Friday, August 30, 2013

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Gonzalez) +116 over New York Yankees(Sabathia)----Towson big win last night and.........I'm assuming that's somewhere near Baltimore.   Gonzalez has pitched 3 effective games vs the Yankees this year,  but not all wins.  Sabathia has 1 good game vs Orioles,   but 2 not so good.(Lose 8-5........Miguel Gonzalez,  totally fucking rocked.   Thanks, Assholes.)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Bumgarner) -104 over Colorado Rockies(Chacin)(Lose 5-4.......Error at 1B by Belt on the 2nd colorado batter of the game;  fixed.)

ASTROS(Cosart) +210 over White Sox(Sale)-----The Astros almost won at +210 yesterday,  and would have won if not for the L and BS by Erik Bedard.   Cosart has been consistently hard to hit;  Sale coming off a rocking.(Lose 6-1..........Lucas Harrell 2inn,  5ER.   Cosart did fine,  only 1ER)

PADRES(Erlin) +160 over Diamondbacks(Miley)-----So recently after that moral obscenity by Miley Cyrus,  I don't think Arizona can win this game.(Win 5-1........Jesus Guzman 3-3, HR...........Venable 2-4)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

MARLINS(Eovaldi) +140 over Washington(Ohlendorf)(Lose 2-1)
Marlins(Eovaldi) vs Washington(Ohlendorf) UNDER 8.5----Give Eovaldi a chance here.  If he goes 7 innings,  the game should at least go under.   Marlins are averaging less than 3 runs per game over their last 7.(Win 2-1)

Monday, August 26, 2013

HOUSTON ASTROS(Oberholtzer) +138 over Chicago White Sox(Rienzo)----2 rookie pitcher who've done well so far.   Rienzo walks almost 1 every 2 innings,  though,  while Oberholtzer has only walked 1 every 7 innings.   It's also pretty impressive that,  on the Astros,  a team that wins only 1/3 of its games,  Oberholtzer is 3-1.(Win 10-8.........Astros hit 5 HRs........Chris Carter 3-4, 2HR......David Martinez gave up the BS to get the W)

Texas(Blackley) vs Seattle(Saunders) OVER 8.5(-105)----Two days ago they rocked the Australian in Cleveland and here's another one.   Saunders is also very hittable(.306) so,  against a good offense,  he could also get rocked.(Win 8-3)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

NATIONALS(Haren) +120 over Royals(Santana)-----After his ERA hit 6.00 in late July,  Haren's been on a rampage of effectiveness.   With Jason Castro going 3-3 w/HR yesterday with Jason Kipnis 2-3 w/HR and Jason Vargas getting a 5-1 win,  we see the Nats have Jason Werth.   Also Ryan Zimmerman a day after Ryan Ludwick goes 2-4 w/HR and Ryan Hanigan goes 2-3.   Santana can be tough but Nationals have just become a +.500 team and my be in further ascent.(Lose 6-4......Nationals get 14 hits,  still lose.........Haren gives up 4 runs which he hasn't done in a while)

TIGERS(Porcello) -1.5(+110) over Mets(Gee)------You really need about +350 to take the Mets at home at Citi-Wilpon-Madoff-Financial-Crime Field.  So we'll try the Tigers.(Win 11-3)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

ARIZONA(Delgado) -115 over Phillies(Martin)----There is some kind of MLK thing in DC today but.......notwithstanding,  I'm going with Randall as Brandon Phillips and Brandon Moss were both 2-4 w/HR yesterday......and then there was that freakish 21 run game in Kansas City where Tanner Roark improved to 4-0 with a 4inn 1-hitter in relief.   Hopefully,  the Diamondbacks will refrain from using Eury De La Rosa.(Win 12-7.......Phillies come back to tie it,  take it to 18 innings.  GWRBI Adam Eaton who was 4-10.   Gerardo Parra had a nice game going 5-9.   Trevor Cahill gets the W.)

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Mcallister) -1.5(+110) over Minnesota Twins(Hendriks)-----Indians 10-11 in August.....they have Jason Giambi---Jedd Gyorko had 2HR yesterday...........Gallardo won yesterday-----this is Mcallister........Ok,  maybe they can do something here.(Win 7-2.......Kipnis 2-3, HR)

Friday, August 23, 2013

ANGELS(Richards) +160 over Seattle(Hernandez)-----Can we get a good start out of Richards today?   I think its possible.  Hernandez,  of course,  disgraced us in his last start and........Look,  the Angels offense is quite capable---why the team has dramatically underperformed this year........I don't know;  Mariners have won 4 more games than the Angels this year.(Win 2-0.....Yes,  career start by Richards before he was drilled out of the game by a line-drive)

NEW YORK METS(Matsuzaka) +170 over Detroit Tigers(Fister)-------Dice-K is back!!!  This is ok here;  Mets on a 6-6 run........who they playin'?  The Braves.....?  The Cardinals.....?  Kershaw.....?   Uh-uh.(Lose 6-1........No-Dice)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

CUBS(Wood) over Nationals(Strasburg) parlayed with GIANTS(Cain) over Pirates(Locke) +360---Cubs at home but I no special knowledge as to why they might hit Strasburg.  However,  the Nationals are weaker vs lhps at .227----Harper and Span are neutralized.  And even with Gonzalez, Zimmerman and Strasburg being very hard to hit,  pitching a lot of innings,  the Nationals are still a sub-.500 team.   Cain has an abnormally high ERA this year relative to how effective he usually is.  Locke has been rocked,  brutally,  2 of his last 4 starts and..........well,  the Giants were completely destroyed yesterday;  they should want to win today.(Lose 5-4 and 10-5...........Thought Wood might be a little better and.......the Cubs did come back late in the game.   Going into extra innings,  gotta be happy to have the home team at +150  Not with the losing crap-bag Cubs.  The Giants were successful against Locke but...........Epic Fail by Matt Cain.   What a disgrace.  Moscoso takes the L)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

ROCKIES(Chacin) +135 over Orioles(Feldman)----Chacin's been getting better;  Feldman has not.(Lose 7-2...........all-around pathetic effort by Colorado Rockies,  as usual)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

OAKLAND(Straily) -153 over Cleveland(Jimenez)(Lose 7-1)
OAKLAND(Straily) -1.5(+140) over Cleveland(Jimenez)(Lose 7-1........Ok, here we have Oakland,  a team that traditionally takes a lot of walks.   And this year,  they are at the top of the league in taking walks.   And here we have Jimenez,  the wildest pitcher in baseball.   And yes,  the A's took 5 walks off him...........but only 1 hit????!!!!   I don't how this fucking team has won so many games;  they can't hit.)

SEATTLE MARINERS(Hernandez) -105 over Texas Rangers(Perez)(Lose 15-3..........Fixed.   Hernandez has allowed 5 Earned Runs in 3 other starts besides this one out of 25 starts.   He's NEVER WALKED 4 IN A GAME before this game in which he walked 5.   Thanks---fucking assholes)

Friday, August 16, 2013

MARLINS(Eovaldi) +105 over Giants(Gaudin)-----376 Runs scored by Marlins;  449 Runs scored by Giants.   But Ruggiano is back for Marlins(he changes this team's offense,  even though he's hitting .201).   Marlins have lost a lot for us but.......this is a big play.   With #7 Nate Freiman going 4-4 w/HR yesterday,  as #7 Matt Holliday got the GWRBI yesterday,  with the slipshod American House,  built on an unconstitutional and murderous War on Islam,  having Seven Gables,  tenuous as the sink-holed Flordia turf,  I don't care much about Gaudin and I believe the Marlins will find some way to win this game.(Lose 14-10..........You have to go back 15 games to see SF score 9 runs in a game,  12 games beyond that to see them score 9 again, 1 more back and they scored 10 runs,  27 back of that and they scored 10,  1 behind that, 8,  3 back of that, 10,  11 back of that, 7,  5 beyond that and they score 8.   They had 4 games of hi-scoring in early May but no,  they never scored 14 runs in a game before this one in Miami.  Ruggiano hits 2HR going 3-4 and HE DIDN'T EVEN START THE GAME.  Nate Eovaldi  3inn 12H 9ER 1BB 3K.   In 10 starts Eovaldi allowed 6ER once before this Climate Catastrophe.   Logan Morrison:  GIDP and an Error at 1st base.   Technically,  the Marlins have gone 5-14 for BCLI this year and, technically that FUCKING SUCKS.   So put another Corpse Picture up on Facebook, Miami.   You losing pieces of shit.    "a W H I R L W I N D...........of sex and watered-down gin..........the com-pe-TIT-ion of one's...amBITion................let's see who can bring the rats in............")

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Shields) over Tigers(Alvarez) parlayed with TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Dickey) over Tampa Bay(Hellickson) +355-----Tigers on an unsustainable 19-6 run while there may be a problem with Hellickson,  having been rocked his last 3 games.(Lose 5-4..........Blue Jays 13H,  Rays 8H.....and we can't get a drop on Rodney in the 9th with runners on 1st and 2nd with No Outs?   Yeah, Fuck this game)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Lincecum) +133 over Washington Nationals(Zimmerman)(Lose 6-5)
Giants(Lincecum) vs Nationals(Zimmerman) UNDER 7(+100)-----You have to go back 13 games to see the Giants scoring more than 4 runs in a game.   And most of those games they scored less than 4.  Thus,  I'll take some UNDER in case the Giants don't score.   Who got the win for Washington yesterday:  Tanner Roark.   Hmm.   The Giants do have two 'bRANDon's.   And with #5 Brad Miller hitting 2 HRs yesterday,  perhaps Lincecum,  with two 5's on this back,  will get some 'run-support protection' today.(Lose 6-5...........Didn't think Lincecum would give up 6 runs.   He usually doesn't do that.)

YANKEES(Nova) -130 over Angels(Weaver)-----I did notice a throwing error the White Sox' 3rd baseman.  I'm not "saying anything" because I don't KNOW anything.   But its just natural to wonder..........with a pitcher like Weaver going today.   But, certainly,  the "fix" doesn't have to be "in" to bet on Nova.  He's done very well recently against a variety of teams---very successful.  And, yes,  the Angels did disgrace BCLI yesterday.   In fact,  Nova's been every bit as good as, say,  Ray L Fisher was in 1919.(Win 11-3..........Alfonso Soriano 3-3, 7RBI, 2HR..........Cano 4-4)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ANGELS(Vargas) +135 over Yankees(Sabathia)-----Vargas hasn't pitched in about 2 months........but Jason Dufner won the PGA!   Angels have the Team Revenge against Sabathia who,  if you check his stats,  may be getting weaker this time of year.   Angels only 11-19 vs LHP and, of course,  they've lost a ton of money against the line this year.  How could they lose anymore?(Lose 14-7)

PHILLIES(Martin) +220 over Braves(Medlen) 1st 5 innings--------Howard is OUT for Phillies,  but this is too much price for Medlen:  He's only 9-10 on an excessively winning team this year.(Lose 3-0)

Monday, August 12, 2013

MINNESOTA TWINS(Albers) +114 over Cleveland Indians(Salazar)-----Salazar seems to be a power pitcher who goes for the K;  Albers has one 25-out shutout of KC........and that's his only start so far.(Win 3-0..........CG SHO 2-hitter.  Welcome to MLB Andrew Albers........{Andrew proceeded out into the dank yard,  which,  in the early afternoon,  had become warm and sunny.  He had hoped that Gaia might be there,  taking a breath of fresh air,  but she must have gone into the staff room in the deli.  Disappointed,  he lit up a cigarette.   He had barely inhaled when Gaia emerged from the cafe,  finishing her lunch with a can of fizzy drink.}----The Casual Vacancy..........)

MARLINS(Koehler) +170 over Royals(Davis) 1st 5innings----maybe the Marlins can win this 1-0 or 2-1.   Obviously,  the Royals are the better team,  but Davis is simply not a -210 pitcher.(Lose 2-0)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

HOUSTON ASTROS(Peacock) +200 over Texas Rangers(Holland)------Astros 1-7 this month....Altuve is at .283 but that's the highest Astro average......but I think we could try to do something tonight in Black Gold City.(Lose 5-4.........They had this game.  What a tragedy.  They HAD it!   7th inning,   Peacock yanked,  immediately Jake Elmore makes an error which creates 2 unearned runs to tie it.   Astros get the lead back and they STILL can't close.   What bad luck.  Why don't you just put the fucking ENRON back on the stadium?  Luck couldn't get any worse.  What a fucking crime.   I can't even believe this.  Guess my dad was watching too much CNBC while I was in Las Vegas.  He bought and held ENRON.   Hear that, Kenny Lay?  Ok, whatever.  Sure there's a helluva lot of oil tanks we can pop in this town.)

Friday, August 09, 2013

CUBS(Rusin) +190 over Cardinals(Lynn)-----Well,  Cubs are 1-6 in August.......the juggernaut Cardinal offense has scored more than 12 runs in 3 games this month.   But look who the Cubs have:  Donnie Murphy,  putting Lakewood, CA on the map like the Spur Posse,  hitting 2HR 2 days ago while Lakewood Khris Davis of the Brewers hit an HR going 2-4.   Cubs coming off 12-1 beatdown by the Phillies yesterday......looks like a long-shot,   but its priced like one.(Win 3-0......Single best pitching performance for BCLI this year:  Chris Rusin.  He challenged the best offense in the National Leauge with strikes in their own house.   And he had the stuff to get away with it.  Cubs offense could have just flailed away at Lynn but these are not the Soriano-Cubs anymore;  they stayed patient and were able to take the walks.   Great umping by David Rackley behind HP;   he was not afraid to call the home team out on strikes when strikes were thrown..........and then Descalso and Matheny were thrown when they couldn't handle it.)

PHILLIES(Lannan) +155 over Washington(Haren)------Haren has been dominant in 3 of his last 4 starts.   But these are 2 sub-.500 teams right here starting pitchers who have been equally this Philly offense coming alive with Cody Asche?(Lose 9-2........Haren continues to dominate)

Thursday, August 08, 2013

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Chen) +100 over Boston Red Sox(Lester)------Lester's from Tacoma????  BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGAGA.   George Washington killed a tree!!!!!!!!   He killed a tree!!!!!!   Why the FUCK is that killer's name all over this horrid country?   Blow 'em out with this chink, man.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

NATIONALS(Zimmerman) -126 over Braves(Medlen)----Braves have won 12 straight.  But Medlen is just not the pitcher he was last year.  Yes,  Nationals' offense sucks and is ranked 28th in runs scored.  Yes,  Zimmerman has been rocked 2 of his last 3 starts.  But still,  batters have only hit .231 off him.   Batters hit .280 off Medlen.(Lose 6-3............Nationals got what?  5 hits and 3 walks?  They suck.  They SUCK.   This team was----EGADS!-----a contender last year.  Now look at the shit they are this year.   Sad,  fucking sad.)

HOUSTON ASTROS(Cosart) +153 over Red Sox(Dempster)(Lose 7-5.......Houston HAD the lead in the 9th inning.  And this,  my money,  was SACRIFICED by Josh Fields' L and BS......Athens, GA.  Figure it out.)
HOUSTON ASTROS(Cosart) +145 1st 5innings over Red Sox(Dempster)-----Who knows what the Astros offense is gonna do,  but Cosart is not fucking around out there.(Push 2-2..........Cosart's worst start by far with 5 BB's yet still the Astros were winning in the 9th inning.  What a tragedy.)

Monday, August 05, 2013

WHITE SOX(Quintana) -108 over Yankees(Pettitte)------Well, yeah,  with Pete Rose not in the Hall of Fame after all these years,  HGH Pettitte and Biogenesis A-Fraud shouldn't even be playing in this baseball league.(Win 8-1..........Alexei Ramirez 4-5)

Sunday, August 04, 2013

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Rienzo) +190 over Detroit Tigers(Porcello)-----White Sox offense sucks.  Yes,  but No,  if you think the Tigers are winning this,  you're misinformed.   What happened to BCLI last night in the SF-Tampa game was UNCONSCIONABLE.  Absolutely the worst.   Jean Machi came in for the Giants walking 1 every 7 innings...........and he walked 3 in a row, then allowed the game-ending hit WITHOUT GETTING A SINGLE BATTER OUT.   Sure,  the Giants only had 1 run and you can't expect to win with that but........Machi is from El Tigre, VEN.   So FUCK the Tigers;  they are fucking LOSING today.   As weak as the Cws offense is,  they should be able to hit low balls and...........Porcello throws 'em heavy.   Take the Boy from Brazil.    Just remember,  if the White Sox can't hit Porcello,  they can't hit anybody and they shouldn't be in this league.   And if this game loses,  people will surely die.(Lose 3-2...........all right,  let's examine this TRAGEDY.  The White Sox,  in fact,  did hit.  They had 10 hits,  2 walks and 2 HR.   That produced exactly 2 runs.  Now,  on this same day,  the Brewers had 8 hits(fewer than the White Sox),  2 walks and ZERO HR.  And the Brewers scored EIGHT runs.   See how fucked up this is?   Obviously the White Sox have an LOB problem and the prime LOB offender in this game was Conor Gillaspie,  0-3, 4LOB, Wichita State.  Glad he wasn't in the lineup the next day.
(A number of exotic animals were discovered while the police were investigating the deaths of Noah Barthe, 4, and his brother Connor, 6, believed killed by an African rock python)
   Learn to hit with the bases loaded, Conor.)

Royals(Santana) vs Mets(Wheeler) UNDER 7(-110)------Even WITH Wright,   the Mets offense is nearly incompetent.  I've heard Wright is OUT today.   Wheeler walks 1 every 2 but he is, currently, a winner and I wanna play him.  Ike Davis .176?   See what I mean.(Lose 6-2.........Another risk of betting UNDERs on day-games.   Marlon Byrd lost 2 balls in the sun in the 5th inning.   If he'd have caught one of them,  this game would have gone under.   This is not "player-error";  this is what you get when you take money from the most criminally fraudulent bank in history and you put its name on your godforsaken stadium.   Wilpon,  Madoff,  Citibank.......FINANCIAL CRIME ALL THE WAY and this team will NEVER,  I mean, NEVER make post-season play until they change the name of that stadium.   Can't bet on a Mets game at home.....YOUR MONEY WILL GET STOLEN.)

Saturday, August 03, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Lincecum) +210 over Tampa Bay(Price)------With Cody Ross going 4-5 w/HR yesterday and Descalso hitting 2 homers and Carlos Torres getting the late W for the Mets,  Carlos Beltran going 3-3,  it's no secret that I wanna play the CS.   San Francisco is one way to do that.   Statistically,  Lincecum is a little better than last year.  His 5-11 record probably has something to do with the piss-poor run support he's received since the beginning of June.   Giants are hitting .262 which is not bad at all.......but their run-scoring is worse.(Lose 2-1......Giants fail score again but...........Jean Machi,  El Tigre, VEN.........3BB,  1H,  didn't get anybody out:  0IP.  To be fair to this loser,  one of his walks was "half-intentional" as,  at 2-0,  they decided to walk him with 1st base open.)

COLORADO ROCKIES(De La Rosa) +190 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Liriano)-----Is the jig up for the Pirates?   It might be,  they just made the cover of Sports Illustrated.   Obviously,  the Rockies owe me a lot of money for the shit they've pulled on me this year.  But De La Rosa is definitely a winner on a losing team this year.(Lose 5-2.......Fuck the Rockies.  How much fucking money can this shit-ass team lose me?)

MIAMI MARLINS(Turner) +116 over Cleveland(Mcallister)------Got the better pitcher,  at home,  and Giancarlo Stanton.(Lose 4-3.........Once again the pathetic Marlins fail to score.  However,  Turner did deliver another "winnable" start,  allowing only 2 runs.   Dan Jennings..........Suck-worth.  Jennings takes the L in 1/3 of an inning's work,  giving 2BB,  2H and 2 runs.)

LOS ANGELES DODGERS(Capuano) -102 over Chicago Cubs(Samardzija)-----I try not to be emotional with bets,  but I just hate the Cubs so fucking much.   In a Duke vs Notre Dame matchup,  I will boldly,  openly,  with no remorse,  take the Blue Devil.(Win 3-0)

Thursday, August 01, 2013

CHICAGO CUBS(Rusin) +138 over La Dodgers(Nolasco)------Jason Castro 3-4, HR yesterday.  Starlin Castro 2-4, HR yesterday.  Look,  we all know that Ariel Castro never kidnapped and incarcerated  A SINGLE FEMALE until after the Bush Administration set up an illegal,  unconstitutional prison in Cuba called 'Guantanamo Bay'.  We are going to DISTRIBUTE some of the 1000 years Castro was sentenced to by Cuyahoga County onto to Bush, Cheney,  any of the US Government lawyer criminals who allowed Guantanamo to happen and Obama,  who is continuing to operate this illegal, unconstitutional House of Atrocities.(Lose 6-4..........4 HR by Lake and Rizzo;  Cubs lose)