Saturday, December 31, 2016

CLEMSON TIGERS +100 over Ohio State Buckeyes-----Let's look at this:  Deondre Francois completed 33% of his passes........and beat Michigan.   Florida State lost the turnover ratio by 1........and beat Michigan.   Deondre Francois completed 33% of his passes and still OUTPASSED MICHIGAN BY 59 YARDS!  Florida State was 3-13 on 3rd downs.......and beat Michigan.   Francois completed 33% of his passes..........and his team outgained Michigan by 119 yards.   The Big Ten is  joke.   And Michigan almost BEAT Ohio State.   Also,  this is Final Four;  Ohio State should not BE in this game because they did not even win their sorry Big Ten conference.   Penn State or even Western Michigan is more qualified to be in this game than Ohio State is.   Ohio State is also red.......and that's not a winning color today.   Watson,  Clemson's QB,  should,  we now know,  have the Heisman Trophy.(Win 31-0.........Baskin Robbins........)

WASHINGTON HUSKIES +13(-115) over Alabama Crimson Tide(Lose 24-7)
WASHINGTON HUSKIES +390 over Alabama Crimson Tide------As I type,  the Heisman Trophy winner has completed 28% of his passes and his team is disgustingly behind by 20 fucking points as the game finishes.   That team's color is blood red.   These points are an insult to Washington,  a team that scores 44 per game on average.   Alabama has failed TWICE this year to beat a team by more than 13 points----TWICE!   And Washington is a legitimate Final Four team!   In fact,  red is so utterly incompetent today that red Alabama could easily lose outright.(Lose 24-7.........Washington got outgained by 130yds and gave a -3 TO..........but they at least covered the TEASED line of 19;  that's important----they didn't quit.
(A tornado outbreak hit the Deep South on the second day of the year, spawning at least 31 twisters and leaving six dead from non-tornadic wind damage.

The tornadoes hit Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia, ripping up trees, power lines and homes along the paths. In one day, more twisters were spawned in the United States than in all of January 2016........

Four people died in a mobile home in Rehobeth, just southwest of Dothan in southeastern Alabama....)
    Still,  an impactful game.  Can Alabama afford to win again?)
LOUISVILLE CARDINALS +3 over Lsu Tigers(Lose 29-9)
LOUISVILLE CARDINALS +143 over Lsu Tigers-----Etling has thrown 60%;  Jackson 57%.   But I don't see Etling as an effective QB.   Lsu's defense has allowed an average of only 16 points per game.  But do they have some injuries?   Lsu's 10-0 loss to Alabama was impressive......but Lsu was off the bye in that game.   Of course, Louisville has been erratic,  blowing teams out,  like Florida State,  early in the season and then losing ignominiously as double-digit favorites to Kentucky and Houston.  Thus,  I think Louisville has more to prove(Who won the Heisman?   It wasn't Jackson,  was it?   Oh,  it was Jackson).   Of course,  I thought Colorado might have something to prove after embarrassing itself against Washington.........but, unexpectedly,  they just wanted to embarrass themselves again vs Oklahoma State.  Louisville did play Clemson close and........they probably could have/should have won.   We can't downgrade the ACC yet just because a Ref caused North Carolina to fumble and lose the game.(Lose 29-9...........Disgusting;  I don't know why they give the Heisman out before the bowl games.  Jackson threw 37% and Louisville was outgained by 174yds.  It wasn't turnovers,  Louisville just sucks.)

GEORGIA TECH YELLOW JACKETS -3(-115) over Kentucky Wildcats-----Aside from Kentucky's win over Louisville and GT's win at Virginia Tech,  there's not anything impressive on either of these teams' schedule results.   But,  considering the career-hi 52pts by Isaiah Thomas yesterday for the Celtics,  we'll see that GT's QB is Justin Thomas and they also have a runner named Isiah Willis.(Win 33-18...........Dedrick Mills 169yds rushing w/TD)

Friday, December 30, 2016

NORTH CAROLINA TAR HEELS +2.5 over Stanford Cardinal(Win 25-23)
NORTH CAROLINA TAR HEELS +115 over Stanford Cardinal---------Colorado............SUX.  Colorado is pathetic.   Colorado is the most overrated team in football..........and Colorado and Stanford are in the same Pac-12,  a conference which must,  necessarily SUCK.   Stanford actually LOST to the pathetic Colorado team.   Colorado was projected to go 4-8...........they went like 10-3......IN the Pac-12.   NC lost to Duke and Virginia Tech but forget it:  This game is a blowout.   An utter lock.  Colorado.............lost by 30 fucking points!  They were favored by 3.   Forget it-----forget the Pac-12...........Stanford can't win.(Lose 25-23.........NC -3 TO.   The ref clearly caused Trubisky to fumble.   The 2 INTs can be blamed on Trubisky,  but not the fumble so..............another fixed game against me.  NC outgained them by 115 yds but still.........this is fucked up.   Stanford didn't even have McCaffrey,   their whole offense was Bryce Love and Conrad Ukropina..........and STILL Carolina cant win.)

Thursday, December 29, 2016

COLORADO BUFFALOES -3 over Oklahoma State Cowboys-------The completion Percentage for these QBs is about equal,  but Rudolph throws for more yards.   Both teams coming off disappointing rivalry games.   Colorado's defense is markedly better in statistical terms.  And while bowls are often about offense,  I'll go with the defense edge in the Buffs.(Lose 38-8........Oklahoma State only outgained them by 200 yds..........yet Colorado failed to 33 points.   Hmmm.  Three TD passes by Rudolph.......
  (Pennsylvania State Trooper Landon Weaver was shot and killed on Friday evening, according to a report from WTAJ-TV. The shooting occurred during an incident near HESSton PA.)

Saturday, December 24, 2016

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS -3(-120) over Tampa Bay Buccaneers--------Breeland.........has 2 INTs for the Redskins in the game going on now.   Sounds a lot like "Brees".  And Saints do have the Revenge here.(Win 31-24)

Sunday, December 18, 2016

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS +2.5 over Oakland Raiders-----The last two games,  we've seen how Derek Carr sucks.   And with the roadway accidents in the Baltimore area and.........other places,  I'd be surprised if "Carr" is gonna be strong.  Chargers aren't going to playoffs,  but they do have the home revenge and the home-off-road-loss in this game.   With Phil Forte getting 11pts in an OK ST win yesterday and Phil Valenti getting 12 points for Canisius in another upset victory,  Rivers could be good.   San Diego St...........a blowout victory yesterday as a 5-pt dog over Houston.  Gold looks good on SD also with Golden State blowing somebody out yesterday.(Lose 19-16..........The final score of this game should have been 19-17,  which would have allowed this bet to win.  But this happened:
(1st and Goal at OAK 7

(6:14 - 3rd) Hunter Henry Pass From Philip Rivers for 7 Yrds J.Lambo extra point is No Good, Wide Right, Center-M.Windt, Holder-K.Clemens.)
   Despite any missed NFL XPs after this game,  it is NOT a common occurrence to miss an XP.   This was PURE CONSPIRACY.  They just wanted to piss me off so the next day could be Terror Day.....
(At least nine people were killed, with conflicting reports on the number of injured at the outdoor market near the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church at Breitscheidplatz Square.

Police labeled the incident a terrorist attack...

The attack took place one hour after the assassination of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov, 62, by an off-duty Turkish police officer.....)........)

MINNESOTA VIKINGS -5(-116) over Indianapolis Colts---------Vikings on a 2-6 run at home here---still in playoff contention.   Petersen could be back for them.   I think Luck is hurt more than Bradford is.  I have not done well betting on Colts' games.  But I like the Vikings defense with Danielle Hunter playing after Youngstown St got the upset victory with Hunter Wells at QB yesterday.(Lose 34-6.........I had no idea San Bradford SUCKED like this.  Stats say that out of 42 PAs,  Bradford completed 76%.   That's not what I saw when I was watching this game.   Vikings had 34 TOTAL rushing yards and they were so bad...........I had to change the channel to watch 'Robocop')

Saturday, December 17, 2016

TOLEDO ROCKETS +1.5 over Appalachian State Mountaineers------Toledo dropped a -3 TO vs WMU in its last game but its QB,  Woodside,  has thrown 69% for the season,  which is better than App St's QB who threw 62%.   App St's defense does appear to be good;  while Toldeo lost to Ohio and a close 53-55 loss to BYU.  But with the Houston Rockets setting an NBA record for 3s(24) last night in a win over New Orleans,  its a good day to play the Rockets.(Lose 31-28..........Lamb throws below 50% and still wins)

Sunday, December 11, 2016

TAMPA BAY -1.5(-108) over New Orleans------New Orleans lost by 28 points last night in NBA.......Ingram is Questionable for them.  TB is only 2-4 this year at home,  as they are here.........but they have Mike Evans.  And Evansville beat Murray State by 32 points last night,  a massive covering of the 3.5pt line.   And Shannon Evans had 16pts for Arizona State in their win yesterday.(Win 16-11)

LIONS -7(-117) over Bears------This is home revenge for Lions who will have a massive QB advantage in this game.  And they might have Abdullah back,  which would be good,  after Khalid Abdullah scored 3 TDs for James Madison on December 9th.(Lose 20-17.........Bears +2 TO;  Stafford 2 INTs........Barkley actually did better than Stafford)

BUFFALO BILLS +2.5(-103) over Pittsburgh Steelers--------Bills have played 7 road games but only 5 home games;  they are at home here.(Lose 27-20)

COLTS -6.5(-115) over Texans--------This is home revenge for Colts who..........looked pretty good last game,  even though they're defense is supposed to suck.   Texans can't score well and their QB has 13 INTs in 12 games.(Lose 22-17.........What a fuckup.   I had a 4 team teaser on these picks THAT WOULD HAVE WON if the Colts had just won this home game.   Colts -2 TO.   Houston had a 16-3 lead at one point.   Can't believe these losers lost.   What a tragedy;  what a fraud of a team.)

Thursday, December 08, 2016

OAKLAND RAIDERS +3.5 over Kansas City Chiefs(Lose 21-13)
OAKLAND RAIDERS +162 over Kansas City Chiefs--------Chiefs escaped with road wins in each of their last 2 games vs good teams(Denver and Atlanta).   They were close games near the end and its fair to say that KC got the luck.   In this game,  Oakland has the Revenge.   Last meeting,  Raiders were -2 TO to the Chiefs and Oakland didn't have Murray in that game.   This game,  it looks like Raiders WILL have Murray.(Lose 21-13.........There WERE dropped passes by the Raiders in this game.   But still,  Oakland won the turnover ratio by a considerable 3 TOs...........and,  averaging 28 pts this year,  they scored less than half that in this game.   The Raiders were good holding KC to 21 pts; that's better than I would have expected.  But Derek Carr,  who averages 63% this year,  whom people actually think is good,  threw 41.5% in this game.   He's not.  I don't know how the Raiders scored so well in their games prior to this one.   Oakland is not a playoff caliber team this year---reality has set in for them.)

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

SETON HALL PIRATES +1(-105) over Cal Golden Bears------Colts absolutely annihilated the Jets.  With this bet,  I'm getting a Blue and White team---I think.  If color prevails,  this will have to win.(Win 60-57.........Angel Delgado 16pts.....Desi Rodriguez 15pts.....Michael Nzei 6pts..........Carrington 14pts)

Monday, December 05, 2016

Jets vs Colts UNDER 48.5----------I think the Jets are offensively challenged.   Luck is back,  apparently,  in this game,  but the Jets' defense is at least OK.  This number is 6 TDs and 2 FGs........and you still win.   Its hard for me to see 6 TDs scored in a Jets game.(Lose 41-10......Even with a massive collapse of the Jets' defense,  this bet just missed.   And it actually would have won if Bryce Petty wouldn't have thrown for an utterly meaningless TD in the 4th quarter.   The Colts WERE merciless,  continuing to pass frequently even when they were ahead 24-3.   Bryce Petty threw 2 INTs,  nonsensically,  after he came in for Fitzpatrick,  who threw 41% with an INT.  But it happened:  6 TDs and 3 FGs.   And the Jets,  it seems,  almost beat the Patriots last game,  didn't they?  Hard to believe they'd collapse like this.)

Sunday, December 04, 2016

OAKLAND RAIDERS +3 over Buffalo Bills teased with TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS +9 over San Diego Chargers------Both QB's are hurt in the Oakland game but Carr's gonna play with dislocated pinky.   Overall,  I think the Bills look more impacted by injuries.  Tampa is on a 3-game streak of much improved defense; they've only allowed 32 pts in their last 3 games.(Win by 13 and 16...........Derek Carr throws 54% and that should be a warning sign: He's not that good.........Jihad Ward!  1 solo tackle.  Lavonte David IntTD for Tampa.)
CHICAGO BEARS +1 over San Francisco 49ers------49ers are 1-10 and look to have the worst defense in the NFL.  Bears are on a 3-game losing streak but Barkley looks to be starting at QB for them.   And you saw Barkley last night winning the Big Ten title for Penn State.   Bears are at home laying no points so.......I'll take it.(Win 26-6......Barkley not bad throwing 61%.........Jordan Howard 3 TD,  117yds............Bears were -1 TO and still won big.........Joshua Bellamy 93yds.........Akiem Hicks 8 solo tackles)