Saturday, February 27, 2010

TENNESSEE TECH GOLDEN EAGLES -5 over Jacksonville State-------Tenn Tech has the +offense, home-off-road-loss and the home revenge. They've lost their last 3 SU. Jac St is OFFL on an 0-3 ATS run.(Win 72-62..............Kevin Murphy 22pts.........good Irishman there)

DUQUESNE DUKES +4 over St Louis---------Duq has the revenge, the +offense and +3 days of rest. Stl is on a 6-0 ATS run and is 8-2 ATS at home; they have the +ATS record and are OFFL(Lose 69-59)

GEORGE WASHINGTON COLONIALS -2.5 over Charlotte---------Char has the +offense; GW has the revenge and the +ATS. Charlotte is coming off a 37 point win against St Joe but they are on a 1-5 ATS run..........I'll take a home team here(Win 75-70.........Tony Taylor 16 pts Sleepy Hollow, NY......Ichabod......WHHAATT a name.........Ichabod, Ichabod Crane)

ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE -1 over Mississippi------------Miss is 9-3 ATS on the road and they have the +ATS and the +offense. However, Bama has the home revenge and home-off-2road-losses. With a tsunami currently rolling, I'll play the tide to roll too.(Lose 76-73.......Murphy Holloway, eh? Tide was weak........Tsunamis were pathetic)

VANDERBILT -1.5 over Arkansas---------Ark has +1 day of rest and home-off-road-loss and Vandy has the +offense but Ark is coming off an unforgivable loss to Lsu. Vanderbilt is simply a better team; they've had to play Kentucky twice(accounting for 2 of their 3 conference losses). It wouldnt make any sense for Ark to lose to the horrible Lsu and then beat Vanderbilt.(Win 89-72.........Jeff Taylor 18 pts...........)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

PEPPERDINE WAVES +21 over St Mary's--------By my count of the handful of games I looked at yesterday, the revenge did not lose ATS. The Waves have the revenge here(although St Mary's has the +ATS, +2 days of rest and the +offense) and altho they do lose a lot(their miserable ATS record is 6-16 overall), they've only lost 2 of their conference games by more than 21 pts. Waves are getting some attention at Sea World so...........21 is a lot.(Lose 76-49........Waves cant cover St Mary's with 21 points??? Shit, lets see if they can cover Hawaii coming off an 8.8)

UC RIVERSIDE HIGHLANDERS +11 over Pacific---------UCRIV has the revenge; Pacific has the +offense and is OFFL(Win 62-53.........Kyle Austin 23 pts)

SAN FRANCISCO DONS +12.5 over Portland Pilots----------Dons are hot on a 6-0 ATS run and they have the revenge here. Portland has the +offense and home-off-road-loss.(Win 70-59)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NOTRE DAME FIGHTING IRISH +1 over Pittsburgh--------ND has +4 days of rest, the +offense and home-off-road-loss and they've beaten Cincinatti, South Florida and West Virginia.........two of those teams Pittsburgh has lost to(on the road). Pitt has also lost to they can certainly lose although, having just beaten Villanova, its pretty clear they are the better team. But in this situation I like ND's chances.(Win 68-53)

ARKANSAS -1.5 over Lsu---------Ark has the +ATS, +offense and is OFFL. Lsu has the revenge but........Lsu just doesnt win while Ark has beaten some of the good teams in the conference.(Lose 65-54)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

DETROIT -6 over Eastern Michigan------Detroit has the +ATS record, the +offense and home-off-road-loss. They've not been covering lately but they have beaten 3 MAC teams(Cmu, Wmu and BG). EMU is only 2-5 SU in road games against MAC teams.(Lose 68-66)

GEORGIA -2.5 over Alabama-------Bama has +4 days of rest; Georgia has home-off-road-loss. Alabama has played TWICE AS MANY home games as road games and their only conference road victory was against LSU........and everybody beats LSU. Georgia has beaten some good teams, including South Carolina and Vanderbilt, and is an impressive 8-4 ATS at home.(Win 76-70)

SAN FRANCISCO DONS +1.5 over Santa Clara-------SF has the +offense and the revenge. They are on a 5-0 ATS run including a straight up win against Gonzaga.(Win 71-68)

MARYLAND -7.5 over Georgia Tech---------Maryland has been punishing teams at home, GT seems unable to win on the road in their recent conference games. 7 and a half could look cheap if Maryland wins by anywhere near their regular home-victory margin(20) so we'll try this.(Lose 76-74)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CAL STATE FULLERTON TITANS -2.5 over Ucsb-----Fullerton has the home revenge and the +offense and they've played a lot more of their games on the road; could be some hidden value here at home.(Lose 73-65........weak defense of home court by Fullerton.........must have been the 'Irish' in the name)

UNLV -4 over Utah---------Utah is OFFL; UNLV has the +ATS, the revenge, the +offense and is OFFL. UNLV is also an impressive 9-3 ATS on the road.(Lose 66-61)

LONG BEACH STATE 49ers (pk) over Pacific---------LB has the +off, the +ATS record and home-off-road-loss. Pacific......not a great team on the road.(Lose 74-52..........Absolutely sick, pathetic. This is a 22 point home loss..........Long Beach is laxer than weak and weaker than heart, no guts, no respect)

MISSOURI -3 over Texas--------Texas, on a miserable 2-8 ATS run, is clearly overrated. They have the +offense while Missouri has the +ATS and home-off-road-loss.(Win 82-77)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

INDIANA STATE SYCAMORES -2.5 over Bradley-------Ind St has the +ATS record and the home revenge. Pretty equal matchup; I'll lay the 2 and a half for the revenge.(Win 75-69........Aaron Carter, Cannelton, Indiana)

SACRAMENTO KINGS +6 over Boston---------Sacramento has the +ATS and the +offense. Celtics are OFFL and.........they just dont cover well.(Win 95-92)

KENTUCKY -2.5 over Mississippi St-------Kentucky has the +offense and.........they are a good team; they almost always win and MSU.........I question their strength; they beat Ole Miss twice........ok, but a team like Arkansas, they beat them by 2 points at home. Kentucky beat Arkansas by 31 points.(Win 81-75)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

NORTHWESTERN (pk) over Minnesota--------One thing Northwestern has mastered this season is covering; they are an amazing 14-6 ATS. They have the home revenge here, home-off-road-loss, +1 day of rest and, of course, the +ATS record. And they've beaten good teams straight up........Purdue W, Notre Dame W, Illinois and Michigan too. Minnesota has the +offense and is OFFL; but they are not strong on the road going only 2-8 ATS there.(Win 77-74)

LOYOLA-MARYLAND GREYHOUNDS +9 over Iona--------LOYMD has the revenge and +5 days of rest........they dont win as much as Iona but they tend to not get blown out. Iona has the +offense and is OFFL but is on a 1-4 ATS run.(Win 70-62)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

GEORGIA -2 over South Carolina--------Georgia has the +ATS, the home revenge and Home-off-road-loss. SC has the +offense but is not that good on the road(3-7 ATS)(Win 66-61)

RICHMOND SPIDERS -3.5 over St Bonaventure-----Bonnies are a below-mediocre team this year and are only 2-5 ATS at home. Richmond, however, is good having ROAD victories against Florida and Mississippi State.(Win 68-49)

PORTLAND -2 over St Mary's-------Portland has the home revenge, St Mary's has the +offense. Portland is 5-2-1 ATS at home and has played more road games than home games. St Mary's, besides losing for BCLI recently, has played more home games than road games and should be exposed as overrated here on the road.(Win 80-75)

BRADLEY BRAVES +5.5 over Northern Iowa---------NI has the +ATS while Bradley is OFFL, has the +offense, +1 day of rest and the home revenge. NI usually wins their games but they could be weakening here as 3 of their last 4 wins have been by fewer than 4 points.(Win 68-59)

TEXAS TECH -1.5 over Texas A & M---------TXAM has + 3 days of rest and TX Tech has the home revenge and the +offense. Tech is also good at home going 7-2 ATS there.(Lose 67-65)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

MICHIGAN +8.5 over Minnesota--------Michigan has the +ATS and is OFFL. Minnesota has the +offense. Minn is on an 0-6 ATS run and they've won only 2 Big Ten games by more than 8.5 points. I think that's a big number. Michigan has lost 3 Big Ten games by more than 8.5 points. Darius over Damian?(Win 71-63.......DeShaun Sims 27 pts)

ST MARY'S +6 over Gonzaga--------St Mary's has the revenge and I'll take that and the 6. Gonzaga has been blown out by Duke; STM has only lost to Vandy and USC.......and Gonzaga.(Lose 80-61)

Sunday, February 07, 2010

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS +4.5 over Colts(Win 31-17)
NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (+170) over Colts-------This matchup is pretty even so we'll go with the juice; both teams have won and covered in the state of Florida.....both teams have a Pierre.....Colts defense is a little better but the Colts dont have a running game; the Saints do. And then that New England game.........the Colts should have lost if not for Belichek's idiotic decision. And the Patriots suck! Did you see them against the Ravens? And the luck....? The Saints, I believe, should get that.(Win 31-17.......Yes, they did.....Tracy Porter, Port Allen, LA......Who Dat? We've got all the time in the world)

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

DRAKE BULLDOGS +4 over Bradley(Win 67-65)
DRAKE BULLDOGS (+155) over Bradley-------Drake has the +ATS and the revenge; Bradley has home-off-road-loss. Drake tends to cover on the road; Bradley tends to not cover at home.(Lose 67-65)

WISCONSIN -2 over Michigan State--------Wisc has +ATS record, +2 days of rest, home-off-road-loss AND the revenge. MSU has the +offense and Wisc is a strong 7-3 ATS at home.(Win 67-49)

CHICAGO BULLS -7.5 over Clippers-------Bulls have the +ATS, +2 days of rest and the revenge and are coming off a 5-2 SU road trip and a 5-0 ATS run; they look strong. Clippers are OFFL.........are they still hurt? Maybe, the Clippers have lost 4 of their last 6 games by more than 10 points.(Lose 90-82........TERRIBLE efforts by the Bulls at home here)

ATLANTA +1.5 over Oklahoma City--------Atlanta has the revenge, +1 day of rest, the +offense and is OFFL.(Lose 106-99)

SETON HALL PIRATES +10 over Villanova--------Villanova has the +ATS and +1 day of rest and Seton is 1-4 ATS on the road. However, look at the strength of Seton's schedule: They've played Pitt, Conn, Syracuse(teams Villanova hasnt played). 10 points is pretty significant and Seton has only lost ONE game by more than 10 points(to Georgetown).(Push 81-71)

Monday, February 01, 2010

OKLAHOMA STATE +2.5 over Texas--------Texas has the +offense and is OFFL; Ok State has the +ATS record and home-off-road-loss. Ok State is 4-0-1 ATS at home.(Lose 72-60..........Hmmmm. Jordan Hamilton 27 pts and he's a Freshman)

MEMPHIS +1.5 over Lakers------Memphis has the +ATS, +1 day of rest, is OFFL and has the home revenge. In their last 10 games, Memphis has beaten San Antonio, Phoenix and Orlando.(Win 95-93.......Rudy Gay 25pts)

PHOENIX SUNS (pk) over New Orleans--------Phoenix has the revenge, the +ATS and the +offense. NO has +1 day of rest.(Win 109-100)