Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WHITE SOX(Quintana) +100 over Red Sox(Porcello)---------After Zach Duke,  David Robertson and Robin Ventura couldn't hold a 2-run in the 8th inning to save BCLI's money 7 days ago,  the White Sox have..........done well----did they win every game since then?   So we'll give this team another chance.(Win 9-2..........Alexei Ramirez 2-5, HR and a great defense play.........Adam Eaton 3-6,  HR.......Melky Cabrera 3-6,  Carlos Sanchez 3-5)

BLUE JAYS(Dickey) -1.5(-135) over Phillies(Williams)-----Ok,  here's the hard-hitting Blue Jays now with Tulowitski.   Just hard to believe a guy like Williams could be effective against this new offense.(Win 8-2..........Troy Tulowitski 3-5, HR.......Ezequiel Carrera and Goins 2-3.   No earned runs allowed by Dickey in 8inn.)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

LOS ANGELES ANGELS(Wilson) +125 over Houston Astros(McHugh)------Both teams have won 55 games but for some reason I like the Angels.   Batters have hit .272 off Collin Mchugh.......umm,  guess that's ok if you don't walk people,  and he hasn't..........but with Colin Cowherd falling off the ESPN wagon,  I can see Pujols and Aybar getting some licks in for the DR against McHugh.(Lose 10-5............Astros don't wanna lose for me;  that must be it.  Wilson doesn't win for me either.)

OAKLAND A's(Gray) +132 over La Dodgers(Anderson)-----What has been the problem for the A's this year?   Probably not Gray,  because his stats are good.   Actually,  the A's have hit .254 while the Dodgers have only hit .253.   And the A's have scored 8 more runs than the Dodgers have(Dodgers do lead the A's in walks 339-287).   But A's have only won 44 games.   So maybe they need to win and with Robbie Ray looking very strong late in the game last night,  we'll go with G-RAY.(Win 2-0........CGSHO by Gray,  3-hitter.  Josh Reddick 3-4, HR)

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Young) +105 over Cleveland Indians(Bauer)-----Young does have the Pitcher Revenge against Indians because they rocked him.   Bauer coming off 2 consecutive rockings.  GWHR by Kris Bryant for Cubs yesterday while fellow Cub Chris Denorfia went we'll take Chris Young.(Win 2-1...........Eric Hosmer 3-4 with GWHR.   Dazzling defensive play Omar Infante glove-fliip to Escobar to Hosmer for the 4-6-3 single-play.   Hosmer also made a good defensive play at 1st base on a short-hop)

ATLANTA BRAVES(Teheran) +160 over Baltimore Orioles(Jimenez)-------Not so fast with this line--Jimenez is not that much better than Teheran.   Braves have Freeman back now it looks like AND Adonis Garcia I see Atlanta's offense as ready to come up.  Jimenez is coming off two rockings..........he's not all that.(Lose 7-3..........Fuck:  Chris Davis 2HR)

Monday, July 27, 2015

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Ray) +105 over Seattle Mariners(Montgomery)-----Diamondbacks have slipped down to 46-51,  just above Colorado in their division.   A disappointing season.  But,  most of their best hitters do well vs lhps.   For the Mariners,  Cruz hits .385 vs lhps and Seager .327.  Obviously,  Montgomery failed TREMENDOUSLY for BCLI last game,  so we have the Revenge against him.   Cano only hits .214 vs lhps.(Win 4-3...........Ray looked strong in his last inning but Mike Zunino tried to ruin the day by getting an RBI off Oliver Perez.  GWRBI by Jake Lamb,  HR by Welington Castillo and Goldschmidt.)

Sunday, July 26, 2015

LOS ANGELES ANGELS(Heaney) -1.5(+110) over Texas Rangers(Martinez)-----While the Rangers did win yesterday,  my concern is more about the games I bet on,  such as BLAKE SWIHART BEDFORD, TX letting 4 Passed Balls through for Boston,  which was a BCLI bet.  And Zack Lee PLANO, TEXAS giving up fucking 7 Earned Runs for the Dodgers in a 15-2 loss which was one of BCLI's worst losses of ALL TIME.
    Yeah,  FUCK Texas.  That is why I will be blowing Texas out today with the Angels in the BCLI BLOWOUT GAME OF THE YEAR.(Win 13-7......There we go,  now this is a good team.  When you need a team executed,  you can count on the Angels.  Mike Trout 4-4, 2HR....Daniel Robertson 2-4 completing the inside-the-park-HR after the error on the throw.....CJ Cron 2-4, HR)

MARLINS(Latos) over Padres(Despaigne) parlayed with REDS(Lorenzen) over Rockies(Kendrick) +259---------Alex Rodriguez hit 3 HR yesterday.  Huh.   Well,  Latos is from Alexandria, Virginia and,  while the Padres have Alexei Amarista,  Latos looks like the better pitcher;  and Miami has Miguel Rojas and Michael Morse(not starting,  but he could come in at PH).   This is important because yesterday we saw Michael Conforto go 4-4 while Michael Taylor went 4-5 with an HR:  9 for 10 from those two Michaels.   I don't think the Padres have a Michael and,  while I don't like how many people Michael Lorenzen routinely walks,  looks like a sensible day for a Micheal to win.(Lose 3-2 and 17-7..........4 total hits by Reds in (non)-support of Latos.....the 6inn 2-hitter by Despaigne was probably the best he's ever done.........Lorenzen crucified and Axelrod beheaded by Rockies......I was thinking about the Over on this one,  but it was 11.5........and so many games go Under this year........Gonzalez and Paulsen both had 2HR for Rockies.   Big support for KK........even with the media basically censoring the KKK-vs-BlackPanther clashes in Columbia, SC.)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

LA DODGERS(Lee) +125 over New York Mets(Harvey)--------Again........the Dodgers throw an SP making his first MLB start.  Last night it was Thomas,  who had some MLB experience but no starts,  now its Lee who has no MLB experience.   On July 4th Harvey went 5 7 3 5 4 against the Dodgers and lost(that's 5 walks in 5inn,  7hits allowed).   Sometimes he does well,  and he K's about 1 per inning.........but I'll still go against him because I like the Dodgers' aggressiveness.(Lose 15-2......Lee seems to have a 89-93 fastball that doesn't do anything special...........and an 83-84mph pitch that doesn't move either.   That's what he looked like he was throwing when he was getting rocked(many of the hits were weak and lucky stuff on this pitcher).   Then, in the 3rd inning,  I saw him throw a curveball at 78mph.  Could have thrown that more but........I don't really see why Lee is in MLB.   Michael Conforto 4-4,  Duda 2HR..........look at this shit:  Kirk Nieuwenhuis 4-4 to raise his average to .214..........and the Mets are one of the very weakest offensive teams.  Clearly,  one of the worst losses in BCLI history.)

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Burnett) -150 over Washington Nationals(Gonzalez)------Gonzalez coming off 4 effective starts,  one of which was a shutdown of the Pirates giving them the Team Revenge here against Gio.  Burnett was rocked last start by the Royals and he was rocked for 14 hits in 6innings by the Nationals the last time he faced them.  So Burnett has the Pitcher Revenge here at home and,  while I might not have looked at this game had the Cosmopolitan not gone up in smoke today in Las Vegas,  I'll go with Burnett.(Lose 9-3...........I would say I can't fucking believe this shit but I've been here before:  Betting and losing on Burnett at home at -150.   Blatant failure by Burnett to cover home plate when the ball got past the catcher.  Totally lazy and unprofessional---he could have got him out.   Behind the back stab with Burnett's glove kicks ball away giving Gonzalez,  yes the PITCHER,  an RBI.   Just a totally sick performance.   I thought the Pirates knew how to win,  sitting at 56-40.........horrible to lose a -150.  Pirates let me down.)

BOSTON RED SOX(Wright) -125 over Detroit Tigers(Simon)(Lose 5-1)
BOSTON RED SOX(Wright) -1.5(+160) over Detroit Tigers(Simon)--------Wow----Simon has really sucked.(Lose 5-1..............Fuck this fucked-up shit:  Its one thing if Wright sucks a little bit;  Sox can still win.   But this is the 1st time in 6 starts that Simon has allowed less than 4ER.  What the Fuck?  Red Sox can't hit a guy like Simon???   4 Passed Balls by Red Sox catcher Blake Swihart.  Pshhhh.  Thanks.)

TAMPA BAY DEVIL RAYS(Ramirez) -112 over Baltimore Orioles(Gonzalez)------Well,  Gonzalez really beat me last start.........but Ramirez is really getting the job done this year and,  Tampa at home with a reasonable price here,  while Gonzalez has a winning record this year,  he's almost never been dominant.(Lose 5-1...........At least Ramirez went 7inn with no walks............but I guess Chris Davis had to hit a Grand Slam against me.   Rays don't fucking hit and...........worst start by Ramirez since May 24th................How the fuck did this day happen?  What did I do to deserve this shit?  Can't fucking believe this shit.............JOIN ISIS. )

Friday, July 24, 2015

LA DODGERS(Thomas) -109 over New York Mets(Niese)-------Ian Kinsler........on a 10-20 tear with 7Runs scored and 2HR since July 20th.........while Ian Desmond has raised HIS average up to .217 with a 7-13 rampage with 2HR since July 20th............and now they're gonna do it:  Dodgers giving Ian Thomas his first career start...........Thomas........Norfolk VA,  Virginia Commie University.....who has walked about 8 in about 10 innings this year.   Mets.........still in the cellar on offensive statistics.  Niese has not faced Dodgers this year.   Dodgers.........decent vs lhp's but Justin Turner has somehow hit only .175 against them.(Win 7-2..........Justin Turner !  3-5, HR.  Jimmy Rollins 2-3, HR.  Kike Hernandez 2-4.   No walks by Thomas in 5inn.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

SEATTLE MARINERS(Montgomery) +125 over Detroit Tigers(Sanchez)------Yeeeeee-HAW!  Its day one in the New America and I'd just like to celebrate for the location of America's Real White House in Alabama.(Lose 9-4..........And I cannot fucking believe this mass-murdering disaster.  Montgomery has NEVER lasted less than 5innings in a start this year for the Mariners(and he's done pretty well,  previously).  Montgomery goes fucking 2 and 2/3 innings and gives up 6ER and 5 walks.  An absolute atrocity of a game.  NOW Alabama will step up:
(Phenix City, Alabama was thrust into the national spotlight this morning as word spread that John Russell Houser, the 59-year-old drifter who killed two people in a Louisiana movie theater before taking his own life, once lived there.).......Mariners are really pissing me off)

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Danks) +135 over St Louis Cardinals(Lynn)-----The White Sox are clearly the weaker team here but.........they are at home and it looks like they've moved Saladino up to the #2 slot.(Lose 3-2.........Zach Duke,  not really throwing strikes in the 8th inning,  but he doesn't walk anyone,  allows 1 hit then hits a batter in the foot,  then CATCHER'S INTERFERENCE!  When the living FUCK does a catcher's interference happen?  Ok,  Heyward gets on with Catcher's Interference and bases are loaded.  Robin Ventura comes out to make the decision to bring David Robertson into the game.  Robertson goes 2-2 on Molina with 2 outs..........and Molina hits an opposite field triple to clear the bases making Ventura,  Robertson and Duke all losers.   A rare good start by Danks goes wasted.)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

CARDINALS(Wacha) -136 over White Sox(Rodon)-----Rodon has walked 41 in 66 innings; that's just atrocious.(Win 8-5.......Holliday 2-4 HR,   Molina 3-5,  Reynolds HR)

CUBS(Hammel) -127 over Reds(Iglesias)-----Starting Pitcher mismatch.(Win 5-4........Kyle Schwarber game-tying and game-winning HRs,  4-7........Jason Motte W)

RANGERS(Harrison) +117 over Rockies(Kendrick)-------Kendrick favored?(Win 9-0..........Shin-soo Choo hits for the Cycle,  4-5;  Delino DeShields 4-6;  Fielder 2-4, HR)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

SEATTLE MARINERS(Hernandez) -112 over New York Yankees(Sabathia)----It keeps going on the 'EZ' with Aramis RamirEZ going 3-3 w/HR yesterday while Adrian GonzalEZ went 3-4 for the Dodgers while Alexei RamirEZ went 2-4 w/HR for the White Sox.  Gotta go with Hernandez.(Lose 2-1.............How can you NOT hit Sabathia?  Batters hit .300 off him this year.   GWHR by Mark Teixera..............Rodney takes the L;  Jesus Montero 2-2 w/BB,  but otherwise a preposterous offensive failure by Mariners.)

DETROIT TIGERS(Verlander) -119 over Baltimore Orioles(Gonzalez)-----Going against the 'ez' in Gonzalez here but remember that the Tigers have 2 Martinez's.   Verlander seems to be trying to get good again(maybe he'll pitch the whole game this time).   Tigers,  I think,  were a bit enchanted by Chris Tillman yesterday and that magic may reverse today.........and you have to consider how Gonzalez has been giving up runs at an increasing rate as the season has progressed.(Lose 9-3.......Verlander absolutely sucks.  7ER in 3inn allowed by Verlander.   Shocking result in this game.)

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Jungmann) -138 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Locke)(Win 6-1)
MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Jungmann) -1.5(+150) over Pittsburgh Pirates(Locke)----Brewers aren't that good vs lhp's but Locke can get rocked sometimes.   Brewers have Perez AND Ramirez now.(Win 6-1........Khris Davis 2RBI........2H by Aramis Ramirez)

COLORADO ROCKIES(Butler) +138 over San Diego Padres(Cashner)-----Eddie.........Butler---back up from the minors----Ready to Rock and Roll after putting up absolutely horrible statistics up to June 5th.   Rockies:  3-game losing streak but,  you know,  they really have hitters who have put up good averages this year.   Pitching's been bad,  that's why Rockies' record is no good.   But Chesapeake, Virginia.........Eddie Butler..........I'm playing it.(PPD..........Butler went 4inn,  allowed 2H and 0Runs.  With 2 outs in the top of the 5th,  game is cancelled with Rockies having a 1-0.   Unbelievable bad luck.   When does it fucking rain in San Diego?  Huh?  Only when I'm about to win?   Fuck this scam.)

NATIONALS(Scherzer) -103 over Dodgers(Greinke)------Two unhittable pitchers this year..........but since Robinson Cano hit 2HRs yesterday----and the Nationals have Clint Robinson----I'll go with Scherzer.(Lose 5-0.........Greinke K's 11 in 8inn and Washington can go to fucking hell.)

Saturday, July 18, 2015

ATLANTA BRAVES(Banuelos) +142 over Chicago Cubs(Lester)-----Banuelos is a 5 '10 lhp who's had 2 starts both slightly less than 6inn----effective starts.   Braves are actually 8th in MLB in batting average at .256 but Freeman is out(they have Uribe now).   Cubs' average is much lower at .239.  Braves at home here.(Lose 4-0...........Total disgrace by Braves who get only 2 total hits in this game.)

TAMPA BAY RAYS(Ramirez) +134 over Toronto Blue Jays(Dickey)-----Notice that both Victor and JD MartinEZ hit HRs for the Tigers yesterday while Alex RodriguEZ went 2-4 w/HR and Carlos SanchEZ went 2-3 for White Sox.   Gotta be a good day to play RamirEZ who has been hard to hit, w with a .217 BA against.   Surprising that for all Toronto's offensive success,  both these teams are only 46-46.(Win 3-2.........Brandon Guyer an HR and GWHR by Curt Casali)
DANNY WILLETT +1500 to win Open----one off the lead, with johnson's round not finished.(Lose by 4 at -11..........72 70 in last 2 rounds.)

ROBERT STREB +4000 to win Open----he's -7,  3-off:  this can definitely happen, dude......what a price.(Lose by 7 at -8........70 73)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

MARTIN KAYMER +160 over Adam Scott in Round 1 of British Open(Lose 71 to 70........Damn it,  fucking stroke)

PATRICK REED +140 over Sergio Garcia in Round 1 of British Open(Lose 72 to 70)

WEBB SIMPSON +105 over Graeme McDowell in Round 1 of British Open(Win 70 to 72)

BRANDT SNEDEKER -165 over Ernie Els in Rount 1 of British Open(Lose 73 to 71)

BUBBA WATSON -135 over Ian Poulter in Round 1 of British Open(Win 71 to 73)

KEVIN KISNER +100 over Ryan Palmer in Round 1 of British Open(Push 71 to 71)

TIGER WOODS over Jason Day parlayed with DANNY LEE over Harris English for full tournament British Open (+395)(Lose.........Woods a spectacularly bad +7 to miss the cut while Day finishes -14.........Lee +3 to miss the cut while English finishes -1.........Should Woods retire?  I vote, Yes.  He's a disgrace to the game.)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Vogelsong) -1.5 (+105) over Philadelphia Phillies(Buchanan)-----In 5 starts Buchanan has made it to the 7th inning only once seems the Giants wanna.......put a hurtin' on the Phillies in this series-----I'm in!!  Let me be IN on this.  (Win 8-5.......Vogelsong gets rocked with Buchanan does ok.........Josh Osich gets the W for Giants..........Brandon Crawford,  Buster Posey and Matt Duffy all 3-5)

GIANTS(Vogelsong) over Phillies(Buchanan) parlayed with ANGELS(Wilson) over Mariners(Iwakuma) +193-----Angels still gliding..........Iwakuma not in a 'groove' yet,  it looks like.(Lose 5-0..........Iwakuma dominates Angels)

Friday, July 10, 2015

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Anderson) +135 over New York Mets(Syndergaard)-----Syndergaard is actually pretty good(so far) with no statistically detectable control problems.   Mets now have the worst team batting average in baseball.   Az's offense is actually better than their 42-42 record would indicate.   Arizona has lost only 2 games in July and has an opportunity to advance on the leader in its division extended winning streak.(Lose 4-2.........well Cody Anderson pitched a nice 6inn 1ER win for the Indians the day before this so I went with Anderson.  Very poor control by Anderson early in this game:  a walk and then going to 2-0 on Duda before his HR.  Michael Cuddyer an HR for Mets.   In 10 other starts Syndergaard pitched 8innings only 1 time.  And he went 8innings in this game while getting 13K's.  He's never had 13 K's in any other start.   So this defiant performance against us seems deeply meaningful.   And we will attempt to digest its meaning.)

DETROIT(Verlander) +110 over Minnesota(Santana)------Verlander.................well;  seems he needs our support as...........he's been pretty bad.   But look at Tigers' offense:  .281 av and 833 Total Hits is the best in baseball by a good margin.  (Ok,  Cabrera is OUT for Tigers).(Lose 8-6.......Verlander was taken out with 2 outs in the 8th inning after allowing 5 hits,  1ER and 1BB in the game(a good game for him).   Verlander had thrown 116 pitches.   He left with a 6-1 lead.   Tigers bullpen:  Bruce Rondon and Joakim Soria combine to get 2 outs,  allow 6 hits,  1 BB,  1 HBP(Kurt Suzuki) and 7 Earned Runs.  (Soria didn't get anybody out).   116 pitches is a lot so its hard to call for the firing of Brad Ausmus strictly because of this.   However,  the Tigers' offense has been so good that one must view the Tigers' mediocre record (44-43) with suspicion:  My guess is that Ausmus will be fired sometime in August.)

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Morgan) +300 over La Dodgers(Kershaw)-----Well let's look at this:  Kershaw is a reliable pitcher.  But his record is only 5-6.   And you look at the Phillies having Ruf, Cesar,  Blanco,  Rupp,  Ruiz and Galvis----6 players who have hit .333 or higher vs lhps this year with a minimum of 22 at-bats.  That is,  most of them have hit higher than .333 over MORE than 22 at-bats vs lhps.  And Morgan's been good over 2 starts.   Yeah.  We're gonna try to make some money here.(Lose 5-0.........Phillies were only outhit by 1 hit in this game.   But Kershaw got 13K's and got a CGSHO.   Disappointing.)
REDS(Lorenzen) +140 over Nationals(Gonzalez)(PPD)
REDS(Lorenzen) 1st 5 innnings +130 over Nationals(Gonzalez)-------Gonzalez coming off 14 consecutive innings where he only allowed 1 ER.   However,  he's a hittable lhp this year and he certainly sucked when I bet on him.   Reds are not that bad vs lhp's and.........while the Nationals' offense is better,  its only slightly better.(PPD)

OAKLAND A's(Kazmir) -110 over New York Yankees(Sabathia)(Lose 5-4..........Kazmir injured after pitching 3inn.  Teixera 2HR)

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Doubront) -115 over Chicago White Sox(Quintana)----Very few Blue Jays are hitting below .286 vs lhps,  and many of them are well above .300 vs lhps.(Win 2-1........Josh Donaldson HR)

ARIZONA(Ray) +135 over Texas(Gallardo)(Win 4-2)
ARIZONA(Ray) vs Texas(Gallardo) UNDER 9(-110)-----Wow,  Gallardo just went 26 straight innings allowing 0 Earned Runs.   That's unnatural.   Fielder has hit .281 vs lhps but nearly every other Ranger is lower than that----and some much lower----vs lhps.(Win 4-2.......Jake Lamb 3-4.........Goldschmidt 2-3)

ANGELS(Heaney) -112 over Rockies(Bettis)--------Angels rolling and with Heaney having 2 good starts this year,  and with Aaron Hicks hitting an HR yesterday,  Andrew Heaney looks to be a good bet.(Win 10-2..........Yet another blow-out by the Angels;  Mike Trout 2-4, HR,  David Freese 2-3.....Chris Iannetta HR)

MINNESOTA TWINS(Gibson) +115 over Baltimore Orioles(Gausman)------Twins:  9-8 since the June 19th release of the Disney/Pixar 'Inside Out'.   But I just saw it yesterday, so.........Minnesota(Hockey and Joy),  San Francisco(Sadness and.......dangerous Illegal Aliens playing with guns they found?)(Win 8-3.......Kurt Suzuki 3-4......Miguel Sano 2-3, HR)

Monday, July 06, 2015

NEW YORK METS(Niese) +132 over San Francisco Giants(Heston)----Mets definitely have the Team Revenge against Heston because he no-hit them last start.   Additionally,  it seems that Francisco Sanchez was enjoying the "Sanctuary" characteristics of San FRANCISCO when he,  as an ex-deportee,  took some sleeping pills that he found before playing with a gun that he found(in San Francisco) which accidentally went off and killed Kate Steinle.   Hmmmm.  (Win 3-0........GWRBIs Johnny Monell)

Sunday, July 05, 2015

USA - 0.5(-135) over Japan---------With Cowherd trashing Kobe(Japan-association) Bryant on Thursday while praising Canada-Usa neighborliness on ESPN Radio,   I'd be surprised if US doesn't close this in regulation time.   While Japan closed in Germany in the 2011 World Cup over the USA,  USA now has the revenge for that playing in Canada.(Win 5-2......4-0 USA after 16 minutes with more than 80% of the game yet to be played.  3 Goals by Carli Lloyd.  Goal,  Tobin Heath and Lauren Holiday........Own Goal by Julie Johnston.)

INDIANS(Salazar) +127 over Pirates(Cole)------Indians have taken 81 more walks this year than the Pirates.  (Lose 5-3........Indians blow 3-run lead.)

ANGELS(Wilson) -122 over Rangers(Lewis)(Win 12-6.........CJ Cron 4-5,  Kole Calhoun 2-5, HR,  Pujols HR...........Johnny Giavotella 2-5.)

Friday, July 03, 2015

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Morgan) +145 over Atlanta Braves(Teheran)-----Braves somehow beat Scherzer yesterday at like +180.   Phillies offense averaging a little more than 5 runs over their last 5 games........they've got Cesar in there now at 2nd base and, honestly,  with Teheran having got rocked 2 of his last 3.......I think he's a soft favorite here.(Lose 2-1.....9 hits and 3 walks for Phillies but Braves got the HRs)

Thursday, July 02, 2015

PADRES(Ross) +110 over Cardinals(Cooney)-----Cardinals--2 losses after a 6-game winning streak.  Ross----only 6 hits allowed in his last 15inn after he lost horribly for BCLI on June 15th.  Ummm,  ok,  Ross does walk people(1 every 2inn) but I'm surprised to know that the Padres have actually outscored the Cardinals this year........(can that be right?).   Cooney's had 1 MLB start.(Win 5-3........PHGWHR Will Venable.........Tyson Ross an HR as a hitter)

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

ATLANTA BRAVES(Wisler) +127 over Washington Nationals(Fister)-----Fister doesn't always do good,  but he did last time vs the Braves,  giving the the Braves the Team Revenge at home here as well as giving Wisler the Pitcher Revenge,  because he got hit.(Win 4-1........Juan Uribe HR....AJ Pierzynski HR

ENGLAND +235 over Japan in regulation----------I think............they wanna see USA-England.  Right?(Lose 2-1..........Own Goal at 90' +2' by Laura Bassett)