Saturday, January 31, 2009

MARQUETTE -6.5 over Georgetown---------Marquette has the +ATS record, the +offense, +2 days of rest and the revenge. GT is coming off 4 L's and has been poor on the road so far. Jerel + Lazar should rise up over Freeman + Summers(Win 94-82)

NC STATE WOLFPACK +15 over North Carolina----------The Pack has the +ATS, +1 day of rest and the revenge. NC has the +offense and too many Ty's on the team(I think one of them got hurt). Hansbrough looks like he's not scoring much. NC State has lost by 13 at home to FSU, but that's anomalous; they dont lose big at home. Brandon it and they will come?.......What I'd like to see come is a big game from Farnold DEgand. And I think it should happen.......especially in Raleigh.(Lose 93-76.........Guess not. I should have known......Raleigh is SO fucking white-trash)

XAVIER -16.5 over Umass-----------Xavier has the +ATS and the +offense while Umass has the revenge from last year. This is not a big bet for BCLI.........its more of a 'exploratory' wager. Xavier has Terrell Holloway(.......lets just say I have some 'intimate' knowledge of a certain Holloway...and the first name is palindromic.....maybe some ahhhh 'activation' in this player). But Im most interested in this player-complement: B j Raymond JAson Love. Looks like its been working so far........I'll take a chance here laying the big number........I gotta know how the B R is runnin'(Lose 82-80.......Thanks for the 5 points and ZERO ASSISTS, Love. Raymond......not nearly good enough. Goddamit I'm sick of this shyte)

INDIANA +7 over Ohio State---------OSU has the better offense but Indiana has home-off-road-loss and the revenge. THIS is the game(did you hear that 'thief in the river' story out of Florida?.....bwaaa) where having Dallas Lauderdale on the roster starts to destroy the Buckeyes. After 10 straight losses, THIS is the game where the DEvan--VERdell combo comes alive.(Lose 93-81........Verdell Jones 3 for 10.........and 1 for 3 on free throws.........Hometown: Champaign, Illinois. Did I FUCKING tell them to let Blago call his witnesses? Fuck this SHIT! FUCK Illinois. FUCK the entire state of Indiana. I want thosed states FUCKED up. Goddam this fucking shyte)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MICHIGAN +4.5 over Ohio State---------Michigan has revenge, +1 day of rest and the better offense. OSU is off 2 losses.(Lose 72-54.........I dont know what the fuck happened here. You can beat Duke, the current #1 team in the country, but you cant beat OSU once in two tries? Lemme tell you what's fucked up about Michigan athletics. Harbaugh dissed special "Easy-A" classes that athletes get channeled into. Not just at state schools like U of M, I'm sure, but everywhere. {Actually, the vast majority of college students dont come close to the "quality" subject materials that will truly educate them. That's part of the reason America's so fucking stupid(and broke). Science is so boring and limiting that its scholars become hideously stultified. Math is a waste of time since it can be mastered adequately in junior high school. Psychology and Sociology are scams created to enrich educators while injecting students with the "common sense" that is already in their heads. Though interesting, English Lit is usually watered down from its core relevancy, Shakespeare, in whose classes craven educators fail to see, or teach, the basic non-sensicality of Stratfordianism(that an author of Shakespearian merit would fail to convey literacy to his own children). "Law schools" are schools of ego-aggrandizement, not education, and Business schools are essentially crime schools}.........So Mike Hart decided to speak up, "Harbaugh's not a Michigan Man"........then came the Appalachian State game which led to an inferior season........then Rodriguez was lured by the money to leave a good thing, drawing the ire of WV leading to the worst season in Michigan history. A promising UM basketball team is now ruined(by Beilein's WV stain?) and should fail miserably from here on out or until Rodriguez is replaced by Harbaugh or Turner Gill. Bill Martin is clueless, thinking that money can solve problems of this depth. But I'll give him some advice: If he fails to replace Rodriguez and also fails to switch Michigan Stadium's grass-turf back to artificial and fails to spend even more money to cover the stadium with a retractable roof, U of M football will never win another home game. Im sick of losing betting on this school)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

*UTAH JAZZ -3 over Cleveland---------Cav's have the +ATS record but Utah has home-off-road-loss, +2 days of rest and the revenge. Cleveland is on the 4th game of a road trip, just slipped by GS last game and could come up lame here. Certainly, Lefty should be helping Utah here(its his favorite team........I suspect due to ummmmm "coaching" and perhaps geological nature of location). Cleveland has Pavlovic.........but did you see who smacked up BCLI yesterday? That was (Phi)lip Murray; not Alex who, presumably, got plenty of respect during life and......well, why would he need to screw up this bet for BCLI here?(Lose 102-97......yup, Pavs scored 13, about double his average. FUCK. Im sick of losing big plays. Its not gonna be easy, but we'll clip the cavs in the end)

Friday, January 23, 2009

CHARLOTTE +4 over Phoenix--------Char has the +ATS record and revenge while Phoenix has the +off and is OFFL(to the Knicks). Phoenix is a terrible ATS team this year while Char is 14-11 ATS at home(Win 98-76)

MILWAUKEE +5.5 over Atlanta---------Bucks have the revenge.....Atl has +1 day of rest. Dont miss a chance to bet Milwaukee this year; Villanueva is becoming a monster player, Redd is scoring a bunch. Mil is 15-9 ATS on the road while ATL is 9-11 ATS at home. These points look good here with revenge.(Lose 117-87.........Flip Murray.......straight outta Macedonia)

MINNESOTA pk over New Orleans----------After 3 ten-game sets of (2-8), Minn has gone (7-3) over their last 10. They have the +ATS, +1 day, home-off-road-loss AND the revenge(Win 116-108)

OKC -3 over Clippers----------Thunder have +ATS, +offense and revenge while Clippers are OFFL as essentially a "dead" team. OKC is coming alive with recent wins over Utah and Detroit and an phenomenal 15-5 ATS on the road. Perhaps Mason will light up here in LA.(Lose 107-104)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

RAVENS +6 over Pittsburgh---------Double revenge for Ravens as they've lost twice to the Steelers(the later loss being an obvious theft by the Ref's in Pitt's favor). Both teams seem to be dead even on offensive skills(they don't really have any) and on defense(good). So 6 points are huge. I'm sick of Baltimore losing when I bet on them; so fuck it, I'm calling this shot. I hate PNC(they're thieving agents of the notorious financial criminal organization Goldman Sachs), and by association, the city of PIttsburgh. I dont care if my relatives are buried near Somerset. Byrds be with the birds tonight. Because I WANT RAVENGE.(Lose 23-14........I just hope, for his sake, that he doesnt change his name back to Ravenstahl)

CARDINALS +3.5 over Eagles(Win 32-25)
CARDINALS +160 over Eagles---------Home revenge for Az as they were -3TO to Philly in a 48-20 loss. Both these teams are getting a boost; that is very clear. Mcknabb has Syracuse, and they won today I think(in Syracuse). But Westbrook may be hurt and I'm hoping and expecting that Arizona's turf is still pissed about McCain getting hard he didnt even cover the +159.5 electorals(a tragedy). You think they're gonna let a black QB run over them after Obama took their man down? What Arizona did in Carolina was totally out of this world. You can't make AZ a home dog after seeing that. I was gonna pass this game but I looked out my window a couple hours ago into the winter wonderland of my back yard. And there was a bright red Cardinal. I'll play this augury.(Win 32-25)

TEXAS TECH +6.5 over Texas(Lose 71-49)
TEXAS TECH +250 over Texas----------Tech has home-off-road-loss, +2 days of rest and the +offense. Altho Texas has the revenge, I think this is a good opportunity for Tech to turn around their 3-5 ATS season. Abrams, of course, is a bad name(Moe Abrams, former UM football player.....I played on his son's baseball team which he coached.........before he killed his wife with an axe------divorce dispute.....he wanted custody of his son). Dexter.......? Means right-handed....Lefty wont be there. I like how Tech looks, nominally, Knight coaching......Prince......Darko off the bench. They've been held back so far this year because 3 of their starters are from Dallas/Plano. I think the Eagles already gave Dallas the ultimate punishment.......Fah-getta-bout it......and keep working the Cards!(Lose 71-49........DALLLL-ASSSSS.....what did you do? What did you do, Dallas? The cops took the money? Mobsters paid off the Dallas cops, didnt they? Fuckin idiots. Better beef up security down there.......LHO is in the know)

MICHIGAN -5.5 over Ohio State---------OSU is 0-2 on the road vs Big Ten teams this year while Mich is 5-1 ATS at home. I think Michigan, as a school, should have some revenge motivation due to OSU's football team being so much better. In basketball, Michigan has home-off-road-loss and the +offense while OSU has +1 day of rest. Michigan, I've heard, will be playing in 1989 uniforms to commemorate their championship that year.(Lose 65-58. What a tragedy
. Jews are defending Israeli genocide on campus..........screwing up the team)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

GIANTS +2 over Eagles teased with CHARGERS +12.5 over Pittsburgh------------This is revenge for both NYG and SD, altho earlier the Giants did beat Philly AT NIGHT in Philadelphia. In the Matrix game(11-10), SD was -2 on the TO ratio in losing to Steelers. Eagles are 4-4 ATS on the road and I doubt they'll be able win a 2nd consecutive road game here. The Giants have proved they can win big at home but I think the 4 is right so I'll tease it. Ummmmmmmm, we know what you did in the WARner and if jFITZGERALDk is gonna remind Caroline-Ahhhhh.......that she's "not that qualified"(very cute.......and you've made your point). Ok, 44-6 AT NIGHT against who? Dallas and the grassy knoll? Well, this Giants game is in daylight and they have a 'Robbins', a 'Chase Black..' and an M and M. (Lose by 10.........Meadowlands is in New Jersey. Sheeshh. Might as well call themselves the New Jersey Giants)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

OKLAHOMA +5 over Florida----------Seems like a very strong play with Bradford's TD/INT ratio at 48/6. He's thrown for about 2000 more yards than Tebow(but of course Tebow is a running QB). Ok's offense is just too capable of scoring often and fast to be giving them points. And Ok does have a 'McCoy' on defense. The only risk, considering that OK has been tearing it up on the Great Plains, can they still do it in the humidity of Miami? Hopefully, they can.(Lose 24-14. yep, check Bradford's pics and you'll see how fixed this game was. Ha! Obama picked Florida. Well, you got what YOU wanted, now I'll tell you what THEY want: Tebow.........(wo)BET. You gotta fix the economy somehow. Its OBVIOUS that everybody everywhere knows how STUPID the Republicans and Pelosi were to create the UIGEA. FUCK the UIGEA!)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

CONNECTICUT + 3.5 over West Virginia-----------Conn has the +offense and revenge(for a game in March of 2008). Nominally, Conn has a 'Bet', 'Robinson', a 'Rome' an AJ and then that place where even I couldnt win: Adrian(Win 61-55)

Monday, January 05, 2009

MILWAUKEE -8.5 over Toronto---------Mil has everything; +ATS, revenge, +1 day of rest and home-off-road-loss. And they have a Jefferson, an M and M and a Michael REdd. They also have a Gadzurich..........They just played 'Goldfinger' on BBC America last night at least 3 times(beautiful, scenery. I've always had a somewhat unnatural attraction to it. Notice how the Americans(either intentionally or through stupidity) wanted Goldfinger, Bond AND Pussy Galore to go to Cuba in the end.........bwaaaaa.) Oh, yeah......ahhh, Dahmer's mom was an irresponsible prescription drug-addict and he had a brutally difficult child-birth experience.(Win 107-97)

TEXAS LONGHORNS -9 over Ohio State--------Osu's Big Ten schedule was a joke and I figure that if BCLI is gonna lose to Warner's blind luck and Stephen SPOCK in Arizona, I should be able to get some money back by betting on MCCOY(77.6% completion percentage)(Lose 24-21........9 was too many)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

VIKINGS +3.5 over Eagles---------There is no way Mcknabb is gonna beat the Cowboys 44-6 and then go into a dome the next week and get the win. He's really never been that good throwing the long pass. I will be aghast if he gets as lucky as Warner got yesterday in a "closed" environment. Eagles, symbolizing America(What a joke of a country) if they're bald, have not been a good road team this year(7-36 Balt L; 13-13 Cin T; 3-13 Wash).......just not too many good road showings. Scott Petersen is not a murderer(his wife got caught up in a botched Alien Abduction attempt.......intelligent people should know that by now). And...............VALHALLA back, byches!(Lose 26-14.........Disgusting. Minnesota is a state of (not yet)-recovering drug addicts)

Saturday, January 03, 2009

ATLANTA FALCONS +1 over Arizona Cardinals----------Strength of Schedule; Arizona only has 3 meaningful wins(Miami, Buffalo and Dallas) considering their 6 "exhibition" wins against Seattle, STL and SF. Atl has some legitimate wins with CAR, MINN, NO, SD, Bears, and GB. You have to give Ryan respect as he has come in and proved he can play in this league. Warner is, of course, an increasingly 'fossilized' player whose Cardinals, representing the same out-of-date Judeo-Christian ethos that he does, are only deceptively strong this season.
"If women could be fair and yet not fond,
Or that their love were firm not fickle, still,
I would not marvel that they make men bond,
By service long to purchase their good will........
To mark the choice they make, and how they change,
How oft from Phacbus do they flee to Pan,
Unsettled still like haggards wild they range,
These gentle birds that fly from man to man;"---(E.Vere)(Lose 30-24........Stephen SPOCK! How am I supposed to keep track of all the rosters that have names like that on them? Yeah, and Jeri RYAN, having appeared on an inferior form of Star Trek, was married to a Chicago/corrupt sex-maniac politician.......BWAAA, HA, HA)

Thursday, January 01, 2009

USC TROJANS -10 over Penn State---------Fuck Paterno..........may his infernal luck run out...
"Hic genus antiquum Teucri, pulcherrima proles,
magnanimi heroes, nati melioribus annis,
Ilusque Assaracusque et Troiae Dardanus auctor." a truly colossal way(heh heh heh, he aint gonna be allowed to sit in the press box for this one). Oh, I should say, the furthest West Penn State has played this season has been Iowa.......and they lost.(Win 38-24..........even with Joe in the press box)