winchester Ranger SXT 9mm 147 grain bullet.(Lose 56-46...........You do this shit to me at HOME, GREG fucking Robbins????  0-5 0pts.  Deion Taylor 23minutes ZERO points.   Fuck these damn losers. )

AIR FORCE FALCONS +4 over Nevada(Lose 74-69.........Mike Lyons only 10pts.  Pathetic.   Air Force fails for me again-----aircraft must be sacrificed.   I'm sick of this shit.  Motherfucking byches.  Where the FUCK is my money?   I should have BILLIONS by now.  goddamn losers.)

SOUTHERN UTAH +15 over Weber State(Lose 75-58............Ohhhh, what the fuck?  AJ Hess 3pts???  Jayson Cheesman 2pts in 26minutes????  Jaren Jeffrey 0pts?  FUCK THAT KIKE!   You think I'm fucking around????   Have a Meteor-sandwich, Utah,  you fucking bych.) 

DEPAUL BLUE DEMONS +14.5 over Marquette------DePaul off 7 straight losses---they do have the ability to lose a game by a lot of points-----however,  they do have the +offense in this matchup.  (Win 89-78) 

MICHIGAN -3 over Wisconsin------Wisconsin beat Illinois twice...........and beat Indiana once.   Problem is they have "Ryan Evans"......and now............The Manifesto is out!(Lose 65-62.......Michigan is one of the most overrated basketball teams in CBB history.   What are these fucking losers ranked for this game?   Number 3?  And they can't beat an unranked team?   Michigan is going NOWHERE in the post-season.  They shouldn't even be ranked in the Top 25.  Epic Fraud.)

OLD DOMINION MONARCHS +3.5 over Northeastern--------This line is coming down from 4.5.........has the worm turned.......for OD?   10 straight losses and then a win last game for Old Dominion.   I'll try them at home.(Lose 79-74.............Why the fuck do I even let this world fucking live?   Aaron Bacote Epic Fail....39minutes 4pts.   Old Dominion 1 for 26 on 3ptrs.   That's really takes the fucking cake.   Meteor strike on Old Dominion immediately.   I'm sick of this fucking shit.  Mother fucking phaggots can't win at home.   I'll fucking kill Joel Smith and you fucking know it.)

Saturday, February 02, 2013

SOUTH CAROLINA GAMECOCKS -3.5 over Georgia-----SC has the +ATS,  the +offense and the home-off-road-loss.(Lose 67-56...........Pathetic.  Way to protect-the-house you miserable, pathetic losers----Lakeem Jackson 2pts---wahhhH!   Terrible basketball team South Carolina.)

PURDUE BOILERMAKERS +2 over Northwestern------Rafael Maia a huge season-hi 21pts for Brown yesterday while Antawn Jamison had 18 for the Lakers with Amir Johnson having 19 for Toronto......Purdue has an AJ and 2 Johnson's.(Lose 75-60............Oh, I'm sorry;  Purdue actually has 3 "Johnson"s and they were a combined 8-for-33 from the field.   I feel that Purdue has disgraced me in a real and personal way.   You think I'm fucking here to bet on losers?   Fuck Purdue,  fuck that crap team.)