Saturday, September 17, 2016

TULANE GREEN WAVE +5.5 over Navy Midshipmen(Lose 21-14)
TULANE GREEN WAVE +190 over Navy Midshipmen-----No Keenan Reynolds for Navy.   Home Revenge for Tulane,  who scored 66 vs Southern know they're capable.  The Wave against the Midshipmen so I like this game a lot.(Lose 21-14.........FUCKING SICK: Tulane was winning 14-13 with 7:39 left in the game when Andrew DiRocco missed the 45-yard FG.  And then,  at home,  Tulane basically lets Navy's QB Will Worth run 8 times for 57 yards down the field,  offering no resistance,  and Navy scores the TD.  Game Over.   Have another fucking Katrina.)

LOUISVILLE CARDINALS -1.5 over Florida State Seminoles--------This home Revenge for Louisville and...........remember how far behind FSU was vs Mississippi?  How did FSU come back to win?  A +4 on the TO ratio.   Why would that happen again?  It won't.   Not in this game.(Win 63-20........Lamar Jackson 4 TD)

OKLAHOMA SOONERS pk over Ohio State Buckeyes--------Oklahoma did lose to Houston,  giving Houston a +1 on the TO ratio.  But that was on the road.  This is at home,  the Land of American Earthquakes,  which we like.   Mayfield CAN pass,  much better than Barrett.  But Barrett can run.  Just have to stop his rushing yards.    And the state of Ohio a shit condition right now...
(A police officer shot and killed a 13-year-old robbery suspect in Ohio's capital after the boy pulled a BB gun out of his waistband, police said, a shooting that city leaders said would be investigated thoroughly to determine if charges are warranted.

Tyre King, who is black, died at a hospital after an officer, who is white, shot him several times Wednesday evening outside a house in east-central Columbus, police said. Earlier, police said the boy's name was Tyree.
King, an eighth-grader, had a BB gun that "looks practically identical" to the type of handgun that Columbus police carry, Chief Kim Jacobs said Thursday.)
     Killing an 8th grader???  No I don't think so, Ohio;  I don't THINK I want your team to win.(Lose 45-24..........Unbeknownst to me, of course,  on the day before this game,  a White Woman Tulsa police officer EXECUTES A BLACK MAN WITH HIS HANDS UP!!!  (Yes,  O'Reilly,  this hands-up-don't-shoot IS real.   It IS real!  goddamn,  can't believe this shit.)
(Dashcam video of the death of Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man who authorities said was fatally shot by a police officer Friday night in Tulsa, Oklahoma, shows him with his hands in the air moments before the white officer fired her weapon.....

Betty Shelby, the white officer identified by police as the one who shot Crutcher, was not the only officer to draw a weapon on him)
   Hillary just lost the Black Vote and she can't win now.   What racially aware Black Voter would vote for a White Woman presidential candidate after this latest atrocity out of Oklahoma?  Can't happen.   Mayfield a pathetic 17/32,  below 50% and he's clearly NOT an elite QB.   Ohio State +2 TO.  What a joke.  What a tragedy.)

TEXAS LONGHORNS -7 over Cal Golden Bears------This is a Revenge game for Texas.  This is Cal's first home game but.......I've seen them play and I just don't think they're good.  Can't stop anybody.  Texas,  however,  scored quite a bit against Notre Dame.   Just think Texas is much better this year.(Lose 50-43..........Texas -2 TO.   Now we know Texas' defense really sucks.)

MICHIGAN WOLVERINES -19 over Colorado Buffaloes-------Buffalo Bills lost for me----at home.   So I need Revenge against that name.   Michigan beat Hawaii by 60.........I think they were just much bigger.   Hawaii wasn't that bad of a football team,  they were just relatively small.  I don't know how good C Florida was.   He might be ok this year,  but I just don't like Liufau.(Lose 45-28........Even after falling behind pathetically 21-7 in the 1st quarter,  Michigan still had a chance to cover this when Kenny Allen missed a 44-yd FG with 6 minutes left in the game.)

PENN STATE NITTANY LIONS -7.5 over Temple Owls------Temple was not supposed to lose to Army.  But they did( -3 TO).  Penn State has the home revenge and home-off-road-loss.   They suck if they don't cover this.(Lose 34-27............Penn State -2 TO,  yeah they suck)

GEORGIA SOUTHERN EAGLES -26 over ULM Warhawks-----GSouthern didn't exactly blow out South Alabama.   And ULM,  though they won only 2 games last year,  does have the revenge.  I'll go with the Italian Defensive Coordinator.(Lose 23-21................Only missed the cover by 3 TDs and an FG.   Nice efforts,  faggots)


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