Sunday, August 31, 2014

ROYALS(Duffy) -170 over Indians(House)(SSP)
ROYALS(Duffy) -1.5(+120) over Indians(House)----Duffy looks like one of the most statistically effective pitchers out of those who have a sub-.500 winning percentage.   He is only 8-11 on a 1st place team.(SSP)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ROYALS(Hendriks) -119 over Twins(Hughes)------Team Revenge at home for Royals against Hughes.(Win 6-1)

GIANTS(Hudson) -208 over Rockies(Morales)(Win 4-2)
GIANTS(Hudson) -1.5(-105) over Rockies(Morales)-----Morales totally sucks.(Win 4-2...........somehow Morales does good.  3-5, GWHR Buster Posey)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

CINCINNATI REDS(Cueto) -165 over Chicago Cubs(Wood)(Lose 3-0)
CINCINNATI REDS(Cueto) -1.5(+125) over Chicago Cubs(Wood)----Reds offensive not particularly production lately with 5, 1, 1, 0, 3 runs per game going back.  But Cueto..........gotta look at his .188 BAA.  He's so hard to hit.(Lose failure by Reds offense)

RED SOX(De La Rosa) +140 over Blue Jays(Dickey)(Win 11-7............Red Sox have Allen Craig....he hit an HR...........Napoli 2-5 HR)

Monday, August 25, 2014

MIAMI MARLINS(Cosart) +150 over La Angels(Leblanc)-----I'm not sure that the Marlins,  who hit better(.268) vs lhps,  are the kind of team for the Angels to want to be starting a guy like Leblanc against.   Leblanc's an lhp and he hasn't really pitched much this year.(Win 7-1.......Christian Yelich 3-5.....Stanton 3RBI HR)

PADRES(Stults) +121 over Brewers(Lohse)-----Team Revenge for the Padres against Lohse and.........I think this is an SS day so we'll go with StultS.(Lose 10-1)

RED SOX(Buchholz) +110 over Blue Jays(Happ)-----Red Sox still scoring fewer than 4 runs per game but this is definitely a revenge game as Happ has shut down Boston previously.   Buck Farmer did get destroyed a couple days ago.  I'll still take Buchholz.(Win 4-3......GWRBI Cespedes)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

CINCINNATI BENGALS +2.5(-115) over Arizona Cardinals------Cardinals lost by a healthy margin in Philadelphia today.  Mozhno they can lose in Arizona as well.(Win 19-13...........INTTD Terence Newman)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Volquez) +126 over Milwaukee Brewers(Peralta)----While I have struggled with bets on Brewers' games,  and while things have been going extraordinarily well for Peralta since the beginning of June when he embarked on a 11-2 run in decisions,  I'll look to Eduardo Escobar's 5-6 w/HR yesterday----clearly a stellar performance----and go with Volquez.(Win 10-2...........Pedro Alvarez 2 HR,  Neil Walker 3-4,  Russell Martin 2-4, HR)

MINNESOTA TWINS(May) +135 over Detroit Tigers(Verlander)-----Tigers traded the wrong guy in Austin Jackson and.........they're done they're just........they messed with their team too much.  So let the massacre continue.(Lose 8-6...........gotta be pretty bad to lose to Verlander this year.....and May was:  17 hits by Tigers)

MARLINS(Koehler) -105 over Rockies(Lyles)(Lose 5-4............Corey Dickerson 4-6, HR, GWRBI)

Friday, August 22, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Hudson) +135 over Washington Nationals(Fister)----Fister has allowed only 2 ERs in his last 35 innings!!!!   So why would I bet this?  Kinda bold,  isn't it?(Win 10-3.....Joe Panik 4-5, HR)

SEATTLE MARINERS(Hernandez) -1.5(-117) over Boston Red Sox(Kelly)(Win 5-3......What a great game;  down by 3 in the 9th,  down to their last strike THREE TIMES,  Mariners score just enough for me to win.   Big hit by Tigers' reject Austin Jackson........Denorfia,  Ackley with the perfectly placed bloop hit to left field......then Cano batting in the last run,  all of this allowing Dominic Leone to get the Win.   This is probably our best win this year.   Too bad there's 2 other really good teams in Seattle's division making it almost impossible for them to make the playoffs.)

Miami(Alvarez) vs Colorado(Morales) UNDER 10(-105)------Not......a lot of scoring yesterday.  In fact,  every game went under or pushed.   Guess I'll go with a pitcher I like,  Alvarez.(Lose 13-5.....should have just bet Miami,  Morales sucks.)

TIGERS(Ray) -104 over Twins(Milone)(Lose 20-6.....Unbelievable execution of Tigers by Twins.......Eduardo Escobar 5-6, HR.......Tigers' bullpen massacred after Ray is rocked out early.  Ryan Pressly Win)

RANGERS(Lewis) +125 over Royals(Ventura)(Lose 6-3)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

PENN MID - ATLANTIC +2.5(+125) over Nevada West(Lose 8-1)
PENN MID - ATLANTIC +345 over Nevada West-------A shockingly sexist line considering that Davis made the cover of SI and Khris Davis was 2-2 with a BB yesterday.(Lose 8-1...........bases loaded no out!  No runs.   1st and 3rd no outs?  No runs.)

INDIANS(House) -110 over Twins(Nolasco)------If Nolasco's not enough to bet against(Nolasco???),  consider that Obama is now so terrorized he's actually beginning to think about justice and theology..............and the Indians manager is 'Terry'.(Win 5-0........Mike Aviles 3-4,  HR)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

MINNESOTA TWINS(Gibson) -105 over Cleveland Indians(Bauer)----If Nick Greenwood got the Win yesterday to beat my bet,  then I think its time to play Gibson,  from Greenfield, IN.(Lose 7-5......guess this is how you lose a 5-0 lead in the 1st inning?   Yan Gomes 3-4, HR(Brazil).....PHGWRBI Tyler Holt in the 6th)

MARLINS(Cosart) over Rangers(Mikolas) parlayed with BREWERS(Fiers) over Blue Jays(Happ) +185-----These SPs are good enough that the Marlins and Brewers should win here,  both being at home,  if they want to.(Win 4-3and 6-1.........Giancarlo Stanton 2-4, GWRBI......Christian Yelich 3-5........Fiers a 2-hitter in 7inn)

Monday, August 18, 2014

REDS(Leake) +128 over Cardinals(Masterson)-----Leake is ok and often does well...........and won't walk himself into a loss.   Beyond the unthinkability of a pitcher named Masterson winning in St Louis today,  he has walked more than 1 every 2 innings.(Lose 6-5.......didn't realize Cardinals had Peralta who had the GWRBI which makes sense as,  yesterday,  Peralta had an easy 7-2 for the Brewers and Jose Altuve went 4-5 w/HR)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

ASTROS(Mchugh) +119 over Red Sox(Kelly)-----Astros are still 22 games below .500 does seem like they're hitting better,  doesn't it?   I mean,  they're hitting .241 but they can score.(Win 8-1....Jose Altuve 4-5,  HR........Dexter Fowler 2-4, HR,  Jon Singleton HR)

SEATTLE(Young) +108 over Detroit(Ray)-----Tigers bought Price so.............maybe they're more serious about winning than I thought.  I mean,  their Front Office is.........but what about the players,  with Verlander routinely getting rocked this year.   Are they an Yankees-style over-paid all-star team that doesn't really what I'm getting at.   Mariners,  on an 11-2,  seem to have a spark---whether or not the Tigers do-----so I'll go with the massive pitching advantage the Mariners have in this game.(Win 8-1.........Chris Denorfia 3-5,  Robinson Cano 3R,  Austin Jackson 2-5)

ROYALS(Guthrie) -115 over Twins(Milone)-----Guthrie is averaging over 6innings per start.   So,  if he's not being particularly effective,  at least he's earning his money.   So with Jedd Gyorko having 5 RBI yesterday with teammate Jake Goebbert getting 3 RBI,  I'll go with Jeremy Guthrie.(Win 12-6...........HR Perez,  Willingham,  Gordon,  Alcides Escobar 3-5)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

CINCINNATI REDS(Axelrod) +124 over Colorado Rockies(Lyles)------Ew,  Reds have the Team Revenge against Lyles.(PPD)

Friday, August 15, 2014

KANSAS CITY(Duffy) over Minnesota(Nolasco) parlayed with BLUE JAYS(Stroman) over White Sox(Noesi) +195-----It looks like miSSouri Mike was going for the Swisher Sweets(not the gun).   So I'll take kanSaS city and MarcuS Stroman here......they've both been hard to hit.(Lose 11-5......Stroman:  2/3 of an inning,  5 ER.   When does this happen?  Only when I bet on him.   He's NEVER done that bad.   I cannot believe this.)

PADRES(Ross) +118 over Cardinals(Lynn)------Cardinals score about 3.6 runs per game while Padres score about 3.25 runs per game.(Lose 4-2..........Padres can score 9 runs, like they did on August 16th against Shelby Miller,  but they can only score 2 for me,  here,  against Lynn.   Great.   This is really going well.)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Fiers) -125 over Chicago Cubs(Jackson)-----Cubs are 8-16 when Jackson has started this year.   Based on just that,  a fair price for him would be +200.   And Schierholtz,  the guy who usually hits when my money is in a game,  is hitting only .192 for the Cubs.(Win 6-2)

ARIZONA(Anderson) +113 over Miami(Penny)(Lose 5-4.......Adeiny Hechavarria can go 2-4 with 2RBI in this game.   But did he do that on August 6th when I bet on the Marlins?  No,  he went 1-4 with 2Ks when I bet on his team.)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Williams) +220 over La Angels(Wilson)------Mork...........calling Orson.(Lose 7-2..........Game was going well when Williams was in....then he left after allowing an HR to Kole Calhoun.   Ok,  Phillies were still winning then 2-1.   Bastardo came in and walked someone and then got an out.   So there's 2 outs,  2 runners on base,   Howie Kendrick coming up against the Lhp Bastardo.   I'm thinking,  "Doesn't Kendrick crush lhps?"   Well,  yeah,  he hits only .265 off rhps but .336 vs Lhp.   Ryne Sandberg left him in.   Kendrick hit a single to tie the game......then Sandberg REALLY left Bastardo in as he allowed a shitload more runs.   IS THERE ANY RHP IN THE BULLPEN TO FACE KENDRICK AND CLOSE OUT THE INNING????  De Fratus?  Where was he?   What a tragedy.   I actually think Sandberg might be the reason this Phillies team----seemingly pretty talented,  right?-----is mired in last place 15 games below .500.)

Saturday, August 09, 2014

COLORADO ROCKIES(De La Rosa) -105 over Arizona Diamondbacks(Cahill)----It is a great mystery how the Rockies can be hitting .279,  scoring almost 5 runs per game,  surely being one of the best offenses in baseball this year,  but still have such a horrible record (45-70).  Can their pitching be that bad?  Well,  their team ERA is 4.94.   Their offense does walk much,  but they have several players hitting over .300 with more than 250 at bats this season.(Lose 14-4......pfff,  fuck this sick joke of a team)

LIONS +1(-102) over Browns(Win 13-12..........Wheeeeee,  Moore to Fuller for the game winner-----Orlovsky's not gonna be playing in the regular season, right?)

ATLANTA BRAVES(Harang) +102 over Washington Nationals(Roark)-----Nationals offense is better;  and Roark is good.   But the Braves have the home revenge against Roark for the last meeting(earlier in the year,  the Braves did beat him once).   And since the name Washington is linked to the world's most genocidal Terrorist Organization which is starting to bomb our people,  I'll go against them here.(Lose 4-1.........David Carpenter takes the L)

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Noesi) +172 over Seattle Mariners(Paxton)------Noesi is not consistent.....but Paxton is a Canadian so.......take the Sox.(Win 2-1)

Friday, August 08, 2014

BOSTON RED SOX(Webster) +169 over La Angels(Weaver)-----I don't doubt that Jered Weaver will be World Series MVP this year.......but,  that's in the future.  Today,  here's Allen Webster.....11 walks in only 8 innings so far but........he's very hard to hit(.185 BAA).   Ummmm,  I would say the Red Sox are walking( 1 walk every 10 atbats ),  but they need to score more. (Win 4-2......HR Mike Napoli)

PIRATES(Worley) -115 over Padres(Kennedy)------Both pitchers are about equal.   We'll go with the better offense.(Win 2-1........Josh Harrison 3-3........Polanco 3-4)

DODGERS(Hernandez) +137 over Brewers(Lohse)-----Hernandez has had a good year even though the Phillies don't win.   He's held opposing batters to a .237 average.   He deserves a chance from us.(Lose 9-3.......Brandon League L, BS)

Thursday, August 07, 2014

REDS(Bailey) over Indians(House) parlayed with TORONTO(Happ) over Orioles(Gonzalez) +250----Javier Baez 2HR-welcome-to-the-league today for Cubs and............this will be the JB-JayBruce-and-Jose-Bautista parlay.(Lose 2-1)

CARDINALS(Wainwright) over Red Sox(Workman) parlayed with ARIZONA(Nuno) over Kansas City(Guthrie) +225-----Adam Rosales hit 2 HR yesterday for Texas so that's why we're taking Wainwright and........Nuno's been pretty good since he gott traded,  though he was bad with the Yankees and.......I don't know,  I just don't think the Royals are good today.(Lose 6-2........Nuno 5 ER in 4inn)

TWINS(Pino) +229 over A's(Lester)-------Oh, come on.   Hammel sucks so the A's have to buy LESTER now????!!!!   What was so bad about Milone and Chavez----A's are just buying too many pitchers they don't need.   What if they started losing and didn't even make the playoffs?   They weren't as bad as Sonny Gray yesterday, right?(Lose 3-0..........CG SHO 3-hitter by Lester.   Yeah, ok,  I'm gonna go play GTA V)

DODGERS(Ryu) -102 over Angels(Wilson)-----Well,  Chinaman Chen lost my money yesterday.   So let's bet Korean!   Wilson?  Psssshhhh,  look at him---can't get anyone out anymore.(Win 7-0.....2-hitter for 7inn by,  Wilson sure got Michael Brown out)

PIRATES(Volquez) -134 over Marlins(Flynn)-----Pirates don't like losing when I bet against them.  So let's see if they win FOR me.   As far as Flynn.......let's say he's the no-talent Zionist-Genocide-apologist LIAR,  Sean Hannity.   Fuck that Irish piece of Long Island garbage!   Fuck that Jew-loving maggot.(Win 7-2..........1-hitter by Volquez......Flynn rocked........good win.)

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Chen) -113 over Toronto Blue Jays(Hutchison)----Looks like Orioles are in 1st place after a 7-2 run.(Lose 5-1.......Well,  Hutchison did have a CG 3-hitter on...........May 16th.  But no,  he's never done this good.   Never.  Only against me I guess.....a 26-out 1-hitter)

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Salazar) -113 over Cincinnati Reds(Latos)------Although Latos has been formidable,  its seem appropriate to bet Danny Salazar after Daniel Robertson and Daniel Murphy both went 3-4 yesterday when the Royals offense gave Danny Duffy a huge amount of run support in a 12-2 win.(Lose 8-3..........Thought Salazar might come with something today............not at all:  rocked)

MIAMI MARLINS(Koehler) +119 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Locke)(Lose 7-3...........Josh Harrison beats leadoff???  I didn't know that(he went 3-4).   Koehler sucked:  rocked in the 1st inning)

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

SAN DIEGO(Hahn) +113 over Minnesota(Hughes)------Fuck;  I lost yesterday.(Lose 3-1......???? Padres out-hit them 12 to 5......and lose.   Yonder Alonso 3-4, HR for SD.....Kennys Vargas HR for Minn)

BREWERS(Nelson) -136 over Giants(Lincecum)-----I realize the Brewers have that lying Jew PED-HgH man.........but he is a pretty good hitter.   Go with the Brewers.(Win 4-3......GWHR Gerardo Parra.......Carlos Gomez 2-4 HR)

Monday, August 04, 2014

TAMPA BAY(Cobb) -125 over Oakland(Samardzija)(Lose 3-2.............You know how much I hate this Jew-liar,  right?)

TIGERS(Scherzer) -117 over Yankees(McCarthy)(Lose 2-1)
TIGERS(Scherzer) -1.5(+140) over Yankees(McCarthy)-------Only -117 ?(Lose 2-1.......Tigers SUCK if they can't hit Mccarthy.   I saw him for Arizona the guy is terrible.   But now,  on the Yankees,  he's good enough shut out the Tigers????   Tigers are done---they're not contenders)

Sunday, August 03, 2014

BRAVES(Harang) +119 over Padres(Ross)-----Harang's in his home town of San Diego for this one so I say...........blow em out.  You know?  Ross does strike people out and.......the Upton brothers strike out a lot but............I really don't care;  Padres are on a 4-1 run and they're really not that good.(Lose 4-3.......Jason Heyward was 3-4 but............not much else for Braves)

YANKEES(Phelps) -101 over Red Sox(Buchholz)----Buchholz has had plenty of starts,  plenty of chances but.......he's just not a successful pitcher this year,  batters hit .299 off him but,  more than that,  he's had a knack for giving up a lot of earned runs.(Win 8-7...........Brett Gardner 3-4, GWHR....Stephen Drew 4RBI........Esmil Rogers gets the Win)

Saturday, August 02, 2014

ARIZONA(Anderson) +124 over Pittsburgh(Worley)-----Worley has been tough walking only about 1 every 6innings and with Javy Guerra picking up the Win in 2/3 of an inning yesterday for the White Sox,  we just have to hope that the Zionist-oriented 'leadership' of Obama and John Kerry doesn't plunge the globe into Total War.   But,  Anderson has the Pitcher Revenge at home here as Pitt rocked him on July 2nd,  and,  with Arizona on a decent 4-3 run,  they do have David Peralta,  I believe,  today after David Murphy went 4-4 and David Freese went 2-4 yesterday.(Lose 8-3........{"Yes....I haven't been sleeping very well and I keep having this Apocalyptic dream.....a terrible flood from the North Sea to the Alps...houses washed away....thousands of floating corpses....eventually it comes crashing.....into the lake in a great tidal wave....and by this time the water....roaring down like some vast turned to blood....the blood of Europe."
  "What do you think it means?"
"I've no idea....unless its about to happen."}-----A Dangerous Method ....)

Friday, August 01, 2014

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Stults) +120 over Atlanta Braves(Minor)----Eric Stults.  Wow:  3-13.   Padres have had some high scoring games recently.   So they are becoming more offensively capable.....Gyorko is back in.(Win 10-1............Wow.  Padres get 20 total hits.   Tommy Medica borrows a bat from Grandal and goes 5-5 with 2 HRs.  Everth Cabrera 4-5.   Chris Nelson 3-5.   Will Venable 2-2.   Stults allows only 2 hits in 6inn.)